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  1. Everyone needs some extent of inspiration. Everything's inspired by something else.

    Let's see how I can help...
  2. Definitely going to make like two Fae siblings.
  3. @Crow Nah Im just in a very creative mood. I haven't been in a really long time. I used some inspiration from stories but I weaved it into my own fantasy story and made my own world.
  4. *Leaves a note*

    It is more than a game! But I can't win! If Gorefang dies, then I must too!!!

  5. Jian Qi Zhang

    Hearing footsteps, Jian immediately had looked up, and into the eyes of a grown adult. The first impression that was given to him was that of the face of a warrior, or Viking. He wasn't sure what to say to not sound suspicious, as the other had sat down. "Otto?" he tested the name, with a slight asian accent in his pronunciation before giving a polite dip of his head. "Nice to meet you." He figured given the casual tone the other had given, he wouldn't need to add a 'mister' as a title. He didn't get a chance to tell of his name, as soon afterwards another had came in.

    The first notable thing about him was that he didn't look too much older than Jian. He decided that perhaps it might be easiest to ask him about the rest of the group. Soon after, others had came. He noticed that there was a woman, and then a soldier. Though nothing was said between him and the young woman, he couldn't help but feel that some of the adults may be exasperated that yet again there was another burden to the group with the addition of another teenager "Hello," he gave the similar polite nod, though was suddenly surprised when the dark shadow had moved. He would perhaps not have noticed if Maine had not mentioned about it. Once again, several times he hadn't gotten a chance to speak his name being distracted by observing the new people that were coming in, until a man named "Mr. Green" had entered with a few others.

    Slight anxiousness dropped in his stomach as his eyes scanned over the schedule on the paper quickly, the other half of his head concentrating on Mr. Green talking. His eyes perked up when it was mentioned that they could explore around later on.


    When Mr Green had walked over towards one of the bedroom doors to wake up one other girl in their group, Jian turned to the others. "Sorry about earlier," he said in a slight apologetic tone, referring to him not giving his name before. "Nice to meet you all again." He was quiet for a moment while pushing back his now-emptied plate. "Were you all... together after you left the E.I.? Before getting here?" he asked, looking around before his eyes finally settled on Otto, whom he assumed was the leader.
  6. heh. perhaps I'll get my jolly's off making violent art about him.

    i did it for the fucker that was protesting at the funerals of American soldiers because they died for a country that promotes homosrexuality.

    i featured his face, a chainsaw and some lyrics from Limp Bizkit's song Break Stuff
  7. XD

    These comics are absolutely terrible. Chik comics or whatever...the guy sits in a basement and churns out this stuff...

    Just reading it is I never say 'lolzy'

    *Saves the picture above*

    This will make a good segue way into my new Demo-I mean Dungeons and Dragons game.
  8. These only make me laugh more.
  9. Someone needs to tell Xin.
  10. I LOVE that comic it's hilarious!

    Just remember there is a difference between standing up for a faith and hiding behind it. I think the technical term for it is "Cognitive Dissidence" if I spelled that right? It's where your brain farts out your ear cause someone else's opinion shakes up your safe little view of the world. Anyone's capable of it.
  11. they try to force their shit down my throat, i loose any eloquence i might have and go for the four letter words and the fists.

    i detest people trying to religion-ify me, even though i find faith itself to be a mostly positive influence.
    (Read as: so long as religion nuts leave me alone, i leave them alone.)
  12. His name is Jack Chik.

    He's a close minded, holy roller fuck. He's a Protestant fundamentalist with nothing better to do than push his own agenda.
  13. @"Lost"
    I think society calls you a psychopath then" -he shrugs and takes another shot- "from personal experience" -he smirked slightly- "nobodies fill most of the population, that doesn't mean they can't do anything"
    "I'm like you, too much time to use killing and messed up enough to not feel guilty about it" -his nails circled on the counter-
  14. My god.... that was amusing....
  15. Warmaster's in lurve.
  16. I think I've seen something like this somewhere before....
  17. You people do realize that this comic was an advertisement for the people that made Demon the Fallen right? I can't be the only person that has ever played a White Wolf game. C__C