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  1. Professor Ozpin stood in front a long row of launch pads, of which said students atop them didn't know they were launch pads, as Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Corona Talos and Professor Juno Drakma stood beside him. He wanted the 2 professors alongside Glynda to watch over the Students and evaluate them, alongside relieve them of their boredom since classes would not start until tomorrow. Ozpin took one more sweeping glance at the Beacon Hopefuls before speaking. "For years you have trained to become warriors, and today your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." After Ozpin finished his tiny speech Glynda continued for him. "Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates... today..." She took a short breathe to study the beacon hopefuls reactions, as it was a hidden entertainment for her, before she continued. "That being said, the first person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the rest of your time at beacon." As soon as Glynda finished Ozpin continued. "The metal squares you are standing upon right now are launchpads, designed to fling you at high speeds into the forest, so i do hope you have a landing strategy. And as a final piece of advise... Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path... or you will die." Ozpin said with a calm facade as one by one students were launched up into the air and into the forest one by one. As soon as the last student launched into the forest Ozpin and Glynda pulled out their Scrolls that were connected to the camera's located in the forest and began watching the students land, while also being prepared to call for any medics should some students not land in a good manner or forget that they have aura to soften their landings.
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  2. Holly Rousett, green
    Holly stood in the row along with the other students. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she was wearing a white dress with a green cardigan over it along with brown combat boots. It was time for them to choose their partners. Holly was wondering how they would choose partners, but it seems that they may be doing some sort of game to decide. "That being said, the first person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the rest of your time at beacon." Glynda said. 'It is a game.' Holly thought. "The metal squares you are standing upon right now are Launchpad, designed to fling you at high speeds into the forest, so I do hope you have a landing strategy. And as a final piece of advise... Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path... or you will die." Ozpin continued.

    'Huh?' Holly was confused. Did he really say that they would be launched? A scream rung out. Holly's head looked towards the origin of the scream, only to see a student fly in the air. Holly separated her shears in preparation of her landing so she doesn't become the example that was shown. One by one the students started to fly into the air.

    Soon it was Holly's turn, and she was launched into the air. Holly flew through the air, and waited for the moment where gravity would get her close enough to a tree. Once she was close enough, she stabbed one of the shears into the bark of the tree so she was now dangling. She used her feet to push off the tree so her and her blade weren't connect to the tree anymore. "Sorry." She apologized to the tree as she ran off to find her partner. Activating her semblance, so she could use the plants as a guide.
  3. Ro stood on the platform arms folded trying to seems as uncaring as possible. He cared little for what both Ozpin and Goodwitch were saying, with the exception of finding a partner. He had spent all yesterday curled up under his cloak trying to keep warm instead of going out and meeting his fellow students, and now he was supposed to find someone to be his partner for four years. 'It will all play out well.' he thought to himself 'It always does.' The only real issue was finding someone that fit well with him. Preferably it would be a girl and a cute one at that. He let out a yawn and stretched, again it was nothing to truly worry about. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

    Blanco looked to his left and it appeared that the students had begun being launched. He quickly went through his pre-battle routine. “Holsters secure, check. Ammo, check. Lucky pin, check. Stylin, always checked. he said out-loud with a smile just as the student next to him was launched. He leaned forward in preparation and with an excited howl he was flung across the sky. Though his upward flight was brief, and cold, he enjoyed it but soon he was no longer soaring but falling. He drew us guns and began to fire bellow him, a swift cycle of reloading and switching. His speed only steadily increased towards the ground and he became mix of white Aura, cloth, and hair. Hitting the ground with a loud boom a cloud of dust rose up around him. It wasn't graceful but it worked and when the dust had settled there was Ro standing there spinning Ready and Set around his fingers. It a fluid motion he holstered both weapons and walked out of the small impact in the ground he had made. He then took off in a sprint in no particular direction hoping that he could find his ideal, cute partner before he got stuck with some deadbeat loser.
  4. Hayden was a little annoyed at the headmaster currently, he had to find someone to work with and this someone would be with him for 4 years. Hayden was more into the 'working alone' type of thing, so this only increased his annoyance. He heard Ozpins final words and took his Bo-staff off his back, spun it around his body for a few seconds, and just before his pad launched he aimed the bottom at his feet and pulled the trigger right when the pad shot him upwards, increasing his height and shooting him up higher than the others. He was almost tempted to call out but quickly squashed that thought as he watched the other students get flung and slowly fall as his height was still steadily increasing. Just when Hayden was about to reach the clouds he started to fall at a rapid pace, too fast for him to do anything, so he quickly encased himself in his aura. This was a crude defensive technique, it was exetremely effective in it's defensive capabilities but drained someone's aura far too quickly. Hayden reached the ground going at high speeds but instead of slamming into the ground like he thought he instead collided with an Ursa Major, head-first might i add...

