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  1. Name: Castiel

    Age: 18

    Dragon: Aurora
    Bio: Castiel was always different from other people in her village. Everyone else in her village was always so strong and brave, and Castiel, while she was beautiful, was weak and could never stand in a fight, thus she was looked down upon and no on wanted anything to do with her. Though no one would dare say anything bad to her, for fear her father, the strong and quick to kill Drago Bloodvist, would do away with them. Because of this, instead of treating her badly like she was sure they wanted to do, they simply ignored her, refusing to socialize with the girl. So, because often her father was off doing whatever he did when he was away, she always alone. She would go into the forests that surrounded her village and just keep to herself. When her father did happen to be home, she spent much time with him. Though in her time with him, she felt as though she wasn't seeing what he was really all about and that he was hiding something from her. So, one day when her father was preparing to leave, she said her goodbyes to him like she normally did and then stowed away on his ship to see what he was really up to.

    (Her hair is a pale blonde but we'll say it is so pale it will sometimes reflect the skies outside(for instance look pinkish during sunsets, ect). Her eyes are hazel and so will sometimes look blue, other times green, and sometimes a mix.)

    It was hard, being the daughter of such a great man. People held her to higher expectations. Those in the village her father ran wanted her to be just like him. Brave. Strong. A warrior fit to someday take his place in the tribe. But, she was none of those things. She was an outcast, born of a great man and a young woman he had kidnapped from a neighboring tribe. Her father had been older, even when Castiel had been born. After she was born, her father was told that likely he wouldn't be able to have any other children. And sure enough, with as many times he tried again with her mother(as well as any other women he chose to try with), he had no luck in having another child.

    Because of this, Castiel was of course his favorite and his pride. His only blood child. Her weak mannerisms were overlooked by him, but were heavily noticed by all in the village. Still, her father shielded her from harm and the terrors of the outside world, allowing no one to tell her of what lay beyond their village walls, as well as not allowing anyone to harm her themselves. Her sheltered life had made for a lonely life though. If those in her village were not deterred from her differences, than they refused to go near her for fear of her father's wrath.

    Growing up with no friends had left her with much time to herself. She would explore the nearby forests, learn to build new things, and even learned her hand in archery. In her village, archery was something of disgust. After all, who would want to use long range weapons if they were good at things such as Axes and Swords? Well, Castiel was no good with those things, considering they would call for the petite girl to go hand to hand with much larger individuals, long range weapons was something that at least made her feel a little prepared in case she had to defend herself. But to make her feel safe, she had to practice it. A lot.

    She was just coming back to the village from doing just that, her bow and arrows she had made herself places onto her back. She ducked under branches and stepped over longs walking down the familiar path until she finally made it back to the the docks, where her father was preparing for his departure in the morning.

    "Afternoon, Father." Castiel smiled at the rough looking man who stood at the deck, arms crossed and looking rather stony in expression. Though, at the sound of her voice speaking to him, some of that washed away and she could barely see the hint of calm in his eyes that most didn't notice, "How are the preparations going for your trip?"

    Her father grinned and wrapping a bear like arm around his daughter, pulling her to his side, he nodded, "Well. If all goes well, this trip will be very....rewarding."

    Looking up at him, she frowned slightly, "And...how long will you be gone this time?"

    Chuckling the man let her go, "No more than five days time." He nudged her with his hand in the direction of their home, "Now, go daughter. I have much to do before night fall."

    Nodding, the young girl left without another word, heading toward their home in the center of the village. There wasn't much to do there at home. She cooked dinner. Read some old books. Her father came home a little later on, and as he was eating, Castiel decided it was time for her to head to bed. And so, standing up, she walked over to her father and hugged him, "Good night father. I'll see you in the morning before you leave?"

    "If you are awake early enough, then yes." Looking at his daughter, Drago, kissing her forward then absent mindedly waved her off, sending her to bed.


    The next morning, Castiel was up very early(as she was every morning) and made sure she was there at the docks before even her father. She was always there to wish him goodbye. Ever since she was a little girl she would stand there, sometimes for hours, waiting for her father and the men to come and take their leave. She wasn't there for hours this time though. No, within just a half hour her father was there with his other men. The goodbyes between the father and daughter were quick, and then soon, they were all on the ship, preparing to sail.

    As she stood there, watching them do this and waiting for the to set sail, so many things came to her mind. Where were they going? What were they going to do? Just what was it her father did when he went on trips like this? She frowned as she thought about all of these and figured she would probably never know the answers.

    Or would she?

    Just then, as she stood there, an idea(that was possibly crazy) formed in her head and she, without thinking it through, was quick to put it into action. Snaking along the edge of the deck, she slowly made her way, without getting the attention of the crew, to the stairs that would lead to below deck, and once there, she hunkered down and prepared for the long trip ahead.

    And it was a long trip indeed. Two and a half days to get to where very they were heading. The food was stored down blow deck as well, so at Castiel didn't go hungry in her time there. It was toward the end of the third day that she felt the ship come to a stop, and curious to see just where her father had stopped at, she slowly crawled over to the stairs. Slowly making her way up them, she was surprised at what she saw.

    Snow. She had heard of it, but the place she lived was warmer and never got snow. Snow and ice covered everything and it was surprisingly beautiful.

    The second thing she noticed though, was that all the people had already left the vessel and were storming toward what looked to be a village on the island. Her eyes widened and she rushed over to the side of the ship, watching everything unfold, As her father and the en approached the village, people come out as well, ready for battle and rode on the backs of...no....it couldn't be. Leaning forward further against the railing, she watched and couldn't believe what was she was seeing. Her father had always told hr and the others in the village that dragons couldn't be trained and that one had to be very strong to even control one. These people must have been very strong then because each one of them rode a dragon.

    She watched on, so fixed on the fighting going on all around, that sh hadn't noticed one of the dragons land on the deck of the ship. This dragon must have been a spare because it had no rider on its back. It stepped closer and closer to her and it was only when the beast was a few feet away that she felt its presence and spun around, eyes full of fear as she tried to back away, only to stumble and tumble over the edge of the ship, straight into the freezing waters below.

    It was a struggle to keep afloat. Most people in her village didn't even know how to swim, but because of her small size and graceful movement, she had been one of the few to actually learn. Even with her knowing how to swim though, it was still hard to keep herself from staying under. Every time she cam up for air, she was thrown back under by the waves, being carried further and further along the coast and away from the ship, which by then was already retreating away from this icy island.

    Just when she thought she might never get out of the water, a rather large wave smacked into her, causing her to tumble once again, only this time, onto the rocky shores. Coughing and gasping of breath, she knelled there on her hands and knees, catching her breath, only to look up and see a group of people she had never seen before. She scrambled to her feet and was about to make a run for it, but, didn't get very far. No, these vikings were on their top physical game, unlike herself, and had easily grabbed a hold of the struggling girl, dragging her, much to her fright, into the village.​
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  2. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 "Hiccup! Drago has returned! He's attacking the village!"

    Hiccup lifted up his head from the map he had been studying, various symbols and x's marked among the map, showing the location of dragons and enemy territories. Toothless, curled snugly beside the table, had awoken and lifted up his own head. Perking his stubby frills as his wide gaze looked towards the viking who had intruded into the meeting room. However, a scent had wafted inside and reached the Nightfury's nostrils, and the dragon tilted up his head as he scented the air. He stood up immediately, pinning back his frills as his brow furrowed an the pupils of his eyes narrowed, his teeth unsheathing from his gums and growled fiercely. The simple act was enough to convince Hiccup that this was real.

