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  1. The day had started off well, beautiful blue sky and a slight breeze. It was the perfect day day for a picnic. Many of the couples of this small town thought the same, as such the local overlook was a popular place, not for long however. Naomi had been leaning on the hood of her boy friends car, half listening to him on the phone. What followed had shocked her however.

    Hanging up the phone the male turned to her, Naomi's usually smiling features deteriorating to a frown as he approached. "W-what's wrong?" She questioned, a few of the other couples turning their gaze toward the two.

    "I heard that you were out last night... with Sarah and the rest of them." He spoke, anger welling up.

    "Yea... what about it? I told you I was going!" She replied, shock and fear slowly filling her voice. Slowly she tried to back away, ending up nearly falling over the car hood.

    "What about Jake huh? What'd you do with him?" His voice grew louder while he grabbed her arm, a wince of pain crossing her face.

    "Nothing! I did nothing with him!" She replied only to feel his hand across her face, snapping her head to the side. With a jerk she broke his grasp moving toward the edge of the overlook.

    "Not what he just fucking said!" He replied still approaching, one of the couples calling the police.

    "Nothing happened! Ask Sarah!" Naomi tried to fight away but his grasp came again, this time to her shoulders, moving her to the very edge, her hips against the tops of the metal barricade that blocked the sheer drop below. "Stop this Daniel!" She screamed, trying to hit him only to make him more angry. All that followed was a slight push and her scream.

    The male glanced around, the various couples in a state of shock and disbelief, the one who had called 911 dropped his phone. With a growl he got in his car, quickly speeding off.

    Naomi was in far worse a state. She hit the concrete slope had, tumbling down the hill faster than she thought possible, head over heels. The stop was abrupt, a sharp cry and a thump and she was laying in the middle of the scenic road, bleeding from the head, scrapes crossing her arms and legs. A small whimper escaped her while she tried to move, tried to get up. Her fingers barely flexed against the asphalt beneath her. The pain numbed her limbs, her vision blurring. She didn't know the extent of the damage, she didn't want to know... already she could smell blood, taste it, feel it beneath her. It stained the white sleeveless shirt she wore, it stained the ground beneath her. A groan followed while she tried to move her legs, the scraped and bruised appendages only trembling. "I'm dying... here?" She whispered to no one, a tear welling up in her eye while she simply stared down the road, alone...
  2. Alan was sitting in his car at a coffee shop wondering if he really wanted another cup of coffee or not. He hadn't slept well the night before when he got a rather nasty call to go to an alleged shooting, which he ended up having to help out at when it was turned over to homicide. He sighed and leaned back in his seat. Long nights were always followed by long days, and his was nearing it's end.

    The decision to get a cup of coffee was interrupted by the radio going off asking for a unit to respond to a violent disturbance. It was just his luck he was the closest, and called in his location to dispatch before turning on the car, pulling away and hitting lights and sirens, arriving on scene within minutes. He pulled up next to a growing, yet still relatively small, crowd looking down into the ravine next to the road and turned off the sirens, leaving the lights on, before jumping out of the car and pushing through. He saw a young girl bleeding on the ground and hurried down to her.

    "Did someone call for an ambulance?" he yelled up at the crowd, not knowing if they'd hear him, before he heard the sirens of an ambulance answering his question as he looked over the young woman. He couldn't figure out what the damage was or where to start, but he did know how to check for a pulse. The EMT's were there in a flash, taking over. Alan stepped back to let them do their job, and he walked back up carefully to ask the people gathered there if anyone had seen what happened.

    "She was with a young man and they were arguing," a woman said. "My husband called 911 when the man started pushing her around, and it sounded like he was accusing her of cheating or something but she kept denying until he pushing her over the railing."

    Alan wrote down the details and tried to get a description of the car with license plates. No one knew the plate number, so he just called in the car description before driving off to the hospital. He needed to get the young woman's statement, but first he wanted to make sure she was going to be all right.
  3. Her pulse was slow, barely evident beneath her skin. A small whisper of incoherent mumbles escaped her while she looked to him. Slowly she even tried to reach for him before the EMT's got to her and started their tests. She watched him leave her before her vision faded, the sound soon following, leaving the frantic yells of the EMT's in her mind as it began to shut down.