    Hayden got up groggily, his head was pounding and he was thoroughly annoyed at this point. When he looked up he saw the Ursa Major glaring at him while towering over him as it drew it's right clawed hand back to swipe at Hayden. Hayden quickly jumped backwards, got into a ready fighting position, then right when one would have thought he was going to charge the Ursa Major, he swiftly turned around and ran for his life. Headbutting the Ursa Major had an affect on him, as his semblance was always on whether he wanted it to be or not, so he currently had more power absorbed into his body than it could handle because of how much damage and kinetic force the headbutt had produced, so he quickly burned the power off by sending it all to his legs increasing his running speed until he was little more than a black blurry blob with 2 pink orbs for eyes travelling through the forest at exetremly high speeds when suddenly Hayden collided with Gavin Gunmetal out of nowhere, launching the both of them forwards.

    Unfortunately for Hayden he had, instead of bending his body so he'd slide on his back, had not calculated correctly and instead of sliding on his back he slid on his face, the pain and kinetic force of it all building up his empty power reserves once again, though this time it wasn't as much as before and his body could handle this amount. He got up swiftly and quickly spotted a 2-Headed King Taijitu heading towards him and Gavin and he only had one thing to say. "Shit...." Hayden quickly got into a ready stance and sent aura to his Bo-Staff, making it 'click' apart into it's 3 parts, all connected by a chain, before he swing it around his body, using the momentum of it to build up a lot of spinning speed with it, before he started pulling the triggers on it, firing shot after explosive shot at the Taijitu, hoping the boy who would now be his partner would help soon.
  5. Salmon Katnyp, gold Although this isn't actual combat, there is a chance that it could happen. The Emerald Forest is filled with with all sorts and varieties of Grimm, according to a Guidebook he had read a few days ago. Hence, he had a serious look on his face. This wasn't the time for fun and games. This was all business. As for his partner, he didn't particularly care who it was as long as he or she wouldn't be dead weight he'd have to drag with him. So far, that isn't to be the case it seems as majority of the students standing on top of launchpads like him seem to be competent. If he really was pestered on who he wanted to be his partner, then he would flatly say someone skilled at close-quarters-combat. With him/her around, they'd compliment each other well considering that he is far suited at ranged combat than melee.

    "The first person I make eye-contact huh... I wonder... what would happen if I have my eyes closed the entire time. Will I end up without a partner." Was just one of the fleeting thoughts going on inside his head. Even when the screams and wails could be heard from the unprepared students who were catapulted into the forest, Salmon did not lose his composure. Finally it was his turn. His expression remained unchanging as he was launched into the air. It could almost be described that he did not have a care in the world of the predicament he is in. Deftly, he grabbed the fishing rod strapped to his bag and tossed the line towards the branch of a particularly large tree. The line wrapped itself swiftly around the branch before Salmon looped around it and consequently landed on top of it afterwards.

    "Even if you launch a cat in the air... they always land on their feet. " Was his comment to the Professors, not that they could hear him from over there.

    After untangling his line, he jumped off the branch and landed smoothly on the forest floor. Then he walked briskly through the forest aimlessly without a care in the world. From all around him the sound of gunfire resounded heavily, suggesting that most of the others have already encountered Grimm. From the looks of things, he landed on the safest possible location in the entire forest, much to his chagrin.

