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    It's been eleven years since the events of Rise of The Guardian's, Pitch black defeated and the children of the world once again believing in The Guardian's who protect and watch over them.

    However, evil never rests. Throughout the years Pitch has been gathering new Anti-Guardian'a to join his side. Preparing to unleash the ultimate sense of fear to the children of the world.

    MiM knowing this, seeks out new Guardian's to defend against the fight to keep believers and children safe.
    You may be any canon from Rise of The Guardians, Tangled, Brave or How To Train Your Dragon

    OC's are more than welcome as well!
    Taken Canon's

    Sophie Bennett



    Jack Frost



    Flynn Rider
    Available Canon's

    Queen Toothiana

    E.Aster Bunnymund

    Jamie Bennett

    Baby Tooth

    Astrid Hofferson


    Ruffnut and Tuffnut

    (I'll add more later)

    Whenever you guys want to start role playing let's go for it!​
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  2. Children have you ever met the boogeyman before?

    Long, supple gray fingers trace along the rim of the Viking Lands, the black continent lit with pinpricks of gold that shown brightly in the dim of the dark room. Eyes that shown as brightly as the lights flicked over the wrought metal globe that held every continent, each lit with gold just as frozen tundra was, twinkling like the night sky or the glimmering sand of sleep that clung to children’s eyelashes in the morn. The towering figure lifted his chin and regarded the world with disdain, lips twitching with malice before pulling in a wide grin, filled from corner to corner with sharp, white teeth.

    “Soon the little wretches’ hopes will be extinguished with a wave of my hand.”

    No, of course you haven't for you're much too good, I'm sure

    Shadows danced at Pitch Black’s feet, nightmares of most dire intent and long, eerie black figures with burning amber eyes that longed for the acidic taste of fear. The Nightmare King regarded them with ire and turned his back on the globe, long legs carrying him up the winding stairs of the home he made in the catacombs. Each ancient stone, wrought with strange glyphs and runes of a long forgotten language, was familiar to him in his eternal life. His long strides, smooth and graceful as the arch of a shadow, carried him towards the entrance of his lair, which he had not seen in over a decade.

    Don't you be afraid of him if he should visit you.

    Pitch Black stood in the broken frame of a long forgotten child’s bed, staring straight into a full moon unclouded by cloud or mist. The silvery light shone all around his figure but skirting touching him directly, knowing he was not burdened by light. Pitch smiled his viper’s smile.

    “Hello old friend. You’ve been watching, but your heroes haven’t been.”

    His chuckle was silken but thorned as he ran a hand through his dark hair and grinned at the moon.

    “Well I’ve gathered a little army of my own in these long years in the dark. And we will be your guardians’ reckoning.”

    He spat the words like a curse and they fell heavy from his lips, ringing with the power of an oath.

    Don't let him come too close to you, he'll catch you if he can.

    Pitch summoned a monstrous nightmare, a beast that was so black only its outline could be seen. It shook its inky mane and strode beside its master, nuzzling against his shoulder. Pitch stroked its long nose then climbed atop its back, tracing the lines of its bone like armor as it raced into the sky, casting long lines of darkness across the tree tops below. Nightmares appeared on the horizon from every direction, galloping to join their master as he rode for the first time in eleven long years to harvest the fear in each child’s sour dream, in each left shivering at what lay under their bed, and with every night blown out. With the sky dotted in dark sand and with the figures of nightmares streaking through the night, those Pitch had gathered to him, those who wished for a world where fear and strife rang true, would know that the time had come for action. War was upon them, beating to the sound of a heart pounding with fear.

    Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Bogeyman.
  3. Whimpers filled the air as young Sophie Bennett, twist and turnt in her bed. Grasping the sheets desperately as she dreamed, cruel imaged filled dreams. Nightmares that left her waking up screaming though her big brother who normally comforted her was gone. Getting ready for college and spending the nights away from home, their mother working nights now that they were older. So our fourteen year old Sophie was left shaking in her bed all alone. Cold sweat dripping down her forehead and trembling consuming her body, nightmares. How she hated them.

