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  2. Name: Celeste
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    Name: Asura
    Age: 18
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  4. "," Celeste said firmly for the umpteenth time, not even bothering to look up from her book as she leaned against her boyfriend, her feet tucked underneath her on the sofa. "When will you get it through your thick skull that I'm not interested in living in a rickety old bus with you and god knows who else whilst you drag me all through half a dozen countries and call it a holiday? Not to mention you want to take my little brother, which is so utterly romantic, may I add..." She yawned softly, glancing up at him for a moment before continuing to read. "So stop asking..."
  5. Zoroark pursed his lips as he gazed down at her, sighing heavily. "Please?" he asked, trying to imitate a puppy eyed look before realizing that he probably wasn't as cute as he imagined, and instantly dropping the idea. "Come on, Celeste, the bus isn't thaaaaaat old... and Chris and I already have the whole route planned out and stuff, so it would be sure to go well. There is no need for you to worry about anything! It'd go well, I promise..." he looked at her pleadingly, already having said this several times. No matter what, the black haired youth refused to give him. At her comment about Asura, he sighed again, though this time less dramatically.

    "Well, what else do you intend to do with him? Leave him home alone? I'm sure it'd be safer to take him with us than leave him to do God only knows once he's left to his own devices.. not even you can call my logic flawed in this case!" he defended himself, though part of him actually wanted to bring the brat along more than he let on. Even if they had had their vices in the past... Zoroark had strangely enough taking a liking to the kid, and could almost even call him a friend. Almost.
  6. Celeste raised an eyebrow at Zoroark's attempt at puppy eyes before scoffing quietly. "Stop that. Are you even listening to me? And it wouldn't matter if it was brand new, how many women do you think would be happy to live and travel in a bus for weeks on end with their boyfriend and his friends? Why do you even need me to come along, turn it into some kind of boy's trip..." She mutters and then hesitates before laughing. "Really? Something planned by you will go well? Do you even speak any...? Ah, no, you speak German, don't you? I suppose that's a start, but still..." Celeste sighed, trailing off as she bit her lip in thought. Zoroark did seem determined to go no matter what, and she certainly wouldn't appreciate it if he went and left her behind alone...

    "I know we couldn't leave him by himself and go away! But I'm not his damn babysitter and he'd cause just as much trouble if we took him with us...not that I'm agreeing, so don't get the wrong idea," She grumbled, before adding slightly sulkily, "Why don't you just take him with you and you two can go with Chris? I'm sure you'd enjoy yourself just fine, we both know you get on with Asura. You can start some sort of pervert's brigade..."
  7. Zoroark looked mock insulted. "Would you put some confidence in me at least once, darling? Surly you don't that little of me..." he sniffed, though he did know she had a point. His plans usually went out the window, his luck being all but the best. Nonetheless he was a 100% sure this would go well... just as he had been with all his other plans in the past.

    He gazed at her, still pleadingly. "We can't make it a all guys weekend because Chris is watching his little sis over the summer, so she'd need to come with us as well... and with her there the perverts brigade is a terrible idea, even if she's pretty cute," he looked thoughtful before quickly adding, "of course, she's definitely not cuter than you. Anyway, Chris would probably beat us both to a pulp if we tried anything..." he trailed off, starting to get slightly impatient, though he refrained from showing it. Smiling slightly, he gently plucked Celeste's book from her hands and put it to the side before pushing her down onto the sofa, leaning over her.

    "If you agree on going on the vacation with me I'll..." he paused, considering what to say next very carefully before leaning down so that his lips were only inches away from her ear. "I promise I'll let my hair grow long again..."
  8. "You know I think you're wonderful, Zory, but you have to admit that you and schedules don't make the best combination. I don't think you'd even last one day before you got distracted by something, some random sign or a town with an intriguing name, and then you'd end up a hundred miles from where you needed to be..." Celeste dismissed him calmly, although she hoped Chris would be able to take charge of the situation and ensure they didn't get too lost.

