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Who would you join?

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  1. Rise of the Fallen

    [ Modern Sci-fi] ] - [ Militia ] - [ Supernatural ] - [ Action ]

    Before the Fall

    Once upon a time, the United States of America was known as the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave". It was that way for over two centuries. Life at times was hard and the government wasn't always the best, but things were alright. But then the Fall came. At first it was just a revolution, people wanting to overthrow the government and bring peace to the poverty stricken country they were living in. But then it got out of hand... Very, very quickly.

    The rebellious group who went by the name of the Knights of Valor was small, but strong. Many veterans and such gained means of weapons and took things into their own hands. Before long, years of civil war were raging all across the land, making it a terror filled place. The home of the free was no more.

    Finally, after ten long years of battling and blood shed the "war" had ended, with the Knights, now going by the Surge, at the top of the new government. Now, finally, things could be peaceful; people would be equal. If only that was true.

    After the Fall
    Fifty years have passed since then and things have only continued to get worse for the people of Dominion. After the government had fallen, the country became pure communism, being completely about "being equal". Technology increased, but what with a crumbled government, money was scarce. People become something similar to livestock, mutations were created, and things were closely watched by the new soldiers - the Knights of Valor.

    Life had become simple: you followed the rules and you didn't get hurt. Those who disobeyed the rules or tried to do something to get ahead of everyone else was punished, by death. There was no room for intolerance, no room for a rebellion. The Surge did not want to be what the government of America had become and were strict with their ruling. This caused many people to become miserable, and since everyone was treated "equal", it also made their lives worse than before.

    However, a small group had emerged, willing to go against the Surge and even risk their lives for something known as true freedom. At first the group was made of a few people who had ran away from the lifestyle the Surge and Knights kept in check. Knowing that if caught they faced death or at best, torture and experimentation, the group kept under the radar running and taking shelter wherever they could, knowing that they were being hunted. Eventually, they gained more followers, and then a leader. Soon, they became known as the Fallen.

    The Fallen began to rise in numbers, collecting those who wanted out, humans and animal-morphs alike. Soon, they became a real threat to the Surge, who saw them as just a rebellious group trying to overthrow the government. However the Fallen had no such idea in mind. However, now, their plans have changed, and maybe for the better.
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  2. Rules of Dominion

    So I just have a few rules that I would like everyone to follow. Please understand that this will make things easier and help the plot move along.
    1. NO GODMODDING. Absolutely not. I understand that the characters I play may seem like they are doing just that at times, but this is to make the plot flow. I will ALWAYS check with another character before (through PM) if it is alright to make a move before deciding to do it.
    2. Days will flow as such: 1 RP Day = 3 IRL Days. This is to help us move along. Otherwise things will get slow. If you cannot keep this up, please let me know so that I can stall the day or help fit everyone's schedule.
    3. If you cannot post, let me know. I understand life gets in the way but I do not want to have to stop the roleplay when someone doesn't reply for a few months. That's not cool for us.
    4. As of now, each person only gets one character. I might be subject to change this rule if roles do not fill up within a week or two.
    5. You may reserve a role. However, I will only hold the role for THREE DAYS. After that, unless I am told you are working on your profile, I will free the role to the next person.
    6. No text talk. Let us all speak properly while in character. Out of character, I don't mind.
    7. Spell check and pre-read please! We want to keep things clean and interesting. Spelling mistakes and errors are totally fine, but let us not have a whole paragraph that makes no sense.
    8. No one liners. I understand writers block is a thing, but please, no one liners. Let's all try are best to be creative!
    9. I am subject to change the rules as I see fit, however I will always be fair in them.
    10. Please put in your profile somewhere the phrase fight or die, but discretely. This lets me know if you have read the rules or not.
    11. Last but probably not least, have fun. Always be open to talk to me if you need help or advice or whatever!
    Alright, that's it for rules. Go forth and create those characters!

