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  1. Beep.


    With closed eyes and sluggish movements, Onyx blindly reached out towards the nightstand that his alarm sat on, aimlessly patting along the wooden surface. After what felt like centuries of endless beeping, the faunus forced his eyes opened and grabbed the alarm before flinging it against a nearby wall. With a quiet grumble of aggravation the teen rolled over in his bed, holding a pillow over his head as he attempted to hide himself from the rising sun and go back to sleep. Laying still for several minutes, he stared at nothing, his head still covered by the pillow as he sniffed at the air, a familiar scent filling his nostrils.
    With a sigh, he tossed the pillow across the room and slid out of bed. Rubbing his face, he stumbled around his room and lazily grabbed and put on whatever clothes he could find. Luckily for him, all of his clothes were identical. Why? Because.

    Staggering out of his room in the compact apartment, he made his way into the kitchen where he was met with the sight of Aracel brandishing a fire extinguisher against the villain known as a bowl of cereal. Sitting down at the table, he propped his head up on his palm, letting his elbow rest on the surface before mumbling.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut up, kid. It’s not my cereal is fucking bullshit. No, I pour the cereal in the bowl, then I put the milk and then bam! Everything is on fire.” She said in exhaustion, setting the fire extinguisher on the table. Making her way over to the refrigerator, she let out a soft yawn. “So, first day. You excited? Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Trust me, Beacon is like… The safest place in all of Vale. So long as you don’t fuck up and die during Initiation, you’ll be fine. So long as you don’t break any bones when you land you’ll be Okay. Huh? Oh, I thought I told you about this. You get flung off the side of a cliff.” She said offhandedly while grabbing a few plates of leftovers and Onyx’s eyes widened as he mumbled nervously.

    “Trust me, you’ll be fine. Just don’t die. Well, y’see, remember the papers that were sent you had to sign? In the fine print, you kind of agreed that Beacon can’t be blamed if you die, get maimed or disabled. Hey, hey, don’t take that attitude with me. I told you to read the fine print but no, you said I could just sign everything for you. That’s what you get for being lazy.” She laughed, grabbing the food from the microwave before sliding one of the plates to the now-too-nervous-to-actually-eat faunus. “Anyway, when I was a young fuckwit, only like…. 4 people died during Initiation, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Trust me, it’s not that hard. So long as you don’t fuck up the landing, you’ll be a-okay.” She reassured him with a smile and he stared at her blankly, a tired sigh escaping him before he promptly buried his face in his food, attempting to just go back to sleep.

    “I’ll give you 5 minutes, then get your bags cause you gotta be there in like… 30 minutes.”


    Grunting when his face slammed against the dashboard of the car, the faunus rubbed his face and mumbled out several complaints. If only Aracel knew how to drive… Maybe he wouldn’t have such terrible heart problems. Being shoved out of the vehicle, he let out a ‘oof’ when he hit the ground and slowly forced himself up before being knocked back to the ground when Aracel tossed his bags at him carelessly.

    “Alright kid! Good luck and don’t die!” She shouted before slamming on the gas before the car sped off and the faunus laid on the ground, staring at the sky blankly.

    ‘Why am I doing this again? I really don’t want to die. Totally not cool. Eugh…’ Pushing himself off the ground, he picked up his suitcase and dufflebag, blinking when he took in the sight of Beacon Academy and all its glory. Several new arrivals walked past him to start their new lives of fame and glory, a noticeable confidence and bravado in their mannerisms and general attitudes, yet all Onyx could feel was his stomach begin to twist. ‘Right… To become a Huntsman. Like Aracel…’ He reminded himself as he forced himself to walk, each footstep feeling heavier than the last. Looking around, he could already see teams and friendships beginning to form and he felt himself growing more and more nervous. He’d have to find a team… join a team… talk to people… make friends…

    ‘I think I’ve made a grave mistake.’
  2. Just like every other morning, he woke in a sweat. Another restless night, thanks to the nightmares. He had wondered many times, why had he lived? He had the more dangerous task, they were safe. He lived, they died. He was left to carry on, and in the process was robbed of peace and trust.