    "Alright Bud, I hear you." Hiccup said, pushing away from the table and looked over to the viking who had barged in. "Um... Right, inform all the vikings to get on their dragons and position the weapons!"

    The viking lifted his hammer. "Aye Chief!" Then he was out of the building, off to give out Hiccup's orders.

    Hiccup was still getting used to being the leader of his people, and at times he couldn't believe that he was the Chief of Berk, or that Toothless was the new Alpha of the dragons. It seemed like only yesterday that he was out mapping islands and discovering new dragons, still learning all he could about them, but those days were gone. Of course he could still do those things, but he didn't have anywhere near as much time, too busy with the tribe and his new duties to focus on those kind of things. He really missed it sometimes, but this was his life now, and he wanted to make his father proud. To continue on his legacy and become a chief fit to be the son of Stoick.

    "Come on Toothless, lets go and teach another lesson to that persistent viking." Hiccup said, grabbing his helmet and slipped it on over his head. Toothless responded with a snort and a shake of his head, eager go get going.

    Smiling beneath his helmet, Hiccup hopped onto Toothless's back and strapped his metal leg into it's little foot hold of Toothless's saddle, and held on tightly. As soon as Hiccup was strapped in, Toothless ran across the room and ran right out the door, which was slightly ajar from the viking's visit. With a click of Hiccup's metal leg, Toothless's left tail fan opened right up, then he spread his large wings wide before kicking off the ground. Flapping them powerfully and lifted the two of them high in the air. Toothless released a powerful roar, alerting his fellow dragons to take their positions and for those who was without a rider to flank him, and the dragons rose from the island to quickly take their place behind their leader.

    Hiccup could see a group of Drago's vikings starting to surround a trapped dragon, and the very sight had anger boiling up inside him. "Lets help that dragon out Bud."

    Toothless growled in response, sharing the same anger his rider held, and growled at his fellow dragons to continue on to the ships in the sea. The dragons parted, heading over to the ships while Toothless flew back to the island, a black blur in the sky. A high, piercing whistle sort of sound echoed the air, an obvious sign of a Nightfury attack. Toothless folded his wings and dove quickly towards the group of vikings, charging up one of his blasts as his eyes narrowed down on his target, gaining distance quickly. When he reached them he released the blue blast from his jaws, shooting it directly at the spot between the vikings and the trapped dragon, and the plasma exploded upon contact. The force knocking the vikings far back and away from the dragon. At the same time, Toothless had spread his wings to gain altitude, flying past the dragon in a blink of an eye.

    Hiccup patted Toothless's neck. "Great job Bud, now lets go help that dragon." Toothless made a sound of agreement, but before they turned, there was no need.

    Valka flew in on her own dragon, Cloudjumper, using her staff to catch hold of Cloudjumper's foot as she jumped off when he lowered to the ground. Pulling on his clawed foot so that she flipped through the air, before landing gracefully on the ground without ever letting her dragon land, running over to the trapped dragon. She took hold of the net over the dragon and untangled it from around the beast, sliding the netting off, freeing the dragon. The reptile stood and shook itself off, before nudging Valka affectionately in thanks. Valka smiled, stroking the dragon's head before it pulled away and took off into the sky, rejoining the fight. Valka caught her son's eye, and she smiled, lifting her staff before running back to Cloudjumper, once again using her staff to take hold of his clawed foot to pull herself up and flip. Climbing back onto his back before both rejoined the fray.

    Hiccup smiled s he watched his mother go. "Nevermind Bud." He said, and he and Toothless rejoined the fray as well.

    Toothless followed behind Hiccup as he made his way to their dungeons, his helmet under his arm, the concern on his face clear for all to see. He had thought all of Drago's vikings had retreated, but he had just been informed that they now have a prisoner, having found her by the shore. He wondered if she had been left behind, or if this was some kind of trap set up by Drago, but what kind of plan would that be? They would keep her locked up, so what was the point of leaving one of his own behind? Unless it had all just been a fluke and a mistake. Hiccup couldn't come up with any permanent decisions till he met the prisoner and get a better idea of her.

    He walked into the building where they kept the cages, walking past the mostly empty cells before reaching the one that contained the girl. He was actually surprised at the first sight. He hadn't expected her to be so young, and she didn't seem like any of the vikings of Drago's island, who had appeared vicious and heinous. No, to him, this girl seemed....normal. But he couldn't let looks deceive him. For all he knew, this young girl could be just as vicious as Drago himself. Toothless had padded up to the cage, looking at the girl inside with curiously, his eyes wide and frills perked. He sniffed the air around her and let out a low groan, tilting his head at Hiccup.

    "She needs to stay in there, she is the enemy after all." Hiccup responded to his dragon's concern. "No matter how innocent she may look." He patted Toothless's snout before turning his gaze back on the girl. "What's your name?"
  3. Castiel Bloodvist

    Just what were these people planning to do with her? Keep her locked up in this place for the rest of her life? Feed her to their dragons? And more so, what were these people even doing with dragons in the first place!? Dragons were mindless beasts! Her father had always said that dragons could never be trained. That dragons could only be controlled. That had to be true, wasn't it? Of course it was. These people had just somehow found a way to control all of these dragons for their needs. Yes, that was what it was. It had to be.

    Sighing, the girl leaned back against the stone wall of the dank and dark dungeon they had placed her in. Sh was really regretting ever sneaking on that ship. If she hadn't been so curious, if she hadn't been so nosy and just stayed on their safe island, she wouldn't even be in this mess. She was starting to wonder when she would ever learn. She was just too inquisitive for her own good. Now it had gotten her into more trouble than she had ever been in before.

    Maybe it would even get her killed.

    She shivered at that thought and in attempt to get away from thoughts of what was to come to her, instead she tried to focus on what was around her. The cell she was in was kind of small for viking standards. But, with her size it was more than enough room. But, what was really bothersome was the temperature. These vikings that lived in this village were most likely used to the very cold chill of the air around them. She on the other hand, who had grown up on an island that was sunny most days of the year and rather warm, was freezing. She could even see her breath! That had never happened before!

    She shifted slightly, trying to at least get somewhat comfortable, though with the shackles around her wrists and their chains with a very limited length, she couldn't exactly move much. The cold metal of it chilled her hands more and she found herself constantly rubbing at her hands and arms to keep them warm and the blood circulating.

    As she sat there, staring at the wall and trying to keep herself warm, she heard a strange sound and faint whispering. Needless to say, turning her head to see a rather large black dragon with bright green eyes staring at her was enough to make her stumble back away from the bars as quick as she could, a rather timorous yelp coming from her as she did. Her wide hazel eyes were on the dragon before they turned to the boy beside it. She had to tell herself she couldn't act afraid like she just had. Even if she really was terrified of that dragon, she couldn't show it. That would only show to them she was weak, and while she was really was weak, she didn't want them knowing that.

    She had to think like her father would. What would her father do in this situation? What would he do? He would....oh, how was she supposed to know?! She wasn't anything like her father! Here these two were, obviously probably enemies of her father, asking her what her name was and she for the longest moment couldn't even find the words to speak that's to her far of that dragon stealing her words.

