S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Survival of the Fittest (RELOAD)

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Survival of the Fittest


It is 2014. The Zone has become quiet again, Stalkers returning to their regularly scheduled fight to survive in the Man Made Hell. They continue dredging about for riches among the various anomalies and irradiated zones of the thirty... no, it's thirty five kilometers now... expanse that is the Zone. The Military, under a new chain of command, has turned a blind eye to the Stalkers, only enforcing the set border, monitoring the Chernobyl NPP, and dealing with booms in mutant populations that have occured with greater frequency since 2012.

Despite the expansion of the Zone the Zone Commission has agreed to allow official overflights above the zone, so long as the aircraft maintain a stead 30,000 feet of altitude. The decision was made just in time for the 2014 G-10 summit being held this year in Moscow, Russia. Despite the opening of the airspace most nations have seen fit to avoid flying over the Zone. The United Kingdom, however, has taken the Ukrainian government's word to heart. They have a British Airways flight full of economists, government officials, and a handful of Ministry of Defense personnel registered to fly over the Zone. The Military, however, has not had a chance to study whether or not 30,000 feet is safe for overflights.

Despite this, the British are pressing on.

Somewhere a man named Murphy is preparing to throw a wrench into the works.

Character Sheet:

Reason for being in the Zone:
Physical Description: (NO ANIME HAIR!!!)

Name: Feydorov (He never gives his last name.)
Age: 40
Race: Eastern Slav
Sex: Male
Origin: Belarus
Reason for being in the Zone: Feydorov was framed for murder. He had no place else to go so the Zone seemed to be the best choice.
-Vintorez: 9X39mm silent sniper rifle, the Vintorez is used by Spetsnaz and uses the PAB-9 9X39mm cartridge which can penetrate body armor at 300 meters. It has an integrated silencer making it ideal for stealth operations.
-PPsh-41: Stockepiled in Ukrainian Army depots with conversion kits for the 9X19 PB, this submachine gun was made in mass quantities during WWII, becoming an iconic submachine gun next to the American Thompson M-1 and the German MP-41.
-KA-Bar: An American made knife and standard issue for the US Army and Marine Corps. Comes with a compass built into the pommel.
Equipment: American made MCU-2P gas mask, IBA flak jacket (purchased from Barkeep), Camelbak Demon backpack (purchased through Sidorovich), PDA, Anomaly/Geiger detector.
Physical Description:

Feydorov has a receding hairline, a feature he says makes him distinguished as a veteran. He is also lean due to the 'Stalker Diet' which typically consists of vodka, 'Tourist's Delight,' and the occasional diet sausage.
History: A former automotive mechanic from Belarus, Feydorov's life was interrupted when the blame for a murder was placed on his head. He rid the only thing he could do and ran for the Zone. He was smuggled into Ukraine and into the Zone where he became a worker for the trader Sidorovich. He makes a little extra cash acting as a tour guide for foreigners. Most customers never ask for a return tour. Rumor has it that he has been to the Chernobyl NPP and seen the Wish Granter. He won't say if he has or not.

Now, there are a few must have characters.

Flight crew
British diplomats
British military officers

These people are very important to the plot. I cannot stress that.
Animal Mutants

Blind Dog
Several generations of the dog species have lived and died since the catastrophe. Each was more affected by the Zone than the previous one. Rapid mutation lead to a vast improvement in previously peripheral abilities, frequently at the expense of primary ones. The most notable biological change was the loss of sight, paired with an uncanny development of smell. As it turned out, blind cubs survived in the Zone as well as normal ones, if not better. As a result, the common dog quickly became extinct in the Zone, giving way to a new breed - that of blind dogs. The animals instinctively identify and avoid anomalies, radiation, and other invisible dangers that plague the Zone. Like their wild ancestors - the wolves - blind dogs hunt in packs. An encounter with a large group of these animals can be dangerous even to an experienced and well-armed stalker.

A large animal that can reach 1.5 meters at the shoulder. The boar's ability to survive and aggression surpass that of its relatives outside the Zone and resemble that of most mutants. Mutagenic processes engendered by radiation and anomalies have played a significant part in shaping these mammals: they have lost all fur in places and grown long, bristly fur in others. The animals' hooves have changed in shape and become sharper, acquiring a resemblance to claws; their pupils have become colorless and pigmentation disorders and deep wrinkles have appeared on their bald heads.

Chimera is a cerberus-like dog with no fur, large body, two heads and a broad tail. Chimeras are extremely strong and they're able to turn a car over alone. They are the most deadly mutant encountered, jumping incredible distances and doing extreme damage. Though physically weaker than the Pseudogiant, the Chimera is considered deadlier due to its extremely fast speeds and aggressiveness.

