Saved by a werewolf (white bane and winter)

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  1. Kat woke panting breathing hard. She look around seeing she is in her new place and her ex isn't there.

    A few months ago her ex tried to kill her but killed her bestfriend because she was going to the police that he was beating her. She found her friend dead in her home stabbed and her ex came after her. He is abusive and mean and is controlling. She been on the run since from town to town.

    Sighing she got ready and went to the bookstore. Her arm is wrapped from the last encounter with her ex and she has a few broken ribs that are wrapped. She was organizing books her long red hair in a side braid as she sat organizing taking it slow.
  2. Jake woke with his usual lazy yawn and scratched the back of his head. Dull colored room surrounded him as he got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth.

    Being a werewolf wasn't something new to Jake nor was it like in the movies, getting bit by a wolf and all the bull crap, he was born as a wolf and could shift once he was three. But unlike most wolves he really wasn't a pack kind of person though he had a lot of werewolf friends and was well liked in the town and by the community. He was just a happy go lucky guy and seemed to have charisma that had people warm up to him.

    Taking a morning job his light blue eyes surveyed the area he was passing by and saw the book store. Though the raven-haired young man had only been in there a few times he still really liked it. Arriving at its entrance, he pushed open the door and walked in with his cheerful grin spread across his face as he walked over to a shelf and looked through the books.
  3. Kat heard the door open and stood slowly her hand on her ribs. She walk around and saw him and stood there frozen. She knew all guys aren't like her ex but she couldn't face guys yet cause of her ex.

    Her co worker walk up smile "hello sir how can I help you?" She spoke soflry

    Kat turn and went to the desk her head down looking at the receipts from last night adding them up.
  4. Jake looked through the books curiously, none really caught his attention yet but sooner or later one might. Though he didn't see the person he could hear a pair of feet slowly moved around and his body leaned slightly. She, judging from the smell, must have been injured in some way.

    "Hm?" Turning to look at the girl talking to him, he gave her a curious look before grinning. "I was wondering if you had any fantasy books, dragons, monsters, stuff like that?"

    That's when he caught sight of the other girl, her hair looked almost like fire but eh kept most of his attention on the girl standing in front of him. He didn't want to seem rude.
  5. "We do. Right over at by the desk" she led him and show him the two shelves. "If you need anything come find me" she walk off

    Kat didn't look up and was adding the receipts up. She held her ribs and shifted in her chair cringe in pain. She coughed and started looking for pain pills in the drawer.
  6. "Oh, alright." He smiled and followed after the woman, stopping when she did. Then with a nod the werewolf began to look through the shelf before he heard a cough and looked at the woman sitting at the desk.

    Instantly Jake could tell what she was looking for, pain medication, even in their container he could smell them. Without even saying anything he walked over to where she was then leaned over and pulled the middle drawer out. Grabbing the small bottle he placed it on the desk and looked at the red head with a small yet cheerful smile. "Are these what you're looking for?"
  7. Kat jump seeing him by her and place the bottle on her desk. She breathe slowly and nodded. She took the bottle and move back took a few pills then push the bottle back to him. She was a little scared. She look down her hair move showing a scar down her neck and shoulder and a bruise on her shoulder as she flip through the receipt book.

    Lucy came over and pull him to the side. "Don't go near her. She scared of guys. It a complicated story but short version and got hurt by one and now doesn't trust any. She still recovering" she whisper to him warning him
  8. Jake took a step back, obviously seeing the sign that she was uncomfortable with him being close. Her breath was too slow so she must have been trying to keep herself calm and he could small the fear radiating from her then noticed the scar and bruise. What had happened to her to cause something like that? Now he was curious.

    Feeling himself grabbed away, he quickly grabbed the book he had placed down and looked at the person. "?" The werewolf looked at her curiously but listened as she talked to him. "So she thinks we're all bad because of a bad experience with one?" That's a little rude but he honestly couldn't blame her but maybe, just maybe he could help her.
  9. "Not bad she just causious and scared. She went through hell" she whisper and walk over to kat. "Hey I'll finish this if you want to go get coffee"

    Kat smile a bit and nodded. She stood grab her bag and jacket and walk out her hand on her ribs.
  10. Just hearing that made Jake want to find this guy and put him through hell. What kind of man would hurt a woman; scum that's who. "He's lucky then he doesn't live in this town." The werewolf couldn't stand people who abused others.

    Watching the red head leave, he turned back to Lucy and offered her the book. "I'll buy this."
  11. Lucy smile and wave her hand. "It on me. Just do me a favor you seem nice and I seen you around town and you help people anyway kat she need someone to show her not all people are like her ex think maybe you can help her?"

    Kat sat on a bench to take a break from walking. She held her ribs watching cars drive by and the snow slowly to start to fal.
  12. Jake opened his mouth to protest but instead sighed and nodded his head at that. Doing a favor for her in return seemed like a fair trade so he listened to her offer and pondered it while rubbing his chin. "Alright, that I can do." Zipping his jacket up slightly, he put the book in his pocket and left while giving her a wave.

    A while after walking on the sidewalk back to his house to relax for a bit, that's when he saw the redhead from earlier and walked over to her. "You know, you'll catch a cold wearing a thin jacket like that." Pulling off his own thick and wooly one, he draped it over her with a smile and sat down next to her. Pulling out his book and beginning to read it with a soft expression.
  13. Kat jump and touch the jacket around herself. She held it close felt warmer. She look at him "t thank y you. Y your n not g gunna get cold." She said softly looking at his book. "I have that series if you want to borrow" for some reason she felt safe and not scared
  14. Jake looked up from the page he was on and then over to her, shaking his head. "Nah, I really don't get cold that often." He replied, giving her a smile before going back to his page. "I'm sure how I feel about this book yet, but if I like it I'll take you up on that offer." The werewolf gave her a grin. "Thank you."
  15. Kat smile softly. "Your welcome" she held her ribs and stood breathe softly. "I gotte get to coffee shop do you want your jacket back? Or do you want to come?"
  16. Jake made sure to remember the page eh was on before closing the book and sliding it into his back pocket. "Nah, you can keep the jacket, I really don't need it." Wait...did she just invite him, a male, to go with her. "Sure, I got some time to kill."
  17. "I'll buy you coffee." Kat started walking next to him. "Did Lucy tell you why I was scared when you walk in?"
  18. "Are you sure?" He could easily buy his own, she really didn't need to. "Bad experience with a guy so you're uncertain about the rest of us." Jake made it short and simple, not wanting her to explain if it brought back some bad memories.
  19. She nodded walking next to him held his jacket close. "Yeah that is right. You seem different though most guys laugh at how I walk fast past them or I keep my head down or I move when they come close but you didn't and the fact you came and put your jacket on me I don't know I figure maybe your not that bad" she said softly looking at him. She got bump and stumble into him held her ribs breathe slowly wince in pain.
  20. "A lot of the guys here are complete asses or idiots." He replied, sliding both hands in his pockets with a snort. "That's why a lot of them are single, no girl wants to put up with them." Then Jake looked at her, cocking his head slightly in curiosity, "I don't think I'm bad, I don't even think I have a mean bone in my body." Well, that was true for right now. When she stumbled he gently caught her and looked down in concern. "Should you really be walking, you look like you're in pain."
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