    "Tch... And I was hoping to kill some Grimm too. Oh well. Time to search for this partner I guess."
  6. Gavin stood on his platform, listening to the professors. When they informed him that he would be launched over the forest and would need a "landing strategy". Gavin couldn't help but grin, flipping the bill of his hat around and putting on a pair of sunglasses. He bends his knees, twisting one foot and standing on the ball of that foot. As soon as he feels the shudder of metal below him he snaps his heel down, getting added boost off the launch.

    The launch didn't quite go as he suspected. Instead of an even boost, his single kick had thrown him into a back flip. Gavin gritted his teeth, praying that his hat and glasses didn't fall off. He is able to get control of his body after a few seconds, flipping himself around. His Aura flows around him as his sea-green eyes scan the area. He activates his Semblance, checking the possible paths down. He finally spots the best path for himself, groaning a bit at it.

    He curls his body into a tight ball and then snaps his legs out, both of his pistols firing off his heels. He repeats the motion several times, slowing his fall with each one. He eventually slows enough that he throws his body into a spin and then slams both legs into a tree. The blades on the front of his greaves catch the bark, sending him swinging forward. He pushes off the tree and flips a few times. He eventually comes out of the flips, kicking both legs out one last time before he lands.

    Gavin lets out a sigh, dusting himself off slightly. Just about the time he stands up, Hayden Abyssal slams into him. Gavin grunts as he is thrown back from his off balance position. At the same time as he is falling back he spots the King Taijutsu. Gavin rolls, popping to his feet. His Aura had faded from around him, the use of stopping his decent had been more than he thought it would and he wouldn't be able to use his Semblance to fight the Taijutsu.

    "Well then!" Gavin lets out a laugh, snapping his wrists so that two of his Dust daggers fall into his hands. "Let's see what we can do!" He throws both daggers at one of the heads, aiming at the white. "I'll take the white half!" His daggers explode on impact, the fire and lightning crystals inside of them sending a burst of fire and surge of lightning at the Taijutsu. Gavin runs toward the snake and both his greaves fire, sending him up in a twisting flip. He slams his right leg down, slicing into the top of the snake head. It's move of pain causes him to be flung back toward Hayden. "Future reference, people who kick things to death, not as effective against giant two-headed snakes."
  7. ~Charcoal~

    "M-Mmm, just a moment, please." a soft, timid, muffled voice emitted from a certain young doctor, holding in his left, gloved hand a beautiful, freshly-plucked scarlet rose. Black robes whose sleeves were actually slightly longer than the wearer of such were outfitted with flora of all colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. The satchel bag, which hung from a leather strap across the petite teenager's right shoulder was brimming to the top with flowers and concoctions strange and foreign before being hastily zipped up. Proudly standing, hearing the students around him screech and flail in surprise, the young doctor known to many as simply Charcoal held a blank expression fully thanks to his eerie mask.

    "O-Oh, well this seems r-rather barbaric. Surely there are s-some alternatives to take in-" the soft-spoken outcast remarked, feeling his body being launched into the air as he held dearly his "Crow's Beak" polearm. For someone whom seemed so petite, so frail, so mysteriously shy, Charry had gained quite the reputation already within Beacon Academy. Rumors and whispers had already flown about his origins, and if the doctor was obilivious or not to them was a question entirely on it's on. Alas, the bird-masked mage bit the bottom of his lip underneath his iconic "face", twirling the polearm in the air and softly sighing.

    "Why not an actual game of chess? That would be f-far m-more i-intriguing." Charcoal absently remarked, holding an eerie innocence and logic to his voice. Having spent most of his life reading and learning from experience, Charcoal had not considered himself to be much of a vocalized type. Even in the few social gatherings he attended, the physician had not considered actively seeking out others. Strangely, the greenhorn enjoyed the company of himself, and to this day, he thanked himself for that.

    Feeling himself grow closer and closer into the treelines, the fashionable young man twirled about, cocking the bolt of his hybrid polearm. Aiming the spear-end at a nearby tree, Charcoal heaved and moaned softly in pain as he felt his body recoil backwards midair. A sudden jerking occurred as his body was lunged forwards, the pointy end of the polearm detaching to a makeshift grappling hook and halting most of the force exhibited onto him and the others through the manipulation of gravity. Lunging himself forwards through the air, doing his best to drain out any momentum he could, Charcoal eventually could only collapse onto the soil, rolling flaillessly about before halting in a dust of grime and filth.