    "Just be brave, like father. Speak. Don't give them any more reason to hurt you than they already have." Thinking this to herself, very slowly she stood up straight, and tried mimicking her father's tall and head high stance, speaking as clearly as she could, though a slight tremor remained from being in the cold and her left over fear of being in this strange land with strange people and dangerous dragons, "My name is Castiel Kidamara Bloodvist."
  4. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Upon hearing her name, it drew out a gasp from Hiccup, his eyes growing wide. A snarl passed Toothless's lips as he took on his fierce look once more, growling at the girl in the cage, catching faint signs of her father's scent over her. He remembered the viking well, and so did Hiccup. The man had taken his father's life, and he used Toothless to do it, using Hiccup's best friend to kill his father. Needless to say they were not on good terms, and here was Drago's daughter right before Hiccup's very eyes, a rare sight to behold. Hiccup didn't even know that Drago had any children! He had never heard of such a thing.

    "You? You are Drago's daughter?" He asked in disbelief. He just couldn't believe it.

    He watched as she stood up in confidence, but she wasn't fooling him, catching the fear inside her eyes and the quiver in her voice. Of course that could just be from the cold. Hiccup had caught her act of terror when Toothless first walked up to her cell, but who wouldn't be surprised by a large dragon peering at you out of no where? He probably would have dismissed it if it weren't for the fact that she still looked pretty frightful within her eyes, casting glances towards Toothless's direction. Despite being his enemy, Hiccup couldn't help but feel a little bad, so he calmly placed his hand on Toothless's head.

    "It's alright Bud, she can't do anything in there." He reassured the dragon.

    It seemed to be enough, for Toothless closed his jaws but kept his glare right on the girl, shifting his body into a sitting position beside his Rider. His eyes observing the female, as if trying to figure out if she was indeed just like her father, the horrible viking who tried controlling his own kind. He was going to make this female know her place and make sure she didn't try the same thing, but so far she didn't remind Toothless at all like her father, and he was quite curious about her. He was a complicated sort, not trusting anyone at first, enemy or not.

    "My name is Hiccup, I'm the Chief here on Berk." Hiccup continued to speak. "And this is my buddy, Toothless. If you really are Drago's daughter, then did your people attack Berk to try to control the dragons again?"

    Hiccup had no idea if this girl-Castiel he believed she called herself-had the same plans as her father, but considering she was his daughter, then they most likely shared similar interests. Hiccup had to know their plans in case they plan on attacking again. This could have been some kind of diversion, or perhaps a way for Drago to catch a glimpse of Berk's defenses so that he could plan an even better attack next time, with more vikings and perhaps dragons of his own. Hiccup had to consider all the possibilities to keep his people safe, and with Drago's daughter in his position, he may just be able to figure out Drago's plan. One thing was for sure, however. Once Drago learned that they had his daughter, then he'll be back to reclaim her, so Hiccup would have to prepare the island for another attack.
  5. Castiel Bloodvist

    The look of surprise on the human boy's face was nothing that she hadn't been expecting. Her father was a rather known man, if she had hard the stories around her village right, not only in their little community, but all over in all sorts of places. Yet, even though her father was so known, she herself was not. It was meant to be that way. Her father knew, and had commented every once and a while to her about it, that she was a fragile thing. Small, weak, and looking nothing like her father. If people had known about her, they would capture her and use her against her father(which, in a way, was probably what was kind of happening now). This was why her father had kept her safely hidden away in their village. She had never left the village before just a few days ago when that ship first set off and so far, her first look at the world outside of her the village wasn't one she liked. Or rather, the people outside of the village was more of what she wasn't too fond of.

    The dragon, at the news of who she was, grew fierce, making her stance falter so she could take a few steps back, though couldn't go much further, the chains taunt and limiting her movement. She huffed slightly, and looking back to the two as the boy calmed the dragon just by placing a hand on his head. Man, these people on this island really did have some major control over these dragons for it to react that way. What exactly was it though? She just couldn't pick it out.

    "My name is Hiccup, I'm the Chief here on Berk." She was so caught up in the iy gaze of the dragon she almost didn't hear the boy introduce himself and when she did, she looked to him as he continued to speak, "And this is my buddy, Toothless. If you really are Drago's daughter, then did your people attack Berk to try to control the dragons again?"

    How in the world was she supposed to answer that question? She didn't even understand half of what he was trying to ask. Control the dragons again? Her father had never controlled dragons. Had he? yes, her father had brought dragons into the village and kept them locked up in what the village called 'the arena' but very few had ever been allowed in there, so none, not even herself, had known what went on in there. She had always assumed her father took the dragons in that place to kill them and harvest the parts for thing such as all his dragon skinned clothes and all the weapons he had made from dragon bones. She knew just as much about her father's work than the common people of her home. Maybe even less since her father had tended to keep thing from her to 'protect her' as he would say.

    So, if she didn't know what was she supposed to say to this 'Hiccup'? There seemed to be a bit of confusion and unsurety in her eyes for a split second before she replaced it with an uncaring look, shrugging her shoulders, trying to hide the fact that even she didn't know the answer, and the fact that she wasn't even really supposed to have been on this little trip with her father. This whole thing with her being here during this little mission of her father's was nothing but a fluke and she had to keep him from knowing that, "Why should I tell you anything? My father has his reasons for what he does and its not my place to say anything about his plans."
  6. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Hiccup thought he caught the faintest glimpse of confusion and uncertainty across the girl's face, but it was gone quickly, her expression changing suddenly. Had he imagined that look? Maybe he did, for he didn't see why the daughter of Drago wouldn't be informed by her own father of his plans, and she was with Drago's ships. How could she not know of the plan, if there was one? Then again, she wasn't the type most vikings would consider...well, viking like. Just like Hiccup himself. She looked too weak, too fragile, again just like Hiccup. His own father had been...distant with him when he was much younger and before he bonded vikings and dragons together, ending the continuous hunt for dragons with his people. He wished he could say the same for the other vikings.

    Perhaps this girl was suffering the same thing? Underestimated and hasn't found her own skill yet, but judged by all the other vikings and her father, and this being so she was not informed of her own father's plans. Or at least he was kind of right, just wrong about the relationship with her father, but how was he to know this? Whatever the case, he needed to know if Drago still held a threat and planned on returning with a more powerful force than today, to avoid any casualties. Toothless was behaving at the moment, remaining seated by Hiccup as he kept his piercing gaze on the female, protective of his Rider and didn't trust the daughter of the murderous viking.

    "Well if you have nothing to tell me, then I suppose I'd just be wasting my time here." He said as if it was the most casual thing in the world, clamping his hands together while keeping his helmet under his arms. "Hopefully you'll be more willing to talk later, but in the meantime, I have a village to take care of. I do hope you enjoy your stay down here."

    With that, he turned on his good foot and began walking off, leaving her alone in her cell. Toothless's pupils grew wide again as he blinked and tilted his head after Hiccup, then stood and hurried after him, ignoring the female. Hiccup walked out of the building, Toothless coming out right behind him, coming up to his side with his head tilting up at him again. A small and low sound passing his lips as he looked at his Rider in a questioning manner.

    "Don't worry Bud, I got it all under control." Hiccup said with a smile, stroking Toothless's head. "I think I can relate to her a little, so I'll slowly gain her trust and lighten her up. I'm sure that to her, we're the badguys and the ones causing all kinds of trouble. I just have to change her point of view."

    Toothless blinked his eyes once and released another low sound, shaking his head before moving his lips into a wide smile. Agreeing with Hiccup's plan. After all, Hiccup was not the type of viking to torture his prisoners for information. No, that was for the most brute, the cruelest of vikings to do. Hiccup preferred negotiating and choosing the most peaceful path. Plus... The girl didn't really seem much like a threat to him. He knew what Drago was like, knew the look and vibe he gave, but his daughter held none of that. She didn't seem cruel or cold, nor did she hold the killer glare like her father, she just seemed like a frightened young girl.

