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  1. Samantha walked out of her family's house. She lived with her mom and dad, but her dad was at work whilst her mom was out grocery shopping. She walked the small distance to the beach that wasn't too far from their home. She saw that some people were talking in groups, playing in the sand or the ocean. She took a seat on a rock and then took out her camera to take a couple of pictures. It was her new hobby, photography. She had started making a scrap book so she could look back at all of her memories over the years. She put her camera away and then she kept on staring out. It was the middle of the afternoon and she hadn't done much except talk to some of her friends over the phone. They hadn't seen much of each other since graduation.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    "I'm headed to Itaewon! Is there anything you need, mom?" Jae called as he slipping his shoes on in the foyer. Itaewon was the most common place to find Jae because of his love for the variety of snacks they had available to satisfy his never ending hunger. It gave him something to do while he could also spend time with his friends and girl friend. It always did confuse him as to why girls loved to shop so much. Wasting away money on things that they would grow tired of two months later.

    "No. Make sure to be back by dinner time, your brother is coming to eat with us!" Jae's mother answered shortly.

    "Okay, I will." Jae said before exiting the apartment and making a beeline for the elevator. After waiting for the elevator to make a trip up to the 23rd floor then down, with a few stops between, Jae was finally outside and on his way to Itaewon. While walking, Jae pulled out his phone and messaged Samantha, "I'm headed to Itaewon if you can spare some of your valuable time and hang with me!" It was very common for him to invite her to everything he did because he easily considered her one his best friend, plus she was younger than him and he liked to be that big brother figure to her. Though he would never say it aloud.

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  3. Outfit (open)

    Samantha felt her phone buzz, notifying her that she had a new message. It was from Jae. He was one of her few friends that she saw the most often after graduation. They lived close by and had been best friends for years now.

    'I'll be there c:' She replied and then placed her phone away. She started walking away from the beach, taking one last picture and then made her way towards Itaewon. She waited patiently for Jae to join her, smiling. She really enjoyed spending time with him. Most of all, she really loved having him as a best friend.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    Jae hopped on the bus that drove to Itaewon, since it was to far to walk to, and soon arrived. After exiting the bus Jae slipped into the large crowds and moved with the flow, knowing by experience that it was generally better to go with crowds than against. Jae pulled out his phone again to remind himself where his friends said to meet them. Mrs. Choi Dobokki Shop was the shop. "Mm, perfect." He thought, already imagining the taste of the dobokki. Messaging Samantha, Jae informed her of the location to meet him at.

    It didn't take him but 15 minutes to maneuver through the crowds to Mrs. Choi Dobokki Shop and there he was greeted by his friends, Dongwoo- who had the most obnoxious pink hair, and Inguk, always popular with the ladies, and last but certainly not least, Eunji his girlfriend. "Hey." He said, giving everyone a hug. Jae glanced around for Samantha, wondering if she had received his last message. "Have you seen Samantha?" He asked.​
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  5. Samantha made her way through the crowds and then found her friends. She made her way over to them and greeted them all with hugs. She moved over to Jae and hugged him gently. "Hi Jae" She says with a grin and then stood beside him. She mostly kept closeby him even when there was other friends about, she took hold of his hand and laced her fingers with his, then gave his hand a squeeze.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Jae Looked over at Samantha as she approached them. "Ah, Hey." He greeted her with a smile and hug as well. "Where do you want to head first?" He asked, mainly to Eunji, but he knew his friends would answer also. Jae glanced down at Samantha when she took his hand in hers and smiled, used to having her close.
    "Mm, Lets get something to eat before we do anything." Dongwoo spoke up immediately. Dongwoo had an appetite like Jae. They were always on the same page when it came to shopping.
    "Yeah, That sounds good. But I have to be home in a couple of hours, My brother is coming over for dinner." Jae added, glancing down at his watch that showed 5:15pm. Jae Followed Dongwoo and Inguk inside, walking beside Eunji. "Have you eaten?" He asked Eunji. She rarely ate out and at home only ate healthy things, which drove Jae insane because he could never really eat anything filling when at her house.
    "Yes, I ate before I came." Eunji said with a smile.
    "Ah, Of course." He said laughing. Jae took a seat with the group and ordered four servings of Dobokki. "You're hungry, right?" Jae asked Samantha, Looking across at her.​
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  7. Samantha nodded as she stared down at the table they were sitting at. She was a shy person and didn't say that much, she didn't feel that confident with big crowds of people even though there was only a couple of them there. She chews her bottom lip and then kept on staring down at the table. When the servings of Dobokki came she stared down at her plate and pushed the food around her plate, then puts some into her mouth. Sometimes she felt a little left out when they were all gathered around in a group, because she didn't feel like she fit in because she was so shy. She was okay with Jae though, that's because she's known him since diapers.​
  8. [​IMG]

    Before you knew it an hour and a half had passed, the group now residing at the north end of Itaewon. Eunji and Inguk had left half an hour ago for a class so the group was now just Dongwoo, Samantha, and Jaewon. Jae hadn't noticed the time pass and now he would be late getting home. "Oh, I have to get home. My will probably curse me out for being late." He joked, though everyone knew his mother did have a temper when crossed. "Don't do anything stupid, Dongwoo." Jae added as he turned to leave.

    Dongwoo laughed and nodded, giving Jae a playful shove before disappearing into the crowds.