    The apartment he rented was most aptly described as one word, shitty. The manager catered to low income workers, and spent the income he earned on alcohol instead of his tenants. The unit was about, or less than, the size of a studio apartment. Had he been claustrophobic, Michael would have been a basket case by now. However small and roach infested the single room was, it was no longer his concern. A pair of duffle bags sat next to the door. One contained the few clothes and personal items he owned, the other the weapons paraphernalia he wouldn't be caught without. As usual, he slept fully clothed, and his weapon was on his chest. A bad habit from before, one that would not break.

    With the long rifle over his back, he brewed one last cup of coffee and drank it from a plastic cup he had washed out and reused for... the last two months. Crumpling it and dumping the trashcan, he gathered the duffels and opened the door. Most of the other tenants had triple locks, he only had one. Someone had tried to break in one night, and gotten eight incendiary Dust rounds in the chest for their trouble. They hadn't bled much, the heat cauterizing the wounds, but the ashes and streaks showed on the wall outside where the intruder had recoiled to.

    Now for the last time he would walk down the three flights of stairs and out into the bright world outside. He slipped his sunglasses over his eyes, not bothering with the left eye HUD, and walked. An hour of walking ended at the fortress of Beacon. A fitting name, he thought. Light for the world to follow, draw strength from. However, he did not put much stock into this fact. He had seen safe places fall, and this place was a hell of a target. Dozens, if not hundreds, of others were around him, their feelings easily discernable. Dread, anxiety, happiness. He felt a mix of these. Was he worried? Not really.

    Michael stayed on the fringe of the crowd whenever possible. He always had a way out. Big groups were big targets, and big targets meant big casualties. Some things never changed. He dropped off his bags at a collection point, thankfully ahead of some diva with a fourteen piece luggage kit. He was nervous about parting with his ammo stash, but he had a full basic load on him.

    Just having enough ammunition to raze a small town seemed like nothing. They were informed of the events that would be coming up, and told politely to wait while everyone checked in and parted with their bags. Michael stalked over to a column and leaned against it in the shadows, eyes peering out from behind his sunglasses as he waited, fiddling with a clip of high explosive Dust ammunition.
  3. How to clarify this moment in her life… unpleased seemed far to less a word for such a sour taste in her mouth. So perhaps loathsome was a better term for this her worst moment ever, in all existence, how could this have happened! They had been happy hadn’t they? Why was he doing this to her. It was infuriating, and unpleasant and perhaps this was what it was to hate someone you loved. For surely Turk’quios had pissed her off in the past but at the moment she both Hated her brother and Loved him. It was she decided, while bright magenta eyes followed the pacing form of her brother, a truly unsettling feeling for her. She wanted to both beat him for this insanity and also run away in tears. But she wouldn’t cry.

    “Listen Demi… I know it’s far away and we’d always planned for us to be the terrible two-some the troubled double… “ Pet names from their past earned him no respite from her vicious look “But things change, life changes. But we will live on…” He sighed and looked to the ground his large canid ears drooping to either shoulder “Demi I cannot teach you anything else. I want you to go to Beacon Academy, and learn all that you can… And not because Ozpin requested you either.” He said his brilliant blue eyes flared at her angered jaw drop in moments from protest and argument. She’d learned that look though that was Turk’s Adult look, when he was being more parent than brother to her.

    She huffed deflated her jaw snapping back shut around her sharpened canines. She would mumble finally in defeat “Fine….” She let her own ears drop out from under the curtain of her long white hair, the mane and fluffy pelt of her ears matched nearly flawlessly if not for the sharp black tips and the various piercings on the right ear alone. “But why are you joining the Atlas Military?…. “she was nearly whimpered it out barely a whisper.

    Turk sighed and deflated as well his own tail swishing sluggishly, he was about to lie, she growled at him and stood throwing the small stool over she turned and stormed from her brother’s adobe styled hut. Built in only a night from debris they find around their campsite, it was quick to put up and even quicker to knock down. She glared at the support as she passed and with a swipe of a bright hand she knocked the support free.

    All she would hear before breaking into a sprint was her brother’s aggravated “GRAGH!” as his own shelter toppled down onto and around him. She sprinted through her own shelter and snagged up her only belongings before running head long into the snow. She would do as she was told, but she would make her own way to the Air Ship port.