    Her blond hair was in a mess, hanging in loose tangles just past her shoulders. The yellow fairy wings she usually slept in was still strapped firmly to her back, her night light illuminating the room with a faint glow. Her bright green eyes seeming to shine as she looked around her little bedroom as if to make sure nobody or nothing was around. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her rapid heartbeat before she let herself fall back onto the bed. Her hair now plasted to her pillow and her arm resting just above her head. Nightmares.

    She lay there in thought, Jamie had always told her the story about the guardians. The ones who watched over the children of the world and protected them from someone named Pitch Black. The nightmare King, though Sophie vaguely remembers her time with the guardians. She still believes in them with all her heart even if she hasn't seen them since she was merely two years old. She often wished and continued to hope that one day she would seen them again though as she got ever older, it seemed that was becoming even more harder to believe in.

    Still, she hadn't changed much since she was little. Still wearing fairy wings, having that childish way of doing things and let's not forget how she collected stuffed animals. Her bed and room were piled with them. Some sitting on shelves while other's had spots on chairs and in her closet. However her favorite out of all of them was her stuffed animal bunny whom she named after Bunnymund. She remembers some of the time she had spent in the warren, the snowglobe that took her there and how she fell asleep in Bunnymund's arms.

    Those were the days, she took another breath. Pushing herself up, her hair falling into her face as she climbed out of her bed and walked over to her window. Pulling aside the shades, she gazed out at the night sky. Seeing how the stars and moon shined bright, leaving a yellow tint in the sky. However her eyes glanced over to something moving within the sky, she rubbed her eyes. Thinking it was the sleepiness messing with her, however when she dropped her hands from her eyes. She still saw the strange figures in the sky.

    She narrowed her eyes, giving a confused expression. She knew it wasn't an airplane or bird. Suddenly her eyes went wide, was it a guardian? Maybe the Toothfairy? She felt a small amount of hope fill her, turning to run out her bedroom door. She didn't bother putting on shoes or even a jacket. She merely ran down the single flight of stairs and out the front door. Feeling the cool texture of the pavement beneath her bare feet, she continued to stare at the odd creatures.

    What were they? Maybe she could get their attention. She jumped up and down, waving her arms like wild. This was part of childish ways. She was often still gullible and carefree, trusting anyone within a matter of seconds and believing any word they said. It had gotten her in trouble more than once but Sophie's view on the world was impossible to ruin, seeing everything through her happy eyes.
  4. Panic. Fright. Malice. The hoofbeats pounded away behind Ziel as he ran, not wanting to look back. Every step along the craggy earth earth sent a sharp pain up along his bare feet but he couldn't afford to take care of them, not now, not ever. There was a warmth now; one of the rocks had cut him and he could feel the slight stickiness as a bloody footprint was left with every stride. Ducking under a branch, he felt the bark scrap against his cheek, as if the trees were against him as well as the earth. Clapping his hand to his cheek with a sharp gasp of pain, he pressed on, a crimson trail leading right to him.

    Terror. Doom. Wrath. Still the pounding followed him, only there were more and the beat of his heart in his own head made it so much worse. He chanced a look back and instantly regretted it. The hundreds of ruby eyes that undulated in the darkness bore into him with such determination he nearly stopped to give himself up to this impossible foe. His gaze was ripped away as he stumbled, face first, into a thicket of brambles that clawed at both his pajamas and flesh. Despite the agony he kept going, tripping and falling his way through and leaving a grisly trail behind him of blood and broken undergrowth.

    Dread. Horror. Demise. Every step forced the thorns in his feet deeper, every loss of balance against a tree only gave him more cuts and scrapes and still they came. They always came, never closing, taunting him, chasing him, hunting him. Again he stumbled, a tree root catching his ankle with a sickening snap and his heart sank as he flew through the branches in front of him. This was the end; he could feel the throbbing pain in his ankle. He knew it was broken - the chase was over. And yet a fresh pit of hell opened up before him, literally. As he crossed the threshold of the branches he was tumbling past the last bit of stone before the cliff and into oblivion. Just like always though, before he hit the ground, he closed his eyes and said the words like a desperate prayer.

    "Jack Frost."

    Ziel awoke in his bed, his sheets and pajamas damp with sweat and his heart pounding in a way he hadn't felt in years. He clutched at his chest, as though holding onto the source of the pulsations within him could be stopped in such a way. His breath came in short pants and the hand that wasn't digging into his chest was nearly shredding the the bedsheets with the force he gripped them with. He sat there, not wanting to move at all, lest this only be another nightmare to torture him.

