Rusty cage

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  1. In the dead of the night Shade,the demon whom was locked in a old rusty cage for century's, had finally awoken "ughhh where am I?" he looked around it was pitch black darker than dark he grabed one of the bars and bent it with his demon strength and walked out of the cage then...lights... Spotlights and alarms sounded he was in no ordnaiy jail he was in a demon prison he laughed as he burst threw a wall and made his escape with his sword he was home free but what was home to him?
  2. Ivan stepped forward, out of the woods, towards the demon. His hand was on a sword of his own. A cigarette hang from his mouth, and he stopped about 20 feet away from the shrill beast. He gritted his teeth as he spoke; "Looks like a little birdy got out of their cage?". He drew his longsword, twirling it in the wind, waiting for a response.
  3. Shade chuckled "I aint no birdy bud" took out his demon sword pure black matching his black hair and it was serrated top to bottom it was made to kill quickly "just let me go dude ill live alone by myself" grinned "or do you want to die?'
  4. Jae stood in the darkness of the trees, she was behind the demon. She didn't say a word, just watched silently. Her green eyes surveyed the area and the situation as she started making a plan in her mind.
  5. Ivan kept his poker face. As the demon drew his sword, which was obviously made to scare, he drew his own, a sword black, matching the shade of his opponents blade. He brought a foot back to balance himself, ready for a battle. "From what I've experiences, Demons don't go a day without causing trouble, and as for your last comment..." he grins "Well, words are cheap.." he said, motioning for the demon to come at him.

    ( Ivan's Sword: )
  6. shade had chuckled "I don't wanna kill an innocent you'd be a valuable asset if id ever need one any way" he put his sword in its sheath and smiled "attack if you want I shall not judge you if you decide to "
  7. Kane scoffed from the trees above them at the demon's promise not the judge. What a liar, he'll be monitoring every single move the other guy makes. Kane had to give him a hand though, thanks to that demon the gaurds had been distracted enough for him to escape from the prison as well. "If you two are gonna fight can you do it already?" he calls down to them. I need some money and looting you might get me enough, he thinks to himself.
  8. Jae's attention snapped up to the newcomer in the trees as a voice drifted down. Who is that? She flitted silently behind the trees until she could see him clearly. Another escapee.. Her hand jumped to the line of daggers on her belt. She wasn't going to let them get out of this area without severe injuries. That was her job, after all.
  9. Shade chuckled "So many people..." Then he did something strange he reached for his large case he took out a violin "a demons melody of death maybe? yes it is" he grinned a bit then started to play it was beautiful sounding yet sad.
  10. Kane hissed at the sound of the violin song. There was something wrong with it. His chest started to hurt. Tailoned hands went up to cover his ears as he glared at Shade. "What are you doing?"
  11. Shade glared at Kane "You hear the song of a demons melody of death?"
  12. Kane backs up and shakes his head. "I don't know what you're talking about." He looks around from his tree, scorpion tail arched close to his body. White slited pupils narrow as he senses another person hiding near them.
  13. Shade "I am playing a demons melody "
  14. Teris comes out of the giant hole Shade made in the prison. "Extra time for breaking property! Get back in you cage or face me!" She was the warden of this prison even though she was a demon herself. Her views though are of justice and peace. She will be violent if necessary. Oh. She's also blind.
  15. Kane glared at the demon. "I got that part. So?" He laughs when another demon comes out of the prison, this one female and creaming about a cage. She must be a guard or something. This was time for him to fight or get far away. "Lady, I don't think any of us are going back in there..."
  16. shade "ahhh ello lovely" he had a grin on his face he had a crush on Teris she was cute to him he knew it wouldn't work thou
  17. "Lady?! I am the warden of this place!" She walks up to Ivan. "So you better say yes ma'am. Got it?!" She looks over to Shade. "Cage! NOW! Don't make me say it a second time." She was angry. "You smell like sweat and stupidity, demon."
  18. shade "cus you make me play this damned violin ! " sighs "I like drums better ma'am"
  19. Teris laughs. "The violin is more sad and that's how you spend your days. Now back in you cage!" She slams her cane into his foot. "That's your very last warning. Cage or die by your own kind!"
  20. "The warden of the place I escaped from? Means nothing, lady." He streches and yawns. "Unless you have cash on you, because I might need that." Kane laughs at her display of "power" with the cane. So uptight.