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  1. A Male Angel x Female Demon pairing between Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty and @Redgrave!
  2. [​IMG]

    With a sigh, Mathias looked around at the academy's campus from his aerial view. He wasn't exactly excited to be placed at this school, but knew he had little say otherwise. It wasn't just that he was here while his friends went to school elsewhere, it was also that he wasn't very thrilled with having to keep himself a bit in check so as to not draw too much attention from humans. As he lands his white, feathery wings fold up to take up less space. "Guess I won't get much done by just flying around." he remarks to himself as he starts heading in the direction of the what he assumed was the main hall. It would reflect a bit badly on himself to be late for freshman orientation and he at least wanted to get to know the area a little better.
  3. [​IMG]

    Evangeline looked around uncomfortably as demon and angel students walked past, their groups clearly cliques. Shed observed human schools from afar when she had finished her home school work and these creatures around her were very much like them. It was her first year at an actual school as her older brother had always taught her from home.

    "Watch it angel," a girl with dark wings barked at her, shoving past Evy.

    "I'm not an angel," she growled under her breath, her white wings giving an involuntary shake in anger.

    The strawberry blonde demon took a deep breath and followed the crowd into the main hall where there was a giant banner proclaiming a welcome to all the new comers and a welcome back to the students returning. Standing on her tip-toes she saw a sign that directed freshmen to the informal dinning room for orientation.

    Once she'd shoved her way into the surprisingly large room and sat down at an empty table along the side of the room somewhere between the door and the podium in front of the large windows streaming sunlight onto the majority of the round wooden tables covered with white and gold stiff table cloths. Each table had about six chairs and in front of each chair was a glass of ice, pitchers of lemonade, tea and water sat next to the subtle light pink and white flower center pieces.

    A young male teacher with a robe covering his wings stood in front of the podium and observed the students as they took their time settling in. Evy looked to the larger crowds of students who were laughing and talking loudly, jealous of their ease with one another.

    She sighed again, contemplating introducing herself to some of the other students.
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  4. As Mathias finds his way into the dining room he took note of the appearance of the room. Large, formal, and definitely decorated to give a formal impression. He nodded a little to himself, glad that this place can at least give the right impression inside its walls. He didn't pay a whole lot of attention to whoever he decided to make his way through, if any people at all. Any rude remarks he received (more than a few, really) earned little but a dismissive wave of either his hand or one of his angel wings. Why couldn't father bother putting him somewhere a little closer up in Heaven, anyway? Something about learning a little more about humility, if Mathias recalled correctly. With his family's status the young blonde angel doubted its necessity.

    It looked like many of these tables were filled and many of the other students were having a nice time settling in. As he spent a moment observing the other students he noticed one of the tables only had a single occupant. Was it someone like himself who wanted little to do with this school? With those wings of her's Mathias was certain it was an angel like himself. Getting to know another person or two around here would do him more good than harm. After all, who you know is just as important as what you know. He walks over to the table the strawberry blonde girl is sitting at and takes a seat across the table. "So, what's your name?" he asks Evangeline. "I'm Mathias."
  5. [​IMG]

    Evy barely hid her surprise as a boy her age sat down beside her, prompting a conversation with his introduction.

    "Evy," she said nodding at him. "Nice to meet you."

    There was a moment's pause where the demon girl felt that she should say something. Suddenly another student sat down, her bags fell to the marble floor with a rattle as the copious amount of key chains on her zippers jingles and smacked together.

    "Hey, I'm Lilith!" She said cheerily, holding her hand out to Evy, who she say closest too. "Angel."

    Evy swallowed wishing she'd been able to wait just a bit longer before the suspicious looks began. It always seemed that when she introduces herself as a demon, angels looked at her like she had fallen and not like she'd been born a demon; demons looked at her like something scrumptious to eat- perhaps they too thought she had fallen and had secrets to tell. All because she had white wings- almost unheard of in the Dark Race.

    "Evy- demon." She said in a rush.

    "Demon?" Lilith asked. Evy nodded nervously, "Awesome." Lilith smiled and turned to Mathias, sticking her hand out, "Hey, I'm Lilith."