    He hadn't had a nightmare in years, hadn't had one wake him up in the middle of the night for even longer. The fear was back and even stronger for the time it had been since. At least he could still pull himself out of them. Slowly, he started to calm down and the tears he had felt welling up in his eyes were fading. Gingerly, he pushed back the covers, not wanting to release the death grip he had on the sheets. Swinging his legs off the bed, he fully expected to feel sharp jolts of pain as he set them on ground, his face contorted in anticipation of pain. Pain that never came.

    Still he clutched his rapidly beating heart and tottered towards the balcony of his apartment, his free hand grabbing anything it could to support his unsteady steps. Even if he was physically sound, he didn't feel it and he couldn't trust himself to him fully upright. Unlocking the door, the blast of cool winter's air was a relief to him as he took the last few steps to the chair on the balcony and near fell into it. There was no way he was going to be going back to sleep, not with his system as full of adrenaline as it was. Looking out at the sky, his eyes met the moon overhead, the moonbeams seeming brighter tonight than usual.

    Aside from the nightmare, it was a good night and Ziel wished he was at his best to enjoy it. He loved winter, loved the snow, loved the chill but he loved the one who made it even more. The boy who showed him how to have fun in his nightmares all those years ago, who chased the demons from his mind and filled it instead with laughter. But he also had filled Ziel's heart. You never forgot your first crush and for Ziel, it was more difficult. He was still young but he could barely relate to anyone his own age and as such, that crush had never died, only strengthened. He knew it might be a fantasy but that was what he had always worked with; what did one more matter? At least he was happy, which wa smore than could be said for many.

    As always, the name leapt to his lips and again he was tempted to say it as he had in his youth. Before, it seemed like any night he whispered that fated name, the next day would be a snow day, the entire town covered in feet of snow. Now though, he had little reason to say the name; he worked from home now and snow or not, he had obligations. But... this was something he needed. Something he needed in his very being - the comfort the name brought to mind, body, and soul.

    "Jack Frost," he whispered, the winter breezes not daring to muffle the belief-laden words.
  5. Jack Frost. The Guardian of Fun. Chosen by the Man in the Moon to become one of the Guardians to stop Pitch from covering the world in darkness. That was eleven years ago. Although it was a long enough time for most people to forget a lot of what they did, the memories of his time from when he first became a guardian, getting to know Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Bunny and Sandy had brought him from his shell. Before he was a guardian, only a minimal number of people even believed he existed. That all changed when a young boy, Jamie Bennett, had helped Jack and the other Guardians, while recruiting his own friends, to defeat Pitch. The combined efforts of the children had given the Guardians the strength they needed to finally send that black blotch back into the depths he came from, purging the darkness from the land and bringing back happiness and peace.

    During the eleven long years, Jack continued his routine as the new Guardian of Fun. Bringing about the fun of winter. Bringing large amounts of snow to stop school and have all of the children come out to play. Throwing the first snowball that began an uncountable number of snowball wars. He played around with the children, making sure that all of their winter days were full of fun and laughter. He made lakes and ponds completely freeze so that the children had a place to skate around. Jack had done so many things for children that they had to come up with new names for the games that he played with them.

    Now, he had played with countless children, even the occassional adult to get them to play with the children alough they couldn't see him themselves, that he couldn't hope to remember the names of, yet... there was one. One child, well, not child anymore, but one person who's name and face had stuck with him in his mind. Raziel, or Ziel as he remembered the young man prefered to be called. He had found the young man on his nightly stroll/fly through the winter night in the town. He tended to make sure that the children all slept soundly with only pleasent dreams to enter their sleeping minds.

    It was close to midnight when the full moon was at it's highest and brightest, illuminating the small town almost as brightly as the morning sun, when he found the ailing child. He entered through an open window to check on the tossing and turning child, bringing a cold chill and a few snowflakes with him as he did. Jack wanted to make sure that the child was, in fact, ailing from a nightmare and not tossing like some children do normally. As he noticed the pained expression and the cold sweat on his young head, Jack felt a pang in his heart. It always hurt him when he saw a child in any form of pain. Pain meant no fun, no fun meant no happiness. Jack always felt terrible when he couldn't make the children happy.

