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  1. He saved her life. Despite the recent argument these two longtime friend/enemies had he still saved her from the car that was about to hit her. There friend/enemy relationship shifts to something else. Emotions emerge to the surface, have they been there all along? Or is it just because he saved her life?

    ~My Character Info~
    Name: Wyatt William Andrews

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'12"

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular ( But not too muscular to where he looks like he is on steroids XD)

    Personality: Tough, Kind, Creative, Smart, Caring, Protective, Funny, he is pretty outgoing and generally gets along with people. Although if you do mess with him or anyone he cares about you should watch it. He is respectful to women and is a rather honest guy. The only time he would ever lie is to protect the ones he cares about.

    Looks: He is actually good looking guy. He has blonde-white hair which is slightly spiked, surprisingly bright blue eyes which a lot of people ask if his eye color is real, which it is. His eyes generally always have a gentle look to them, however that will change when he gets mad. He has an athletic/muscular body build since he des boxing. However he isn't too built to where he looks like he is on steroids. (Also check picture below :P)

    Hobbies: Boxing, Baseball, Track, Drawing, Listening to music.

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  2. Very interested in this one. Do you have more to the plot in mind, or just winging it?

    I'll post a charrie template in a few for you to look one and decide.
  3. Honestly when I do RP I usually have some stuff figured out and the rest I just wing it :P. So I guess you can say its more in between. Usually when I end up winging it I start getting really good ideas :P.
    Ok that sounds good! :)
  4. That works for me; I can go either way. I'm a natural brainstormer, so when I catch onto someone's idea, I can come up with various ways to make it happen - and then some. :)
    She's really rough, but I think I'll be content with her. If not, she'll flesh out fully and grow in the RP.

    Name: Annette Whitbourne (Ann or Anne)


    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6 1/2"
    Looks: Medium red hair, brown eyes, has a small scar near her spine on the lower right side of her back - due to a bike accident when she was 6 that had her in the hospital for a month in a half. Various other healed scars just from the typical activities of a rowdy child.

    Body Type: Curvy and petite, not too bulky but slim due to years of dance when she was younger. She had stopped dancing due to asthma, but she's learned to control it with Tai Chi. Now, she's able to be in track rather than dance, but she has great balance and flexibility.

    Personality: Annette is bouncy. That's her parents' impression of her. She was a bouncy baby straight out of her mother's womb and she hasn't stopped bouncing since. She's everywhere, totally hyped on life and living every moment of it. She loved to move around so much, her parents figured that putting her in dance would help her control herself; which it did... Now, she's a graceful, bouncy girl, running on full octane and dragging everyone she cares for along with her.

    Annette never stops, for if she did, she would hit a curb of depression and personal hatred of herself. This only happens when her asthma flairs up. It reminds her of how weak she really is, and that pisses her off; showing that this fun-loving, bouncy, full of life girl has something holding her down at all times that she's trying to hide.

    Good thing is, it doesn't last long. She always carries her inhaler and an epi-pen for emergencies. But, she'll ignore it all just to prove that nothing can stop her.

    Hobbies: Music - guitar, Tai Chi, Track, Dance - Ballet, Baking.
  5. Great CS! Love it! :) Now you can respond to the thread and we can begin ^^
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  6. Keep in mind though they are friend/enemies though :P. They have to get into some type of arguement that causes her to storm off and almost get hit by a car.
  7. Great!

    What issue(s) can we build for their frienemy situation? Maybe a track rivalry, or their families are not really that close due to something in their past, and even though they were too young at the time to witness it, they've soaked in their family's dislike for the other?

    Oh, this just popped up in my head...taking the fact that they are both in track:

    She confined in him about a situation involving her and a track scholarship opportunity to the large University in town. It involved her and two coaches who lied on her medical paperwork. Just so happens that they have been drugging a few members of the track team without them knowing. When she found out, she was upset but feared losing her scholarship. Your charrie tried to talk her out of hiding it, but she didn't listen. So, hoping to save her from screwing up her entire future, he told the University coaches himself. They pulled her from the track scholarship, but unknown to her, they're holding on for her next year because they understand, according to your charrie, that she was being drugged unknowingly.