    Shakily arising, dusting off his robes, the greenhorn dug into his satchel bag.

    "Ooo...I still have aa-another for a p-potion."
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  8. Tama sat criss-cross on the platform enjoying a nice apple as he listened to the instructions of their initiation. Apparently, Tama would need to find a teammate for this particular test, but it would seem that there was no clear objective for this assessment. When Ozpin finished his last words students began to launch. Tama tossed aside his apple and got up to a spider squat. Three more students until his launch. Tama quickly fastened his dust belt with a free hand and was launched into the air. Tama started a slow spin as he descended to the forest. When near a tree he stuck his gauntlet arm out and dug into the bark of the tree using a centripetal throw to reach the next tree and do the same. Tama would continuously do this, until he ran into a clearing in the forest where he could walk.

    When Tama landed he looked around for any signs of life, but found none. Then the pattering of footsteps seemed to be getting closer. The footsteps were fast and it seemed that a Grimm was unlikely as Tama would have seen it by now. Tama leaned on his gauntlet arm and watched the woods around him for the source of the noise. "What fun. Five minutes in and I'm already edgy." Tama got into a fighting stance ready to pounce.
  9. Ozpin had been watching the students before he suddenly tensed up. He had forgotten something very important. Without warning he focused his Aura into his throat and vocal cords, increasing his vocal range and loudness, before shouting. "ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS, ONCE YOU HAVE A PARTNER HEAD OVER TO THE RUINS AND GRAB A RELIC, 1 RELIC EVERY PAIR!"His shout would be heard by everyone in the Emerald forest. He looked to his side and saw Glynda holding her ears and quickly apologized before going back to studying his scroll.
  10. Hayden watched as the Gavin boy jumped at the Taijitu and started, what looked like to him, kicking it before he arrived right back next to Hayden, as Hayden continued to fire shot after shot holding it back for a little while, while idly noticing that his, as he liked to call it, Power Reserves hadn't raised or lowered any. He then heard Ozpin's loud voice suddenly overhead and look back at the Taijitu before focusing the power into his legs and, once again appearing like a black blurry blob with pink orbs where it's eyes are supposed to be, dashed towards the black half. He jumped over the Taijitu's attempt to eat him whole and landed atop it's head and he reared back his Bo-Staff, as he had changed it into it's duel-ended spear form while dashing, and stabbed it into the top of the Taijitu's head. Hayden let out a grunt as he pierced the Taijitu's thick skeletal covering atop it's head, and reared back his hand in a palm form focusing his power reserves into it in order to slam it deeper in and kill the black head, but before he could do so the White head had slammed into him and launched him at Gavin. Quickly a plan formulated in his head and twisted his body and bent his legs so that it looked like he was about to jump off something while heading towards Gavin. His plan, of which he hoped Gavin would catch on, would be to have Gavin kick Hayden's feet and Hayden would use it like a lunch platform while jumping, which would launch Hayden towards the Black Head at high speeds, Hayden would then slam his Power infused palm into the end that wasn't piercing it's skull, which would then launch throw the Taijitu head and kill that end, then they would only have to worry about the white end.

  11. Gavin watched Hayden blur off, causing Gavin to grin a bit. "Good one to have as a partner." He drops two more of his knives, throwing them at the white head of the Taijutsu. He is lucky, one of the knives exploding after hitting the snake's eye. Gavin is able to dance away, sending out a few shots from the pistols on his legs as he does.

    Out of the corner of his eye he sees Hayden flying through the air and then twist. Gavin tightens his eyes, letting his Aura flow and using his Semblance. Gavin nods slightly, spotting nearly the same thing that Hayden did. Right before their bodies collide, Gavin spin, the pistol on his boot slipping to the bottom of his foot. As soon as his leg connects with Hayden's feet, the pistol fires to add extra momentum to the kick and launch Hayden above the black head.