    The moment he saw the pained expression, he flew as quickly as he could to contact the Sandman. After telling him of the troubled child, the duo quickly returned and Sandy took care of the nightmare, filling the boy's dreams with happiness and fun, leaving no room for any nightmare to enter his mind again. Sandy left after he was sure that the boy would be fine, but Jack stayed close just to make sure. Jack had sat at the windowsill all night and had even stayed relatively close to the boy during the day. As it seemed, he wasn't one to go out and play with the other kids, he seemed to rather be alone. Jack had then started to have some fun with him. He made it snow just a little harder when he saw the small flash of joy on the boy's face when the snow started to fall. Jack flicked some snow from some of the snow piles at him. The boy seemed to rather enjoy the treatment he was recieving, despite the fact he didn't know who was doing it. From then on, Jack and Sandy helped the boy each time he had nightmares... which seemed to come far too often.

    Now, Jack wasn't sure how it happened, but the young man saw him one day. He wasn't sure if the boy was more scared or happy, but it mattered little, he was just happy the young man believed in him now. Jack learned the young boy's name was Raziel, but prefered to be called Ziel. Jack made sure to play with Ziel all the time. Jack was found all the time with Ziel, even as the boy began to grow up, he still seemed to believe in Jack, so Jack stayed. As Ziel continued to grow older, Jack began to see less and less of him. Ziel was always the one to find Jack, so he wasn't sure if Ziel had just decided to stay inside more, or if he didn't believe in Jack Frost anymore. It had happened when most children grew up... They tend to forget about the Guardians, their parents tell them that they aren't real and the children believe them. Of course they should. But, Jack had then lost contact with Ziel. That was some years ago now. Although he didn't know why, Ziel had somehow worked his way into some part of Jack's heart. He didn't know why, but Ziel was the one of the few children who he remembered completely.

    Now here he sat, on the head of one of the statues in the fountain in the middle of town. It was about the time of midnight and there was a slight snowfall. His face was pointed up at the sky as he remembered his time with Ziel. Then... He heard something... A few words... Soft as the winter breeze... "Jack Frost" He heard his name... Spoken out by a semi-farmiliar voice. He glanced around his area and noticed there was no one... Where did it come from? He took lightly to the air as he flew against the breeze. That is what must have carried the words. As he followed, he eventually came upon a house with a balcony, and a person settled upon a chair. Jack flew closer and his eyes widened in shock when he recognized who it was... Ziel... Jack apporached and landed gently on the railing of the balcony. "Z-Ziel?" He asked tentatively. "It's me, Jack. Jack Frost... Can... Can you still see me?" He asked. Jacked hoped for the better... but he was expecting the worst.
  6. His eyes closed in memory, Ziel hadn't heard Jack alight on the railing. The Guardian's name was sweet on his lips and the memories even more so. Memories of when he first saw Jack, of that first frost's caress on him as he said the fateful words. Already, he felt the familiar chill of Jack coursing through his body and even more memories were evoked. Running through the snow, skating on the ice, the flying snowballs... All of it Jack's doing. But with those memories came the fall. Believe as he did, there comes a time when all kids have to grow up.

    He never wanted to. He never wanted to grow up, to lose the fun. But that was his curse - he grew older. As each year passed, more and more was expected of him as he went through school and it wasn't long before it seemed that all of his time was spent inside with schoolbooks. It only got worse when he was in college. He never forgot Jack but he never saw that flash of white hair through the air. As cold as the ice had been, so too did his heart grow. When he dropped out to follow his dreams though, it began to thaw and slowly the fun returned. There were always responsibilities and obligations and sometimes the fun was forced on him but he could summon images of Jack and everything would seem better. For a time.

    A small sob slipped from his lips and a single tear trailed down his cheek as he curled up slightly in the chair. He really did miss Jack. He missed the fun. The real fun, not the fun in his own head. The fun where he was a part of it, not the architect. There was something lost in that switch of position. That special something that was part of being a kid. Then there was the voice. The voice of a time he thought long gone; a voice that had only been a memory these last few long years.

    "Z-Ziel? It's me, Jack. Jack Frost... Can... Can you still see me?"

    Slowly, Ziel looked up at where the voice came from and the frown morphed into a look of astonishment. Not believing his own eyes, he inched forward, getting off the chair and standing up in front of Jack. Trembling, he reached out towards Jack's chest.