    Evy sighed quietly in relief. That wasn't so bad.
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  6. Oh, she was a demon? He figured it was an easy guess why she seemed so nervous. His father had more than a few choice words regarding demons, and even more for fallen angels. Mostly old hatreds stemming from his time in the angel's military forces. Mathias kept his initial doubts about her to himself for now, he was in no shape to be complaining right now. He firmly shook hands with their new angel table mate. "I'm Mathias," he replies as he shakes her hand, "Angel, of course." he finishes. A demon with Angel wings and an Angel with a demon name. He suspected his next encounter would likely have another surprise waiting. He had to wonder how Lilith managed to fit so many key chains on her bags though. Now that he thought about it, Javen should be done arranging and bringing his bags. As if on cue, an older well-dressed angel quickly made his way with several bags in tow. His green eyes made a quick scan before finding Mathias, and bringing his couple of bags and suitcases over.

    "I wasn't sure if I would make it time, young master. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long." the older Angel says to Mathias as he puts his bags down by the blonde angel. "I hadn't received word of your departure until you had already left."

    "No, not at all. As always, you managed to be here a little early." Mathias replies as he shakes his head. "Just go ahead and take them over to where I'll be staying, then you can take the rest of the day off." With a nods Javen takes the bags and departs as quickly as he had entered. Mathias looks back to the girls. "So, what brings the two of you to the school?"
  7. Evy glanced at Lilith when a man approached with a number of bags and struck up a short conversation with their tablmate, calling him 'master'.

    Evy's brother told her about a time when their parents could control humans or use them as hosts and the strawberry blonde couldn't help but wonder if Mathias' was that rich or if his fame just had similar powers. Although she found it hard to believe that angels would do that to humans.

    "My mum wants me to meet other angels my age before my first Task." Lilith explained with a large smile, hiding the look she and Evangeline and exchanged before he turned back their way.

    With a nod to Evy she continued, "An angel's first Task is their God assigned mission. Sometimes it's bringing a child into the world and sometime it's helping someone out of it. So what about you Evy?"

    Evy knew what a Task was- demons had their own form of the righteous mission.

    "Oh, I was homeschooled until now and my brother got a new," she cleared her throat and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, "new job. And he can't help me finish my education."

    Just as she was about to ask Mathias why he had chosen to come to the school, the robed figure at the front of the room called for everyone's attention.

    "I think it's about to start," Lilith whispered. Evy tried not to smile.

    "Welcome boys and girls, to Divine Heights Acadamy. Whether you've had a family member or friend attend here before or not, we ask you listen to all of the following carefully." He began, his deep voice resonating in Evangeline's bones. "First and foremost, there will be no exploring the forest. While our grounds are protected from humans, the wood around our castle is not. This area of Austria is not widely populated but w do get the occasional lost tourist. Also, you are expected to show up on time to your classes. While our school may have a college-like feel, classes are mandatory. And our third biggest room- do NOT switch dorms with ANYONE. You've been assigned rooms based on the questionnaire you filled out before coming here. I hope you took it seriously because we make no changes an no exceptions." A murmur spread throughout the room as people pondered who their roommates would be and worried over their questionnaire answers.

    "If you look in your packets on the table before you, you'll see they've been personalized and hold all the information you'll need." With a wide flourish of his hand the tables all vibrated a little as Manila envelopes appeared before each student, their names written on them in a flowing script.

    "Evangeline?" Lilith whispered loudly, "Maybe we should switch names." She giggled.
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  8. Mathias hadn't even noticed the looks his tablemates had exchanged and was about to say something when the person in front finally decided to start speaking. Wait, Austria? Where the heck was that even at? Did he know even less about Earth than he originally suspected? He could hardly stand for this, and for a moment paid little mind to the appearance of the envelope until the recommendation to look at it. The penmanship was very nice touch to them, and Mathias was careful in opening the envelope. As he did so he heard Lilith's whispered remark to Evangeline. "A lot comes with a name. Changing them is practically an insult to your family." he remarks as he looks at the envelope. He took a fair bit of pride in his own lineage, and thought many other should as well.

    He wondered who his roommate would end up being. But then he realized he hadn't told either of them why he was here and decided that it couldn't hurt to do so. "Since I didn't have time to say so earlier, I had little choice but to come here. Father said it would be good for me." he informs the two girls. "Said something about 'building character' I believe." he adds, wrinkling his nose a little as he tried to hide some of his annoyance while putting a bit of a softer spin on the whole thing.
  9. Evy hid a giggle behind her hand as Lilith nodded with a smile. "Doesn't that always seem to be the case?" Evy offered, opening up her folder and tipping the contents out as the teacher continued to speak.