    Gavin twists his body with the remaining spin of the kick and dashes off at the white head. He throws a fifth dagger, half of his supply gone now, into the bottom of the head. He then leaps up, sending a flurry of kicks into the chin and neck of the snake head. Before he is able to dance away again, the snake convulses from the damage, slamming into Gavin. Gavin is able to curl his body and roll through the hit, though he slams into a tree.
  12. Hayden let out a small grin, almost unnoticeable, as Gavin caught on to what he was planning 'On second thought, i think partnering up with this guy might be a good idea..." He finished as he noticed that he was now above his embedded as he focused his 'Power' into his arm once again as he brought it into a Palm positioning before thrusting with all his power into the end of the spear, causing the spear to slam through the black end of the Taijitu in a blur of black and gold as it impales the ground, the black Taijitu head now having a massive hole in the middle of said head, before it started falling to the ground with Hayden still on top of it.

    Hayden quickly jumped off as he noticed Gavin slam into the tree and the White Half of the Taijitu get back up, although very weakily, and try to charge and gulp up Gavin. Hayden took notice of his 'Power' reserves and saw that he had used most of the stored up power when doing his palm thrust, but he had just enough to do what he planned. Hayden quickly ran to his spear that was still impaled into the ground and ran to it as fast as he could, which wasn't very fast because of how weak his body is currently, his Aura reserves were still low from his landing, and that he couldn't use his 'Power' because of what he had planned.

    Just before it looked like Gavin was going to be gobbled up by the White end Hayden had reached his weapon, he yanked it out with little effort, twist it around his body once, focused his power into his arm as he aimed the Spear like a Javelin, and then threw it like so with all he could, his 'Power' reserves going back to their original emptiness. The Spear slammed into the Taijitu's head, piercing it just in the right way so that it went into it's still seeing eye, go through it's head, and out the other side before landing into a tree and staying there.

    Hayden went and picked up his weapon before walking over to Gavin and held his arm out for Gavin to grab and be let up by. "Hey, guess we're partners, my names Hayden Abyssal, though the people who know me call me Haywyre. What's your name?" It was as Hayden was saying this that he finally noticed his surroundings, they were in a large circular clearing surrounded by bushes and tree's, the Taijitu's body was in the middle of said clearing, the white head laying next to Gavin and the black head still next to it's coiled up body, far off in the distance a larger clearing with small grey towers atop a stone circle with several pedestals with black and gold chess pieces on them stood, though he could only see this thanks to his races 'unique' eye sight, and it looked to be a fair ways away.
  13. Gavin watches as Hayden finishes off the white head of the King Taijutsu. Gavin was a little irked that he hadn't been as much help. He grins when Hayden walks over though, taking the offered hand and help up. "Nice to meet you Haywyre. I'm Gavin Gunmetal. And I guess we are partners. Could end up being a fun few years." Gavin's grin was wide, his green eyes gaining a mischievous spark to them. "Give me a second to get my knives. Those things are hard to come by."

    Gavin limps over to the white side of the snake searching for, and finding, the five knives he threw. He puts them back in their holsters on his arms, shifting the five good ones to a single arm. "Hopefully we don't run into another fight like that." He laughs a bit, limping back toward Haywyre. Gavin looks around, though all he can see if forest in either direction. "Where are we going now? I got turned around after the landing."

    Gavin takes a closer look at Haywyre, just now noticing that he is a Faunus. "Well I'll be damned. You're a Faunus." He chuckles, clapping Hayden on the shoulder. "What do you see with your fancy hyper good eyesight?" Gavin's grin and laugh were meant to show Hayden he was just joking around and didn't mean anything serious by his jabs.
  14. Corona, pink Corona let out a yelp upon being startled by the Headmaster's sudden shouting. She couldn't believe this was the very same boy that her partner and team leader took in under his wing when they were still alive. Honestly, when she first met the young Ozpin she didn't know what to think of him. Everyone else clearly saw him only as a child with dreams so big that they're virtually unattainable. But Spectre saw something in him that prompted him to take the boy as his apprentice. Now she realized what her partner saw. This boy become fundamental in changing the way Huntsmen and huntresses were made by being one of the very first to establish a school specifically aimed to train each generations' heroes.