    Disclaimer: Death will occur. Not saying where or when, but it will happen, please be aware of this.
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  3. The Fallen

    [ 4/6 OPEN ]
    Members of the Fallen consist of humans and some animal-morphs (genetically created humans with animal features). The lifestyle of the Fallen is similar to camping. Food is limited, housing is normally outdoors in tents, and they are always on the move. A doctor is always available, but whether or not supplies are ready is another story. The techie of the group keeps the team on their toes, making sure they are always safe. The leader is always in charge of making sure everyone has a voice and that everyone is taken care of. There have also been some promising members of the group that have just recently found their way into group. The new animal-morph helps with giving information about the Surge to the group. The spy dances behind enemy lines to help the group survive, probably one of the bravest members of the group. And lastly, there is the hidden gun, someone who is just laying in wait for their chance to shine. Because of the rarity of animal-morphs, there are currently only two of them in the group of six, one including the new animal-morph. Technology and weaponry in which the Fallen possess are aged laptops, some laser technology (but very few), and "old" models of firearms (nothing like pistols). Animal-morphs have technology within them which makes them traceable by the Surge and therefore are part of the reason in which the Knights of Valor are able to track them. However, unless doctor figures out a way to take out the "chips", they will always be tracked.

    The Leader: Reserved for puck2robins.ashes
    The Doctor: OPEN
    The Techie: OPEN
    The Spy: OPEN
    The Animal-Morph: OPEN
    The Hidden Gun: Reserved for puck2robins.ashes

    The Knights of Valor

    [ 3/6 OPEN ]
    Soldiers of the Knights of Valor are all human and mostly all men, purely for the severity of their jobs. They must be capable of committing acts of murder and following the rules as the Surge sees fit. If they do not, they will be discharged and "put down" for their crimes. The Knights also go by the abbreviation of KOV. Many of the soldiers live safe lifestyles, living with in the capital or major cities with wealth and protection from the government. There is the veteran who believes in the way of the Surge and will do carry out any order given. The vet is normally followed closely by the rookie who seems hungry for justice and blood, having some strange vendetta against the Fallen and animal-morphs, who also seems to have no issue taking lives. There is the tracker who knows that what is happening is wrong, however knows that their talents are useful and if they can be useful they can stay alive, their job being to track the animal-morphs. The careless also believes that the way the Surge has gone about the new government is wrong, however goes about life almost carelessly, not exactly picking sides but staying on safe ground. The mask grinds their teeth about everything that makes their blood curdle, which involves killing civilians and even hunting the Fallen, they firmly believe that this is not right, and occasionally they even step out of their nicely formed lines to state their dislike. And lastly is the liar, pretending to be a good soldier while quietly supporting the Fallen in anyway they can, except physically. Soldiers have more access to better technology, such as more high grade guns, super computers, and some large flying aircrafts similar to space ships (however, not). All KOV can be recognized by their uniforms and when out of uniform, can be recognized for the small symbol known as a triquetra under their left ear. The symbol, as the swastika was, is a religious symbol once used in Paganism to stand for protection, now to serve as a threat.

    The Veteran: Reserved for Cheesecake
    The Rookie: Reserved for Vegnya
    The Tracker: OPEN
    The Careless: OPEN
    The Mask: Reserved for puck2robins.ashes
    The Liar: OPEN
    Disclaimer: There are more KOV and Fallen members, however these are the two groups that will have the most screen time. The group of Fallen will be in charge of making a difference and the group of KOV will be in charge of hunting down the Fallen personally.

    All members, please be aware that within your teams, your characters know each other. They work together and in some cases they live together. The
    leader, the doctor and the techie all have known each other for years. If you have these characters, plot with them! They are your friends, your family, your teammates. The animal-morph, the spy, and the hidden gun have not known each other for very long, maybe a few weeks, but they have been on the run together and have been living together. They probably escaped together too. The veteran, the rookie, the tracker, the careless, the mask, and the liar are part of a team and have worked together for the last few months. Whether they like each other or not is up to you, but they do have a relationship that is important to keep in mind when writing up histories or editing histories. The veteran and rookie are close, so their relationship is something to keep in mind. The rest is up to you, but please keep these things in mind!
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  4. Profile Skeletons

