Romance Gone Wrong

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Kastuki was a writer she usaly would just stay home to write but today she was having troubles, she couldn't write her novel. PeoPle shouted and screamed at her when she walked by always asking for her auto graph or what's going to be I. Her next book. She was starting to regret ever startting the romance series. She had never truely been in love before.
As if it could be even worse... Loki's whole day had been a complete catastrophy. First some nasty kids demolished his car, then he had a serious argument with his boss, and the icing on this awful cake? His girlfriend betrayed him for some guy who looked like a mix of a Ken doll from barbie series and a deformed Santa Claus. To think of it this last event was the worst. Not like he couldn't get another girlfriend but in a week's time it would have been their 2nd anniversary. Oh well life goes on he thought, still moving through the city centre. It was the middle of January and snow was densely covering almost everything besides the road. Trees looked like big vanilia lolipops and even the sky looked like it was masked by snow. Loki pulled his leather jacket tighter and puted skewer into his mouth ? . For a few seconds he even thought that moving from his comfortable apartament was bad mistake but on second thought staying in that apartament could end in his belongings learning how to fly through the window.

Around 20 minutes after his walk, Loki finaly gave up on wandering through the city centre and finally decided to find some bar and drink a few beers or maybe even something stronger. Loki rarely took alcohol but his position called for it. Not only because he knew that his red dreadlocks had turned into icicles but also he just needed to forget this day. He started looking around for any bar sign but so far he couldnt find anything. He started to nervously play with the skewer in his mouth, and wonder if this city even had any bars or just they were abstinent. Just right after that thought he accidently bumped into someone. Loki was torn out from his trance and looked in front to see to who he bumped in, and then he noticed the young woman lying on the ground. He moved to her side and offered to give her a hand to help her stand up and said. -Are you allright Miss?-
Katsuki had been walking down the street wantin to grab a bite to eat at her favorite care when she suddenly got hit. Falling into the snow want fun, it was cold and wet. A hand came into view then a voice from behind her asking if she was alright. Taking he hand she allowed him to help her up.
"Thank you." she muttered her musical voice chirped."I'm fine."
She turned to face the man tryin to fix he long silver hair, it was tangled and annoying her so she decided just to put it up into a messy bun. He paused her hazel hues locking with his he looked like her story book character. "Do I know you?"
Loki looked at her carefully and lifted eye brown after he heard that sentence. Right after he smiled and said -No, I don't think so Miss. I'm few days in this town, and I'd rather have good memory of faces I meet-

After saying that he hopelessly looked around him and threw away old skewer from his mouth and put new one and said -Hey, do you know maybe some bar, I could hang myself in? Or maybe, this place just never heard of place like that, because so far I checked. I couldn't find any bar in this city-
Katsuki blinked, "Need some one to talk to? You sound troubled." she smiled softly checking her watch it was still noon. "I know a lovely cafe down the street." she didn't like People talking about death it was one of her biggest pet peeves.