    Jaewon faced Samantha with an unusual, but obviously begging smile. "Ah, Samantha. Mom invited you to come over for dinner." Jae said, as though it was an after thought." Please come, you could be my excuse to escape early." Jae giving her his best puppy eyes. He never did like being around his older brother because he constantly bragged about going through the army, even though Jae would have to go soon also.​
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  9. [Aw! So cute!]

    Samantha giggled and then nodded. "Sure! I'll give my parents a call" She said and then got her phone from her pocket. Her mom picked up, she said it was okay if she went over to have dinner with Jae. She said goodbye and then hung up,putting her phone away.

    "My mom said it would be okay" She said and then laced her fingers with his. She smiled, and then lay her head onto his shoulder.
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  10. Jae grinned. "Great. Let's hurry." He said in a happier tone then before. Turning in the direction of the bus stop, Jaewon began marching the growing crowd. Itaewon was most busy at night because people would get off of work and come to the clubs or go drinking. A life style he would soon assume for another 40 years of his life.

    * * *

    Once on the bus, Jaewon spoke to break the silence. "What have you been doing lately? I haven't seen you as much this summer because of school." He asked, looking down at Samantha. It was a rather dry question, but his mind was on other things at the moment. ​
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  11. Samantha nodded and then slipped her hand into his, giving his palm a brief squeeze. She shrugged at his question. "Not much. It's been really boring actually. I haven't spoken to some of my other friends since graduation. How about you?" She asked, smiling at him.
  12. [​IMG]

    Jaewon laughed at her simple answer. "Eh? So boring sounding!" He joked, leaning his elbow on the window seal beside him. "You really aren't very talkative today." Jae observed, wondering what was the cause for such silence. "I've been up to school. It takes up eighty percent of my day! then I either go home, play League of Legends are the Internet cafe, or hang out with my group." Jae answered shortly, moving to a position that faced the front of the bus.

    Jaewon had fallen silent, his mind wondering. He had a lot going on in his life at the moment. "What would you say if I told you I wanted to study abroad in America?" Jae asked suddenly, looking up then at Samantha. He had been struggling greatly with this question, and now that a new school year would be starting soon, this question had continuously come around. ​
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  13. Samantha was taken aback by his question. "I, uh. I don't know. Why? Are you actually considering it?" She questioned. It was true, she would know what to do if her best friend suddenly left to study abroad. With her other friends being too busy to stay in contact, she wouldn't know what to do. But was he actually considering it? If so, why did he choose to study abroad and not just over where they were currently living?
  14. [​IMG]

    Her reaction was what he expected, and what he wanted. Jaewon kept his gaze straight ahead as he leaned back in his seat. "It has come up a lot when talking with my friends and family, there have also been so many opportunities for me to study cheaply in America." He explained to her. Biting his lip, Jaewon spoke again. "And Eunji is going to be studying abroad." Jaewon added.

    He didn't expect Sammy to understand this situation. Studying in America during the same time Eunji was seemed meant to be. He just couldn't figure out why he felt it was such a bad decision. "If I went...I would be gone for two years." Jaewon waited for Samantha's reaction to the added news. ​
  15. Samantha looked down. "I guess you're going to go then, I can't believe this. You'd just leave, how do you think I'd feel? You know what? It doesn't matter. I wanna go home" She blurted out, standing up.
  16. [​IMG]

    Jaewon furrowed his eyebrows as he listened to Sammy. She seemed to be over reacting quite a bit, but he was happy to see that she did care if he left or not. "Sammy, sit down." He ordered, pulling her back into her seat. "We're on a bus, be respectful to the people around you." Jae said seriously. The older ladies on the bus were in fact staring the two, obviously judging them. It was rude in this culture to be loud when in public, often seen as disturbing the peace.

    Jaewon stood and bowed slightly to the others on the bus, before taking his seat again. "Samantha I haven't decided yet I am going. I'm still trying to decide." He told her. Jaewon heaved a sigh and put his forehead in his palm. Jaewon fell silent again, consumed in thought. ​
  17. Samantha sat down and then turned away and looked out of the window. Sure, he wanted to study abroad and everything but she'd miss him. It wasn't just for a few weeks or months. Two years. She didn't say much throughout the bus ride, and when they reached their stop she got out and then waited for Jae.​
  18. Arrive at the Gangnam bus stop Jaewon stood and followed Samantha off the bus. He looked down the street where his apartment building was and sighed. The mood had become very serious as he felt Sammy was mad at him. Clearing his throat, Jaewon then slung his arm over Sammy's shoulders and began walking, giving her a bright smile. "Mom's making seaweed soup for Hyung's birthday." Jae said. Even though Jae had eaten but an hour ago, he could still easily eat lots more. His mom always said he had two stomachs.​
  19. Samantha shook his arms away from her shoulder, she was still upset that he was moving away... For two years! "Oh" She muttered as they neared the apartment building. She continued walking, not saying much until she sighed. "So, you're just going to leave. What about your family, friends too?"​
  20. Jaewon sighed when she pushed his arm away. Jaewon stop walking and crossed his arms. "I've thought about that, but my family is practically pushing me out and my friends are jealous that I'm able to go." He explained. "I'm sorry I mentioned this now, but please be happy for me. Or try to be." He asked. ​
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