    She did her best to ignore him as he continued to gaze down at her, pausing in her reading as she heard Chris's little sister was also going. "...really? You're going to drag a little girl around with you as though that's a good idea? Ugh...don't try and use that to convince me," She narrowed her eyes slightly, glancing up at him. "What? Were you seriously expecting me to be jealous of a little girl...? Try something else, Zory. And you would deserve to be beaten to a pulp. I'd do it myself when you got home..." She added, sighing as he took her book off her before smiling up at him slightly. She had an idea where this was going -obviously, she had spent enough time around Zoroark, after all- and figured it would at least make him shut up about the road trip for a little while at least.

    As he leaned closer she slipped her arms around his neck, preparing to completely ignore whatever half-hearted bribe he was attempting to set up, until he whispered to her. Her breath hitched in her throat and her eyes flickered across to meet his for a moment before she scowled in annoyance. "Stop trying to cheat. You really want me to come with you that badly...?"
  9. Name: Julian
    Age: 16, almost 17
    Gender: Male
  10. Zoroark grimaced, knowing full and well that she had a point. "True, but Chris is a lot better at that stuff than I am, s-so..." trailed off for a moment before adding, "plus, it's not the first time he's doing a road trip like that," he pointed out, barely able to keep the excitement out of his voice. Zoroark, who had very little experience of travels in his life truly wanted to do this, seeing it has as a once in a life time opportunity to actually get out and see the world. When thinking about the journey and all the adventures they could possibly experience, he suddenly became like a child at Christmas. Simultaneously he didn't think it would be as much fun without his Celeste, so obviously he wanted to take her with him.

    "I'm sure she'll be fine. It's not like I usually go after little girls." It actually wasn't a lie. Even if Zoroark was a pervert, he did have his limits. Going after little school girls definitely wasn't something he was fond of doing, nor approved of. Then again, he was unsure how old this little sister now really was- though he could hands down say that he found Celeste way more attractive, not to forget the fact that the little sister didn't seem like his type, "and I'll keep Asura in check too. It'll be a fun journey with friends!"

    Chuckling softly, he gently kissed her cheek. "I wouldn't mind you beating me..." he purred, grazing her ear with his teeth. As she spoke, a slight smirk tugged the corners of his lips. Good luck she's got a long hair fetish... maybe I've caught her interest now! he quickly let the smirk fade away, replacing it by a handsome smile. "I do... it'd be so amazing if we could all go together... plus, I'll let you decide how long exactly I should let it grow," he smiled at her, a tinge of hopefulness present in his voice.
  11. Celeste's mouth twitched up into a small smile of triumph as Zoroark grimaced, although she did know Chris was probably responsible enough to handle things even if Zoroark tended to have the mentality of a child an awful lot of the time. Like now, for instance. Not that Celeste could blame him or hold it against him for being excited about the trip, she understood why it would appeal to him and naturally she wanted him to be able to do things like this...she didn't even mind going with him, or particularly care about having to live in a bus for a short while. To be honest she was almost as excited about the idea as Zoroark was, but the difference between them was that she would be perfectly content to be going alone with her boyfriend as opposed to being part of a fairly large and mixed group of people.

    " really think we'd still be together if I thought you went after little girls?" She grumbled, gazing up at him and looking considerably annoyed. "Now please, can we stop discussing whether or not you'd cheat on me with your friend's little sister? I don't know how much fun the conversation is for you but I'm not particularly enjoying it. Ugh, you annoyingly sociable little creature. But if you're sure you can keep Asura under control by all means take him with you, perhaps the brat can finally take an interest in culturing himself..."

    As Zoroark kissed her cheek Celeste sighed, pushing his head away a little. "Stop being a masochist when I'm trying to think...ohh, fine. Fine, I'll come with you. But what you do with your hair is up to you, don't try and use it to bribe me. I don't do the same to you with...what are you even into? Everything? Anyway, just because I've agreed doesn't mean I'm happy about it...and this stops now," She adds, scowling as she attempted to sit up again, lightly pushing Zoroark off. "And don't expect anything to happen when we're sharing a bus with your friend, his little sister, and Asura."
  12. Zoroark looked at her innocently. "It wasn't I who hinted at that I'd do such a thing!" he tried to defend himself before quickly giving in. "Okay, I'll shut up about it now... it's getting very awkward," he remarked with a slight nod of his head, agreeing to her statement. His face lit up slightly at her words. "Yay, thank you Celeste! I'll be sure to teach him everything I know and totally treat him like a little brother!" Everyone who knows Zoroark, would agree that this was a totally terrible idea. Of course, Zoroark himself didn't think so, and by all means he meant well by giving this promise. Still... Zoroark will always be Zoroark.

