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  1. So recently I've had a huge craving for fantasy plots, only to find I had just about no fantasy role plays currently going. I had tons of plots going through my head for different role plays and really no where to use them so I'm just going to be looking for 2-3 purely fantasy role plays. That's not to say I want to jump into a roleplay super quickly, I'd rather find a good partner to roleplay with. And so along with several plots located below are also some requirements of sorts. Mostly it just refers to posting quantity and a little bit about quality. I also went ahead and included some rp samples from my previous/current role plays to see if you'd like to roleplay with me. There are plots below and pairings so if you don't see a certain plot you like just ask for a pairing and we can work something out. Enjoy, and if you're interested just say so and I'll PM you! :)

    • Be able to give at least one detailed, paragraph. I know everyone has different judges of how much detail qualifies "detailed", and I don't expect you to write like a best selling author, but semi literary would be nice. My sample below could be used as an example, as I would never consider it professional, but it stills has some details in it.
    • For length, above I said one paragraph at least, but I work best with several paragraphs. Around 2-3 medium length ones would be nice. I think it moves the rp along at a nice pace while also being slow enough to do a give and take for play-by-post rps.
    • Very sorry, but I only play female characters and I would prefer an MxF roleplay. Which would mean my partner would play a male character.
    • My character sheets generally include the basic information and also a fairly long paragraph on the characters personality. It doesn't have to be super in depth to the character because sometime I don't even have a clear handle on my characters personality until the roleplay, but nothing bland or too simple please.
    • I feel like I'm giving you guys a whole bunch of rules that make people not want to roleplay with me? I hope I don't come across as pretentious or rude or anything like that...
    • Last thing (I swear!) is to contribute some smaller plots. Ever rp has a large big picture plot that is the ultimate design but then there are smaller plots that kind of keep your interest while trying to follow the main rp. [spoil](Ex. The main plot is two characters going on a quest to slay a dragon, but the side/sub plots would be stopping to help a village town or trying to escape from the captivity of an evil sorcerer. Ultimately ot the main plot, but interesting nonetheless.)[/spoili] just overall helping with plotting would be nice.
    God(dess) of Death x God(dess) of Life
    Sorceress/Sorcerer x Human
    Sorcerer x Sorceress
    Angel x Demon

    (Number of !!! indicates level of interest)
    Dragon Slayer x Dragon Shifter [AU Fantasy] !!!!!!!!!!
    The Hunters Sword (open)
    Muse A is a dragon slayer that comes from a prestigious line of mythical creature hunters. The whole family is skilled in their craft, able to catch even the trickiest creatures for any purpose. They never tend to think of what happens to the creatures they turn over, such as how the endangered basilisk they hunted will only be used for it's skin, or how the pixie will have their wings clipped to be used in a sorcerers potion. The most famous of the family is Muse A though, who hunts the reclusive dragon species. They travel all over to catch the beasts, to take the teeth, claws, scales, horns and whatever else can be salvaged and sold on the magic market. And on one recent expedition they spot the most beautiful dragon they have ever seen, but just as Muse A prepares to kill the beast in one quick stab of their sword they are spotted. A fight ensues in which Muse A can only get in a few cuts along the dragons stomach before it flies away. In poor spirits Muse A returns to their cabin, only to find a badly wounded person, Muse B, leaning against their door. Quick to help the person inside the cabin and treat their injuries Muse A hardly thinks about how the cuts look similarly placed to the ones she landed on the dragon not an hour earlier. Muse B, a human cursed to shift into a dragon, is aware of who Muse A is, the infamous dragon slayer, and knows that if they reveal themselves they would be killed instantly. They try to keep their condition secret, even as an attraction builds between the two. But when the time comes to level after being fully healed Muse B must decide the best course of action, to not reveal themselves and risk breaking Muse A's trust, to reveal themselves and hope to not be killed by Muse A's blade, or to leave the person they have slowly come to love behind.