    "Geez, Ozpin. If you wanted to say something, I could have just made a voice amplification device or a holographic projector so you could announce it without shouting that loud. But honestly, that Spectre was really right after all. You really have changed the world in some way just as we have. I don't know where that idiot is now but if he were here, he'd be proud of you... You were like a son to Spectre and Crimson after all." The petite, pink-haired girl known as Corona chirped with a melancholic expression on her face.

    Her time had long gone and it was weird to be alive again. She wasn't even sure if there had been an afterlife since after she drew her last breath, she immediately woke up inside the vessels that Spectre Mortimer Severus McNight prepared for the 8 Pillars of Remnant with no trace of the others. Even now, she was still searching for some form of clue as to where the others are now. If an evil as powerful as the one they faced more than a hundred years ago has already indeed returned, she's going to need the rest of the 7's help and then some to stop it once again.

    Salmon, gold
    On the other hand, Salmon was scouring the Emerald Forest with his frustration increasing by the second. There was fighting all around him and he had not even encountered a single Beowolf in this godforsaken forest. Just his luck. If he had a teleportation Semblance, he would have already rushed to the location of the others fighting the Grimm but he currently has other priorities to attend to. More specifically, he needed to procure himself a partner. Otherwise, he could be disqualified for admission to Beacon if he fails to find one.

    "Getting kicked out before I even started... How could I do mom and Sylvia justice with that outcome?" He heaved an exasperated sigh as he aimlessly moved forward.

    Soon enough though, he got both of his wishes. Firstly, a guy with a plague mask was taking a stroll with not a care in the world while he is completely oblivious to a Beowolf stealthily stalking him with murder in its eyes. As the creature pounced at the masked fellow, Salmon fired a .50 cal bullet infused with dust that allows it to travel faster and increase the force of its impact on the target. The shot was so potent that it sent the Beowolf crashing into a nearby tree with a loud thud.

    "Oi, you there. If you're going to take a relaxing stroll, then you should have done it on some park or nature reserve... Not an a Forest teeming with the Creatures of Grimm. Well... I guess this makes us partners. Though I can't say yet if we can work well together. Not until we both deem the other as compatible with one another. If we aren't then we're going to have some serious problems but if that's the case then we'll have to find a way to adapt. On the other hand, it's always a good thing if... " Salmon pauses as he transforms the rifle back to its fishing rod form. He swings the rod forward, casting the line towards another Beowolf nearby. The hook latches onto the Beowolf once he tugs it a little forcefully right after it passed the wolf Grimm. Then with a light heave, he pulls the Grimm on a collision course with him. About halfway until the Grimm could reach him, Salmon transforms his weapon back to its rifle state. Just as the Grimm was mere inches from his face, he pulls the trigger of his rifle, firing another .50 cal shot at the Beowolf's head at point blank range, effectively beheading it. "... we compliment each other's fighting styles,"

    Not too long afterwards, dozens more Grimm of all kinds were beginning to surround them. Even with him alone, Salmon wasn't certain if he could fend off this many. What more if this guy was dead weight. Hopefully that isn't the case.

    "As much as I'd like to kill all these bastards, our next objective is to grab those chess pieces. I say we prioritize that for now. Guess we're gonna find out soon enough if we are compatible with each other."
  15. ~Charcoal~

    Landing in the Emerald Forest had, rightfully so, not been an issue in the slightest for the esteemed young doctor. If he had been that poor lass that was the first to be launched forwards (which, Charcoal himself criticized as a faulty testing motive), then surely the element of surprise would of gotten the masked, effeminate teenager. Alas, when that element is removed, Charcoal didn't even bother to dust off his enchanted overcoat from any grime. Adjusting his robes, the petite, frightening, yet oddly adorable male began to joyfully make his way towards the objective.