    He pouted slightly in disappointment as she tried to push him away, though soon enough this was all forgotten and his face beamed with excitement. He respectfully moved away from her, punching the air cheerfully. "I'm not a masochist!" he said, though he couldn't do so without a gleeful grin tugging the corners of his lips, "yaaaay! Thank you Celeste!" he said, restraining himself from getting up and skipping around the room in excitement. Just then, he couldn't have been happier. That was, until Celeste crushed all possibilities of him sleeping with her during this summer, and vacation...

    His face fell for a moment before a new idea flashed through his mind. "Eeeeh? I suppose with more people on the bus that'd make sense... but you can't seriously mean never, ever during the trip?" now he was starting to sound slightly worried, "I mean, we don't need to be on the bus all the time. I have a few more plans for just the two of" he got up and dashed off before moments later returning with a small brochure featuring a beautiful lakeside hotel on the front cover. "Like, while Chris takes the other two elsewhere, we'll be staying here for two nights, completely on our own," he smiled at her slightly. He had indeed a few things planned out for just the two of them... he just hoped Celeste wouldn't turn down all of his ideas. Besides, several weeks without sex... the thought was almost painful for Zoroark to bare.
  13. Celeste rolled her eyes. "You shouldn't have brought it up in the first place, idiot…and I don't know what you're planning to teach Asura but it probably isn't a good idea! If you're planning to treat him like a little brother then knock him around a little if he gets out of hand, it's probably the easiest way to deal with him," She sighed, not certain that this was a good idea. Those two could only be a bad influence on each other and definitely would be if left in each other's company for long enough. And just because Zoroark would be able to refrain from hitting on Chris's little sister, it didn't mean Asura would do the same.

    She sighed, brushing her hair back into place with her fingers as Zoroark made no attempt to hide his excitement. "You knew you'd talk me into it eventually, even if you had to irritate me enough so that I'd do it just to shut you up…and if you're not a masochist then don't tell me you wouldn't mind me hurting you. Now calm down a little, hmm?" She murmured, although as she watched him there was a slight smile on her lips. Obviously it made her happy to see him this cheerful. Perhaps she should have agreed a lot faster if he was going to have this sort of reaction, but then again teasing him was one of her few pastimes.

    When Zoroark began to protest her words Celeste simply smiled innocently, tilting her head. "Zory, dearest…surely you aren't suggesting that you can't enjoy my company unless I sleep with you? What a dreadful thing to say, especially after I just graciously agreed to come on this trip with you…" She paused, glancing at the brochure in thoughtfulness for a moment before frowning slightly. "It does look like a nice place…but you didn't really book a hotel because you anticipated I wouldn't have sex with you on the bus, did you?" Not that Celeste had ever had any intention of following through on her words. For one thing Zoroark would become insufferable, and for another she would be punishing herself as well. "Hmm. Perhaps I should take Christian's little sister to the hotel instead, no? I'm sure it would be nice for her to get away from you all and stay somewhere civilised for a few nights. Ah, and you needn't worry about me flirting with her. For one thing I'm not you or Asura, and for another little girls are completely not my type," She sniffed.
  14. "Okay," Zoroark said wearily, taking a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. He knew how childish it was, getting excited over such a trivial matter but... he couldn't help it. Even if he now no longer was grinning like an idiot, his eyes were sparkling. "You never know, Celeste! Even if I usually manage to convince you sooner or latter, you can be pretty stubborn," he sniffed, extending his hand towards her to gently caress her cheek with his thumb. The smile he was giving her was soft and gentle, adoring in any way. Truly, if there was one person who made his heart skip a beat each time he looked at her, then it had to be Celeste. To him, she was the shining light of his life, or at least so he tended to put it. Zoroark had a tendency to be overly dramatic, after all.