    "Who's your roommate, Mathias?" Lilith asked as the girls sifted through their papers, each finding their roommate forms at the same time. They looked to one another and giggled again.

    Roommate Information Form
    Student: Evangeline Helton
    Species: Demon
    Grade: Freshmen
    Room Number: 617
    Roommate: Lilith Haven

    "What are the odds?" Lilith said just before the man in front of the windows shushed the room again, "So who is your roommate, Mat?" Lilith whispered jokingly with a wink.
  10. (On my phone right now. It doesn't do italicizing or anything that's not plain text very well. I'll try to get my form up next post or two.) Well, what were the odds of the two of those girls being in the same room? At least if he ever visited them it would be a quick, easy trip. "Likely someone I don't know." Mathias whispers back as he glances over his form. He generally wasn't a fan of getting nicknames from someone he just met, but it was 't worth bringing up. Time to see who his new roommate is. Hopefully they wouldn't cause too much trouble. "Looks like it's some guy named Zaine." He finally replies, giving a small shrug. "Never heard of him, but I'll know him soon enough." He had to admit, the name sounded a lot like it belonged to a demon.

    As he hears the adult at the front area try to quiet the room, he wondered how much more was needed to be said for this orientation. Surely he was nearly done, right?
  11. Evy shrugged and poured herself a glass of lemonade, quietly drinking it as she and her two new friends settled in for the rest of orientation. Most of it consisted of dress code and more rules about academics and such.

    "One last thing before I dismiss you to explore the grounds and your new home- keep in mind, students, that this is a school for both angels and demons. This is a haven. So you should not be surprised to find that your roommates are all of the opposite species." A good portion of the room erupted in angry gasps and grumbles as the man who had referred to himself as the Assistant Headmaster spoke louder, not bothering to call for order again. "I expect complete and total cooperation on every student's part- no changes will be made." he nodded and turned from the podium to exit out a side door.

    "Well, what now? Want to go roam the castle? or the grounds? Or maybe-," Lilith raised her eyebrows and adopted a false spooky story voice, "the forest! OOOOH!" she made some not so creepy ghoulish sounds with a wide smile.

    Evy laughed and stood at the same time as Mathias and Lilith, throwing her bag over her shoulder, "I don't know, I suppose if Mathias isn't in any hurry to get comfortable with your roomie then we can take a trip to the room- human style? It'll give us a chance to explore a little bit of the castle as well. We gotta go to the 6th and 7th floors anyways- those are where the dorms are according to this booklet." she held up one of the packets that had been in the big envelope. "Or not- it doesn't matter to me." she smiled shyly as Lilith hooked her arm through Evy's making the demon just a little uncomfortable.

    "What do you say Mathias?"
  12. Bah, his roommate meeting could wait until he decided to make it happen. "A small trip around the castle wouldn't hurt." He says in agreement with the two girls. He had spent plenty of time looking at the outside, but not inside. Mathias couldn't but break into only a smile at humorous and awkward Evy and Lilith looked right now. "The forest can wait, as much I would like to see it."

    Mathias walking out of the room, making his way around some other students. "Come on you two, let's get right to it!" He exclaims to Lilith and Evy as he goes out. He was looking foward to a self-guided tour with the two.
  13. Evy pulled Lilith along, not wanting to lose Mathias in the crowd. So where too first? she thought tempted to grab his hand so they wouldn't get separated.

    "Do you guys wanna drop our stuff off first?" Lilith nearly had to shout to be heard.

    "Do you really think angel girls should be holding hands? It's a little lesbian don't you think? I thought God frowned on that sort of thing." a snarky voice said from nearby as they'd been stopped in the doorway as the crowd bottle necked into it.

    "Oh she's not an angel." Lilith said confused. "She's a demon."

    The blonde looked surprised at first and then sneered, crossing her arms over her chest, "A Fallen, huh?"