    Hiccup spent the day doing repairs on Berk, either fixing dragon saddles or the weapons, and helping others repair the buildings. He didn't return to the prison for several hours, figuring he had left the poor girl alone long enough. He hadn't meant to be gone for that long, he had been too caught up in all of his duties that time got away from him, but as soon as he was able to escape he made his way back to the prison. Toothless, of course, followed him. Not enjoying the idea of leaving Hiccup alone with the female. He made his way inside and moved to the girl's cell, but this time there was a quiet 'click' as a key was used to unlock the cell door, then the 'creak' of the metal door opening.

    Hiccup stepped inside her cell, holding a blanket over his arm. "Here, I thought you might be a little cold in here." He said, handing the blanket over to her. Toothless stood by the doorway with his head poking through, glaring at the girl as he bared his fangs a bit at her, a low growl vibrating in the back of his throat in warning. As if daring her to try anything against his Rider.
  7. Castiel Bloodvist

    She wasn't really sure what she was doing. She was trying to seem tough and not like her usual meek and quiet self that she was back at her home village. So, she thought that keeping her head up and taking with that fake confident ton of hers would be the best thing she could do. But, apparently it wasn't. Her hopes had been that after not getting any information out of her, this boy might just let her go when seeing she was of no use to him. But, that wasn't what he did. Guess that was too much to hope for. Instead, he simply shrugged her off and after a few quick words, went off. She felt her face heat up in her frustration, though really, why should she have been so? It wasn't like this was any different than her home village. Being shrugged off and ignored. She guessed it was the fact that even people that didn't know her and were from a completely different place did it as well that really fired her up. But, the frustration was quickly ebbed when she noticed something...strange.

    The dragon, if she recalled from books her father kept in the house, this Night Fury, seemed to change greatly when interacting with the boy. This Hiccup turned and walked off, and the dragon (the boy called him Toothless was it?) perked up, eyes changing to a friendly, kitten like, gaze. It was sort of...adorable? She had to shake her head at that.

    Dragons weren't cute. They were dangerous beasts. Yet, watching the dragon quickly scurry after this boy happily, Castiel found herself wanting to watch more of these two to see what was really going on here and how the boy was controlling the dragon in such ways as this.

    When they were gone, all was quiet in the dungeons. She was the only prisoner, leaving her being the only on in the cold and dark place. It was lonely in some ways, and then it others it was what she was used to. Back home her father was gone often and so she would spend most days and nights by herself. How was this any different than that? It wasn't. The only difference there really was was that there was a limited space she could go and chains connected to shackles were on her wrists. Yes, a lot like home, but with different scenery.

    Sighing to herself, the young girl leaned back against the wall. The next few hours were very quiet, leaving her to her own thought that weren't very important. Things like what people were doing at home. If anyone in the village had noticed her gone yet. What her father might do in the next few days when he came home to discover her missing. As these things filled her mind, she found herself, a few hours in, drifting off as she leaned there.

    She didn't sleep long though, because to her ears came the sound of a soft click and she jerked awake, looking up to see the same boy, Hiccup is she remembered correctly, standing there, his dragon hanging menacingly behind him. The young man held a blanket in his hand, to which he mentioned he thought she might be cold in here. Was she cold? Yes, she was freezing actually. But accepting the blanket would be bad wouldn't it? It would show her weakness. It would be accepting a peace offering. It would be a lot of things her father would come up with.

    So, despite the face she really wanted- no not wanted- needed that blanket to stay warm for the night surely to come in this cell, sh was refusing to show it. Instead, she, deciding the uncaring act might be better than her 'tough act' from earlier, gave a simple huff and turned her head to not look at him, trying to keep from shivering or breaking down to accept the blanket, "I don't need it."
  8. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Hiccup actually smiled at that, not bothered at all by the way she turned her head away as if she didn't care that she would freeze to death, which he knew for sure now that this was just an act. Who wouldn't accept a blanket in her condition? With the way her body frame was, she'd get really sick by the time morning came, and though she was their prisoner, that was not something Hiccup was willing to let happen. Despite her act, he could clearly see the slight shivers of her body, and see her lips turning slightly blue. Making her claim earlier a big fat lie. But he didn't persist, instead shrugging his shoulders once again.

    "If that's what you want." He said, straightening up. "But how about I just leave it in here just in case, hm?" He set the blanket down on the floor beside her. "And you know... I think you'll be ok without those shackles."

    He knelt down beside her, taking out the key and began to unlock the shackles from around her wrists and ankles. "I'm sorry for the treatment, you know how vikings are." He gave a small, humorous chuckle. "I don't really see the reason to keep you so chained up, it can be a little uncomfortable, that and with the fact that you're locked up inside a cold dungeon."

    The shackles came off, clanging on the floor. "There we go." Hiccup stood, putting away the key and dusted off his hands. "Now look, I'm not looking for a war or to harm anyone, I just want to be able to protect my village." He looked at her questionably, a hand on his chest. "You would want to do the same, am I right? If your father is planning another attack, I want to keep my people and our dragons safe by protecting the island, but I can't do that if I don't know what he's bringing on this next attack. Perhaps you could even convince your father for a truce?"

    He didn't know if his words would get to her or if she would even consider complying. This was her father after all, she wouldn't go against him, but like Hiccup sensed before, she was different. She didn't really seem like someone who would enjoy fighting, to go out into battle and slaughter all in her path, but she seemed like a reasonable person. Or at least he hoped he was right. He wasn't always good at reading people, or at least not all of them. Toothless had reverted back to his wide pupils as he looked at Hiccup curiously, his ears perked in everything that he was saying, but every time his gaze drifted over to the female his pupils would narrow again and he would snarl. Reminding her that he was still there and ready to hurt her should she hurt Hiccup. Toothless had made that warning especially clear when Hiccup had begun unchaining her shackles, keeping his fangs bared and growling the whole time, ready to break the bars and jump in should the female had tried anything.
  9. Castiel Bloodvist

    Castiel wasn't exactly sure what to make of this boy. He seemed uncaring as to whether or not sh accepted the blanket, yet was leaving it for her anyway. And then, not only that, but said he was going to take the shackles off of her. Her whole body tensed when he moved closer to her, kneeling down in front of her to unlock the shackles, and as he did, Castiel's mind began to race at what she might do when the shackles were off. She could try to knock him out and make her escape. But then again, even with as small as this young man was compared to other vikings, she was even smaller and more frail than he, so she doubted that could happen. But she could try to make a bolt for it though, right? She was smaller, so that would mean she would be faster.

    Only, there were two problems with that. One, she was so cold that her body was partly numb and she wouldn't be able to move as well as she normally did, making her slower. And two, the threatening dragon at the door way of the cell growling at her would in no way let her pass. She wasn't even going to dare get near that beast.

    So, when the shackles fell, Castiel did the only thing she thought would be safe for her to do, and that was nothing. She sat there, tensed up until he stood from his spot. She looked up at him from under her long lashes, listening to him speak.

    He seemed so sincere, and yet, she also knew she couldn't trust it. These people were her father's enemies and probably his equals in what they were capable of. After all, why else would it take her father so long to bring this people down? For all she knew, they were as brutal as her own kind, and were planning horrible things for her. If they were anything like how conniving her father could be, they woudl be sure to kill her after she told them what they needed to know. The only thing is, she didn't know the information they needed, but they thought she did. She just had to keep them thinking that to keep herself alive, right?