    Zoroark's hand dropped back to his side as he quickly said, "o-of course not! I-I just..." he trailed off as she spoke again, his cheeks burning slightly with embarrassment. Of course he enjoyed being with her, even if there was no sex... but he would definitely not like to be without it. If she really didn't want to and told him so, he would respect it without doubt... but it didn't mean he wouldn't miss it, and it sure as hell would show. As these thoughts passed through his head, he looked down, somewhat guiltily.

    "I haven't booked it yet..." he said softly, glancing up at her with a slight smile, "I thought I'd wait for your okay first... and of course I didn't want to book it for that reason. I just wanted us to have some sweet alone time too..." he trailed off, frowning at her words, "eeeeeeh? I don't like that idea at all! And I didn't worry until you said that!" he paused, frowning even more as he realized something.

    "You're... teasing me, aren't you?" he asked slowly, tilting his head at her.
  15. Celeste sighed softly as Zoroark actually managed to calm himself down for once. Even if she'd been the one who told him to stop it was still nice seeing him so happy and energetic. He still seemed fairly excited though, even if he was showing it less now. "I know that I'm stubborn, I don't really need you to tell me that. You have a problem with it?" She asked, pausing as he stroked her cheek before laying her hand over his. "'re thinking something embarrassing again, aren't you?" She asked warily, watching him as he smiled. He had that look wasn't that Celeste disliked Zoroark's wordy declarations of love of her, much the opposite. But they embarrassed her and she rarely said anything similar unless she was extremely drunk so the fact that Zoroark could do it completely sober and with a straight face unnerved her slightly...she also didn't want him to start making her blush when she was trying to keep control of the conversation.

    " just what, Zory?" Celeste asked, raising an eyebrow whilst moving closer to him as he blushed. "Aren't you going to try and talk your way out of this...? Or is that really the main reason you enjoy my company?" She tilted her head, wrapping her arms around him. "And good, book it. Since it looks nice...and I will definitely want to get away from the others after spending days on end with them in an enclosed space, but isn't your definition of 'sweet alone time' just sex again?"

    Celeste hesitated as Zoroark asked her if she was just teasing him before pouting, not moving away from him. "About taking the girl to the hotel? Yes. She definitely wouldn't be my type but if she's fed up of being in the bus and wants to stay somewhere more civilised then so long as she isn't annoying then I might do. But I suppose I'd rather be there with you..." She added reluctantly. "I'm serious about not having sex with you on the bus though. Even if everyone else disappears, it's probably still not going to happen..." She trailed off before sighing. "You're too easy to tease anyhow."
  16. [​IMG]
    " just what, Zory? Aren't you going to try and talk your way out of this...? Or is that really the main reason you enjoy my company?"

    "Why would I try to talk my way out of the fact that I like having sex with you?" he asked, turning serious as he tilted his head to the side, "in fact, I love it. It has never felt as great with anyone else as it does with you... but naturally that isn't the main reason I like having you around. In fact, if I didn't love you so much it feels like my heart is going to burst each time I'm around you, that I enjoyed having normal conversations with you and that I trusted you with my very heart and soul... I doubt I would have found it as wonderful as I do..." he trailed off as she wrapped her arms around him, a slight, playful smile spreading across his face as he pulled her onto his lap. "I love every little inch of you, my darling Celeste... even your stubbornness," he paused, reconsidering this, "I think it was actually what made me fall for you in the first place, other than your heavenly appearance..." he playfully brushed his lips against hers.

    "And good, book it. Since it looks nice...and I will definitely want to get away from the others after spending days on end with them in an enclosed space, but isn't your definition of 'sweet alone time' just sex again?"

    "Eh?" blinking he pulled back slightly, tilting his head to the side. "What do you take me for? Of course it doesn't! At least not only..." he paused, "I mean, they're supposed to have a really good restaurant so I was going to invite you to dinner in the evening, and then we could dance under the starry sky or just cuddle on the terrace, enjoying the beautiful view of the lake..." he smiled at her almost shyly, "I intend for it to be really romantic..." he said softly, not realizing how cheesy he actually was. Then again, being a drama king, this was only to be expected from Zoroark.