Chernobyl Dog (Psy Dog)
It resembles a Pseudodog but with white fur and shares many characteristics with its somewhat more common relative.
The most distinguishing feature of the psy-dog is its ability to affect human minds, where it is able to create seemingly live images of itself. It can be theorized that the psy-dog can either manipulate the minds of man similar to the abilities of a controller, or they themselves generate psy-emissions and are able to bend it to their will.

The only bird species to have survived in the Zone, enduring increased radiation levels and effectively avoiding anomalies. While the army pilots need to rely on complex detectors to avoid gravitational disturbances, the crow seems to rely on its own senses for that - a mystery that drives ornithologists and biologists mad. Various theories attempting to explain the phenomenon exist, all of them pointing to a highly specialized development of the bird's brain.

Like many other living creatures, domestic pigs in the Zone underwent serious mutation, which affected genes responsible for their metabolism causing the animal's phenotype to change significantly.

A mutant pig of this type, know as "flesh" among stalkers, is one of the clearest examples of the Zone's perversion of nature. The pigs have developed a protective layer of scales and bones, their regeneration potential grew significantly and their nervous system became more complex. Just like a normal pig, "flesh" is an omnivore and may attack a stalker if hungry.

Pseudodogs are a relatively common type of mutant. Despite the name, they are actually descended from wolves and have longer, more ragged fur than the common Blind dog. Pseudodogs are often seen together with Blind dogs, though the former are faster, stronger and more aggressive than their blind relatives. Pseudodogs are viciously territorial and will not hesitate to attack intruders. They fight by lunging at a victim and then use their teeth to wound and incapacitate. A pseudodog is a serious threat, even to a well-armed Stalker. Strangely enough if the Pseudodog is killed and it is accompanied by a pack of Blind dogs, the blind dogs would most of the time back off and retreat, which might indicate that these creatures have a type of pack mentality. Much like any other canine Pseudodogs can be tamed. Doctor and one of the Army's grunts, Private Mikhail 'Misha' Radetsky, keep a Pseudodog as a companion.

The pseudogiant resembles a massive, drop-shaped abdomen with a pair of disproportionately large limbs. These serve as both arms and legs to the creature, which uses them both to move around and grab its victims. An adult pseudogiant can weigh up to two tons and stand two meters tall. Their clumsy appearance is deceiving however, since they can move very rapidly if needed. Their muscles are exceptionally powerful and their bones are as hard as steel. The creature's brain is protected by a sturdy (up to 10 centimeters thick) skull, while many complex functions are controlled by the spinal medulla. Another astonishing feature of the beast, is its ability to create localized shock waves, damaging anything in the vicinity (avoided by jumping at the right moment).

Determining the species from which the Zone's rodents developed has so far proved impossible although it can be said with certainty that their ancestors were gregarious mammals. Although are these animals similar with jerboas in appearance, there is no relation between them. Although some stalkers like Inquisitor, a mutant zoo keeper refers to them as jerboas.

The Cat is the Mutated Version of what is believed to be wildcat or a housecat. They have mutated a pair of fang like glands on the side of their mouths which they use to attack, along with their teeth. Whenever their populations boom the Military mobilizes Spetsnaz and K-9 units, of which there is only one of the latter.

Like the Flesh and Blind Dog, the Tark was once a horse, original breed presently unknown. They are fast and very protective of their young. They have been proven to be capable of outrunning UAZ trucks and trampling Stalkers unawares. Even Bloodsuckers will avoid them if they can help it. The only mutants capable of tangling with Tarks are Pseudogiants, Chimeras, and the Colossus.

Humanoid Mutants

Burers are stocky, almost dwarf-like monsters that tend to stick to underground sections, avoiding light at all costs. They can be mistaken for bandits at long ranges due to their propensity for wearing long black trenchcoats, but are a far greater threat, able to paralyze and break an opponent's armor and weapon at a whim. Definitely not an easy opponent for even experienced stalkers, made even more difficult due to their preference to travel in pairs or groups. They abhor bright lights and, for one reason or other, they wage war against Blind Dogs. Maybe it's just the fact that they're midgets. Who knows. According to an Army report, Captain Vasilev's squad had engaged one in the Dark Valley. They had fallen back from X-18 to enable Volkov to use his RPG. The Burer followed them out and pointed at an overturned UAZ and threw it. The Burer missed. Volkov didn't.