    "No- I um- I'm a demon." Evy swallowed and looked to Mathias for help. As sweet and funny as Lilith was- she clearly wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
  14. Mathias had managed to stop just short of being stuck in the bottlenecked doorway so he could keep track of his two acquaintances when he heard the blonde talking to the two. Was lilith really this dense? Evy's seemed to suggest he should help and step in. There wasn't exactly a whole lot he would do, other than talk back at her. If she got rough or challenged him however, Mathias wouldn't mind putting her in her place. He makes his way a bit closer to the two. Whoever this was, he really cared little to attempt to talk to her. "Come on, ignore the peanut gallery and let's get a move on. Your bags aren't going to move themselves into your rooms." he says as he offers one of his hands to Lilith and Evy. Somehow, he suspected this wouldn't be over so soon though.
  15. "What was her deal?" Lilith said, heaving her bag up onto her shoulder.

    "I actually, um, get that a lot." Evy mumbled as they finally broke through the crowd. "Thanks Mathias." she said in relief.

    "What's a Fallen, anyway?" Lilith asked, letting go of their hands. "I've heard of it before but no one likes to talk about it."

    Evy didn't want to answer so she waited- assuming Mathias would. He seemed like an intelligent guy.
  16. Mathias gives Evy a nods of acknowledgement back. "Wasn't a problem." he replies to her. Somehow he wasn't surprised that she got a lot of flak, since it was an easy mistake. Even he first thought she was an angel. To be honest, he wasn't too sure on how to nicely answer Lilith's inquiry, but the silence seem to imply it was on him to do so. "A Fallen is-" he stops for a moment, thinking of a decent explanation that wasn't quite so colored by his family's opinion. "-an angel that betrays their heritage, often siding with demons and the like." he says as an answer to Lilith. In his bid tomake a good answer he hadn't noticed Lilith let go, or even that he was still holding Evy's hand.
  17. Evy nodded, glad that Mathias seemed to be well versed in the ways of simply explaining a subject that caused feuds and wars that lasted centuries.

    "Oh, ok." Lilith shrugged and started walking up a stone staircase, "Come one lovebirds!" she chimed, looking over her shoulder at her two new friends who were still holding hands. It only took Evangeline a split second to realize what she was talking about before she turned bright red and quickly let go, her hand suddenly cold without Mathias's warmth.

    "Sorry," she mumbled awkwardly, shuffling along side him up the stairs. "So, any idea on what classes are going to be like?" she asked to change the subject.
  18. Mathias awkwardly looked away a little, ignoring the light blush on his face as he clears his throat a little before speaking. "Y-yeah, it's fine." he says as he hurried to keep up with Lilith on the stairs, feeling a little awkward when the angel brought it up. His father probably would crapped a brick had he seen Mathias holding hands with a demon. Mathias gives a shrug to her answer, glad for the quick diversion. "I haven't a clue. I didn't exactly get a chance to go through that packet of stuff they gave us." he replies, trying to focus a little more on seeing where the stairs led than Lilith's teasing. he wondered where these stairs would take them to.
  19. By the third floor Lilith was obviously not handling the stairs well and while Evy would rather just Blink to the sixth floor but Lilith and Mathias would have to fly over everyone or find a window to go out and then hope there was an unlocked one on their floor. Their conversations were light and mostly focused on Lilith and Mathias's lives at home. Evy kept quiet and just nodded and laughed along with them till they reached Lilith and Evy's room.

    "Can we just relax for a bit?" Lilith huffed, flopping down on the bed to her left. "I'm exhausted."

    "Me too!" Evy sighed laying down next to Lilith so both of their heads were almost against the wall and their knees hung off the bed, feet barely brushing the floor.

    "Have a seat, Matty! Make yourself comfortable! Do you mind I keep calling you Matty?" Lilith said.
  20. It had felt like a somewhat long walk up the stairs, but it was obvious neither of the girls were taking it too well. Granted, he wasn't doing much better than them. As the three of them entered he left his shoes by their door so he wouldn't track anything in. He was trying not to let on that he was a bit tired as well, but the offer to take it easy was too good not to do. "Eh, Matty just sounds kind of lame. But if you want to keep using it just keep it between us three, ok?" he replies to her inquiry as he sits on the opposite end of the bed on a small spot that they weren't covering yet. "I wouldn't mind just a moment to rest either. I doubt either of you would believe me if I tried to say that walk wasn't tiring." he remarks with a small huff. He had thought about asking Evy why she had been mostly so quiet while him and Lilith (mostly Lilith, in his opinion) were more than happy to discuss their home lives, but decided to ask when he wasn't so drained.
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