    "It'd not be as romantic if you dragged her with you, though..." he pointed out, pouting slightly, "plus, I think Chris has something planned for her and the friend she's taking during that time, and he probably wouldn't mind taking Asura with him too..." he smiled slightly.

    "Yes. She definitely wouldn't be my type but if she's fed up of being in the bus and wants to stay somewhere more civilized then so long as she isn't annoying then I might do. But I suppose I'd rather be there with you..."

    Zoroark's face lit up at her words. "Of course, I'm so much more handsome than she is," he said with a slight, self satisfied nod of his head.

    "I'm serious about not having sex with you on the bus though. Even if everyone else disappears, it's probably still not going to happen... You're too easy to tease anyhow."

    "Okay! No sex on the bus, understood!" he nodded his head again, almost like an obedient child. A wide smile was present on his lips as he let out a soft laugh. "I know! It's not my fault I'm unsure when you're serious or not, though!" he sniffed.
  17. Celeste felt something flip over in her stomach as Zoroark spoke, inwardly cursing as she felt her cheeks begin to grow hot. "S-stop it! I-I know how much you love me, a-and all the other ridiculously romantic things you say so just be quiet for a moment you huge pervert! I-" She yelped as Zoroark pulled her onto his lap, not having been expecting it and lifting one of her hands to his shoulder to keep her balance. She frowned slightly sulkily when he kissed her, turning her head away and trying not to pout. "...I love you too. Even if you are just a pervert who attempts to blackmail women into going on trips with him by using their weakness against them," She muttered, knowing it wasn't particularly affectionate but it was certainly all Zoroark was going to get in this situation and whilst she was sober.

    As Zoroark described his plans for their time at the hotel Celeste felt sure her cheeks were gradually getting redder until finally she gave up and buried her face in his shoulder, biting her lip. "Fine, fine! You win best boyfriend and most romantic sap ever, and you know there's no way I'd rather spend that time with your friend's little sister than you! Now please, just shut up and take your clothes off..." She sighed, gently kissing his neck but then freezing when she heard a cough from the other side of the room.

    "Y' seems like almost every time I see you guys one of ya's on top of the other and I'm beginning to think it's not just me havin' bad timin'..." Asura sniffs, taking a sip from the bottle of soda he'd been fetching from the fridge when he came across them. "Now, about that 'no sex on the bus' rule, does that apply to everyone or is it just you two lovebirds? 'Cause ya seem to do it practically everywhere else..."
  18. [​IMG]
    "S-stop it! I-I know how much you love me, a-and all the other ridiculously romantic things you say so just be quiet for a moment you huge pervert! I-"

    Zoroark smirked a little at her comment. It wasn't like she was wrong or anything. He was indeed a pervert, and he knew it very well. Yet it stilled amused him when she half heartedly lashed out at him like that, and her blushing was just far too adorable to ignore. He smiled as she yelped, chuckling softly as he let his pale fingers brush through her long and silky black hair. "You are so lovely when you're embarrassed like this..." Zoroark mused, kissing her again. It was gentle and brief, his lips barely touching hers at all before he pulled back- almost as though he was teasing her.

    "...I love you too. Even if you are just a pervert who attempts to blackmail women into going on trips with him by using their weakness against them."

    Coming from Celeste, Zoroark knew those words meant much more than they appeared to. "Hmmm... so you really want me to grow my hair long?" he asked in amusement, gently stroking her hair. He moved the hand he had used to stroke her hair down along her back slightly as he used the other to turn her face back, thus making her look into his eyes. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Celeste..." he chuckled softly, pulling her even closer, enjoying the feeling of having her pressed up against him. He paused as she buried her face in his chest, her face as red as he thought it could get by then.

    "Fine, fine! You win best boyfriend and most romantic sap ever, and you know there's no way I'd rather spend that time with your friend's little sister than you! Now please, just shut up and take your clothes off..."

    Finally! He thought to himself, his eyes sparkling with lust. Zorark had just pulled off his jersey over his head and tossed it onto the floor and had already undone three buttons of his shirt when he also heard the cough, and then a very unfitting- and perhaps somewhat annoying comment from Asura.

    "Y' seems like almost every time I see you guys one of ya's on top of the other and I'm beginning to think it's not just me havin' bad timin'... Now, about that 'no sex on the bus' rule, does that apply to everyone or is it just you two lovebirds? 'Cause ya seem to do it practically everywhere else..."