    What came next was grogginess, a numbness through her fingers and toes. A chill down her spine. It was cold... Slowly her vision began to return, everything she saw was white, sterile. A certain pinging began in her ears, slow, steady. The monitor attached to her chest watching her heart... she was in the hospital. Slowly she began to try to move, the strength barely coming. What was worse was the sudden pain in the back of her head, forcing her to lay still again. With a whimper she found the bed remote, sitting herself up. Her pale eyes staring at the glass door, now she could see the hospital gown that covered her, the IV in her arm, the length of white bandage across her head. What happened? Oh yes... now that's what happened. Her mind began to flood with images of the incident, most blurred or sketchy, like a skipping tape. It was to be expected after what happened.
  4. With his fellow officers looking for the car witnesses described, Alan was able to focus on the young woman that was made a victim. He drove to the hospital and dealt with the staff, learning that she was under observation and was undergoing tests. Despite not having anything to do at the hospital right now, Alan stayed put in the waiting room while calling in her name so that her parents could be notified. In his head, he promised to only stay until they got here and then he'd go take care of his reports and go home for the night, saving the questioning for tomorrow when there was a better chance of her being coherent.

    After an hour, he found himself pacing in the waiting room without any updates about either the girl or from the precinct. Part of him wanted to go home and get something to eat and sleep for the next 24 hours, but he didn't feel right leaving the girl without anyone when she did wake up. He ran a hand through dark hair and sighed, indecisive and a little frustrated.

    "Officer Miller?"

    Alan turned to the doctor and gave her his full attention, not sure what information he could be given based on hospital policy but hoping he'd get everything because of the nature of the incident. After all, the hospital would be sending him a report for his files anyway.

    "We've determined that she's going to be fine. She's got a major concussion, quite a few lacerations and contusions, and various broken ribs from impact, but she'll be okay. We'll be keeping her for observation because of the concussion to make sure that she doesn't have any complications turn up, but she should be free for release in 24 hours."

    "Thank you for informing me," Alan said with a nod. The doctor nodded and told him he could go in to see her when she woke up, and that someone would come get him when he could go in. Alan just nodded again and took a seat to wait.
  5. Her parents would have come if she hadn't cut ties to them, and if they weren't on the other side of the country. None the less they gave power of attorney to the officer in charge of the case and let it be at that.

    Soon enough she was fully awake, fully aware, and that was when the terror set in. She was calling for a nurse, calling for anyone who could hear her. She even called for the police. Her panic stricken mind was running rampant, wanting to know what the hell had happened, if she was alright, what the police were doing about the instrument... and where her goddamned jello was.
  6. Alan was upset when he was informed that the parents wouldn't be coming, feeling that no matter what they should have come for their daughter. Scowling, he walked towards the hospital room she sat in to check on her. He hadn't been told about her being awake yet, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal if he checked on her, right?

    He looked into the room and was surprised to see her awake. It only took a moment of thought before he knocked on the door and slowly walked into the room.

    "Hello," he said softly, not wanting to worry her. He was still in uniform so that would probably help keep her from kicking him out right away. "Ah, my name is Alan Miller. I am the police officer that will be taking care of your case. And, I have also been placed in charge of your medical well-being.

    "Ah, can I do anything for you?"
  7. Her gaze darted toward him only to wince from the motion. Her eyes glanced over the uniform for a moment before she relaxed just a bit upon her bed. "H-Hi..." She replied to him giving a slow nod before squirming just a bit to get more comfortable. The fact that he was in charge of her medical well being surprised her though she didn't say anything more. "I suppose you already know all about me then..." Her voice sounded solemn, distant while she looked to the the sheets. "What's happening with the case? I assume you're looking for him?"
  8. Alan cleared his throat and offered a sympathetic smile. "I'm afraid I don't know a lot, but I know enough. And, we've got teams searching for the car witnesses described. I will have to take your statement, but you don't have to do that right now if you don't want to. Just, it has to be soon while it's still fresh."

    He walked away from the door and sat down in a chair, leaving enough space so that he wasn't close enough to be too personal but not so far that he was being rude. Studying her, he took note of all the visible injuries, though he supposed it might look worse than it actually is.

    "I can go get your doctor if you want. Are you in any pain?"
  9. She looked to him as he came closer, her eyes gauging his every step, his every motion. She was trying to size him up, judge him against the man who did this to her. With a small sigh she gave a nod, "I can tell you what I remember... head and all..." A slight chuckle escaped her lips while she gave him a small nod, nervous about her joke. Looking toward her machines she shook her head. "They have something in the IV, not the best but I'm... ah... dealing." The female replied looking back to him with the slightest hint of a smile while she squirmed just a little, "My feet are cold though."
  10. Alan nodded and shifted in the chair to get out his notepad. And then he registered that she'd said her feet were cold and jumped up.

