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  1. Cain wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night with tears in his eyes. He sighs and gets up. Another nightmare. He walks over to the cluttered desk shoved in the corner of the room and starts looking under things to find his clock. 2:27 AM. He sighs, knowing he wont be able to get back to sleep. He gets dressed in his usual style: Black jeans and a random shirt from his closet. He grabs a Metallica shirt and pulls on his boots then checks his phone. Nothing. He grabs his keys and wallet and goes downstairs quietly, not wanting to wake anyone.

    After getting outside, Cain cuts across the field to Hawthorne Road, then down the street to the cemetery. He stares up at the gates and walks through them. It was strange how the cemetery was so calming to him at night. It would scare most. But he liked the quiet of the dead and the slight layer of fog coming from the marsh nearby. He loved the smell of the trees and the mud. He knew to be quiet so nobody would see the weird kid wandering through the graveyard at three in the morning. He sat against a grave stone for a "Alexis Malar". His older sister who died in a car crash that he barely got out of. "Hey, sis." He says to the grave. "I had a nightmare again. The same one." He sighs and stares ahead into the night and falls asleep against the grave.

    Cain wakes up three hours later to his phone's alarm. He sighs and gets up. He stops at a cafe to get something for breakfast and walks to school. He shuffles into his first class and takes his seat in the back corner, drinking the coffee he had gotten earlier. 'Same shit. Different day...' He thinks with a sigh.
  2. It was a bright morning for Sprado Iwaro. He loved everything about mornings -- breakfast, getting out of bed to a good alarm and from a good night's rest, not having to worry -- except for school. Sprado had no friends in school, but he was content until this year. He swore to himself that he'd try to make friends and what not, to stop thinking he was an "island" and that he would try. All of a sudden, a wild Yoda appears in his mind, saying, "Do or do not. There is no try." So Sprado makes it his dogma somehow.

    He gets out of his bed -- oh, what a good place to sleep into again right now -- and dons his usual outfit: dark-colored shorts, a pair of old sneakers just lying about, and a plain white t-shirt. His brown hair is a mess but he never combed it anyway. Bread and eggs are all Sprado eats that morning, and he's off to a school he doesn't know the name of.

    "I'll try this year," he mumbles to himself as he mounts his red bike and puts on his red helmet. "I can't not."
  3. This was the day Chiara had been looking forward to all summer.
    She had missed the professors, the books and even the sketchy, half-broken old desks. Sure, her job at the zoo had been fun while on break. Still, she could not forget how happy the studies made her. Knowledge was a privilege! It was granted to only those who could handle it, and use it responsibly. Inside, sometimes, Chiara felt like a.. superheroine.

    She had been a straight-A student since she could remember. Hopefully, this year wouldn't be any different. Walking in to her morning English class, the girl of a gray base school uniform (wearing it of her own choice, of course) and knee high white socks with mary jane shoes took note of the empty seats. Gently, she pushed her red rimmed glasses up onto her nose, smiling as she found a seat at the very front of the room. Pushing her bag neatly off to hang on the chair spine, the sophomore removed her headphones and sat herself down.

    After smoothing out her skirt neatly, Chiara pulled a shiny purple notebook from her bag, and a matching pen with colorful ink. Opening the book to a blank page, she was prepared to learn once again. Her spine straightened as she sat upright, chestnut hair pushed behind her delicate shoulders. A smile played on her pale face, causing her amber eyes to shimmer. She was so ready for this year. Bring it on.

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  4. There was only one other person in Chiara's classroom at the moment and he sat in the back corner of the room. He wasn't as excited as she was about school. His hair was a mess and his clothes had dirt on them. He only sat up straight while attempting to crack his back. He checks his watch and mutters "I got here early. That's new."
  5. At attention, Chiara stared forward for quite some time before noticing that she was much earlier to class than she thought. Thrown off a bit, she twitched and flailed her arms, clearly frazzled. Looking down to the red wristwatch on her right arm, she squinted and focused on the little black hands. Ah, so she had at least fifteen more minutes. Well, that wasn't too terrible. The excitement was just killing her! Fidgeting quietly with her hands folded atop the wooden desk, her thumbs danced and wrestled. Just a little bit longer.
  6. A voice rings out from the back of the room. "You are very fidgety"
  7. "Eh?"

    The girl stopped, holding still all in one moment. Her brows raised in surprise, as she had figured she was the only student in this room. Turning slightly in her chair, only enough to see the boy in the back, Chiara gasped audibly.

    "Oh.. Oh! I'm sorry!"

    A hand raised, hovering in front of her parted lips as sincerity clouded her expression entirely.