    The black haired youth narrowed his red eyes as he lifted his gaze from the stunning beauty on his lap, to the brat by the fridge. "You're just jealous!" Zoroark sniffed before scowling at Asura. "Now get lost or I'll tie you to the roof of the bus for the whole journey!" he paused, getting even more annoyed as his phone (to make everything worse) suddenly started buzzing in his pocket. Usually, he would have ignored it, but since they had already been disturbed and Zoroark was in fact awaiting a call from Chris, he reluctantly pulled it out. Yup, good timing, Chris... he thought somewhat bitterly before kissing Celeste on the cheek. "I suppose it'll have to wait until later," he murmured, sounding somewhat disappointed before answering the phone.
  19. Celeste narrowed her eyes at Zoroark's smirk, not particularly appreciating it but she supposed it was hard to look menacing when you were sitting on someone's lap and blushing because they kept telling you they loved you. "You were blushing earlier as well, and we both know you're embarrassing me on purpose…" She murmured, making a soft noise of protest as he pulled away after barely grazing her lips with his yet again. "And stop trying to tease me, kiss me properly or…" She paused, stopping herself. She had been about to say 'or don't kiss me at all' but depending on how irritating Zoroark was feeling he may take the offer seriously.

    "I-it's not like I particularly want you to grow it…" She sighed contentedly, relaxing completely as he stroked her hair. "But I think it would look good. Short hair looks good on you as well though, so you can do what you like with it so long as you don't try to bribe me with growing it again. If you do then next time I want something I'll come to stay at your place for a while and conveniently forget to pack any clothing other than lingerie…" She murmured, her voice slightly muffled.

    As Asura walked in Celeste was halfway through pulling her top over her head and quickly yanked it back down, glaring daggers at him. Asura merely chuckled softly to himself as he began walking back to his bedroom.

    "Whatever you say, old man. And since ya never actually answered my question, does that mean I can but only on the roof, or-?" The brat was interrupted by Celeste throwing Zoroark's jersey at him, missing him but coming very close to hitting him in the face.
    "Asura I swear if you do not get out of here right now I will find that old video and post it on the internet. You know which one I'm talking about," Celeste said flatly, sufficiently pleased when Asura hurried back to his own room without any more irritating comments.

    She had just gone back to unbuttoning Zoroark's shirt when his phone went off and for a moment she was extremely tempted to just throw the damn thing against the wall. Sighing, she slid off his lap to sit on the sofa again. "Your fault for wasting so much time going on about the trip and trying to tease me…" She pouted sulkily. "But fine. Tell Chris I'll be coming with you…"
  20. And so it Begins
    "And we are ready to go!" Chris called, glancing back at everyone in the bus as he started the engine. He was a tall and toned young man, known for having taken several prizes in both Karate and Tia-Quando. His hair, short and messy was sand brown, and looked like he hadn't combed it for a long time. His eyes being the same hazel as his sisters, complimented his hair color and slightly tanned but still pale skin well. He was wearing a simple black T-Shirt which said 'life is a bitch', and over that an armless jeans jacket. To that, he wore matching jeans. He had several piercings in his ears.

    Zoroark was seated near the front, holding a map of Europe and a red marker in his hand. His expression was still filled with the same excitement from three weeks ago, though this time around he was somewhat more tired- seeing at he hadn't been able to sleep well the night before. The excitement had simply made it impossible for him. After yawning and giving a thumbs up to Chris, he turned to Celeste. "Come on! Cheer up! This is gonna be awesome!" he grinned.

    Laura was sitting further back in the buss, excitedly dangling her legs back and forth as she gazed out the window and the world passing by outside. She had made it rather comfortable for herself and Julian, surrounding them by sweets, pillows and blankets, manga and books, one or another stuffed animal and all kinds of games- not to forget her IPad in case they felt like watching film or playing a game on that one. She had put several films and episodes of different anime's on it, though as long as they were in England internet would still be available for them. She had been waiting for this trip for about half a year, and there was no doubt about the fact that she was almost as excited as Zoroark.
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