    Along the way, he took his time, intently picking at any flora and deeply analyzing any structures he find within the vegetation. Being certainly the scholar, the enigma even went as far as to pull out a small notepad with a pen, scribbling down notes whilst idly muttering to himself. In the distance, he could hear the growls of Beowolves approaching, but Charcoal had longed knew of not only their weaknesses but their incapability to learn from their mistakes. Sure, his semblance did not allow him to visually see the auras of Grimm, most likely due to the stunning revelation that these auras...well, simply didn't exist. Anything of Grimm lacks a proper soul, and as such, is considered dangerous. Without a soul, without an aura, mankind is but hollowed and withered, no different from the very monsters that threatened their existence thousands of years ago.

    "Ahh...Daucus Carota. Hmph, the irony, what a lovely little flower..." Charcoal hummed gently to himself, placing his halberd against a tree before stitching the distinct flower against the strap of his satchel bag. Purposefully leaving himself open for a Beowolf, the doctor smiled underneath his mask as a gut-wrenching screech of blood-lust filled his ears. Gracefully grabbing the halve of his polearm, the elegant doctor began to swing the two-handed warhammer, before being abruptly interrupted by the popping sound of a smoking rifle.

    Pausing halfway through a swing, Charcoal softly turned his head to a fellow Faunus, although, his own Faunus identity was kept secret. Yes, Beacon Academy strongly believed in the equality of all races and creeds, but the general public was still riled up and hatred was common. The White Fang's corrupted ideals, one that Charcoal himself radically followed, didn't bode well either. Murmuring softly underneath his mask, the effeminate male lowered his guard briefly for introductions.

    "Ahhh, y-yes. Well, a-ahem, excuse me...I am Doctor Charcoal, or Charry if you prefer." the robed, masked doctor remarked. Granted, it was a bit egotistical to call himself a doctor at such a humble, young age, but the Corswell Family had been renowned for their medical practices. It was almost eerie to find one of their offspring in Beacon Academy out of all places, then again, there was far more and far less important individuals allowed into this private school. Bowing, extending his hands as Crow's Beak rested on his back, the doctor hissed in annoyance as a youngling Beowolf emerged vainly behind him.

    Rolling to the side, the doctor hastily unholstered Crow's Beak, swinging the polearm over his head and delivering a sick, almost barbaric crunch to the Grimm's skull. "O-Oh, d-dear, many, many apologies. Ahem, yes...your fighting is rather...straight to the point." Charcoal remarked with an absent mind, pulling the polearm that appeared for too heavy and large for the feminine male out of the Beowolf's skull. "Anywho, w-we can diddle-daddle later as you said...uhh, Salmon was it? We have a quite glaring goal at our hands." the stuttering, softly-spoken, timid young man reminded, beginning to take lead in a random direction.

    "I...Hmm, it appears we've, or at least I have lost sense of direction. Most unprofessional, many, many apologies." Charcoal openly admitted, speaking in a strange accent.

  16. -Dyedary-
    When they were launched Dyedary let slip a slight twinge of panic, he's always kept his feet close to the beloved dirt and even riding any form of transportation gave him fright. But he needed to make a good first impression so as he went wipping through the air he ran his hands into place and transformed his shovel into an axe, the head splitting in half to form the 2 axe heads he then angled the shaft and fired the gun to give him a spin. As he passed a tree he hooked the axe and used the momentum to swing him self around the tree hurtling at another which he hooked in a similar manner and contiued this practice untill all momentum was lost and he landed on the ground at a run to help displace the landing. Loving the feel of dirt beneath his bare feet he glanced about worriedly, he infact had heard no rumors of teams, being a scoial outcast and was worried that whoever met eyes with him would hate him. He was tired of being so alone but his upbringing had not taught him how to make friends. He shifted his axe back into its shovel form and kept running on his calloused feet looking for any sign of their objective, or someone to pair up with.
  17. Hollty Rousett, green
    Holly was still searching for her partner. She still hasn't gotten anywhere. Even with the help of plants, nothing was found.

    'Holly behind you.' The plants around her communicated midway through the search. This caused Holly to do a cartwheel to the left. She turned her head back to see what it was. It was a simple beowolf who was about to prounce. Holly took one of the blades and threw it at the beowolf. The beowolf managed to dodge it, and started to charge.