She turned to walk not looking back to see if he followed, she was cold and wet. "You can at least buy me coffee for knocking me down."
He couldn't disagree with her in both things. He indeed had troublesome day, and calling it troublesome was really gently called. And maybe she's right, maybe he really needs someone to talk to? After all something in her was really interesting yet he didn't know what it could be. And secondly, she really looked like she just swam in the pool with all clothes. Skewer in his mouth started to move from 1st to 2nd end of his mouth like it always did when he was thinking. -Well lady you maybe better first tell me your name? -
Katsuki stopped before stepping onto the street, she looked around before turning around. She was bold putting her hands on his shoulder pulling him down to whisper. "Katsuki Maianito." she smiled moving away going back to the street lamp to press the button. She waited patently for the light glancing back at the sad stranger.
Eye brown again lifted up. As far as he knows peoples that silently whispers, their names or have deep troubles that are like virus who spreads on everyone and infects them, or they just don't want to be recognized. By looking at her, he put 2nd option that is more possible. By nodding head, he informed her that he understood and heard. Somehow, nothing was brining into his mind what to say especially she even didn't asked for his name, so he decided to remain silent and follows her.
As soon as Katsuki entered the cafe she changed taking off her jacket to let it drip dry. She looked irritated as she walked over to a table. The waiter gave her a double take before rushing away. Her frown turned into a scold. "Can't go any where with out bEing recognized these days." she sighed "So tell me your story. Why do you want to give up when your so young." she asked motioning for him to sit at the table with her. She wasn't going to apologize for being demanding, it was natural for her, expesaly when she needed it with her publishers. "Don't leave a detail out, please." she laced her fingers to gather leaning on the table setting her chin on her fingers. Waiting.
Loki took off the jacket and placed on the chair next to the one he took a seat, opposite to her.
-And who said I'm giving up in my life? - Fact was that this day was pretty bad but god! Everyone can have a sometimes bad day doesn't it? Besides Loki didn't like pretty much when someone completely new to him starts interesting in his life, why he even had to tell her that? However, she somewhat had in her that almost like was hypnotizing him to tell her everything about his life. Her eyes were like piercing through him and look at his soul. -I just had a bad day that's all, besides why you're interested in this and what's up with that high name conspiracy?-. Even if she had something magical in herself old rules that he strictly followed "If u don't meet your partner you can get in mine" still remained.
She sighed, "I'm a writer and just happens to be the series I wrote every one likes so much I can't have a moment of peace." she awnsered softly. "Wasn't it you who asked where you could kill your self in a bar?" she asked mentioning their earlier conversation that had lasted only a few minutes. A cup of Coffee was set in frount of her with a note pad and pen.
A girl with bright orange hair beamed just inches away, "Please may I have your auto graph!?" she gushed.
Katsuki put on a fake smile and signed, before she could say a word she was hugged then the girl ran away. She was left frowning at the stranger. "That reminds me what's your name." she hadnt given him much reaction time to speak so she went silent.
-They call me Loki, Loki Liarfather- he said. To be honest Loki wasn't shocked or surprised about what he saw and neither, he had any interest in her books. However, since he tried to be nice a bit he asked - Oh really then about what you're writing ?-
Katsuki smiled, "I'll tell you the same as everyone else." she pulled out a book mark 'Tides Are Shifting' engraved on the frount, "You have to read it to find out." she was proud of her books, she would have never guessed they'd be best sellers "Loki, that's a nice name. It's as if your the keeper of Ragnarok." she joked.
-Hmm...Maybe I Check your Book-. To be honest Loki didn't had an interest for books because of mood but who knows, maybe he will check her book later. -And thank you about a compliment for my name- And without any will, he just smiled.
Katsuki frown she could feel something was wrong. Her expression sofened and she smiled. "You in pain right now over a girl aren't you?" it was all she said those few words echoing in te silence between them.
-Well...kinda yeah, my girlfriend just leaved me for some guy who look like poo that went throug mixer- Right after those words he noticed he did big mistake. He never was telling anyone that he have problem and more, what problem he have. He caughed his mouth and cold sweat went through his forehead. He looked at her eyes deeply and he started thinking "What the hell is wrong with you Loki?! You just allowed yourself to be manipuled by that chick! Snap it out!" but somwhere deep inside other voice , softlier and much more nicer than last one was telling him to keep looking at her eyes and say anything she want. Loki leaved hands off from his mouth and started to keep going on, while could not leave an eye from her sight, he was like totaly paralyzed -especially soon it was suposed to be our 2nd year anniversary...-
"Sounds to me she doesn't deserve you." she replied when he was finished her scarlet eyes locked with his urging him to say more but she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. Breaking eye contact she looked down at her coffee. "You shouldn't be held back by a girl that takes advantage of you."
Right after she broke up eye contact with Loki he felt how his heart was beating like hammer. He never ever before feld such thing. He tried to hide his emotions but sweat could not stop showing up more and more. After few seconds of deep silence he spoke again. -we never had good connections together but it wasnt looking like she was going to leave me like that. In fact i never knew woman who could be loyal like her- After that he took a slip from his coffe and still was looking at her like hypnotized.
"Well you have to look harder." the waitress stopped by asking if they need anything, "I'll take a Death by Chocolate, please. What abou you Loki?" he looked back at him raising a brow, "Are you alright you'll get sick if you keep going like that." with out thinking she picked out a napkin dabbing sweat off his face, hr froze when she realized what she had done.
-Umm...I just ask for chocolate cake please.- he said to waitress. He was totaly paralyzed like someone just took his ability to move. Her smooth skin that went through his forehead was feeling that he couldnt compare to anything else. Loki was always carefully but this time he could not disagree. That was 1st time when he fallen in love from 1st sight. It was like deadly posion that went through his body. He couldnt say or do anything , all he could do was watching at her. Even the voice from his head completly gone, now nothing was matter but only her and only this moment.