Snorks are a relatively uncommon type of mutant in the Zone. They are clearly of human origin, as evidenced by the tattered remains of old military uniforms, as well as the characteristic Russian gas masks on their heads. It is widely theorized that Snorks are soldiers of the Ukrainian Military that have been lost in the Zone, mutated and disfigured by radiation and/or anomalies. Despite retaining a relatively human form, Snorks have several defining features. Their skin is severely flayed on their backs, either from wounds or radiation burns. They move on all fours and possess animalistic growls that are clearly inhuman when heard. Snorks are no longer human and rely purely on animal instinct; a phenomenon that occurs similarly to Zombies, who have also lost their upper reasoning and thought skills. What makes them dangerous predators is that their tendons in their feet have mutated as well, allowing them to jump far distances with relative ease.

Zombie Stalker
Zombies are made by the "Psi Field" given off by psi emitters such as the Brain Scorcher in Lab X10 and the Miracle Machine in Lab X16; when unprotected Stalkers are exposed to Psi emissions for a sufficient period of time, they start to lose their minds. This results from irreversible damage to the higher functions of the brain, eventually resulting in a Zombified Stalker; these zombie stalkers in turn rely on whatever remains of their purely animal instincts, such as hunting and feeding. Zombified stalkers however, still retain their skills to operate mechanical devices, such as firearms although they can't aim it like regular stalkers where they often inaccurately spray-and-pray their weapons from the hip. Stalkers approaching the "Miracle Machine" Emitter of Lab X16 in the factory complex at Yantar reported that once they get close to the gate, they began to hear voices and hallucinate. Following this they felt their brains literally boiling and melting inside their skulls, and they felt weak. If you are lucky enough to get away from the Psi field with your brain intact, you may also suffer from some detrimental side effects of exposure; for example, some Stalkers reported that they temporarily forgot their names after escaping the factory in time.

Bloodsuckers are a type of rare mutant usually found in the deeper areas of the Zone, often underground. They seem vaguely humanoid, with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. Their eyes are lambent and their mouths are surrounded by several powerful tentacles used for feeding. Many refer to it as Chernobyl's Dracula. The best way to hunt one is to listen for their heavy breathing and look for a pair of glowing, beady eyes floating in mid air.

A rare mutant seen near to the center of the Zone. It bears a superficial resemblance of a humanoid with a disproportionately big head. Despite their appearance, they are highly intelligent, and they possess good perception and an ability to control the behaviors of less developed creatures. Mature specimens are capable of taking control of a human's mind. This is a ferocious enemy, and even the most experienced stalkers are afraid of meeting it. According to some stalkers, Controllers can make it seem that you are surrounded by your friends, but actually you are surrounded by zombies; or it might seem that you are walking on a pathway, but actually you are about to fall of a cliff. After much trial and error, and many deaths of Stalkers eager to make a quick ruble, the Ecologists have managed to develop a protective system for the SEVA suit that mitigates the Controller's ability to take over the human mind. Unfortunately not many Stalkers can afford it...

Supernatural to some, Poltergeists are invisible creatures that can be found only deep inside the Zone and live mostly inside ruined buildings. Nothing is known about their origins although rumors in circulation claim they are spirits of stalkers who were hit by a massive wave of radiation. The mechanism of their appearance corresponds to poltergeist legends (hence the name) and is quite diverse: from regular howls and laughter to dangerous fireballs appearing from nowhere. Unfortunately, all information about this phenomenon originates from unclear and contradictory stories of questionable validity. Like the Burer the Poltergeist can throw objects telepathically. Unlike the Burer the Poltergeist is much more accurate.

Civilian Zombie
The Brain Scorcher strips its victim of mind and reason, leaving only an empty, mindless shell. The brainless bodies then turn into zombies, following only the most basic instincts, wandering aimlessly around the Zone without weapons or clothing. Zombies are little more than sluggish walking corpses, caring only about food and sleep. They eat and drink just about anything they can get their claws on, hence they are virtually soaked in radiation and toxic waste. Usually they roam the Zone without any apparent purpose, or just lie corpse-like in abandoned buildings. However, as soon as they sense the presence of a human being, they attack immediately. Experienced stalkers have learned to avoid them if they can.

Civilians mutated by exposure to emissions and radiation, the Izlom appears to be a normal human at a distance, however up close one can see that they are hunchbacked mutants with long necks and one arm longer than the other. They are known to eat rats, insects, and sometimes humans.

