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With the vast outreaches of deep space surrounding, Satellite 15 drifted like a tiny vessel at sea. Although to a smaller craft it would be a monolith of epic proportions, in comparison to the stars and planets it was little more than a speck of dust.

It had been three years since the enormous data tracking satellite/space station had been sent into orbit, with it was a crew of 75, sent to not only maintain its findings but also maintain its inner workings. Its initial goal was to record various temperatures and climates of surrounding planets, but overtime its value to record information had run out. The team back on earth, realizing that it was a lost cause, sent communication to Satellite 15 to inform them that their return shuttle would be arriving in the next few days…but they received no answer. In fact, there was no proof that anyone was even there, just empty static on the other end. What had happened to the crew?

Blackness filled Station 15. An empty, low droning sound was heard throughout the enormous vessel. Something was wrong here. All the various indication lights were out as well as the constant whirrs and beeps of machinery and computers at work. It was dead. In the main dining hall was a man, a crew member, his body a mangled mess laying on the ground. On the wall across from him were the words " Hell is Here" written in what appeared to be his own blood. Over his body was a reptilian creature with eyes blacker than night. Long serrated spikes curled down the length of its back and its arms wrapped around the mans body. Its face was buried in his chest, feasting on his meat like a vulture on a rotting carcass.

Back on earth

A special ops team has been informed that they will be running a standard retrieval mission to Satellite 15. What they know is that there has been no communication with them in weeks, what they don't know is that a vicious alien race has infested the ship and has killed the whole crew.

You will play as one of the Special ops personal, trained warriors armed to the teeth with hi tech weaponry. Other roles that will be needed, Communications and medical people.

Job: (Solider, medical, communications << If you have other ideas for jobs please let me know)
Race: (Human, ect)
Bio: (Short)

Name: Lance Silver



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Equipment: Deep space Radio pack, Flame thrower with arm mounted dispersion unit. Twin colt .45s

Job: communications


Brave, intelligent, quick thinking and honest. Straight to the point kind of guy. Likes to get in, get the job done, and get out. Very dedicated to his work as well as those he considers friends.

Bio: Graduated with honers from a prestigious school. Later went on to join the marines, thus gaining weapons training, but spent most of his time as a radio operator for his unit. After 3 years in the armed forces he went into the Space program and was later promoted into the special ops rescue team. His job is that of a Communication operator, but he is still armed and combat ready.
Name:Matthias Weber
Appearance: tall, brown hair, light green eyes.

Equipment: backpack filled with various medical equipment, Steyr TMP submachinegun, G36 assault rifle, .45 glock.
Job: Combat Medic
Race: human
Persona:Intuitive, loves to examine and learn from things. he is shy and is flinchy.
Bio: at 17 Having barely passed school, he joined the military, they found that he was extremly intelligent. He was convinced to join the medical program. He graduated a year early. He was placed in the GSG9 counterterrorism team and saw action all over the world. He was asked to join the Höhere Platz taktische Mannschaft ( advanced space tactical team) HPTM. he was later asked to join the international space program in their spec ops unit.

Thanks for joining Okami

Let's see if I can get some more players.
Name:Ilmari Kiljunen
Appearance: 6'1, black hair, Caucasian (Finnish) (he's the dude on the far left. BTW, I draw all my own characters, if anybody wants me to do theirs, I'll oblige.)

Equipment: Basic combat armor, AR-15(standard assault rifle), P-90 submachinegun(or the equivalent thereof. Comact sidearm is the idea.), combat knife.
Job: Lieutenant first class, Special ops combat unit.
Race: Human
Persona: Assertive, quick tempered and foul mouthed. Sometimes can be quite rude and obnoxious, but cares deeply for friends and comrades.
Bio: Human, born in an American airforce base in Okinawa, Japan. spent first five years living there. Born to a Finnish father who was part of the American air force, and an American mother, also in the Airforce. Because of his upbringing on a base, he always had a fascination with military equipment, and as soon as he was old enough, began training at a military academy. However, because his upbringing was rarely around people of his own age, and due to the fact that he was homeschooled, when he first entered the academy, he was somewhat socially awkward to his peers, and ended up getting in quite a few fights among fellow trainees, and sometimes with commanding officers.

However, his devotion to his craft allowed him to excel in military service, and allow him to raise to the ranks of a special ops unit operative.

