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    Fourteen singles have signed up for their perfect summer holiday. They shall be spoiled at a tropical island, everything available to them and everything will be paid for. Why? Because they will be the stars in a new reality tv show called Love in Paradise. They will share the house with the other singles, all have their own rooms, there will be a mini bar, an indoors and outdoors pool, an air hockey table, a gaming room, everything you can imagine.


    They have the room to go on dates, scuba diving for instance, or hiking or a romantic horseback ride down the beach. It is all possible to win over the heart of the man or woman of your dreams in the upcoming 12 weeks. No one is to leave the island, unless they have to due to their own or others safety. No one is allowed to contact anyone outside the island. They do all have phones they can use on the island to message/text and call each other.


    So what is the catch? They are all single because they are the ex of someone else in the group. And that is what the show really is about, since the name of the show is not Love in Paradise, but Trouble in Paradise, Ex Lovers Island. So will the exes take blunt revenge, will old loves thrives again? Or will new relationships blossom up and destroyed again? Can you be friends with the ex of the girl you are having a fling with? Do you believe the rubbish the ex of your current dream man tells you? Find out on this episode of Trouble in Paradise...



    (I don't know if you guys loved that post for the idea or for the other thing I said)

    If there are any questions or remarks let me know below. If you are interested and want to reserve a role, let me know also.

    It will be a laid back casual roleplay so I would like to see posts of at least one or two paragraphs. Also decent English, grammar, punctuation and all that is a must.

    This will be a Libertine Roleplay. All sexualities are allowed!

    You are allowed to have two characters, but they can’t be each other ex. The ages of the characters will be 20 to 30.

    How long the relationships lasted and how long they are broken up would be for you and your partner to decide. Whether or not your character wants to get back with their ex or just wants revenge is of course up to you.

    The couples are set up as hetero sexual couples, yet they can be gay or lesbian as well. COMMUNICATE with your partner!

    The couples/roles;
    - Forced Ending –
    They were forced to break up. It is up to you what forced them to break up. Work? Social environment? Parents?
    Female; @EmiHarned

    - One and One makes Three –
    One cheated, the other found out. Or maybe both cheated? Or maybe it had just been rumors that broke them?
    (fe)Male 2;

    -Forever Alone-
    That female who has the talk, the money, the body perhaps but still never has been together with a girl/boy. The female that has never dated, maybe because she has an anxity or maybe no interest at all? One thing is for sure, this woman is still a virgin for whatever reason.
    Female; @Karma200

    - High School Sweethearts –
    They just got bored, or maybe only one of them wanted more in life? No They had a long lasting relationship until one, or both, suddenly decided to pull the plug. It was the break up that no one saw coming.

    - Trouble Couple –
    They had always been fighting and screaming at each other and many asked themselves how they could be together. This was the break up that everybody could see from miles away.
    Male; @Gateman
    Female; @Shayla

    - Not Enough –
    After those first few dates are over and the special shine is gone, there is just not enough left to make it through as a couple. Or maybe it only stopped sparkling for one?

    - Drunken Mistakes -
    They have seen each other at their hightest and at their lowest. And at one of those low points the alcohol came in, things happened or things didn't happen that should have happened. Or maybe it had been the alcohol at their highest points? Mystery and questionmarks for this 'couple' all over.
    Male; @ToxicEClaire
    Male; @DarkiusHeavenstein
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  2. They were forced to break up. It is up to you what forced them to break up. Work? Social environment? Parents?


    Is the role I want
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  3. Any idea already why their break up would have been forced? Or you gonna leave that open?

    Also do you want her to have a male ex or would female be fine too?
  4. I honestly don't care, I try to make all my characters pansexual to leave it open. Also going to leave that open, see what me and the other person comes up with ^.^

  5. Sounds interesting. I'll take one of the male roles if you'll have me
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  6. Of course. We have many male roles available XD
  7. Can I take up one of the female roles for myself?
  8. Sure Anything is still open
  9. Great! I'll take the female spot in Trouble Couple.
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  10. Any preference on the gender of your ex?
  11. Any is fine by me , I can go Bi-Sexual with my charrie.
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  12. Hey @Shayla, mind if I play your partner in the Trouble Couple?
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  13. I'd love to have us partner up for the Trouble Couple :)
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  14. I have it noted down^^
  15. @DoomyCakez I know you said somewhere you didn't want or could take anymore rps. But I felt bad leaving you out xD
  16. @GALAXY @Nico
    I have really no idea if you guys would be interested, but I thought I just try xD
  17. I'd like the forever alone please x], female is possible.
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  18. Sure no problem!
  19. Yay! I'm looking forward to finally having a good amount of interaction, I love your writing
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