    And so, when he talked to her, trying to convince her into telling him, and maybe even trying to convince her father into a truce, she looked at him, keeping her expression even, "I told you. I'm not telling you anything. You are my father's enemies. People who would kill him if you got the chance. And more so, do you really think my father would want a truce? My father is a proud man who doesn't back down and make peace." She knew that, of did she know that, from experience. When she was younger, just a child, she used to beg for hi to stop going off to fight and stay home with she and her mother. But, he always refused, saying he never backed down when there was a fight to be fought. And still to this day, he was still just like that. There was no stopping that man when he wanted to do something, and obviously what he wanted to do is take down this village.

    Her eyes drifted to growling dragon once more, her body tense once again when she saw the fury still in its eyes. It was very threatening, and when Castiel felt threatened, there was no chance of getting anything useful out of hr, so maybe it was a good thing that dragon was being so snappy with her. At least with that feeling she wouldn't get a chance to relax and nothing would get the chance to slip. She moved her gaze back to the young man, looking up at him once more from where she sat, "I don't know why you're even trying to talk to me. I'm not my father. I don't control what he does. Far from it. If he wants to attack this icy wasteland full of flying beasts, then that's what he'll do. There's nothing anyone can do about it, and nothing you can do to prevent it."
  10. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 It was no good, this girl didn't trust him at all, her loyalty remaining with her father. But what else could he expect? She wouldn't betray her tribe just like that. He needed patience and time with her, which he suppose he had time for, since even if Drago planned a stronger assault on Berk then it would take him a while to prepare. Or at least that's what Hiccup hoped. If only he could get her to relax a bit, though with Toothless constantly growling and glaring at her from behind his back, he could see why the girl couldn't relax.

    "Toothless, stop scaring her." He told the dragon, turning his body slightly to look at his buddy while gently placing a hand on his head. "It's alright, I don't think she'll try anything with you here."

    Toothless closed his mouth as he looked at his rider, one eye narrowed towards him in a questioning manner, though he seemed to accept the worded reassurance. With a small huff the Nightfury sat down and stopped growling at the female, but kept a close eye on her, just in case. He still didn't trust her, and she might try something funny at any moment, harming his Rider so that she might escape. Hiccup smiled and patted the beast's neck before turning his attention back to the girl.

    "...You're probably not too familiar with dragons, are you?" He asked, suddenly curious on this fact. Being that she was Drago's daughter, he was sure that Drago told her horrible things about them. "You probably think that dragons are dangerous and should be hunted down. I don't blame you for believing that fact because of Toothless's behavior, but I can quite assure you, that it's all wrong."

    Once again he placed his hand on Toothless's head. "Here on Berk, we became friends with the dragons, and now they help us. There's no greater bond than a viking with his dragon. Right Bud?" Toothless's eyes grew wide again as he opened his jaws slightly, his low growl/groan vibrating from his chest in agreement, his lips peeling back in a wide smile.
  11. Castiel Bloodvist

    Castiel couldn't help but wonder just what these two were up to. Why was this boy even trying to converse with her? She obviously wasn't going to tell him anything, so why even bother attempting to draw anything more out of her? She leaned back a little and glanced back over to the two to see this Hiccup speaking quietly to his dragon. Whatever he said to it made the beast stop its threatening looks and noises. She looked at the two of them suspiciously, especially when he turned back to her to speak again.

    He called her out on thinking dragons were dangerous. Well, of course she did. She had seen her father bring in snarling and vicious dragons that would often harm, and rarely kill, people within her village if something ever went wrong when bringing them to Arena.

    And here was another example of an evil dragon standing there, just moments ago having been growling at her and staring her down. Yet, he was telling her she was wrong? She wanted to laugh at that. Dragons couldn't be good. They couldn't be friends with people. That just wasn't possible.

    And yet, here was this boy who was able to just talk so causally with the dragon he rode, and the dragon was responding back so affectionately. It was a strange sight to see. She didn't know what to make of it, but her mind just didn't want to accept that these two could possibly be friends. That anyone could be friends with a dragon. This had to be some sort of control over the dragons these people had. She didn't know what kind of control it was, but it was powerful and it was working.

    Looking between the two of them, she shook her head slightly, "You're lying. Dragons can't be friends with humans. You either have some sort of control over them or they are just using you. To say that a dragon can be friends with people is like saying we can fly. Its impossible."
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  12. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Hiccup couldn't stop the corner of his mouth twitching slightly up at her words. He could very well prove to her that he could 'fly', in more ways than one, but he figured he shouldn't push his luck with her. To do that he would have to show her proof, but he couldn't do that without getting her near a dragon, and it was pretty clear that she wasn't going to go near any of these beasts. Especially Toothless. The Nightfury had resumed his vicious look, baring his fangs and narrowing his pupils, snarling angrily at her. Apparently he didn't like what she had said.

    Hiccup was about to calm his buddy down when another voice came from behind them. "That is no way for a lady to be treated, my son. You should teach Toothless some manners."

    Both Hiccup's and Toothless's heads turned to see Valka striding up towards them, her staff in her hand as always, but her helmet wasn't with her. Revealing the soft and kind face of that of a mother, and her braided brown hair, very much like Hiccup's. Toothless broke out into a smile as all ferocity vanished, turning his body around and nearly smacking Hiccup with his large tail, but he had ducked just in time for it to sail right over him. Toothless greeted Hiccup's mother as his body wiggled excitedly, and a warm smile spread across Valka's features. Lifting a hand to to stroke the Nightfury's head, and Toothless rubbed his head against her hand, before looking over at Hiccup with his toothless smile.

    Hiccup rolled his eyes and stepped out of the cell, closing the door behind him but didn't lock it, not yet. "Since when can you teach Toothless any manners? You know how he is." He said, though he was holding a big grin. Clearly not bothered by the fact and still loved his Nightfury deeply.

    Valka laughed lightly. "As he gets older he will learn. If he can't behave then he shouldn't be down here, the poor thing looks frightened enough." She said, her eyes drifting towards the girl within the cell.

    Strange... Valka wasn't sure, but something about her seemed terribly familiar, but what she couldn't tell. Her brow furrowed slightly and she tilted her head, looking at the girl closely, but nothing about her screamed exactly what it could be that Valka found so fascinating. Hiccup caught the strange look on his mother's face, his expression turning to that of confusion and curiosity. He glanced at the girl to see if anything had changed since he last saw her, but there was nothing that stood out to him or revealed what it could possibly be that had his mother so intrigued, so he turned his gaze back to Valka.

    "Mom?" He questioned. Toothless was tilting his own head up at Valka as well, sensing something was slightly off and wondered why Valka was staring off so intensely.

    Valka blinked her eyes, seeming to draw back from reality, and she released a slight nervous laugh. "Forgive me, I thought that I saw something." She said, and before her son could utter a word, she moved herself towards the cell.

    "My name is Valka. I am Hiccup's mother." She greeted Castiel. "I apologize for the rude behavior of Toothless, he has trouble trusting people right away."
  13. Castiel Bloodvist

    That dragon looked like he wanted to tear her apart, which only did more to confirm her ideas that these dragons were beasts. They were killers and could care less whether or not humans existed. In fact, they might even enjoy killing what humans they could find that were weak enough to do so. She stayed where she was at, being very still as the dragon tensed up, growling viciously at her and flashing his sharp fangs at her. Before anything could happen though, a voice distracted the two and their attention was on an older woman that entered into the dungeon for the time being.