    "Did I bother you?"
  8. "No. I was just pointing it out. I didnt think you noticed that I was here too."
  9. Chiara thought for a moment with her eyes staring at the ground, and then looked back up to the boy. With a shake of her head, her hands fell to her lap and she sat up straight, only her head turning.

    "Nope. I'm afraid I'm too excited! Sometimes things can fly past my attention.."
  10. "Excited for school. Thats a new one." He yawns and stretches his back again, muttering "Sleeping against stone is bad for your back..."
  11. "Oh, yes!"

    The girl clasped her hands together and smiled such white, pearly teeth. Her love of education beamed through every fiber in her body. Not everyone could understand what level of "nerd" she represented. Gazing down to the ground, a small smile played on Chiara's lips as she felt embarrassed about getting so animated over such a silly passion. She must have seemed so lame and dweeby!
  12. He nods "respectable. I cant seem to even find motivation for it." He pulls out a notebook and a small tin box of charcoal pencils. He flips to a page and continues a drawing. "This is what I prefer to do."
  13. Chiara's eyes opened up even wider as she noticed the notebook he held out. It was so.. beautiful! His artwork! She gasped and turned her chair around entirely to face him. Her arms laid over the back of the chair, palms holding each side of her jawline.

    "Wow! You.. You are amazing!"
  14. By the time Sprado got to school, he was feeling kind of lost. The classrooms have probably changed locations this year, or it was just him. He walks into the first classroom that catches his eye because there were very few people in it. In fact, only two people were there -- a girl and a boy. Sprado walks in silently and chooses a seat somewhere in front because he loves sitting in front. He plops down his things -- plop -- and turns his head to see them both. The girl seemed to be amazed or something at a notebook of some sorts. Seems the guy drew something there before he got in the classroom.

    Now's the time, I guess, said a voice in Sprado's head. So he walks toward them ever so silently and greets them.

    "Hi," he says with a wave and a smile. "'I'm not so sure if we've met before, but I'm Sprado and I hope we could be friends this year!" he adds with a nervous hehe.
  15. Cain never looked up. He hadnt heard either of them. He was too absorbed in perfecting the little details of his drawing. He slowly becomes aware of a new presence in the room. He looks up to Spardo. He looks at him silently for a moment, then says simply. "Hello" He looks over at Chiara, realizing what she said. "Was that sarcasm?" He had to ask. Nobody ever really made any but negative comments about his art. The drawing is of a graveyard.
  16. Jae stumbled out of her house, pulling on her backpack as she did. She glanced at her watch. I better hurry..I want to be able to get a back seat.. She thought to herself, walking at a brisk pace towards the school. She opened the door to the classroom only a few minutes later. She glanced around and noticed there were already three people there. Huh..you'd figure there would be more.. She thought to herself, sitting in the farthest chair from them. She pulled out a clean notebook and set it on her desk, leaning back in her chair. She pulled out a book titled 'Lost Guardians' and started to read.
  17. Cain is sitting in the back, drawing and waiting for everyone else to arrive.
  18. Glancing around the room, Jae realized that no one new had shown up. She glanced over at the guy sitting in the back of the room, drawing. Another artist..I wonder if he reads? She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a few words, signing it with her signature:

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    'Hello. You draw too? Do you read? Just curious.. -Jae' [​IMG]

    Then she pulled out her notebook, sliding in a picture of a bird she'd drawn.
  19. He looks up and writes on a paper and passes it over. It has a drawing of a wolf on it. "Of course I can."
  20. Krystal was walking the streets all night. She couldn't sleep by the fact that school was starting the next morning. She had her backpack with her with simply a blue plaid flannel shirt, and old worn out blue jean shorts, a pencil, a notebook, and a bottle of water. She looked down at the ground the whole time, thinking about how nothing will change so why try to make this year any better. And time passed she noticed it getting lighter outside. Krystal slowly stopped walking and looked up at the sky. The first beam of light streaked across the sky.
    "I'm gonna be late to school aren't I?" she said aloud. She then turned to the direction of her school and started walking again.

    Krystal enters the school building and headed for the closest bathroom. As she closed the door behind her, she starts to take off her clothes and change into the clean pair she had in her backpack. The long sleeves of her shirt was rolled up, and when she looked in the mirror and saw her arms and wrist, she pulled her sleeves down without any hesitations. She doesn't need anymore negative attention. Krystal then fixed her long black hair into a messy bun. After she was done, she left the bathroom and walked towards her classroom. There were 4 kids already there with a few minutes to spare before the morning bell rings.

    Without a glimps of emotion, she walked past everyone to a desk, grabbed it and dragged the desk to the nearest window. She sat the desk against the wall then sat down, laying her backpack on the floor next to her. She didn't care to converse. She was used to being left alone. So all Krystal did was stare out the window down to the ground. Letting her mind wonder off.