    - - - A Day Later - - -

    Chatter and noise, all around her, causing gentle twitches of her ears as the clamor grew louder and louder. What in all hell was going on she wondered. Bright magenta eyes slowly fluttered open hidden nearly behind the intertwined ebony lashes. Long mane of frosty white hair cascaded down and around her shoulders as she sat up start. The air ship shook and shivered under turbulence and caused Demi to shake her head a bit. “Way to high up… “ she whimpered wondering when the hell is this thing going to land I just want LAND!!! She shivered and her tail curled tighter around her middle. Her hands lifted to tuck and arrange her fluffy hair and then stood slowly from the bench.

    She was wearing her normal black one body suit under the school attire her brother had presented to her yesterday morning with a toothy and apologetic grin. She shook her head pushing the thoughts from her head. Make the best of it… just try and make the best of it.

    She blinked as people brushed by her, pushing this way and that, they were watching some holograph announce that they had arrived and would soon be departing the ship. Blonde woman with glasses seemed a bit stuck up but then again most people around here seemed … a bit off to her. They were all lively sure enough but she missed the Azasani Faunus Tribesmen … and she missed her brother regrettably

    Blinking she realized they were in truth landing! Thank the Heavens they’d made it and the lands for greeting them gently! She shuffled with the others being jostled about she nearly growled and snapped once or twice feeling her body pinched and smooshed as they all went. Finally fresh warm air greeted her nose as the crowd dispersed and she was free to move on her own once again. Her bright eyes were wide as looking about the entrance to the school from the port was amazing!

    There were so many pretty sparkly buildings! And wow look at all the various people here… She blinked and glanced about wait… which way now!?!?!
  4. Forcing himself to move, Onyx awkwardly made his way through the crowd like a phantom, his presence seemingly going ignore by everyone else. It was something that came naturally to him - being invisible. Not actual invisibility, mind you, but rather his ability to be seemingly be ignored by any and everyone. He figured it came naturally to him - he wasn't a social person and maybe his Aura just turned people away from him. Made them not pay any attention to him.

    Holding his suitcase and dufflebag close, he arrived at the check-in. Signing his name, he turned his belongings over begrudgingly. He hoped his stuff would be safe - most of it was just clothes and a few bobbles, but everything he had Aracel bought for him. And that alone was more than enough to make every single item in his dufflebag and suitcase worth more to him than anything else.

    So caught up in his own worrying, he was brought back to reality when he bumped into someone and stumbled. Blinking, he looked around before he focused on another guy wearing sunglasses, taking note of the dust cartridge. Rubbing his arm, he let out a nervous chuckle as he mentally kicked his own ass.

    "S-Sorry..." He stuttered out, his words little more than a whisper as he was unused to talking to loud.
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  5. Great, someone bumped into him. Greater still, the block of cartridges went flying. Even greater still, Dust High Explosive rounds were not known for their stability. So, conclusion, he and the unobservant individual who had bumped him were now in danger of losing their feet.

    After a curse he looked down and cocked a foot back. Michael closed his eyes and focused. Time slowed as he activated his semblance. When his eyes opened, the freaky blue they were when he did this, they locked onto the falling clip. He looked off in the distance, away from the crowds. An unoccupied bench was far enough away, and that served as his aiming point.

    Then he looked back at the falling clip. It was a little over a foot from the ground. He had to time it right, so his boot would hit the base of the cartridges and not the tip. Hit the former, and they would be okay. Hit the tip, and he would have to start his Beacon career off with losing a primo Atlas paratrooper boot, and the notoriety he would get from such an incident. Not to mention his foot.

    "Fire in the hole!" He called as he sent his foot into motion. His toe connected with the neck of the cartridge block and sent the clip flying towards the bench. Halfway into the flight, Michael deactivated his semblance and breathed shakily, having not expected to use his semblance this early.

    All ten rounds hit and the bottom two bounced off the edge of the bench before detonating. When the sound and fury faded, what was left was crumbled stone the two supports.

    "Well, shit. Didn't want to start my first few minutes at Beacon with the destruction of property," he observed as he looked at the damage. Then he turned his gaze to the person, a Fanus. "Everybody still has all their limbs and digits, right?"
  6. Her bright pink eyes could barely tear themselves from the architecture as she meandered aimlessly with the crowd of peers. Any with the beacon uniform she followed, though she was starting to notice only upper class men were wearing their school attire already. Maybe she’d dressed to soon? She shrugged it off and went back to stargazing at the buildings.