    The woman had this carefree and kind air to her that almost immediately put everyone in the room at ease. Much to Castiel's surprise, that included herself. Instead of sitting there tense and ready to defend herself physically and verbally like she been since these two males had arrived, she slowly began to relax as she leaned there against the wall, watching the three of them interact. As much as she didn't want to admit it, it was interesting to see the relations going on. The woman got onto this Hiccup, who was apparently her son, yet the scorning wasn't a stern and snappy order like she was used to seeing from her father. No, it was a gentle and light suggestion. It reminded her a lot of her mother.

    That thought brought a small frown to her face and she averted her gaze for just a moment. She hadn't seen her mother in so long. Her mother had been a very kind and caring woman like this woman here seemed to be. Her mother had always known the right things to see, and always thought of other people's well being, whether it be people from their home village, or from another village. It was hard for her to see someone so much like the woman she had been so close to, and at the same time it was a comforting thing as well. It left her feeling a little better about this situation than she had before, that was for sure.

    Looking back over to the three of them, she could see the dragon hopping and wiggling happily around the young man and his mother. Strange. The beast had just moments before been rude and savage. And here it was sudden;y so playful and happy? What had this woman done to suddenly make the dragon so different? She watched on, trying to figure out what it might be, yet she couldn't spot anything.

    The woman's eyes moved over to her and just...stared at her. A confused look came to her face and she looked back at the woman for a moment, trying to figure out why the woman might be looking at her like that, but when she couldn't find a reason, nervously averted her gaze until Hiccup spoke to the woman in a questioning tone.

    Finally, the woman seemed to snap out of her trance like thinking state and when she spoke to Castiel, the blond looked back to the older woman, who introduced herself and apologized for the behavior of the dragon.

    Slowly shrugging her shoulders, she averted her gaze once again for a moment, unsure what to say at first. What was she supposed to say to someone like her apologizing for a dragon? It was a weird situation for her to be in and it left her at a loss for words for a long moment. She moved her eyes back to the three, unsure of really how to react to all that she was seeing. It was overwhelming, "It's expected. Dragons are always vicious anyway so it doesn't matter."
  14. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Valka only smiled at the young girl's remark, a gentle and warm understanding in her eyes. "We all thought like you once, every one of us on this island, but look at them now." She turned to Toothless, running a hand over his scaly head, a soft sound coming from him that could have been mistaken for almost a deep purr as he rubbed his head against her hand. "This is no reaction of a dangerous beast. I saw this long ago and tried to convince my people that what we thought of dragons was wrong, but they wouldn't listen." Valka lifted her gaze to look back at Castiel. "But my son convinced them all." She gestured to Hiccup, smiling at him warmly.

    Hiccup couldn't help the light blush across his cheeks and grew a little shy, lifting his arm to rub the back of his head. "Ah well I wasn't much different at first either. Toothless was the one who helped open my eyes. It's thanks to him that I was shown a whole different world, that dragons are just as innocent as us vikings." He smiled at Toothless, lifting a hand to place on his dragon's head. "Isn't that right bud?"

    Toothless smiled his toothless grin once more, making that same happy sound he had before, wiggling his body once again to express his emotion. He stood up and ran around Hiccup, gently shoving him towards the entrance before running behind him, grabbing hold of the back of his shirt gently with his teeth and began pulling him back. Looking at him with those big adorable green eyes of his. Hiccup nearly fell back when Toothless shoved him, waving his arms a bit to catch his balance, but then the eager dragon was pulling him along. Hiccup tried to pull against him, but Toothless only used a little more force, dragging Hiccup's feet across the ground.

    "Whoa! Easy bud!" Hiccup shouted in surprise, though he was laughing and he looked over to his mother. "It seems like someone is eager to go out."

    Valka shared in the merriment with her own laughter. "It appears so. You two have been doing a lot of work, it's time that Toothless gets to spend some quality time with you. You two deserve a break."

    Hiccup nodded in agreement, patting Toothless's head. "You're right. I think we've been on the ground long enough Bud." He tossed the cell keys to his mother. "Will you do me a favor and lock up the cell again? I'd do it but-Oof!" He was cut off as Toothless practically headbutted him in the stomach. "Alright alright! We're going!"

    Hiccup disappeared out of the building with Toothless trailing right behind him, making his small happy noises all the while, dashing out of the dungeon eagerly. Valka smiled after the two before she turned back towards the cell, lifting the key and locking the door as her eyes landed on the girl inside. "We'll let you out tomorrow. Someone like you shouldn't be locked up in a place like this. I think it only increases the bitterness of people and doesn't teach them much justice at all."

    She took the key out and leaned in a bit. "But I have a great surprise to show you tomorrow, one that will hopefully change your view on things. Either way, it will be a lot better than spending your time here." With that, she turned and made her way out of the dungeon as well, hoping that the lonely girl will be alright in the cell by herself for a while, just till tomorrow. Then she and Hiccup could start their goal of changing the young girl's mind about the dragons.
  15. Castiel Bloodvist

    There was something really strange about the people here in this 'Berk'. And, in viewing it in the little ways she had, she wasn't sure how to take it. When one is taught all their lives that something is dangerous and should be stayed away from, its difficult to change those views. It was also very confusing. The dragon that had been in here had been growling and snarling at her the whole time, yet with these two people he was almost like a cat or dog. Was it really possible that this dragon and young man had become friends? And not only that, had changed the views of their whole village? From the way the dragon was jumping around the two of them, it really did seem like it.

    Yet, all of those times she had seen dragons try to attack her home village, ad even killed people, she just couldn't bring herself to believe that was true. No, it couldn't be. Her father had told her that dragons were vicious and dangerous and she was going to believe him. These people were lying. They were trying to trick her and get her to turn her back on her own village. That's all this was. They would get what information they could out of her after gaining her trust and then they would at best send her off. Or at worst kill her.

    She watched carefully as the young man and his dragon went off, the dragon essentially pulling and forcing the boy out the door, leaving the older woman in there with her. With the boy and that dragon gone, for some reason Castiel was able to relax more. With this woman she didn't know standing there she would have thought she would still be nervous, but again, that sense of familiarity struck her and she found herself being reminded again about her mother. This woman was so much like her and it left her unintentionally at ease.

    This Valka spoke to her after shutting and locking her inside of the cell. Apparently, they were going to let her out the next day. But, then what were they going to do with her then? Valka said she had a surprise in store for her, but why did that make her feel less better about what might happen? As the woman spoke, the young girl reached over, picking up the blanket and pulling it around herself in attempt to warm up and looked to the older woman. She didn't really get a chance to say anything thought before she was walking out, leaving Castiel all on her own.

    It was a long night for Castiel. Half of it was spent trying to get warm, which really wasn't doing much. Going from living in a warm and bright isle to this cold and frozen place was going to take adjustments that woudl surely not settle in until weeks from now. That was, if she even stayed here or lived that long. So many things could happen to her while she was here. So many things could go wrong. And it frightened her. She had never been away from home. Had never had to deal with strangers. Had never even been in a dangerous situation even. She didn't know how to hold herself or how to think and react. Despite her brae face she put on around those who had come into the dungeon, the poor girl was frightened and scared for her life. She wanted nothing more than to be at home, curled up in her warm bed and awaiting her father's return.

    Oh, her father! What was he going to do when he found her missing? Would he even know where she was? Surely it would take him a long time to figure out, considering he hadn't even known she had been on the boat with him. The first places they would check would likely be the woods surrounding their village, or the surrounding islands. What if he never guessed she was here? Would she be stuck here forever, left to never see her father or her home again?