    Name: (Full name, if they have ones)
    Nicknames: (Do they have any?)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Age: (Range between 20-50 please. No teens, be different!)
    Race: (Human or Animal-morph? What type of animal-morph? Morphs can be cat-human, dog-human, bird-human, even aquatic-human if you so wish but nothing else.)
    Position: (What is your role? The Mask, the Techy, etc.)
    Alignment: (KOV or Fallen)
    Appearance: (Description please, refs help too. Please include weight, height, and whatever else.)
    Personality: (Use your position as a starting point and go from there.)
    History: (Remember, your character has lived in this government system probably their whole life. Only the veteran and probably the leader will remember life before the fall)
    Hidden Talent: (Do they have any?)
    Voice Actor: (I am borrowing this from another skeleton I saw, link to a voice that fits your character. Please, please do this.)
    Other: (Add whatever, theme song, funny quote, whatever.)
    Puppet Master: (Username goes here)
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  5. Alright, go ahead and post. As far as I know, everything looks good. If I need to add something, I will and then make a post letting those know that I have changed it.
  6. The background revelation was quite the twist. Just dying to see what else unfolds.

    Definitely gunning/reserving (can we reserve?) for The Rookie. Justice and bloodshed go hand-in-hand, and I'm willing to stain mine to see this through.
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  7. @Vegnya - Alrighty! Please keep in mind that your character will be privy to killing and such, and will have a relationship (can I even call it that? I guess so) with the Veteran, whom they have a strong admiration for. You shall have three days for your profile to be up. May the odds be ever in your favor! :D
  8. Lawful deadly force will not be a problem, especially with the apparent freedom granted to the Knights. I'm also in full support for character interactions of various kinds. Thank you for issuing a reasonable time frame for my submission.
  9. @Vegnya - Thank you for being so interested! Please don't feel rushed with the profile and if you have questions let me know (:
  10. Name: Joshua Tetrial
    Nicknames: Helios / The smiling criminal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Position: The Liar
    Alignment: KOV

    weighing in at 162 pounds, 5 foot 11 inches. Joshua code-name Helios's dark brown hair is cut short and out of his face, the style of a fuax hawk. He has naturaly tanned skin, part of his Italian ancestry. Intense brown eyes, that always seem bright. He wears the standard military uniform while on the job, the only personal touch is a plane white bandanna around his neck. Off duty, he usually is seen in a white t-shirt and cargo pants, the same bandanna wrapped around his wrist this time.

    On the outside, Joshua is a happy person. Quiet mostly talks unless spoken to, he is never without his trademark half smile. He is the kind of man, that will smile at a man as he shoots his wife in the temple, which earned him his nickname the Smiling Criminal. He allways trys to be nice twoard his colleages when he needs to be but other then that he keeps to himself. He never talks about himself nor does he bring up his personal life.

    Born in what once was florida, Joshua group up in the loving home of his mother and father. His father A Librarian in the local town, his mother a nurse. He would see them go off in the night returning just before dawn. Before he began 1st grade the KOV came to his house. Anounced that his parents were Fallen. They took him outside the home and had him sit in the backseat of their vehichle. He watched them enter the house, Voices were raised but soon everything went silent. The grim men came back out the front door, and quickly lit the home on fire. They drove Joshua away to teh sounds of his parents screams within.

    Joshua was bruaght to a KOV controlled Orphanage, where they took care of them. They tuaght them there, fed them and brainwashed them. Some children would dissapear, and one night Joshua was taken from his bed and experimented on. He doesnt remember what they did but he remembers needles being poked into him over and over and pain. They thought he was succsefully brain washed, that he didn't remember the experiments of missing kids of his youth. But every attempt to subjugate him, he would just have to bring back the memory of his parents screams and realize what they were trying to do. He played along and when he was 18 Enlisted into the KOV. were he spent the last 8 years of his life. Though he goes along with their plans, secretly he does all that he can do to save lives.