    Her mane of hair trailed dreamily behind her while pink eyes moved from place to place. She had a single hand on her rook sacks strap, a sudden commotion would catch her ears, even from beneath the mass of hair. She gave pause not to far from a vacant bench to look across the way and notice she was in an entrance court of sorts and a scuffle seemed to have just happened. Blinking her vision constricted as people moved before the two and time slowed.

    The next thing she knew the bench near to her and just about everything around it went up in an explosion. She ducked her head and skittered to the side and into the shadows of the adjacent building looking about frantic a fight or flight mode had activated, her right hand no longer on her sack but lifted half up her back for the hilt of one of her Fox Fang Swords. She halted though realizing there was some laughter about now.

    Some people were frightened, some were laughing at the tom foolery, others were angry. Demi’s sensitive nose caught all this plus the dust and soot from the explosion. She sneezed a tiny squeak of a sneeze and then the second sneeze followed…

    ACHHOO!!! Blue and Magneta fire ignited as if the girl herself were the spark. She sneezed again and again the fight blossomed each time from her. Looking around frantic and pawing helplessly at her nose she took a head long sprint from the crowd along the building and into the entrance hall to escape the smells. Her fiery sparks trailing behind her until finally she reached the somewhat fresh air of the interior.

    Sniffling she gave her nose a furious little rub then looked about. She was obviously headed in the right direction… she hoped. Then she realized ~Shit I singed my uniform!!!~ and stamped her right food and continued into the Auditorium.
  7. Watching quietly, Onyx could feel himself go slack-jawed. He didn't know whether it was the explosion, Michael's Semblance or Demi's ability to sneeze flames, but it left him amazed. While travelling with Aracel, he never really... Encountered other Huntsmen or people that could weaponize their Aura. Now, he couldn't help but wonder what sort of other Semblances would he come across during his time at Beacon. He always felt his own was pretty lackluster, and if everyone else's was on the same level as Michael's, he could see himself having difficulty during any of the battle training Aracel told him about.

    Looking around, Onyx nodded in response to Michael's question. This was his time to be social. Right. He had to step up to the plate and, as Aracel would say, 'grab the beowolf by the balls and make it your bitch.

    Nervously extending his hand to Michael in a handshake, he forced himself to speak, and once more it was little more than a whisper.

    "O-Onyx Norwyn, by the way." He introduced himself, the very act of conversing making him feel uncomfortable.
  8. Michael looked at the damage he had wrought, then around at the others. So some were shocked, some were snickering, but no one was after him. Yet. He looked back at the man who had bumped him, some exotic Fanus who spoke in whispers. Michael took his hand and have a quick shake, testing the grip for nerve. Onyx had it, it seemed, belaying the quiet personality.

    "Michael Bely. I don't know how you feel about destruction of property, or the fact you're an accessory to it, but let's make some tracks out of here," he nodded towards the entrance where he had seen the girl who sneezed fire escape through.

    "Okay," he lowered his voice. "Really light, white haired chick up there, with the bag. Did she sneeze fire, or am I losing my mind?" He asked as they walked inside. Due to the capacity of the crowd, the three of them were actually close together.
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  9. Burying his hands in his pockets after the handshake, Onyx began to sweat at the fact he was an accessory to something.

    'It's Okay, kid! Whenever you're an accessory to something, just hide the knife in someone else's spine and you'll be fine!' Aracel's drunken advice echo'd in his head and he could feel his face pale.


    Don't do that.

    Nodding in response to Michael's question, he couldn't help but notice how vague his own reply was. Was he nodding in agreement to the girl sneezing fire, or agreeing to his new found... 'friend' being crazy? Wait. Was Michael his friend? He'd never had friends before. Hell, Aracel was the only person he talked to for most of his life... Which probably explained why he was so weird.

    Yeah, his social awkwardness was totally Aracel's fault.

    That's what he's rolling with.