A monster of a Stalker wearing an exosuit, the Colossus is believed to be a former Master Stalker that traded his humanity and mortality to the Wish Granter for the chance to be the ultimate soldier. Many Stalkers will go miles out of their way to avoid the Colossus. He has been seen lugging around an M-134 minigun and an RPG-7V. Where he tops off is anyone's guess. According to a Military report the Colossus can kill a Pseudogiant with his bare hands. That same unit also witnessed Colossus surviving a strafing run from an Mi-24PN Hind. The pilots expended eighteen rockets to try and drop him. While it appeared the Colossus was dead an overflight an hour later revealed him to be getting back up and walking away like nothing happened. He has only been seen in the Red Forest. The Freedom barricade detail between the Army Warehouses and the Red Forest dreads the day they have to tangle with him, going so far as to ask Duty to bring their own soldiers to shore up the defense line.

Duty: Founded by former military expedition survivors and Stalkers concerned about the looming horrors of the Zone. They are one of the largest Stalker clans in the Zone. They have a strict military code (such as no smoking, maintaining of one's weapons, etc...) and operate in a military fashion, using ranks like Sergeant, Major, Captain, General, ... . Their goal is to contain and destroy the Zone, fearing that it will spread to the outside world. They view the Zone as an ulcer in the world and their efforts are a way to excise it. They do this with blunt force by killing mutants, eliminating all who oppose them or exploit the free, and burning down mutant dens. They are neutral to all other Zone factions, save the Bandits and their long time nemesis: the Freedom faction. It is said that Duty also has deep connections within the military, specifically Spetsnaz detachments within the Zone, although they treat regular grunts with utter contempt.

Freedom: A collection of anarchists, daredevils, and other Stalkers who believe in the right for free access to the Zone. They are one of the largest Stalker clans in the Zone. Freedom believes that the Zone is a wonder given to all humanity, and feel that it should be further studied in order to fully reap its rich pool of untold information. They openly oppose the Military and their long time rival Duty, who have the polar opposite of their ideals and beliefs. Freedom also studies the Zone, in their own fashion, but not as extensive as the Ecologists. They focus more on documenting the Zone's anomalies, mutant behavior, and their movements.

Bandits: The Bandits are raiders and marauders of the Zone, ranging from petty thugs and gangsters to organized crime syndicates. Apart from Freedom, who treats them with marginal contempt, everyone hates the Bandits due to their nefarious acts of robbing and exploiting honest Stalkers. Under present management the Bandits are very much like the mafias in the Big Land.

Loners: Loners are nomadic semi-unified group of Stalkers who simply live off the Zone in order to earn some coin for their daily lives. Loners are neutral to all the factions, but do have complications with the Military, and openly oppose the Bandits for their actions against free Stalkers. Most Loners are only concerned with the riches of the Zone and do not pay attention to the other faction's hatred for each other if, of course, they do not threaten them. Because of this, Loners are normally recruited by various factions as mercenaries. They were once unified under Father Valerian but now fall under either Barkeep or Sidorovich's command. It all depends on who you talk to.

Mercenaries: The Mercenaries are a private military force operating within the Zone, they are full of professional soldiers who will do just about anything in the Zone, ranging from retrieval, assassination and such...of course it must be for the right price. Mercenaries are very much neutral to all of the factions, as they are a source of income, unless they interfere with their operations. The unit that makes the Wild Territory their home is made up of soldiers who's lives were ruined by media hounds while operating in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Ecologists: The Ecologists are Ukrainian scientists sent into the Zone on behalf of the government, but seem to be affiliated with outside organizations. Their main purpose is the study all aspects of the Zone, using scientific methods to further explain what the Zone is and its purpose. The Ecologists are neutral to all factions and are not involved in any of their conflicts. Due to the military's slipping grip on the Zone, the Ecologists rely on opportunistic Dutyers, Loners, and Mercenaries to provide them protection, and to perform errands that would require combat, since the scientists are better thinkers than fighters.

Military: The Ukranian military supposedly has the Zone contained in order to prevent the looting of dangerous, radioactive materials and to prevent the unauthorized entering of any individuals. They allegedly enforce this rule with a "Shoot-on-sight" declaration. In an ironic twist, they themselves are the reason why Stalkers continue to exist and why the radioactive materials from the Zone flow to the outside world, it is because of major corruption within their ranks. Openly, the Military are hostile to all Stalkers, to keep up appearance; but they also make shady dealings with them at the same time. One unit under the command of Captain Gregori Vasilev, regularly deals with Stalkers, providing them with food, shelter, and weapons at the Agroprom. Sometimes, if their Hind is in the vicinity, they'll vector their gunship in to help Stalkers about to be overrun.

Monolith: The Monolith were originally ordinary Stalkers who believed in the power of the Wish Granter. The Monolith are the front line soldiers of the C-Consciousness and would rather die than let any Stalker reach the sacred crystal. Devoid of higher reasoning and emotion, they carry out orders like a devoted, heartless fanatic. The Monolith faction has no allies and openly attacks all others.
Interested in this but never played the games. How fesable would a rookie US agent sent in to investigate the status of the zone be for a character?
Woot! Go Barkeep Loners!

