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  1. I have three ideas, not completed. But all can be either MxM or FxM.

    Idea one
    C1 was practically left at the alter and meets C2 after some depressive moments at the alter. C1and C2 hit it off and start hanging out. C1 starts having feelings and notices that they are way stronger then what they had for the person they we're going to marry. And that's about as far as I got.

    Idea two
    C1 is a pheonix in human form, on the run. C2 is from another country and doesn't know anything about pheonixes or the hunt for them. C1 meets C2 when they stumble into their back yard so to speak. C2 helps to heal C1 and they get close, C1 feels safe, because no one in this land knows what they are and about them being wanted. And I'm sure you can understand where that goes.

    Idea three would be something I just thought of recently. I can explain better in detail when I get my laptop. But the general idea would be like 'The Mortal Instruments', but I only saw the first movie so it would be like that, sorry.
  2. We could talk about your third one more if you'd like. Pm me if you'd like.

    I've also only saw the first movie so we'd be on the same page! And if I am not interested in that, I like your first idea a little.
  3. I'm interested in your second idea. c:
  4. Pm me for first idea! I would like to do that one!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.