Just a couple more players and I'll start the IC thread.
Name: Luo Lang
Age: 25
Appearance: Just one inch shy of six feet in height and with a thin build packed with tight muscle. His skin carries a smooth caramel hue while his eyes play stark contrast with their amber hue, backed with internal illumination that hints at bionic augmentation. His hair is longish and unruly red, dyed black.
Equipment: GHT-85 Hound's Tooth Auto-Mag x2: Manufactured initially as a handgun, over the years the Hound's Tooth has evolved more into a submachine-gun. The auto-mag was built to accept a wide variety of munitions and has proven reliable throughout its manufacturing run, making it a favourite of Gun Masters. The weapon has a double-barrelled configuration with a clip fed through the grip and a clip inserted on the right (or left) side of the auto-mag just above three selector buttons. With the press of a button, the pistol can switch between semi-auto and automatic fire as well as different ammo at the choice of the user. The first button selects the standard ammo which fires from the lower barrel. The specialized ammo, which can be accessed by pressing the second button, is a slightly bigger calibre and is loaded through the side clip and fired out of the top barrel. The third button selects firing mode, switching between semi-auto, automatic, and for situations that require overkill, simultaneous automatic firing from both barrels.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Rate of Fire: Single shot or three-round bursts only.
Range: 500 feet (152.4 m)
Payload: Each clip holds eighteen rounds
Image: x

Specialized Ammo
1. Silver Nitrate Round: Silver bullets are too soft and fragment when fired out of the Hound's Tooth. With silver being a weakness of many supernatural creatures, something had to be done. The result was to fill the hollow tip rounds with a concentrated silver nitrate formula. The result: a heavy round with the ability to damage creatures vulnerable to silver.
2. Claws: Made of malleable mega-damage metal, upon impact, claws flatten out with jagged edges and spin through flesh, inflicting additional damage.
3. Mercury Filled Rounds: Toxic to most supernatural creatures, liquid mercury is in the round's tip and upon impact gets absorbed into the blood system.
4 DU Rounds: Depleted Uranium Rounds are special cartridges made from old nuclear material with only trace levels of radiation. The material is much heavier than normal slugs, giving it much greater armour piercing and damage capably.
5. U-Rounds: One of the greatest threats from supernatural monsters such as alien intelligences, gods, demons, elementals, vampires, dragons and supernatural beings in general, is that they have incredible powers of bio-regeneration. Most are impervious to fire, cold, poison and radiation. Many can completely regrow amputated limbs and damaged internal organs. Even some of the lesser creatures have healing and regenerative powers greater than humans.
Mega-damage from plasma, lasers and other energy attacks is healed in an instant, without any trace of burns or scarring. Conventional mega-damage projectiles are dissolved in the body and disappear or are painlessly pushed out - ejected by the super healing powers of these incredible beings. Some may have vulnerabilities to common items like silver or a wooden stake, but they are still dangerous creatures who recover from damage quickly.
Frequently, combatants of the supernatural find they must completely destroy the monster in the initial battle, using methods of overkill to accomplish the task. To let the fiend crawl off into the shadows means it will recover (sometimes in a matter of minutes) to seek revenge. However, the phenomenal healing powers of most (92 %) supernatural menaces and creatures of magic are seriously impaired by radioactive material. Not radiation itself, but radioactive material that penetrates the skin. Even after the U-rounds are removed, the wounds/damage do not heal quickly.

Demon's Eye Chi-Powered Sniper Rifle: A weird weapon that seems to be growing out of a horned demon's face, the monster's tongue curled below and soft tentacles curled along the barrel. Few sniper rifles can challenge the Demon's Eye with its superior range and stopping power. Demonic opponents claim the mouth of the demon's face actually curls into a smile and yellow light momentarily shows in the hollow eye sockets when the weapon is fired. The weapon unleashes a concentrated yellow beam that inflicts an incredible level of damage to supernatural beings. Many lesser creatures are killed outright with one blast.
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
Range: 3000 feet (914 m)
Payload: 30 shots per standard ammo clip, 50 rounds per banana clip.
Image: x

