Samsung or Apple

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Do you like Samsung or Apple devices better?

  1. Samsung

  2. Apple

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just curious.

    Apple can kiss my ass though. I am not paying that much money for a brand name, it's silly. >>
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  3. Samsung for sure.

    Apple is too...basic.
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  4. Samsung is best phone!
  5. Is it an Apple Product?

    Yes -> It's just as bad as Apple
    No -> It's better than Apple
  6. I'm more into Samsung. I honestly don't see why Apple is so popular.
  7. Using an iPhone 6.

    Could care less about the brand. The phones nice and it was on a huge discount. Can't complain. It works.

    Most hate I see for Apple is people that have never used them.
  8. I don't hate them, I just don't see why they are so popular when many other phones can be seen just as good.
    Only Apple devices I've used is my iPod(it's old generation though) and used my cousin's iPhone 6 a couple times.
    Gotta admit though, unlocking the phone with just your thumbprint is pretty cool though.
  9. Applefag fer life (or at least as long as my wallet can afford it)
  10. Neither, LG. ಠ_ಠ
  11. There's more Androids than Samsung, y'know.

    Either way, I don't really care about brands or the stupid rivalry people have over them. If you actually judge somebody based on what piece of sweatshop produced plastic and metal they prefer, you need some real problems to occupy your time.
  12. It was just a simple question. I'm not judging anybody.
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  13. I should have specified I know you weren't, but you know how people are about buyer's remorse and brand fanaticism.

  14. Oh we know. :P

  15. Don't care. As long as it does phone stuff I'm good. My 4S has served admirably for the last four years though, so I guess I'll throw a point to Apple by default.
  16. I don't really care either xD
    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII ........I don't need the best stuff. Just as long as I still get to do stuff on it. :3
  17. I tend to lean towards Apple products in general for my tech stuff. (They all work so nicely together that it's almost a bit hard to deviate once you're on board.)
  18. My last phone was a Nokia sliding phone. It was badass.
  19. Team Samsung! I love the Galaxy S series so much! <3

    Just got an S5 :)
  20. S5 fo' lyfe, or something.

    I've always been more fond of Samsung. Never did understand the Apple hype.
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