    Hidden Talent:
    Joshuas bones and muscles were strengthened. He isnt super strong, but he is durable more then any man, Hes been hit with a car, a bat, even thought of jumping in front of train, all with minimal injuries. Since his experiment he has never broken a bone. (His bones were made into an flexible metal alloy, Its hard to break them but once broken, they take longer then normal to heal.)

    Voice Actor:

    Start at 2:50


    Puppet Master:
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  11. Finished the Cs Hope its good enough.
  12. @JextheShadow - Okay, so while your character seems alright, there are a few things that need to be fixed first. For example, you have not read the rules or at least not fully. Secondly, you need to pre-read and spell check your profile. While understandable, it is riddled with mistakes that can be fixed, both with grammar and spelling. Third, members of the Knights of Valor would not be experimented on. If they were to be, they would have microchips embedded within them which makes them government property AND they would most likely have never escaped, therefore eventually dying in a cage. So to him having strong bones, I'm going to say no to. Another thing is his parents. While it would make sense, the Surge would know that his parents were Fallen, and would never allow him to join the KOV. Plus, they probably would have killed him along with his parents since he was probably old enough to understand what his parents were doing. The Knights have no qualms with killing children. I'm also curious as to what voice he has. You say to start at 2:50 but which guy is he? I know this is a lot, and I apologize for it. If you can fix up this, then we can see if I can approve Joshua.
  13. @puck2robins.ashes 2 things I can fix right here the rest I'll edit in the post. Its the insane guy. And I did read the rules fully I just forgot to add something in when I spent 10 mins finding that voice. Also, sorry about the poor grammar. I made that skeleton really quickly on my phone. Also if I can't be experimented on. What kind of ability's could I possibly have?
  14. @JextheShadow - Regardless, if you read the rules you would have done what I kindly asked. Ten minutes or not, I didn't ask for much. And it doesn't have to be an ability. You don't have to put anything, the option is there if your character has a hidden talent. Talents are learned. Like doing backflips or singing the ABCs backwards.
  15. Name: Jefferson Roger Alderman
    Nicknames: Jeff, Roger, Alderman, Boss
    Gender: Male
    Age: 53 (For plot reasons)
    Race: Human
    Position: The Leader
    Alignment: The Fallen
    Appearance: Jeff is a older, rugged looking man who has clearly been weathered by age. He stands at about 5'10" and averages somewhere between 185 and 210, depending on his lifestyle. He has green eyes that seem to be open to the world, but guarded at the same time. Intelligent and yet also wary. He has short dark-brown graying hair, that, despite his age, is full and rather well kept despite sometimes being a little shaggy. On most days he sports a gray beard, but he mostly tries to let it only become stumble if he can. His clothing consists of worn old jeans and old band t-shirts, when he isn't doing something important (such as running or hunting), otherwise he wears old dirty clothing to help fit in with the rest of the Fallen.
    Personality: Jeff, if not a leader and protector of the Fallen, would be a very calm and relaxed old man. However, since his life since he was 30 has been running and hiding, he has not had that chance.
    History: Jefferson Roger Alderman was born just three years before the war would come to an end, on August 19th, 2022. He was named after one of the first presidents in American history, Thomas Jefferson. Unlike his parents, he did not have the opportunity to experience life before the Fall. Though his parents had be young, they had told him all that they had knew about America when they were children. Growing up in the empire known as Dominion, Jefferson found the tales of the free land of America to be wonderful and adventurous.
    Hidden Talent: The only talent that Jeff is capable of is mimicking bird calls. It's nothing too impressive, but it's something that he keeps well hidden. He learned to do it when he was a kid and it helped with hunting, even with geese and ducks.
    Voice Actor: Bruce Greenwood - Captain Christopher Pike in Stark Trek (stop at 0:42)
    Other: (Add whatever, theme song, funny quote, whatever.)
    Puppet Master: puck2robins.ashes

    This isn't finished, but it will be finished before the end of the day.
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  16. I'd like to reserve for the veteran position! I could possibly have the character sheet up tomorrow.
  17. @Cheesecake - I have reserved the spot for you!