Shadow Armour: This is called Shadow Armour because it is not obvious. Comprised of cutting edge, experimental technology in which miracle mega-damage fabric was created. At the moment of impact the fabric becomes rigid to deflect damage. Additional padding and strategically placed ceramic plates sewn into the fabric provide additional, concealed protection. Its boots zip tight and snug and when gloves are attached to the jumpsuit and full-face helmet hooked to the high collar the entire ensemble becomes a light environmental armoured suit.
Class: SA-23 Mega-Damage Body Suit
Size: human Equivalent
Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
Mobility: Excellent
Job: Gun Master
The entire orientation of the Gun Master is modern weapons. Thus, the initiate only trains with guns and never uses any other type of weapon, not a knife, not a magic sword, or even an ordinary baseball bat. In a pinch, without a gun, the Gun Master can use anything at hand, but with only a fraction of the skill he commands with a gun. Likewise, heavy weapons may also be used, but the Gun Master's training does not extend to them either. At a quick glance this may sound like a weakness, but it's not. The typical Gun Master is seldom without at least one gun (usually has four handguns and two rifles on his person at any one time), and will have a bag or trunk full of additional weapons and ammo at his disposal.
Race: Human (Chinese)
Persona: A rigid soldier, cunning, brutal, and dedicated to his shadowy superiors.
Bio: Human, born in the walled Empire of China. He spent his childhood as all men do in mandatory military enlistment. China has always been a place of mysticism and the supernatural, a fact that dominates the very fabric of their lives even in the face of modern the day communist government. The country has been broken into two regions, a sprawling megalopolis to the north, divided by another wall that cuts the Empire in half. This is where all trade, tourism, and general interaction with the outside world takes place, including manufacturing and research into the hard sciences. To the south lie the Forbidden Lands where no foreigner I allowed to go. Here, the world has reverted to a retelling of ancient times, rumoured to be ruled over by the God Emperor and where the supernatural is said to be as real as anything else.

At age seven he showed an aptitude for combat. At age fifteen he was chosen to enter the Forbidden Lands so that he may learn the way of the Patient Gun. Now twenty-five, he has been sent by his enigmatic government to investigate Station 15 and discover the source of the evil that has surfaced there.
Ok guys. Thank you all again for joining.

Ic will be up shortly.

A few things to keep in mind

- The station is cut off from communication and electricity for the most part. The only lights will be a few over head florescent fixtures. There are no surveillance cameras or operational computers.

- As I stated in this OOC, the stations crew fell victim to a vicious alien race. However, I was pretty vague about them. I did this so we could all have a chance to be creative and come up with something. In my mind they are a kind of Insect hybrid, but whatever you guys want to bring in to the RP is cool with me.

Sound good>?

Post all questions and ideas for plot twists in this section.

<heres the="" ic="">


If anyone is reading this and would like to join, you may do so. We NEED more players. Just post a sheet or contact me.

did you just say insect hybrid?!

Sjuzhet and I may have something to say about this.
Yea>? I would love to hear it.
Heh, well, if you really want to Doug. It could be a good way to introduce them to our universe.
if I am to introduce them to the species as such, that means they need to keep in cannon of our universe. I cannot allow them to ruin what we have done so far.

So, therefore, if this is to be a game using our species, then I have to make absolutely certain that they are used properly.

It might act as a fun prologue to everything that has happened.

You may want to consider Jagd.
Ah, but Jagd has not yet crystallized in my mind. It's up to the creator, of course whether or not things should be changed.
Alright for the sake of this RP maybe we should just go with something else, but damn...sounds like you guys got a cool world created.
oops. spoke too soon. Well, we've got a couple. We're gonna do one on this site soon if everything pans out well, I've got to work out some final kinks, and I'll post it. When i do, I recommend you join.

Gonna be a fantasy style game.
Cool Cool.

Well the IC is up guys, post anytime.
Er forgive me for being... a uh spoil sport but I have some questions around the plot and such.

Seeing as no one knows anything is wrong besides that the comms are down why would they send an elite military strike team to pull off the station personel? To me it would make more sense that they would at least have sent up a normal retrival and clean up crew. Like a four man team that was primarily focused on cleansing the computer banks and programming the station's manuver drives to plot a course to destroy the satalilte or shoot it out into space. The crew gets on the ship with the team and they fly home. Only after this team failing in their job as well would I see a strike force being sent up, unless of course there were other powers at play here...

Also how strong is the hull? What I would be worried about, as a character in this team, is how many rounds can I throw out before air starts leaking out and I get sealed off to die slowly. Also along these lines is how far tech wise has ranged weaponry progressed? In Babylon 5 they had a low end Plasma based guns that were about as powerful as a modern firearm. The differance was that firearms could punch through the hulls of ships where PPGs would not.

In any case these are just questions that were bothering me. I was looking at making up a character and they kept getting in the way.
Details, details, details > <, haven't you seen Aliens?

As for sending in an elite strike force, I have plan for that that will arise later in the plot. If you want to join thats cool, but don't be nitpicking my Sci-fi fantasy!!!!

EDIT: Also about the Hull, for the sake of the RP, It strong enough to not be punctured by small arms fire. And speaking of that, how often in the world of RP do bullets miss their target?, lmao, just something to think about.

EDIT EDIT: Didn't mean to call your questions "nitpicking", was just heading out the door and didn't have time for a proper response.
just because you made this post my character is going to intentionally miss almost every shot just to test the strength of the hull. haha.
ikr>? ^^^^ Lmao

Great posts everyone.