I'll be bringing in Yuri from TK's RP when I get a chance to become regularly active again. Maybe a week or so.
Interested in this but never played the games. How fesable would a rookie US agent sent in to investigate the status of the zone be for a character?

Very feasible. PM me with your idea so we can flesh it out.
Wasn't the PC of Call of Pripyat a US agent? Or was he a Russian agent?
He was Ukrainian Military.

EDIT: For clarification 'Murphy' isn't a real person.

It is a reference to Murphy's Law.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
You forgot the last part of Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong as the worst possible time.
The corollary to that is that Murphy was an optimist.

An Emission, or Blowout, is a sudden and powerful release of energy from the center of the Zone. The magnitude and duration of a blowout varies. They can last anywhere from a few minutes to at least two hours. The military and the scientists at Yantar have set up special early warning systems that can detect when a blowout is about to occur. Whenever the slightest hint of energy release is detected a warning is sent out to all factions, usually via radio and countless air raid sirens, leftovers from the feared war between the United States and the Soviet Union that never happened. Stalkers and mutants will run for cover, the Military will ground their aircraft, and everyone collectively shits themselves. Emissions also tend to generate the rarest of artifacts and also move anomalies to new locations, a hazard no Stalker, no matter the experience, seem to be prepared for. There have been a few Stalkers that tried to weather the storms out in the open however all that was ever found of them were charred remains. It is unknown whether or not the Colossus can be killed by blowouts.
Name: Harry Enfield

Age: 27

Race: British

Sex: Male

Origin: Essex, London

Reason for being in the Zone: Mercenary and former SAS member wanted for murder in the UK.

Weapon/s: - SA80, fitted with reflex scope and flashlight
- SPAS-12, fitted with flashlight
- Colt M1911, fitted with extended magazines and flashlight
- Trench Knife

Equipment: - Camoflague BDU
- Combat Boots
- Night-Vision Goggles
- Gas-Mask
- Motion Tracker
- Field Rations
- Backpack
- Spare Ammunition, clips etc.
- Flashlight
- Sleeping Bag
- Sleeping Mat

Physical Description:

History: Harry was good at his job. Really very good at his job.

And his job was working as an operator for the SAS.

Joining the ranks of the British special forces after a distinguishing campaign in Afghanistan, Harry ran numerous operations across the world for several years.

That is, until things went tits up.

After a tour in Iraq, Harry and three members of his squad were convicted of war crimes after another squad member accused them of torturing a prisoner for information. Dishonourably discharged from the ranks of the British military but never imprisoned (due to the fact that his record remains sealed from public knowledge), Harry found himself a man with a very specific set of skills that were hard to apply to ordinary life.

Luckily, an old friend of his got in contact at this point, and told him there was major money to be made in a place called The Zone in Ukraine.

Before he left, Harry visited the former squad-mate who'd ratted him and the others out, and murdered the man by way of revenge. He then fled the country and disappeared into The Zone.

He's worked for several years within The Zone now, as a mercenary for hire jumping between the numerous factions. He's seen the place he now calls home shift and change over the years, and is growing ever more accustomed to it, whilst saving money to make an exit to live out his retirement in comfort.
Good to see Harry again. Hope he enjoys this op.
Hope this is acceptable...

Name: Alexander Parker

Age: 24

Race: Caucasian American

Sex: Male

Origin: United States

Reason for being in the Zone: Investigate how much of a danger the Zone truly is to the world.

Weapon/s: Makarov Pistol

Equipment: Digital Camera, Audio Recorder, Flashlight, Satellite Phone, and a pack containing spare ammunition, food, and batteries.

Physical Description:

History: Parker began his career as a reporter with covering the war in Afghanistan. It was here that he was picked up by the CIA as an informant. He used his press privileges to gather extra Intel for the agency and then turned it over to his Handlers in exchange for a small bonus.
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After one particularly bad operation however, in which he was saved only by the timely arrival of coalition forces, he opted to move on from war correspondence. His handlers however were not happy to let him go and they picked him up for a mission, one where his reporting skills would come in handy and he found himself on a plane to Kiev.
Not bad.


COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Russian Diplomacy: "Death solves all problems; No man, no problem."

Hate to dissapoint, Ryker, but Yuri's a sniper.
I was wondering when you were going to show up.
I was wondering too actually...

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Thanks, Slyen.

*Takes Alexander off the 'Dies in Vortex Anomaly' list.
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