    Holly moved out of the way of the incoming charge, but as a result she lost sight of it. ''To the left.' One of the bushes said. She took a step back to avoid the incoming beowolf, and stabbed it in the back after it missed her. "Easy?" Holly spoke to herself once the battle was over as she went over to retrieve the blade she threw earlier.

    The bushes started rustling as they started to say that someone wasen't too far from them. Holly went to the direction that the plants told her to, and came across a tall man with a scorpian tail. "Is everyone in your family always this tall?" She asked the person. Right now she was more concerned with the fact that he was a giant compared to her rather than the fact that he was a fanus and her new partner.
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  18. -Dyedary-
    Dyedary started a chuckle that grew into a short laugh as he came to a stop in front of Holly, glancing around to check the surroundings for danger as he spoke "A barefooted man with a scorpion tail and shovel nearly collides with you while running through a forest of monsters, and you ask about how common a trait height is amongst his familey? You are an odd one, aren't you? But yes, it ran on my mothers side. My mother's mother was, before her death nearly 7 feet. Now she's 6 feet. Under." He chuckled a little at his dark humored joke. He felt a slight wisp tickle his mind and glanced at the dead beowolf before continuing glanceing around the area for other predators, beowolfs are pack beasts after all.
  19. When Hayden had heard Gavin say Faunus he had tensed up, was this man another Faunus hater? However that thought quickly disappeared as the man instead treated him like he would a friend, and even though it slightly annoyed Hayden, he appreciated it wholeheartedly. Hayden looked towards where he saw the Ruins before and pointed at it. "I can see large circular ruins with small pillars with gold and black things on them in that direction, so i'm guessing that that's where the relics are." And with that Hayden started marching off in the that direction while reverting his weapon back into it's original Bo-Staff form and sticking it onto his back.

    "Yes, well, i'd rather not take advantage of you like that, might be bad for my record..."Ozpin finished with a playful smirk as he looked back at his scroll, a boy named Hayden and another boy named Gavin had partnered up and managed to take down a 2-Head King Taijitu using teamwork, as it would be painfully hard to take one on by themselves, and showed promise, he also saw others were finding their partners and a few of them had run into trouble, he signaled Goodwitch to have the emergency medics and bullheads on standby in case they were needed, though he hoped they wouldn't be.
  20. Tama Anaru An Ursa charged through the woods at Tama, but Tama hopped over it watching it barrel straight into a tree. He landed in a squat with one hand on the ground looking over in the opposite direction of the Ursa. Tama knew this expression too well: The strong prevail over the weak, except for a large quantity of them. It wasn't his most famous expression. A pack of Beowulf started rushing out the woods and Tama took off away from them. They continued to pursuit him and he looked to the air for help. Tama extended his arm out latching onto a tree and used his gauntlet to propel him upwards into the air. It was at this moment that Ozpin's message echoed in his ears, he smirked. Tama took two of his shells and threw them down at the Beowulf causing all of them to be sucked to the ground like nothing, the ones that managed to survive quickly rebeled. The Beowulf jumped up in the air with jaws open wide. "You mind not boring the hell out of me?" Tama lifted his claw to the air and waited for his other hand to meet one Beowolf's mighty tooth. "Die demon." Tama quickly lunged his arm forward stabbing his claw into its mouth and opening his palm severing its head from its body.
    This is when he landed and more came. "I'll show you why they call me The 49er." The Beowulf continued to charge Tama and Tama continued to dodge, attack, defend, rebel, repeat. this eventually took out the hungry pack, leaving their disintegrating bodies. Tama took no time to examine his work and walked off to the relics, if he needed a partner they were bound to show up there. Tama would fight nothing more for his journey if he ran into trouble he decided it wasn't worth the energy and hid.
    Around the time of Ozpin's witnessing of the Taijitu's death Tama found his way to the relics, where an array of pieces were displayed. "This is too easy. I need higher ground." Tama looked around for a hiding place up high and found nothing, but he did come across a heavy patch of forestry where he could see the relics fairly close. He walked back to this place and sat at the top of one tree criss-cross waiting for something to happen.
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