    Following Michael inside, he quickly spotted Flame-Sneeze-McSneezyton and tapped Michael's shoulder before pointing towards her. Giving Michael a thumbs up, he promptly motioned the his fellow hunter-in-training to go talk to her.
  10. Demi was still standing a bit off to the side her hands white knuckled and wrapped about the strap of her rook sack. Bright pink eyes still moved from person to person. She didn't know anyone, this shouldn't bother her, she was a loner after all. But something about this loneliness bore deep in her, it took her a moment to realize that it was the fact that she was absolutely alone. She no longer knew even the faces about her. This was giving her a slight panic attack but as bright pink eyes landed on a couple of guys pointing and looking her way she blink in confusion and tilted her head. Her large fox ears drooped to the side and peeked from under her hair. A quirked brow and a quick glance about to confirm it and yep they were staring at her. She straightened back and turned to look at the stage Ozpin would surely show up soon she figured.

    She however, kept an eye on the faunus and the explosion boy she was worried their looks may be aimed for cruel jokes rather than friendly approach. She wasn't very good at reading people after all. With a puff at her bangs she sighed and leaned against the massive collumn while watching the crowd grow thicker and thicker. Their views were becoming restricted of the stage and of the boys but in a way she felt the crowded cut off was calming. She still had a solid wall behind her at least.
  11. An airship was on its way to Beacon Academy carrying another batch of prospective Huntsmen and Huntresses. Among them is someone whose name would send shivers up any person's spine should it be uttered 200 years ago. Sporting the feminine looks that would enchant any and all who look at her, Nyx Norost was once the bewitching beauty of Team ARSN, a band of nefarious villains who gained the title, "The four Scourges of Remnant" who wanted nothing more than to see all of remnant burn. She had done numerous atrocities in the past that were beyond human forgiveness. Crimes that would have her hanged a million times over yet such punishment would still prove insufficient. Not even dying in the hands of her own childhood friend would prove enough to redeem her of what she had done.

    "200 years had passed. However, it seems that the Pillars, us Scourges of Remnant, the Great Grimm War of 200 years ago... it seems all of it... all of us have been forgotten.... But I think it is for the best... This ignorance that led to such peace... it is quite pleasant." Nyx said to herself.

    Tiara once told her, "If you had realized that you haven't been living your life properly, then take the next moment to live a meaningful life." And now, after all this time, she was determined to do just that.

    "Tabula Rasa... a clean slate... No... my slate will always be stained by the blood of the innocent... I can never start anew but I can take this chance to seek for atonement. It took me two hundred years to realize that, old friend. Wherever you are... I am truly sorry... and I'll be forever grateful for the kindness you've given me... Tiara." She muttered under her breath. "I'm sure my old comrades, Apep, Rust, and Sloth will find me one day... and they will surely kill me for betraying them. But until then... I hope I can at least find forgiveness by doing some good in this world."

    She was distracted from her melancholic thoughts when a holographic projection of a bespectacled woman announced their arrival in Beacon Academy. Just the sight of it was enough to make her heart skip a beat. In this age of technology, she was not expecting this institution to be something reminiscent of the architectures she had come accustomed to seeing in the past. The very sight of it was nostalgic as if she had been whisked away back to the forlorn days of her childhood. She had only been to Vale once in her childhood when her parents were sent there to be the King of Mistral's envoy regarding an important matter. What it was, she had no knowledge of since it should have been highly confidential information. Then again, a child would bare no interest in such matters.

    "This technology coupled by this architecture reminds me of that brat, Corona. Although back then, her technology looked alien in such an ancient setting. Now, in this age of progress, it is the remnants of the past that seems so peculiar. Even though our encounters were brief, she did pique my interest... specially when she defeated Rust. Had I switched sides before it was too late, I'm sure we would have been good friends." She thought dreamily.

    Shaking off her thoughts, she realized that most of the airship's passengers had already started to exit the vehicle. After a moment of self-derision, she took a step out of the airship as well. Nyx was not a dramatic woman but at that moment, that first step out of that airship felt like the first step towards her path of self-forgiveness. It was oddly satisfying yet filled with uncertainty. She could not help but wonder what it is like being one of the "good guys" for once.