    That definitely will piss her off, because she now has to wait a whole year before starting at the University. It throws her entire future plans clear out the window, in her book, but what's worse, she believes your charrie just crossed the line with this situation. So, she's confronting him about it, trying to understand why he would throw her under the bus like that. I mean, she knows they're not the best of friends, but never would she intentionally ruin something important to him.
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  8. Hmmmm I suppose that could work :P. Yeah thats a good idea! So just so we are clear he tells the University Coaches about they slipping drugs thing? Sorry its way too early for me here and I got up now too long ago XD
  9. No problem...I was up working till 4 am, and woke up at 9...still groggy without my coffee, but I'm about to fix that. :)

    Yea, the high school coaches for the girls' track team were doing this and lied on their health records.

    Annette found out recently and confronted her coaches, who told her that if she said anything they'll tell the University that she was doing the drug thing.
    She kept it secret to avoid losing her scholarship.

    She took this to your charrie, hoping for an open-minded ear to talk to, but your charrie instead attempted to talk her into telling the University first to keep her safe.

    She refused, so he decided to tell the University instead, hoping the truth will clear her of any flaws and she maintains her scholarship.

    Now, after everything's blown up, she's been told that her scholarship has been revoked this year. After hearing how everything's gone down, she's going to confront him about what he did. She doesn't know that they are holding her scholarship for the new year, or possible next semester, after the drugs have cleared her system.

    Hope that's clearer than before. :)
  10. Ok yeah I understand more now thanks! ^^. Now I think we are ready to RP :P
  11. Just so you know I'm not going to make him become crippled :P. That would be too depressing for me XD
  12. Yea, same here. LOL!
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  13. I was wondering about how to stretch the conflict out a bit more.

    I had mentioned that the coaches are missing - they're running to avoid being sent to jail. I figured, since drug use in school is a major thing, the coaches involved in drugging a few of the girls track team members, as well as other students within various other sports groups, are being investigated. After talking to all the parents and student athletes, including Annette's parents, and the students are all tested; it is concluded that these coaches were illegally drugging students without them knowing.

    So, parents are suing, the school is looking to fire them and have them arrested, but they are no where to be found. The last people who spoke with neither of them were family members and they have no idea any of this was going on.

    Well, if we want to, since Annette was the one who spilled the beans on their whole operation, the two coaches decided to punish her for screwing them up. They begin to harass her online, follow her places and leave threatening letters, threaten her family - things like that. It becomes a big problem, and she becomes paranoid about going anywhere, but she'll be leaving for college soon. If her and Wyatt are going to the same college, then perhaps they decide then to become roommates. That way, she's not really alone. After Wyatt saved her, she suddenly feels safe around him, but they'll still have that slight frustration between each other. It begins to change more when they start realizing their feelings and begin to understand each other.

    Really, they're like two little Kindergartners that like each other. Instead of understanding their feelings and expressing them properly, they just pull each other's hair or push them down on the playground to say how much they like the other. Hilarious!

    But, anywho, IDK if this is a good idea to go with, or one to work on to make it better. But, it's an idea. What do you think?
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  14. I actually really like that idea! ^^
  15. But, it's not all about Annette. How can we incorporate Wyatt within this? Or, is there a side story for Wyatt that's like totally different, but can possibly fuse into the whole story - something that can possibly split them apart after they've connected?
  16. Yeah I know its not :P And I was thinking earlier maybe I could do something with the parent. They obviously work alot leaving him alone and everything. I havent thought entirely about what would be the side story with him yet but I know its going to be family based, possible the buisness they run could be having some problems or something. Like I said I havent thought the entire thing through yet XD. Just typing what just popped in my head. :P
  17. Ohh! I literally just had a brainstorm right after I posted the post before this! XD
    Maybe his father, the man who runs the entire buisness winds up dying of a heart attack or something. And in his will he will he wants to hand the buisness over to his son who although he apreciates it doesnt really want to do what he did (Wyatt wants to be a professional boxer :P) . But at the same time he doesnt want to see the buisness go down. He gets torn between it. His mom constantly urges him to just accept it but he just isnt sure. Of course I already planned who ends up taking the job instead :P.
    Then again IDK, like I said before I'm just writing down ideas that come to my head :P
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  18. Hwy, pop-ups are good. When they come around, you get a new perspective on a story you somewhat have figured out. They lead to aome awesome twist too....

    Like - what if the company your father owns is a pharmasutical research company, and the drugs the coaches wete giving to students was an experimental drug they picked up from them. One of your dad's employees was the one who gave the drug to the coaches to use - he's hiding them now at your dad's company warehouses; and together they're plotting how to get rid of the anitch - Anne
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  19. That is an excellent idea! ^^
  20. Did you catch my edit on that brainstorm? I added more while you were reading it.
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