    As she lay there on the stone floor, curled up and with her back to everything else in this dungeon, her face to the wall, Castiel could feel tears stinging the corner of her eyes and sobs building in her throat. While her tears flowed free, few sobs escaped. She cried for a while before exhaustion of this horrible day took its toll on her, letting her finally slip into a freezing and sorrowful sleep.


    The next morning, Castiel woke rather early. She was an early riser herself back home. Always up before the sun her mother used to say. Sitting up, she kept the blanket pulled tightly around her as she sat against the wall, trying to remain her body heat as she awaited for what horrors or discoveries might await for her today.
  16. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Hiccup was a little nervous about today, unsure if this was such a good idea. His mother had come to him about the idea yesterday after he and Toothless had their round of flying, discussing with her son about the idea she had. Valka wished for Castiel to experience first hand just how different dragons were, and since words weren't getting to her, it was best for her to experience it herself. Just like all the other vikings had to on this island. It was easy for a person to deceive another with words, so they could never take such words to account, believing only what their own eyes must see. Hiccup had to admit, his mother was right, and this may be the only way to convince Castiel. But still, she seemed truly terrified of dragons, which was going to make this much harder. Nevertheless, Hiccup was willing to give it a try, and so this morning he was on his way over to the dungeons.

    He always woke up pretty early as well, just when the first light began to fill across the sky, always finding this time of day beautiful. Especially with the rising of the sun. It was also before when most of the vikings would be awake, giving Hiccup a great opportunity to take Castiel away from the dungeon and off of Berk without anyone trying to stop him and causing trouble. His mother promised to stay behind and keep an eye on the village while Hiccup was gone, so then he had nothing to worry about and can focus on the task at hand, which was changing the view of a fellow viking. Even if she was from another tribe.

    He entered the dungeon and made his way over to Castiel's cell, this time without Toothless with him, but of course the Nightfury was just waiting outside. Hiccup thought it'd be best to keep Toothless out of the way for now just so he wouldn't scare Castiel even more and make her reluctant to come. He also hoped the Nightfury would behave the whole while, though Toothless didn't always listen to Hiccup, but they were usually the times when Toothless knew best. At least that's what Hiccup came to learn.

    He unlocked Castiel's cell and opened the door. "Congratulations, you're free to go." He told her with a smile. "But only on one condition. Just come with me and let me show you something. I promise that no harm will come to you, and if even after I show you this and you still wish to go home and keep your opinion on dragons, then we'll return you to your village. You have my word as the Dragon Tamer."

    He stepped aside, giving her plenty of room to walk out of the cell. It was the last part that troubled him a little, for what if her opinion really doesn't change and she goes home? He supposed it wouldn't really make a difference since Draco already knew about the place that Hiccup planned on showing her, and that they hadn't discussed or shared anything with her that could possibly let her village gain the upper hand, but still it troubled him. But then again there wasn't one viking whose opinion changed after witnessing the world through a dragon's eye, so she shouldn't be any different. But she was also Drago's daughter... And Drago was the only viking that Hiccup couldn't convince, the only one who was so blood thirsty and controlling that he wanted to be Alpha of everything, vikings and dragons alike. Would she be the same? Did she secretly hold such dark intentions deep inside her, that instead of unlocking a new wonder and love for dragons, he would only bring forth the need to control them all and do her bidding?
  17. Castiel Bloodvist

    The sound of the dungeon door opening made Castiel jump a little, her gaze quickly turning to who was stepping into the dungeon and up to her cell. Once again it was this Hiccup man again, which she wasn't at all pleased about. She had been hoping the woman who reminded her so much of her own mother would have been the one to come get her out of the cell. That would have at least put her at a little more ease than she was now. But, because it was this young man coming in, even without his unruly and vicious dragon following behind him, the girl was tense, her eyes watching him cautiously as he unlocked and opened up her cell door, speaking to her. He was letting her go? But of course there was a condition. He was going to show her something. Was it the same thing his mother had said they were going to show her? Most likely.

    But, with it being him showing it to her instead of his mother, this made this situation all the more worse in her eyes. She didn't trust him or that dragon of his. Sure, she didn't exactly trust his mother completely either, but at least she was more at ease with her.

    "I guess I have to agree. It's not like I have much of a choice anyway." She continued to watch him carefully as she stood, having to take a few moments in doing so. Not being so used to the cold had left her slightly numb and to this she kept the blanket from the night before wrapped around her shoulders in attempt to fight off some of the cold biting at her skin. After she had a little of the feeling back in her legs, she walked, being sure to keep as much space between herself and this young man as she stepped out of the cell. Her body was tense as she stood there, waiting for him to walk and when he did, she followed behind, keeping a good few feet in distance between them.

    Outside the air wasn't as cool as it was in the dungeon, but it was still rather cold so she still continued to stay wrapped in the blanket. Snow crunched under her shoes as they walked and sure enough, he lead them straight to that beast of a dragon he called Toothless.

    She stopped following him at the sight of the dragon and with nothing between them to guard her from it like the cell bars had done, she felt pure fear strike through her. Her legs trembled and she took a few careful steps back, her wary eyes flickering back and forth between Hiccup and his dragon, "Please tell me what you're going to show me is here on this island..." From what she could suspect though, she had a feeling it wasn't. And she had a strong feeling that these vikings didn't use boats to get around like her people did, but instead rode on dragons. Meaning, to get to this place h wanted to show her, they would have to ride on the back of that dragon.

    No. No way she was getting on that dragon. He would have to be crazy if he thought she would do that. She took a few more careful steps back, looking ready to bolt into a run at any second.
  18. Hiccup and Toothless, #151B54 Toothless was eagerly waiting for Hiccup to return, knowing that Hiccup was going to take him out flying again, and a long one at that. Ever since Hiccup became Chief he was unable to spend time with Toothless lately, though Toothless had his own kind to lead as well, so both were kept really busy. He was looking forward to this time they'll have together, barely able to contain himself, so he had to curl up on the ground to make himself hold still as he waited. Soon he spotted Hiccup coming out of the dungeon and the young Nightfury perked his ears, his eyes growing wide excitedly and he jumped up, wiggling his body in anticipation.

    But then the female came. Toothless stilled his body and immediately narrowed his eyes, clearly displeased. But he did not bare his fangs or growl at the girl, just glared at her while Hiccup moved on over to the Nightfury, and Toothless got some satisfaction as the girl stopped and looked at him in terror. Hiccup seemed to notice this as well, turning his body to face the girl, seeing the look of terror in the girls eyes. So it wasn't exactly a blood lust for a dragon's death she wanted at least, she was just afraid of them, not seeming to carry the same urge to kill dragons like most vikings did. Well, at least that was a good sign, he just had to help her over come her fur.

    "It's ok, Toothless can he a handful sometimes, but he won't actually let you fall." Hiccup tried to assure her. "No, what I want to show you is actually on this other island, so we'll have to fly. Now if you'll just-" He took a step towards her, but the instant he did, Castiel had world and bolted, the blanket she carried falling in the spot where she had just occupied a moment ago.

    "Wait!" Hiccup called after her, his eyes widening in surprise as the young girl took off with surprising speed, there one moment then gone the next. No no no, this wouldn't do at all, he had to go after her and get her back!