    "I'll see about getting you another blanket, then," he said quickly, leaving the room again. He tracked down an orderly and asked for a blanket before returning to the room to fold it over Naomi's shins and feet. "Er, is that better?"
  11. She offered another smile, glad that he had been willing to get her another blanket. "Yes, thank you..." She replied before squirming just a bit more to get comfortable. She glanced to the officer again, releasing a small sigh while she looked him over. "I'm sorry for being such a bother..." She spoke, rather genuinely. He was staying late, he had to be since he was at the scene. He was proving himself to be a very good officer though, above and beyond.
  12. He offered a small smile and shrugged. "You aren't really a bother. Since your parents aren't coming, I didn't want you to be alone. Hospitals are bad enough without having to deal with trauma alone."

    Registering his words, his smile turned sheepish as he chuckled nervously. "Ah, I'm sorry. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or anything." He cleared his throat to try and relax. It wasn't often that there wasn't anyone to be with a victim that he encountered, so he was a little off with this situation. But he wanted to be here for her, for Naomi.

    "Um, why don't we get started on your statement? You only have to tell me what you're comfortable with, but it would be a good idea to record it while it's still a recent event. We can get into more detail with it later if you want, but right now I think anything will be fine so that we can have a starting point."
  13. She offered him a small smile, reaching out for a moment to try to motion for him to sit. The slight nervousness he had was a bit adorable to her, though she wouldn't say it. Looking toward the ceiling she leaned back just a bit. "Well, we were at the point... you know... typical relationship stuff..." Naomi began, slowly closing her eyes to try and remember what she could. "He started to argue with me, accuse me of things I didn't do. He got angry, violent... I tried to back away and he shoved me off the edge... after that.... I don't know..."
  14. Taking a seat and pulling out his notebook, he prepared himself for what he was about to hear. Writing little notes while she spoke, he frowned at the boy's behavior.

    "What was this boy's name, and what exactly was he accusing you of?" he asked, getting into what he jokingly called "cop mode." Before she could answer, Alan smiled to offer reassurance. "I only ask because we'll need to be informed when we do track him down in case he says something about it. We just want to be as thorough as possible. I'd also like to know how long you two dated."
  15. She turned her head to look to him while he question her more. "Garret Braun... he accused me of cheating on him..." She replied after he reassured her. "We were dating for six months, on and off..." A small regretful sigh escaped her while she shifted a bit again, trying to get comfortable. "I suppose it wasn't going to work out anyway."
  16. Alan noted everything in his notebook and looked over it for a moment, taking in all the information so that he could note what to call in immediately. Namely, the boy's name that did this.

    "Why do you think it wouldn't have worked out?" he asked absently before looking up from his notes to study her, finally registering her tone. "Also, was this the first time he did anything to hurt you?"
  17. She looked up to him, a small sigh escaping her, "We were fire and ice... he always wanted this and I always wanted that..." She replied with a small sigh, looking away, "The first time we had sex... it wasn't exactly a pleasant time... he... he wanted it and I didn't."
  18. It took Alan a moment to collect himself with this information. He always hated special victims cases, and had only lasted a few months when he'd given that department a go before giving in and moving back to patrol. It was easier to be a first response officer than to investigate like all the other divisions. He gets to work with other divisions without having to really work in them. Even now, he was only being permitted to take on this case because he was the first to respond and technically was off duty, though he was still clocked in for this because he was going to be working on a statement.

    "Did he... force you?" Alan asked, his voice tight now that he could find his voice finally. This guy was really going to be looking at more and more charges, and Alan was starting to feel pretty strongly about getting him locked up quickly.
  19. Naomi gave a small nod, "In a way... yes... I eventually gave in, after he had started..." She replied with a small whimper and a blush, realizing she was talking about her sex life to a cop. An attractive one but still. With a small sigh she lowered her head just a bit. "I didn't leave him though... I guess... I guess I'm just stupid for not leaving him sooner than now, or even then..."
  20. "I don't think you were stupid. I'm sure you believed that it wasn't dangerous to be with him or anything," Alan said to reassure her. He even offered a smile, though he wasn't sure it held any real warmth to it, as he was pretty pissed with this... Garrett guy. "Can you think of anything else I should know to put in the preliminary report?"