    Without further ado, she made her way towards the towering building of Beacon Academy. Upon getting to the registry, she was asked to deposit her luggage, including her faithful companion, Sidewinder. She was impressed that not a single speck of rust developed on the blades for the past 200 years, a true testament to the level of craftsmanship of her weapon. Still, nobody had held her faithful blades other than her so she met a certain level of difficulty in relinquishing them temporarily to the staff of the academy.

    Afterwards, she decided to roam the large room instead of sticking around at one specific area. Even though she was certain that nobody would recognize someone who lived 20 decades ago, she still avoided crowds, a habit she had to forego if she is to spend a couple of years in this institution.

    Finally, she decided to go towards a huge column where she spotted a girl sporting practically the same hair color as hers trying to avoid the crowd as well. Misery loves company although Nyx wasn't feeling that miserable with her temporary social anxiety. It was just that, the last time she had seen this many people gathered in one place, they were all corpses already and she had done a large role in doing that.

    "I'd say this is quite the crowd, eh? I'm really not used to seeing this much people gathered in one place so I hope you don't mind me sharing this pillar with you." Nyx said nonchalantly before offering her hand to the white-haired girl for a handshake. "Name's Nyx Norost but you can call me Nyx. Pleased to make your acquaintance." She said enthusiastically while beaming at her.
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  12. "Is that her sister?" He wondered as a similar haired girl approached the one he and Onyx had seen. "Forget it, if we see them after this let's go say hello, yeah?" He asked the Fanus. He looked towards the stage as someone walked to the stage to make some sort of announcement. Someone tall was in front of him, but he heard the content.

    Through the speech, he pulled out another clip and toyed with it as he listened. He looked around, seeing a veritable smorgasbord of people. Every trait was here, in this room. More would be found around the campus. But how did he fit into all of this?

    They would be given lockers to store their weapons in, which immediately rang alarm bells. He had to part with his rifle and ammunition, and be around people he did not know nor yet trust? This was going to cause problems. Then came news about berthing. For the first night, all of them would be packed into a building.

    Hell. No.

    Then, once they were put on a team, they would bunk with their team.

    Less hell no, more manageable. Still, he was a light sleeper. And if someone snored... no sleep for him.
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  13. Nodding in response to Michael, Onyx shifted his attention to the stage when he saw someone walk up to the podium. Listening to the announcement, he was... Quite fine with everything he was hearing. Okay, maybe this place wouldn't be so bad. Then, the first night. Every single student packed into a single building. Where they were supposed to sleep.

    "Nuh-uh." Onyx grumbled, folding his arms while shaking his head. Nope. He wasn't going to do that. Wasn't happening. They'd have to chain him down, because he wasn't gonna do it. What psychopath even though that was a good idea? Was it Mister 'White-Haired-Chinese-Cartoon-Protagonist-With-Chic-Green-Scarf''s idea?

    Practically shaking where he stood, Onyx's expression was one of sheer horror and anxiety, as sweat rolled down his eyebrow.

    This place was evil.

    "We're in Satan's butthole." He spoke normally for once in his life, disgust and agony evident in the tone of his voice.
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  14. She had started to relax a bit, sure these faces were all new, but she could handle. She could hear Turk in her head ~You got this, come on Fox up girl make your bro proud!~ She took another deep and calming breath when the show on stage began and people started to quiet down. Her bright eyes had focused on that and she started to daze out hearing that first they would all be in the same room sleeping together tonight. Right. Gotchya, she didn't sleep normally at night, besides she'd slept nearly the whole way here. Next up on the agenda, they would be assessed and teamed up tomorrow in some initiation conquest. Alrighty great, forced friendships, she could play nice... maybe.

    But as the last bit came about another voice floated up from behind her and her bright pink eyes flashed around as her ears tightened beneath her hair and her tail about her waist. She wasn't afraid of showing her Faunus qualities, but it was a card she liked to keep hidden when surrounded by so many humans. Her eyes would land on a like haired young lady like herself only her hair was much much shorter than her own. Blinking her pink eyes at the girls dual colored eyes she smirked, someone she liked those eyes the moment she gazed at them.