    "Please...please don't let this be another vision...." he murmured. "I can't take it now..."

    As his fingers brushed against Jack' blue hoodie, they recoiled at the cold fabric and the astonishment turned to recognition and the tears were freely forming as he reached out again to hug Jack tightly.

    "Yes..." he whispered, his tears freezing against Jack's hoodie. "I can see you Jack... I can see you..."
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  7. Jack was surprised when the other reached out to touch him. It was like... Ziel wasn't sure if Jack was real or not... Jack's eyes widened and he felt a brief moment of joy when he heard teh other could still see him. His feelings of joy were quickly replaced with worry when he noticed Ziel was crying. Jack quickly wrapped his own arms around Ziel and hugged him tightly. One of his arms circled around Ziel while hi to his har, gently running his hand through it.

    "Hey, c'mon now. No crying."

    Jack tried hard to keep his voice calm and lightheared like he always did. He pulled back to have Ziel look at him. Jack gently wiped away the tears streaming fromt eh young man's face with a kind smile.

    Jack floated around Zeil, keeping the young man facing him as he grabbed one of Ziels hand and led him over to the chair he was previously sitting on. Jack sat himself down and sat Ziel down next to him. Jack then wrapped an arm around the young man and pulled him close to him.

    "What happened? Are you okay?"

    Jack asked in a worried tone, using his other hand to brush a tuft of hair away from Ziel's face. He didn't know exactly why, but he was incredibly worried about Ziel. He had a thought of what it could be and feared for the worst...

    "Was... Was it a nightmare?"

    His words were soft. As if he wanted to not be heard because of his fear for the answer and he did. He knew how troubled Ziel was and he knew how much Ziel hated them. Who didn't hate nightmares? Jack wrapped his arm tighter around Ziel. He may have knew what it was, but he wasnted to make sure. And now that he was here and Ziel was suffering, he wasn't going away.
  8. Despite Jack's protests, Ziel couldn't help himself crying. He had been terrified, sad, and all of that had been washed away by Jack's appearance. The tears that froze on his cheeks were no longer of sadness but joy. He tried his best to smile as Jack wiped the tears from his eyes but it was more forlorn than happy. So close to Jack on the chair, he held Jack as close as he could, loving the white-haired boy's chill. With Jack here, he didn't want to think about the horrors of his dreams but that must've been why Jack was here, right?

    "I...I...Yeah. I had another Jack...I haven't had one in years... And this one..."

    He clutched Jack closer, burying his face into the Guardian's hoodie, his voice muffled and shaky but still clear.

    "I...I almost...I almost forgot... to say your name. I didn't remember...until... until I was about to hit the ground. I...I don't know Jack...I thought they were gone. I thought we had taken care of them. Why? Why are they back? And why are there so many horses? It was...it was a stampede... Pitch black horses with glowing red eyes... They kept chasing me...hunting me..."

    Ziel sobbed into Jack's hoodie as the memory of his dream started to terrify him again.

    "What do they want Jack?"
  9. Jack felt another sharp pang in his heart as heard Ziel cry into this hoodie. He held Ziel close and gently rubbed his back. Jack sighed softly and looked up to the sky. What should he do? Jack was honestly at a loss for how to help Ziel. He wasn't going to leave Ziel to get Sandy, but he wasn't sure what todo. Wait... Why doesn't he just do what he does best? His face lit up and a smile crossed his face as he pulled away from Ziel only to pull the man up from the chair with him, a small smile still on his face.

    "I don't know what they want, Ziel... I really don't... But, we are going somewhere. Now." Jack spoke softly, a mischevious smile playing onto his lips as he looked into Ziel's eyes. "Sorry about this..."

    Jack chuckled softly as he quickly swept Ziel into his arms. The young man was surprisingly light and jack was sure he could carry him just fine to the destination. He flew over to where he left his staff at the railing and grabbed it before he began flying off with Ziel held safely in his arms. He looked down at Ziel with a smile and laughed lightly, hopefully lightening the mood some more with his normal smile.