    Half-Dragon x Human [Medieval Fantasy] !!!!!!!!
    Of Scales and Silk (open)
    Muse A is the youngest daughter of a noble's family, someone who would have been of little importance had her birthday not fallen directly on the summer solstice. Because in the small village there exists a morbid ritual of sacrificing any person who is born on or closest to the summer solstice to appease the fire breathing dragon who once terrorized the town centuries ago. No one has seen the dragon since the last attack and the town elders are positive it is because of the sacrifices they send each year. And on Muse A's 18th birthday they become the sacrifice, delivered to the edge of a large forest in the finest red silk clothes their family could afford. There they walked beneath the trees canopy while all the while expecting the ferocious dragon to come enjoy them as a meal, but what Muse A discovered instead was Muse B, a person who very much resembled a human in the shape of their body but with some very obvious discrepancies. Such as exaggerated fangs that replaced the canine teeth, the slitted pupils, or the slightly sharpened fingernails, but most noticeably the tough dragon scales that decorated the half-dragons back and shoulders.
    Muse B reveals to Muse A that the dragon had died many years ago and that they were there merely by chance after being cursed by a sorceress for a wrong doing. When the first sacrifice had arrived Muse B had given them two options, to either stay here, or leave to another town and never return home, because if they returned home the truth about the dead dragon would be revealed and the villagers would come to kill Muse B. The first sacrifice, as well as every other after that, choose to leave towards another town. Muse B had been living alone that whole time, but despite their loneliness gave Muse A the same options. Feeling bad for the half-dragon, Muse A decides to stay, on the condition that they may leave if they ever felt the need. Both Muse A and B expect that to be the end of their troubles.
    But in the village unrest is growing as word has spread from a travelers mouth that a previous sacrifice has been spotted, alive and well, only a few towns over. After sending the parents out to confirm that it is indeed her, they return to the village furious. It becomes clear to the village that the dragon had been wasting the sacrifices they sent it by sending them off, and they intend to exact revenge on the winter solstice, when they believe the dragon is weakest. Meanwhile, unaware of this scheme, Muse A and B live peacefully, growing fonder of each other with each passing day. When the villagers do finally come, Muse A may be forced to leave Muse B and return to the villager, or to run off with Muse B and never live amongst humans again.

    Pirate Captain x Captive [Medieval/Historical Fantasy] !!!!
    Tales of the High Seas (open)
    Muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When Muse A was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has always been there, Muse A has since refused to ever board another ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, Muse B, heads for the most opulent-looking manor.
    Tales of the High Seas (open)
    Muse B breaks in to Muse A’s home and begins to raid Muse A’s late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop Muse B, Muse A steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since Muse A has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by Muse B. Upon taking a closer look at Muse A, Muse B decides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So Muse B offers a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, Muse A must come aboard Muse B’s ship as a captive. Muse A is terrified, but they are kind-hearted and wish to protect their town, so they reluctantly agree. So now Muse A must face their fears and leave their life behind. How will they fare and what will their relationship be like with Muse B? *Plot belongs to plotsforall on tumbler*
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  2. Hello. Let me start out saying that you are the very first person I have met who posted the pairing God(ess) of Death x God(ess) of Life, and to be honest I've been super craving something along those lines of Life x Death/Day x Night. I have a dangerous itch to play it, but unfortunately I have no solid plot, only a small idea that I'm not entirely sure where to take it with. Which is a bummer, because it feels like I finally found someone, but alas I have nothing to great to offer.
  3. @Taichou I'm so sorry that it took me this long to reply to you! I'm still very interested in roleplaying with you are available. And it's fine if you can't think of a plot I'm sure we can work on one together! :)
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  4. I just want to say that I am very interested in the dragon-themed roleplay ideas! I've also been craving something of the sort, and would love to talk some more about it with you if you are still open to them.
  5. Of course! I'll PM you so we can chat more about it.
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