    Stunned for a moment not really sure why, and wondering if she was truly talking to her Demi glanced down at her poffered hand and her head tilted while her brain caught back up with the words that had been said. Her name, a friendly introduction. Demi gave revealed her true self for the first time since boarding the ship. Her half grin displayed a toothy canines on top and bottom rows of her teeth while her pupils tightened a fraction becoming more vertical. She went to take Nyx's hand for a shake but remembered her sparking incident earlier averted her hands to her pockets instead. "Nice to meet cha Nyx... Name's Deminique Rune, Call me Denim or Demi either works, but um, yeah sup?" She asked a quirked brow, she wasn't very lady like she wasn't very dainty, but she was straight forward it seemed.
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  15. Nyx was passively listening to the silver-haired chap that looked like a figure of authority in the academy deliver his speech, letting unimportant bits of information go in one ear and come out the other. From what she remembered, basically everyone is to sleep in the hall for tonight and then they would be split off into teams after some initiation tomorrow. She also recalled him saying that there was a possibility of dying in the initiation process.

    "Getting done in that early would be pretty pathetic, huh? Well, I'm not planning to die just yet after getting my second leash on life. See, I did some bad stuff in the past but recently, I got a second chance to mend my ways. So until I can make up for what I've done, I'm planning to stay in one piece." She said to the girl whom introduced herself as Demi. She was not put off in the slightest when she rejected her friendly gesture. After all, they had only just met and Demi obviously still had reservations with her.

    "Though sleeping all in the same room with all these boys... I've been called tomboyish in the past but I am still a girl... oh well. I just have to endure until we get rooms then. One night shouldn't be that bad. " She mused before turning towards Demi. "And sleeping with you sounds nice as well, Demi. Ohhh! I could just cuddle you all night long~!" Nyx exclaimed as she gave the girl a suggestive wink.

    "Though I do hope we get paired in the same team. Honestly, you're the first person I've talked to since arriving here. It may not look like it, but I'm still getting acquainted with talking to people. After all, all the people I know, my friends, my family, everyone are all gone." Her tone suddenly shifted to a melancholic one for a bit as she recalled the realization she immediately had the moment she betrayed her former comrades. Even though they were essentially evil, Apep, Rust and Sloth were the only companions she had. They weren't friends, they were just working on a common goal. She was fully aware of that but she couldn't help but wonder if they felt like family... not just a group of people that banded together because of a mutual objective.
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  16. As the speech ended, they were told to head to a locker area to store their weapons and any other items that could be considered dangerous. He snorted at the absurdity of it. "There aren't any dangerous weapons, only dangerous people," he said to no one in particular. As they were issued lockers, he glanced back at Onyx. "Alright, I'm off to my own. See you later," he said in parting before he melted into the crowds.

    He found and fussed with the locker, storing the Enforcer inside and removing the multiple clips of ammunition from his body. Hopefully next year they would get larger ones, because this could barely fit his weapon, ammunition, and other items, like the cleaning kit.

    As he shut the locker, he looked around and spied the white hair of... Flame-Sneeze-McSneezyton, as Onyx had so eloquently dubbed her. Throwing a mental coin, he made his way over to her. "Excuse me, I remember you from earlier. When I accidentally destroyed a bench. Are you okay? You kinda... sneezed fire."
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  17. Burying his face in his hands, Onyx was tempted to walk away right then and there. He couldn't do this. The fact he was expected to relax and rest around so many people only made him even more anxious and nervous. As the announcement ended, he watched as the curious man left the stage and nodded in response to Michael. Alright, he was back on his own. That was something he could work with. Burying his hands in his pockets, he walked off back towards where he had given the check-in clerk his bags.

    Arriving at his destination in record time, through the use of advanced mumbling and interpretive gestures he found out his things had been sent to the locker room. Great. A place that would be filled with more people. Breathing out a tired sigh, he dejectedly stomped his way all the way to the locker room. Arriving at his next destination, he moved like a ghost through the crowd, going unnoticed by everyone around him until he reached his locker.

    Tugging on the lock, he came to the realization he didn't know the combination to his locker.

    "Wall sphincters!" He exclaimed through a mumble as he headbutted his locker, denting the door and causing the lock to pop off. Staring down at the floor where the lock fell, he blinked before looking up at the door to his locker which seemed to be permanently ajar. Stepping back, he rubbed his face.

    'C'mon, Onyx, you can do this. Don't let your dreams be memes.' Aracel's drunken voice rang in his head and he could feel a smile making its way across his face as he picked up the broken lock, still staring at the locker door.