    As they flew, Jack had caused the snow to fall a little harder. He remembered how much Ziel loved to watch the snow fall. Jack had flown through the town and out to a smal foresty area on the outskirts of the town. In the center of the small glade, there was a decent sized pond. Not large enough to be a lake, not by far, but it was big enough for waht Jack had planned.

    Jack set Ziel down on the ground. By this time, Jack had the snow falling haard enough so a few inches covered the ground. He then picked up his staff and lightly touched the bottom ofit to the top of the pond. In just a few seconds, Jack had the water frozen all the way down to the bottom. Jack then jumped out onto the ice and slid out tot he center with his happy laughter.

    "C'mon, Ziel! Let's have some fun!" Jack had a huge smile on his face and he finished his statement by flicking some of the snow by Ziel's feet up at him, getting snohair and on his face and shoulders. Jack laughed again and flicked a little more at him before he slid over and grabbed onto Ziel's hands, pulling him out onto the frozen pond with him.
  10. In many ways, Ziel was still a child, though he would never admit it. Yes, he believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus but that was tempered by his own personal maturity. He knew enough about the real world to understand and accept responsibility and how to take care of himself. That said, he was still unawares of such things like air travel, resulting in a short yelp as Jack swept him up and they started flying.

    Looking down, Ziel closed his eyes and did his best not to move; he didn't want to fall. However, he soon became used to it, the comforting chill of the Guardian's body surrounding him. Opening an eye a crack, he realized it wasn't nearly so bad as he had first feared and it wasn't long before he was looking down in wonder at both the landscape below him and the possibilities of where Jack was going. The thought of what might happen didn't even cross his mind; Ziel was very trusting, at least when it came to children and the good of his mind. And of course, the Guardians, even if he didn't know them.

    Ziel barely noticed the cold in the air, despite being only in his pajamas. As the breezes of the glade ruffled the cloth he watched in amazement as Jack froze the entire pond with just a touch of his staff. The first small steps he made towards the pond had the snow crunching beneath his feet and the hems of his pajama pants wet as soon as he took the first step. When Jack slid out to the center he could stifle the giggle that brought back memories of skating on this very pond so many years ago. He hadn't even been expecting the snow in his face. The laughter paused for just a second before it burst back out with renewed vigour. He had been about to start packing a snowball or two to retaliate before the Guardian pulled him out onto the ice.

    His feet were unsteady at first from surprise but it was easy to regain his balance, especially with Jack holding him. That made it even easier when he slipped on the ice and fell into Jack with a cry of surprise. Glad for the Guardian's presence, he was laughing at the shock of it all as he laid his head on Jack's shoulder and looked up at the white-haired boy with wonder in his eyes.

    "Jack, I...I've missed you so much... All these years... What happened?"
  11. Jack still had his smile on his face as he pulled Ziel out onto the ice, holding him upright as he stumbled. He held Ziel the whole time they slid around on the ice. Right as he was about to speak up about Ziel seeming to get the hang of skating again, Ziel stumbled and fell into Jack. Jack easily caught him and even laughed a little at the yelp Ziel made. Jack's smile softened into more of a warmhearted one, rather than his normal carefree smile, as he looked down at Ziel rest his head on Jack's shoulder. Jack felt his smile turn from one of warmth to one of nostalgia. He really did miss all of the years he spent with Ziel. Now wasn't the time for thinking back on the past. Now was a time for looking forward. Jack hadn't planned on leaving any time soon considering the fact that Ziel could still see Jack and Jack wanted to help Ziel through the nightmares. This may have been the first nightmare in years for Ziel, but Jack knew how terrible nightmares could be and how they often returned.

    "Well... As... As you grew older, I started to see less and less of you outside, so... I thought you had forgot about me like most children do when they become adults..."

    Jack's words were soft. Sad. He really felt it when he thought he lost Ziel due to Ziel's aging. Jack kept his hold tiht on Ziel, but he changed his tonw quickly, not wanting to dwell on the nostalgic matters of the past at this time.

    "But hey, there's no need to spend all of our time worrying about the past, right? This is our time to make more fun, not think about past fun."

    Jack made sure to put excitement and fun back into his voice, wanting to change the mood.

    "What do you want to do? We'll play whatever you want!"

    Jack pulled a grin onto his face as he still held onto Ziel's hands, but floated up into the air, moving in a circle to spin Ziel where the young man was standing. Jack laughed softly as he looked down at the other and waited in anticipation for what Ziel would have them do.
  12. "I never forgot Jack. Not once. How could I?" he murmured into Jack's shoulder.

