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  1. What are some of the saddest deaths you've ever seen in media? Here are my picks:

  2. oh fuck the Criminal Minds one

    if I ever want a good sob, I just watch that episode. So good. So heartbreaking.
  3. Bruh I know right? I just wanted to reach into the TV screen and hug Hotch :(
  4. The Iron Giant
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  5. Oh, and how could I possibly forget:
    The Room
  6. I couldn't find a descent video but...

    It was the death of Vincent Nigel-Murray in the show Bones ... I just... He's there, bleeding out in the lab, and he's saying "Don't make me leave... Don't make me leave..." and Bones thinks he is speaking to her, while he might have been speaking to the universe or God.

    Terrible quality (who the F films a TV) but it is worth it


  7. Fucked me up.
  8. @Jorick @Thuro 116 Pendragon @Razilin

    and any other fans of Babylon 5...

    Mourn with me.

    "All love is unrequited."
    "They poisoned her, to get at me... She was all I loved, and they took that from me."
    "Every morning, for as long as she lived... Delenn got up before dawn, and watched the sun come up."
    "Well, look at that... The sun's coming up..."

    And pretty much the entire episode of Gropos.

    Seriously this show fucked me up emotionally. It is the beginning and the end, and it touches on something very bittersweet and painful most shows don't... And that is human mortality. Not in the sense of brutal, senseless, grotesque violence that generally snaps me out... But just the endless, relentless, inevitable progression of time, and how it takes everything. No matter how hard you try, time stops for nobody. It just keeps ticking.

    And one day, those trapped at tick, go to tock, and it's all over... And there's no heroic death or sudden violent end. It's just... Somber. Cold. It does death in a way few shows do, in a way that just... Hurts. Intensely.


    I listed multiple deaths above from Babylon 5, just in a way that is spoiler free. Because the show is worth watching.
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  9. Long live the king (open)

    I will probably post more later.
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  10. "I am a leaf on the wind."

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  11. I bet you cry like a baby (open)

    And again (open)

    Easily the two saddest deaths ever......
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  12. Clannad - Fate Zero - Star Wars - Forrest Gump and LOTR Spoilers (open)

    (I still don't like the movie, but this scene was done rather well)

    Also, due to video limits this is going to be another double post... Sorry. :/
  13. Death Note - Mass Effect - Tell Tales Walking Dead - Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Spoilers (open)

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  14. You had Walking Dead on there and I thought you were talking about the show. >_> Hershel's death was pretty damn sad now that I'm thinking about it. Probably the only person beside Dale who's death I actually got upset over.

    But thinking of video games reminded me of....

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  16. Game of Thrones is filled with Death, but the two that got to me the most were probably these.

    I loved Ser Barristan Selmy. He was cool from the first episode he came in. His death was honestly one I was not expecting

    Shireen's death T.T Another death I had not expected.

    Hershel's death in TWD as mentioned about. That really mad me sad T.T He was my favourite character.

    Anime is kinda hard lol, but this death was sad to me. Sad in a good way?


    In games?

    Toriel's death. I didn't know I didn't have to kill her! TT_TT

    Rodrik's Death in Game of Thrones Telltale

    Or Asher's TT_TT

    Now excuse me while I find a tissue.
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  17. Dom! (open)

    Admit it, you cried at this scene, especially after having to watch this in the second one.


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  19. Speaking of saddest deaths... This movie was harsh. Funnily enough, it was the second ever anime production I watched. Needless to say, you couldn't mention the name of this movie in front of me for like a month. T.T

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  20. The feels, the freaking feels, and this was one of the 'bad' guys >_<
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