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  1. Ok so, figured i'd jump on the RWBY bandwagon. For a while now I've been a pretty big fan of the series and always imagined what it would be like to be in the universe and partake in its slue of issues. And here i'd like to collect some like minded fans to interact with this plot that i came up with.

    So, this plot takes place a little after the big battle in the season final. The devastation caused by the grimm outbreak is being cleaned up and the students have returned to beacon to prepare for the upcoming tournament. Team RWBY and the others continue to search for the truth behind these events and many characters struggle with their personal affairs. However...something has been stirring within the city. The White Fang, Torchwick, and those who have infiltrated Beacon seem to be the least of the students worries when suddenly many students from Beacon and other schools start to vanish. With students going missing and White Fang Convoys being intercepted, its become clear that a new players has joined the game...and they are playing by their own rules.

    Act I: The Vanishing
    Act II: Postponed
    Act III: Rise of The Order
    Act IV: The White Wolf
    Act V: Fall of Beacon
    Act VI: Hiding Out
    Act VII: Chaos Era
    Act VII: The Rebellion

    Now for the rules while I'm not going to really enforce a bunch strict rules there are some things to be understood. And that is...

    - This RP has OC & Canon for those playing the Canons should play them as they would act in the show.

    - This is not a ship plot. Dont try to join just to have your OC get with Molly or ect, while romance progressed ICly as character growth and plot is fine and encouraged, i ask you don't apply hoping to do so off the bat.

    - Don't godmod/metagame. This goes for me as well, but if you have your character go beast mode thats ok...but remember this is RWBY and characters are doing off the wall shit 24/7. But here to keep things fair EVERY character should at least get hit five times during a battle.

    - Don't hog the spotlight. Can't tell you how many times i see this. People come into threads and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and constantly try to get attention. Its not all about you, its about everyone. i might do this but to be fair...the bad guy has to stir shit up, otherwise how would the students know if theres trouble?

    Activity: This is a biggie for me. If you intend to post once every few days or once a week. Don't join. I hate to be mean but i am impatient for some reason. I am use to making like 30 post a day all day, while i don't demand that from others. I don't want to be sitting there waiting forever for a reply. Then people lose interest cause the momentum is gone. Please don't be that guy. At least try to get a post a day in.

    For rules, I wanna say thats it. Now there is just the issue of who wants to play who. Listed are all the canon spots available. For spots that are not taken, they will be played as NPCs. Either by the taken members of the team or by myself if no one in a team is taken.

    Team RWBY

    Ruby Rose
    Weiss Scnee
    Blake Belladonna
    Yang Xiao Long

    Team JNPR

    Jaune Arc
    Norra Valkyrie - Reserved
    Phyrra Nikos

    Team SSSR

    Sun Wookong

    Below is the info needed for OC characters. Feel free to add in what you like and change the layout of the form so long as the info is still provided. Players who want canon characters need only claim the name of the characters they want and provide a small rp sample.

    Team Members:

    Whelp. Send in yo apps. The RP will start when we have a good amount of players to begin.
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  2. Still looking
  3. I'd love to Reserve Nora. I'll be putting up a cs soon
  4. Alright, consider her yours ^^. Also if you can try spreading the word lf this out. There are a lot of slots to fill lol
  5. Have you tried a banner?
  6. Unfortunately no, i am on an iphone and cant really get one together.
  7. Hmmm, I'll see what I can do :3
  8. Thank youuuu x:
  9. Interested. I think I'll make an OC. I'm not very good at playing canon characters.
  10. Sounds good ^^
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Jett Trenner
    Age: 19
    Gender: M
    Personality: Confident, laid back, fierce in battle, resourceful.
    History: WIP
    Aura: Black

    Semblance: Density control. He can make himself weigh as light as a feather or as heavy as a tank. This comes in handy with his weapon.

    Weapon: Pocket Jets, or PJs as he calls them, are two mini jet engines the size of his forearm. They strap to his forearms with the exhaust facing forwards. When ignited, the engines blast a straight six foot stream of fire and air that burn and blow enemies away. He can also use them to fly.

    Year: 2

    Team members: Two of his teammates were kidnapped. (The third can be played by whoever else wants to. If no one wants to I'll just make another character.)
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  12. Accepted. If you have any friends who like RWBY, feel free to invite them for potential team members.
  13. Coo. I'll do that.
  14. [​IMG]

    Some banner ideas?
  15. Oh wow, those are both lovey =D
  16. Would you like me to put one into rotation, or try and make a better banner?
  17. Pft, i couldn't do better if i wanted to. You go ahead and set em up please ^^
  18. I'm interested and have a couple ideas for my character. Just wondering if I'm limited to just one weapon.
  19. You can have as many as you can carry so long as you're not telekineticlly wielding 20 swords at once.
  20. [​IMG]
    Name: Victor Vermilion
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Personality: a natural born leader, but with a horrible sense of direction. Victor is courageous and often leads the charge with his weapon brought to bare. He's unpredictable in a fight and often changes his weapons' forms as the fight rages on.
    Aura: vermilion
    Semblance: semblance Gemini: able to copy another person's semblance only if he sees it in action, but if he sees another semblance being used the one he had copied before the new semblance is overwritten and needs to be seen again in order to use it again.
    The Fang of Fenrir/Fenris (depending on which translation you go with). a weapon that starts off as a katana when sheathed, but expands into a buster sword with a hidden cannon in the blade that has a fang design running along the flat of the blade (hence the name) when drawn that can turn into another weapon back to back without a hitch. the gunblade form even uses a sight. Victor pulls the bottom half of the blade down and exposes the cannon while the side of the hand guard that is away from the cutting edge folds down onto the back of the sword to become the sight. he also pulls the hilt down to expose the trigger. the rounds he uses are coated with dust that has an affinity for fire. the fang can also turn into a chain sword, a kisurigama, a double headed battle axe, a spear, a scythe and a claymore with a rifle running down the middle of the blade. And the nidhogg gauntlets two quad form gauntlets that can use blades, high velocity monomolecular wire, cannons that sit on the exterior of the gauntlet when activated and claws that extend from the finger tips. usually used in conjunction to the fang of Fenrir/Fenris or when he is unable to get to the fang of Fenrir/Fenris. the cannons do not fire upon impact, but are used as a ranged weapon that fires when he presses the trigger located in the exact center of his palm and use dust with an affinity for fire for ammunition. the gauntlets also cover the entire hand and forearm and are used as both defense and offence when dealing with a melee attack. they also help handle the fang when Victor exposes the cannon while the fang is in its buster sword form.
    Year: 2
    Team Members:
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