    There were so many things unsaid that Ziel desperately wanted to say. He wanted to apologize to the Guardian, to blame everything on the amount of work he had to do but he couldn't; he knew that it was his fault because he didn't make the time. He wanted to tell the Guardian about his feelings but he was too embarrassed by them - just the thought made him blush slightly. There was more than that, more than Ziel wanted to know about Jack. Before it had all been fun and games but now that he was older, Ziel wanted to know about Jack himself because... he really liked Jack. Perhaps... more than he should. But Jack was right; the past was the past and it should stay that way. They should be focused on the fun now.

    "I don't know. There's so much I want to do. But... there's one thing I've missed... most of all..."

    Ziel slipped from Jack's hands and knelt down and gathered snow in his hands quickly before whipping around to hurl the snowball at Jack's chest.

    "And that was your snowball fights!" he called as he threw the snowball.
  13. Jack let out a round of hearty laughter as he let the snowball connect with his chest. He scooped his own snowballed and tossed it at Ziel, still laughing at the other. Ziel was a fun person to play with in sowball fights. Jack always loved the times they had with their snowbal fights and his mind had always wandered back to his fights with Ziel when Jack was having snowball wars with the other children in the town.

    Oh, he missed my snowball fights, huh? I'll give him a snowball fight...

    Jack smiled and grabbed his staff and flew up to the head of the pond and stuck it in the ground there. He was going to play a different version of a snowball fight than the normal ways this time. He flew back in front of Ziel and started marching back and forth in front of the other male as he spoke.

    "Okay! This will be a 'capture the flag' mission! The first person to retrieve the 'flag,' cross the frozen pond and make it to... that rock," Jack's arm flew out and pointed to a big rock that was situated close to the middle of the path that led to the pond as he spoke, "wins this battle. Now! The rules! No flying, no cheating, no lollygagging and ABSOLUTELY NO not having fun!!

    You will start on opposite sides of the pond, ten meters into the treeline. You will have exactly one minute to get yourself armed with snowballs and begin your first charge to the flag! Now, get your butt to your starting positions and prepare for war, soldier!!"

    As jack marched back and forth in front of Ziel, he spoke in the voice of a drill sergeant, though his actions belied his stern voice. He was kicking his legs high each time and exaggerated his arm movements as he spoke. Jack was more than excited for their game, so he turned onhis heel and took off into the woods, laughing full of joy.

    "I hope you haven't lost your game, Ziel!!"

    Jack called this out to his friend with another round of fun filled laughter as he began gathering snow for snowballs.
  14. Ziel was already laughing when the snowball hit him, soaking his pajama top where it hit. Of course, he didn't care, he was having fun. Fun like he hadn't had in so very long. He could barely stifle a giggling fit as he snapped to attention with a salute and listened to Jack's rules, snorting and sniggering the entire time.

    "Sir, yes, sir!" he answered as soon as Jack concluded, barely able to keep his composure long enough before bursting into a giggling fit. "Oh don't worry Jack. I'm back with more tricks than ever."

    Ziel ran off to his side of the pond with just as much gusto as Jack. As soon as he got there, he was already scrounging for good snow for his weapons. He didn't mind in the slightest that his pajamas up to his knees were pretty much sodden by this point, or that his shoulders and hair were damp from the still falling snow. Squinting past the treeline, he looked for Jack among the trees but couldn't quite see him. When it came to time though, he didn't have the best sense when it came to small increments.

    "Eh, close enough," he muttered.

    He started moving through the treeline towards the staff, watching for Jack.
  15. Jack was snickering quietly to himself as he finished up gathering an armfull of snowballs. He grinned to himself as he glanced through the trees, not gaining any sight of Ziel. After the time was up, Jack slowly started to make his way through the trees, keeping his eyes on the treeline, searching for his playmate.

    Jack saw movement in the corner of his eye and his head whipped around just in time to notice Ziel move behind a tree. He grinned wide as he grabbed a snowball and threw it as he saw Ziel move from behind the tree, the snowball connecting with the ree that Ziel was just about to move behind. Jack laughed to himself again as he quickly hid behind the ree he was standimg by.