    Toothless huff and rolled his eyes, shifting his feet and nudged Hiccup, urging him to get on. How could Toothless think of flying at a time like this?! Their prisoner was escaping! But even as Hiccup's mouth opened to say just that, Toothless merely growled and motioned with his head for Hiccup to get on. Butting him with his flank. Hiccup rolled his eyes and mumbled something like, 'Alright alright', before climbing up onto the saddle and inserted his metal leg into the stirrup and clipped it in.

    As soon as Hiccup was settled in, Toothless turned and began running after the runaway with amazing speed, eyes narrowed right on his target. There was no hope of outrunning a Nightfury, not by a long shot, so it took Toothless no time at all to catch up. Right before he reached her he leapt into the air, unfurling his wings and gave a powerful flap as his claws gripped onto her arm, lifting Castiel into the air in a matter of seconds. Toothless continued to beat his wings, getting higher and higher, all the while holding onto Castiel's arm tightly.

    "Toothless! This is not the way to get her on our side!" Hiccup shouted at the Nightfury, looking over the beast's shoulder to look down at Castiel. "I'm so sorry, he's not usually like this!" Well this definitely wasn't going to change her view on dragons.

    Toothless, of course, had his own plans. He flew higher and higher and higher, then... He dropped Castiel. The poor girl would fall and spiral through the air, and Toothless folded his wings, dropping down after her. Keeping his body posture straight and in control, he circled around the falling form of the girl, and Hiccup could only stare in horror from the safety on Toothless's saddle.

    "Toothless! Bad dragon, get her! You're going to give her a heart attack before we even reached the island!" Hiccup shouted at him frantically.

    Toothless made a nonchalant sound and shook his head, turning his body and grabbed hold of Castiel's arms and legs with all four of his claws, unfolding his wings and caught a quick updraft, catching them both and lifting them high in the air once more. He flipped her once, holding onto her shoulders now and took off across the sky.
  19. Castiel Bloodvist

    At the suggestion that she would have to get on the back of the dragon to get to where ever they were going, Castiel turned and bolted. There was no way she was ever getting on that beast. They were not going to make her do such a thing. She had always been pretty fast, at least she was the fastest in her own village do to her small frame and agile movements. She thought for sure she could out run this young man. But, then again, she didn't put into account the dragon might chase after her. She would have thought the dragon woudl care less if she didn't want to get on his back and would probably want her gone anyway. Yet the dragon apparently was helping out his rider and soon she felt the Nightfury right on her heels.

    She tried to speed up her running, but it did no good. The dragon easily caught up to her but then lept up. Next thing she knew her arm was caught by his powerful claws and she was being lifted, much to her fear, into the air. She let out a shriek, trying to wiggle out of his grasp, "Let me go!"

    The boy apologized quickly and was attempting to get the dragon to let her go as she wanted. And oh, he did let her go. Only, when he did let her go it was hundreds of feet up in the air. She thought for sure the dragon was going to let her hit the ground. Thankfully he didn't and caught her again, taking off into the air once more. As they flew she tried her not to look down, discovering now that not only was she scared of dragons, but heights as well. Joyous. There were times when she had to close her eyes and pretend she wasn't high up in the air and other times when she would open her eyes that she woudl have to just keep looking straight ahead. And if she did happen to look down, a slight panic would wash over her and she would have to close her eyes as well as take deep breaths to calm herself again.

    It was as they flew though that something came into view that made her pause, an unsure look on her face. Huge towers and spikes of ice where coming from the sea and the land just outside of what seemed to be a cave. She was only looking at it for a few moments before she was sent through another scare as the dragon sped up and dove down to land. She couldn't help but think the dragon was doing this on purpose and was enjoying scaring her. Who was she kidding, from the way he had been tossing her about before she knew he was enjoying doing this to her.

    When they finally did land just out of the caverns and she was set down, she stumbled a little, having to sit down for a moment, her legs shaking and her head spinning, a slight weak sound coming from her. She was honestly shocked she hadn't fallen out by now. Maybe she was stronger than she thought? She wanted to laugh at that thought. Her strong? Yeah right.

    After a few moments, she took some calming breaths and slowly got to her feet, looking around, "Where are we?" She asked as the dragon moved into the cave and disappeared into its caverns. She looked to the boy questioningly before slowly making her way into the caves as well. She wa glad she was so agile. Walking through the caverns, over rocks and around walls, was a difficult feat. Still though, as much as she didn't like these two for all they had put her through so far, she was curious about this place. She wanted to see what was so exciting to them beyond these caverns.

    Soon, the opening to the end fo the cave came into sight and when she came out her eyes widening at what she saw, unsure whether to be scared or amazed by the ...beauty of it all, repeating her question from before, but this time more breathlessly, "Where are we?"
  20. Toothless kept the ride pretty steady after his little fun with the female, deciding that she had enough and didn't want to make her faint, or have a heart attack. That wasn't to say though that he wouldn't do it again. The island that they were heading to soon came into view, and Toothless flew eagerly towards it, forgetting about the female for a moment as his pupils grew and he smiled. He sped up, doing a small dive to freak the female out more, before spreading his wings and catching the wind beneath his wings. Gently gliding towards the island.

    He neared a cave and gently placed the female down on the ground before landing himself, Hiccup jumping off the instead Toothless's claws touched the ground, flapping his wings once more before folding them. Hiccup made his way to Castiel, seeing the frightened look on her face, and was deeply concerned for her well being. Toothless had gone way overboard with his little 'trick'. Hiccup thought that was too much for the poor girl after all she had been through, and that only made things worse. He didn't know why Toothless got such a kick out of terrifying anyone like that, recalling how he did the same with Astrid, though back then he did it because he didn't like Astrid either. But then he showed her a whole new view of dragons once she apologized. Since Castiel still wasn't giving dragons a chance, he could see how Toothless didn't want to stop terrorizing her, but still.

    "You could have gone a little easier on her Bud." He said, looking over at the Nightfury. "Don't you think that was a little much?"

    Toothless narrowed his eyes and huffed at his rider, shaking his head before turning away and walked into the cave. Hiccup rolled his eyes. "Oh so now someone is being a big diaper baby?" Toothless looked back at him and swiped at a rock with his tail, hitting Hiccup right in the stomach. "Oof!"

    Toothless laughed as Hiccup bent over and held his stomach, disappearing into the cave, and Hiccup narrowed his eyes after his dragon. He straightened up, shaking his head before he heard Castiel asked a question, and he turned to look at her. However before he could answer, her curiosity seemed to be stronger, for she had moved passed Hiccup and followed Toothless into the cave. Hiccup lifted an eyebrow after her, then began to follow, not saying a word yet. He wanted her to see for herself the wonders of this island, the true paradise for dragons. It was Toothless's favorite spot, always willing to come visit as often as they could, playing with the other dragons and especially loved it whenever there were new hatchlings.

    Hiccup soon came out on the other side, joining Toothless and Castiel on the ledge, giving them a grand view of the sight before them. Just about every kind of dragon flew the skies, all in different sizes and colors, dragons wherever they looked. Toothless looked excited, smiling as he watched the dragons, though of course there were no Nightfuries. But that didn't seem to bother him. Hiccup glanced at Castiel, seeing the surprise look on her face, and could even see that she thought that this was a beautiful and wonderful sight as well. Though he could see a bit of fear within her eyes as well.

    "This Dragon's Sanctuary." He answered Castiel's previous question, looking around at the wonders before them. "A dragon's paradise." He looked at her. "Do you see them attacking us? There are no vikings here, and I think even you have enough sense to believe that we can't control all dragons, if we really do have a way to do so."
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