    "Right... Right... I got this..." He reassured himself, opening his locker before fiddling around with some of his things, mostly grabbing a sketchbook and some pencils. Shutting the locker, he smirked when it stayed shut. Before creaking open by about 2 inches. Letting out a shudder of pain, Onyx dropped to his knees and slammed his face against his locker.

    "I can't do this." He mumbled, totally done with life.
  18. The mention of death seemed a bit odd, it was to be expected was it not, hell they were training for killing Grimm right? She snickered a bit at Nyx comment but wasn’t sure what the other meant by a second lease on life for her it felt like just a prison term she had to serve, the ever good little sister doing as her parent brother told her to do. Her mentioning bad stuff in the past did set off a warning bell to keep and eye on the frosty haired girl. Regardless of how pretty here eyes were.

    She glanced about when Nyx went on to describe the sleeping situation… suddenly her eyes tuned back as she heard her last bit about cuddling. Demi’s cheeks turned scarlet nearly matching the pink of her eyes as she blinked a few times. She’d heard that right… right? Her wink would also sorta cause her a bit of confusion, why did she suddenly want to hug this other girl? She gave a nervous giggle and then said “Don’t… “

    Seriousness in her eyes she glanced back at the stage, were all people in Vale this… odd? She was missing her snowy home more and more! Nyx continued to talk on Demi’s pink eyes returned to her and blinked “Teams…. Like as in group grading…” She was suddenly very very very very not happy! Sure being paired up with Nyx would be fine… she suddenly wanted to cling to the girl, but who else would be on this … ‘Team’ she was not happy oh so very not happy. Her fight or flight syndrome was trying to kick in but she stood her ground defiant. Turk thought she could do this, so she was bloodeh well gonna do this!

    She came back to the now sniffing a touch at the air she realized the tone had changed in Nyx she seemed … Sad maybe? She was so bad at reading people. “You’re the first person I have spoken with as well…But I’m used to being alone I suppose. I just have my brother Turk’quoise … he’s the one who sent me here… Egged on by ole sunglasses indoors up there.” She said her eyes turning to daggers as she glared at Ozpin. “Looks like we’re done here oh thank the skies!” She whispered and looked at Nyx “Lockers # 2262? Where’s your’s?” She asked as they turned to make their way with the crowd she supposed they were going to the locker room.

    She entered the long hall lined with mech lockers and smirked running a hand up her back to retrieve the one short sword while the other rested at her hip. Pulling the two blades free she was just storing them not sure where Nyx had gone off to when suddenly Michael approached her. She slammed her locker and turned to face him as he’d frightened her.

    He rambled on about the bench, oh it was him, she said her eyes tightening a little. Then he said she sneezed fire… her face turned blood red again and she blinked a few times looking about “Oh that um.. yeah … oh … um… Well… you se” She was flustered it seemed and didn’t know what to say. Simply stating I MAKE FIRE at the top of her lungs sounded redundant in her head and clearly at the same time it was the obvious answer.

    She whimpered and suddenly with a hiccup her hands were engulfed in her silvery blue fire. She squeaked and waved her hands about instead of the fire subsiding the fire grew into her claw like paw projections mimicked her hands movements like mirror. She would accidently set him ablaze if she wasn’t careful, hell her skirt and jacket were already getting smokey! “No … No … No!!!” She waved her hands her back against the locker unsure where to go and what to do!

    She cast an anxiety filled look around for nyx screaming mentally ~HELP!~
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  19. "So you can generate fire. Sweet. Remind me to not piss you off or scare you again," he observed cooly as he took a step back, so she didn't have to worry about hitting him accidentally. Then he realized she was in trouble.

    She can't control it, he realized. Or at least not well. "I have cryogen Dust rounds, I could freeze your hands without shooting them," he offered. "Otherwise, don't panic, cause you're panicking." He knew the look well, he saw it in her eyes. "Take some deep breaths, think happy thoughts. That doesn't work, we'll figure something else out."

    Of course, would freezing her work? Probably not. But he was the only one around who was not panicking and offering solutions. And besides, someone had to help her. If things got bad he could always just slow things down and dive out of the way.
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