    Also, everyone else, I've added one more thing to the Characters post, please read it!
  18. Name: Waylon Marks
    Nicknames: Black Knight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Race: Human
    Position: Veteran
    Alignment: KOV
    An elderly man with swept-back black-grey hair. He has a well-trimmed beard. His eyes are black, with a scar running down the right eyebrow. He weighs 200 lbs and stands at 5"11. He has a muscular frame despite his age. He uses a cane, but it is only for show and he can stand perfectly fine without it.

    His everyday attire is a black suit and tie. During combat, he wears a specially made black variant armor. He wears a necklace with a black Knight chess piece tied on it.
    He openly shows a weak, senile facade. He acts like he needs help, with aid from the rookie who helps him walks around. When in a conversation with strangers, he is jolly and bright, but inside he is cold and calculating. He is very prejudiced against those who disrupt the order he fought to bring, and harbors a hatred for merchants and those who take advantage of the poor. This doesn't stop his vain personality, which originated from his childhood wish to escape poverty.
    Waylon was born to a single mother, who was a drunkard, and lived with her and his elder brother in a small apartment sometime during of the Fall. His mother tried hard to maintain her family, but was riddled by debt and alcoholism. The government's welfare system was poorly maintained, and they had a hard time surviving with meager amounts of food and a crumbly apartment, as well as staying away from the war.

    Their apartment happened to be located next to a rich government area, full of beautiful parks and suburban houses. Waylon envied them. He wanted to be like them. He wanted his family to be like them. He hated them. By the age of 11 Waylon had been forced to help his family survive. He worked with his brother dealing drugs, earning petty cash while running from corrupt policemen. His brother died at the hands of a crooked cop, when his brother couldn't afford the protection money. He was forced to choose to fight or die.

    Waylon descended into a brooding state. He started to hate the world he was born in and wanted to make a new one. One without poverty, corruption and violence. That is when the Knights of Valour found him. The best way to defeat his enemy was to join him. He was inducted for his zeal, taught and trained in the art of war, and armed to the teeth. During the remainder of the war, fighting rebellions and uprisings, he was infamous for his black armor while riding on a motorcycle, which earned him the name of the Black Knight.
    Hidden Talent:
    Waylon appears weak and frail, but in truth he is very strong and fit, which he maintains through strict and rigorous exercise.
    Voice Actor: Looking for one.
    Puppet Master:
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  19. @Cheesecake - Alright, most everything looks good but I have a few requests, nothing big. The first is something really stupid, I'm really sorry for having to ask this because I know I have OCD and it's a stupid request on my part, but his weight. If he is muscular, muscle weighs more. For his height as well, this would be considered rather skinny for a male, even of his age. His ribs would more than likely would be showing a bit. Another thing is he is a soldier, so whenever he is on duty he wears the standard uniform. In combat, I don't mind what he wears as long as it is logical and does not take away his duties as a soldier. Two little things I would also request changed is his history a bit. If he lived in a broken down apartment, why be next to a rich neighborhood? The rich consider the poor to be scum and do not want their filth to pollute them, or that's how most billionaires see the lower class in today's society. Also, his age does not match with his history. If he is 60, that means he was born just at the start of the civil war, in 2015 (meaning the current year is 2075), so he would be no more than ten when the civil war ended, I don't believe he would be able to have participated.

    I do apologize for all these requests. Either you can alter his history or his age (please keep in mind the age range of 20-50 or 55, but no older), in which case if you alter his age he would have lived in poverty as everyone else did, as the government setting is primarily Communism, in that everyone is equal, no better than the rest. Unless you work for the government, that is.
  20. Don't worry, I'll change them. That was sort of a template, and I wasn't really sure about the time line. For the crumbly apartment bit, what I meant to convey was that that was where the poor neighborhood ended and the rich one began. They're not neighbors, but Waylon can see them through his window.

    I'll change it as soon as I can!
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