    Eyes still full of joy, Jack looked off to the side and was just able to see the edge of the treeline and faintly see the pond. He qucikly dashed from his tree to the one closest to him. The both of them were now alerted to each other's positions, so this war was about to get fun.

    "Still got your throwing arm, Ziel? I hope so! I'd hate to see such skill disappear!!"

    Jack's words were only barely audible through his loud laughter. This was the most fun he has had in what seemed like forever. Jack jumped from behind the tree to another. As he was crossing from the tree, he let another snowball fly toward Ziel's position.
  16. Ziel hadn't heard Jack but the thump of the snowball against the and the peal of laughter that rang out made it obvious where the Guardian was hiding. He ducked down low, his arm laden with snowballs as he stealthed around the treeline. If there was anything that he had learned as he grew up, it was that there was always more than one way to go about things. For that knowledge he was grateful; he no longer had the particular linear thoughts of a child, even if he had the attitude and temperment of one - he had to grow up in some way.

    "Trust me Jack," he called out, "I haven't lost anything!"

    He darted out from behind his tree with a snowball ready, barely dodging the snowball thrown at him and returning fire at Jack before hiding behind another tree. Peeking around, he could see the staff in the distance and chanced another run along the treeline for it.
  17. Jack sniggered as he saw the snowball fly through the air where he was just standing. He peered around the tree and watched as Ziel took off again for a run at the staff. Jumping up with a quiet laugh, Jack also began running through the trees, making sure to keep his eyes on Ziel to make sure he wouldn't get another snowball thrown at him while he wasn't paying attention.

    They both reached the edge of the treeline at about the same time. Jack stopeed and looked between Ziel and his staff with a massive grin on his face before he took of againtowards his goal, leting snowballs fly at Ziel.

    "C'mon, Ziel! You're so close! Can't give up!"

    Jack reached the edge of the frozen pond and quickly scooped up two more snowballs as he slowly inched his way onto the ice.
  18. As he ran, Ziel looked to the side at Jack, catching flashes of blue and white between the trees. There was no way that he was going to be able to his the Guardian right now and with that in mind, no reason to waste his ammo. As he approached the pond, his eyes met Jack's and he grinned. There was no cause for celebration though, especially when a fusillade of snowballs rained down on him from Jack, which Ziel was able to avoid the majourity of, several raining down on his head and shoulders.

    "Who says I've given up?" he called as he ran out onto the ice.

    As he ran, he was throwing snowballs, feinting left and right with his throws to keep Jack occupied as he headed for the staff. Thanks to their time earlier, he was steadier on the ice though he still slipped and slid a little bit giving a wild edge to his throws.
  19. Jack Lauched as he bobbed and weaved from the snowballs. A few still clipped his shoulders and back, but he dodged most as he retaliated with his own two. After his last one left his hand, Jack turned to make a mad dash for his staff. He didn't notice the snowball that was thrown during one of Ziel's slips and it was aimed right for his head. Without having any prior knowledge of it being thrown, it connected with it's mark, hitting Jack in the back of the head, dampening his white hair.

    "Argh! I'm hit! Medic!!"

    With a laugh, Jack threw himself overly dramatically into the air and gave his body a light twirl, having him hang there belly-up, much like a fish would when it's dead. Jack could barely keep his laughter in as he just hung there, suspended in the air, awaiting Ziel's next action. Jack's chest was shaking and his face was contorted as he strained incredibly hard to keep from laughing like a maniac.
  20. One of Jacks snowballs hit Ziel in the chest, soaking his pajama top and leaving snowflakes along the buttons. It didn't slow down his momentum at all though and he plowed through the snowball easily, catching up to Jack's prone form floating in no time at all. He could barely keep his own giggles as he approached, his face taking on a very exaggerated serious expression. He laid a hand on Jack's chest and looked at the imaginary watch on his other wrist.

    "Hmmm...heartbeat seems normal. You're a little cold though and I'm sure the hovering is just a side effect. I'm going to prescribe more bedrest while I go get the staff."

    Ziel couldn't help it; he doubled over in laughter, clutching his abdomen with one arm and poking Jack with his other hand.

    "Cmon Jaaaaack...there's no time to play dead in a war. Else I might get the staff before you," he managaed to get out between laughs.
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