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  1. Tyler opens the classroom door quietly and then creeps in. He looks around, all of the seats were taken. He had been fifteen minutes late to his first lesson. He had missed several trains and it had made him late. He noticed that the seat next to Riley had been taken by another girl, so he sat beside Megan, who he had been hanging out with and was close friends with for a while now, since she had broken up with her boyfriend and was incredibly upset about it. He smiles at her and sat down.

    "Open your textbooks to page 403. Sneaking into the classroom are we Tyler? This has to be the tenth time this year.... I'm fed up of keeping you behind" The teacher snaps lightly.

    "Sorry miss, I kept on missing the trains" He replies.

    The teacher frowns. "How many times have I heard that excuse" She snaps and goes back to teaching.
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  2. Riley saw Tyler. She smiled, and patted to a seat next to her. She never paid attention in her class, yet she always looked like she was, when she was secretly writing notes, and passing them to her friends which sat nearby. She enjoyed his company, and theirs too. Unfortunately, the teacher had called on her. Fortunately though, her calssmates always helped her cheat without the teacher realizing. They helped her cheat in plain sight. The teacher was stupid ebnough to think they were sharing notes on the lecture the teacher had just ended.
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  3. Tyler shrugs and smiles weakly at her as he sat next to Megan instead. "I'll sit with you next lesson?" He suggests. He had said that every lesson which he never got to sit with her, but never got to sit with her because he would always choose to sit with Megan. He got his textbook out and greeted Megan, who smiles and asks him how his weekend was. He just says it was pretty average.
  4. Now Megan on the other hand, she was someone who Riley wouldn't dare to mess with. Meghan had spread a rumor that Riley a slut, in middle school, which taught Riley the lesson to never mess with Meghan, yet Meghan was one of the people who always helped Riley cheat. She guessed that Meghan wanted Tyler for herself. She glared at Meghan, who was too busy talking with Tyler.

    "Ummm, Ms. Finnegan, do you NOT know the answer?" the teacher asked, which mad Riley feel guilty.
    "Sorry, Mr. Harkens." she said, and shook her head, this made him shrug, which he always did whenever SHE didn't know the answer, but frowned when others didn't.
    "Mr. Evans." Mr. Harkens called. "Do you know the answer to this question, If humans came after animals, and animals after bacteria, then how is it that the bacteria turned into animals?" Rley secretly thought this a dumb question, then realized he was testing Tyler to see if he was EVEN paying attention to the lecture.
  5. Tyler was staring down at his phone, barely listening to anything, not even Megan when she spoke to him. He wasn't really a morning person and was starting to fall asleep until the teacher called on him. He looked up dazed.

    "A what, what turned into animals?" He asks confused, which clearly wasn't the right response and he was made to stay back and his time was made longer when he tried to grip onto his phone which the teacher had confiscated.
  6. Riley looked at the sleeping Tyler, and went over to him. "Consider yourself lucky!" she said, and she slipped his phone back into his pocket, then left silently. (Maybe I should add something...she was spoiled....the teacher's spoled her. She always got what she wanted, because all their teachers were male, and they thought her all very very very beautiful.)
  7. Tyler smiles weakly. When he was aloud to go, he rushes to his next lesson and saves a seat for him and Riley, though Megan comes along and smiles at him.

    "Hey! Thanks for saving me a space, you didn't have to go through all that trouble!" Megan giggles and sat down beside him.
  8. After, Megan Riley came in, and saw the two sitting together again. She glared at Megan and Megan glared back. Riley then glared at Tyler, and sat in away from them. She knew it was Megan, not Tyler who was the cause. She was clever, and knew Tyler wasn't coldhearted unlike Megan.
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  9. (Sorry! What did you mean as an idea in your other post? [:)

    Tyler sighs. He sat through the lesson wanting to stay behind again and once the bell rung he says goodbye to Megan and collects his things. He goes over to Riley and smiles weakly.
  10. (forget about it....)

    She looked back at him. "What's with you these days?! Honestly, if she's done anything to you, I will kill her. And trust me, I'll bring her corpse as proof." she said coldly then left.
  11. (Oh! Don't be like that! I really like the sound of your idea, I just want you to explain in more detail, that's all c:)

    He looks to her, confused. He looks
    at his timetable and notices that he had a drum lesson next. He began to head to it and was actually on time. He took out his sheet music and shows his teacher what he has practised.
  12. Meanwhiles:

    Riley was busy holding grudges against Megan. She wanted to murder Megan, she did, afterall, have a knife with her.
  13. Tyler thanks his music teacher once the bell rings for his next lesson. He looks down at his timetable and notes that he has science next. He walks into the lab and sat down, this time by himself. He needed to think about how he could split his time between being with Megan and Riley at the same time.
  14. Riley came in, and looked at him...(What I said before...I meant I forgot to add in my CS. She was spoiled by all her teachers, which u know the rest, as seen fom before)
  15. (Ah, okay!)
    Tyler looks to her but then looks down, he knew she hated him. He didn't know much about girls emotions, but he knew perfectly well they could be sensitive.
  16. Riley sat next another guy in the class, his name was Sean. (What Sean looks like)

    She thought he was cute, and liked him, at the moment. She was annoyed at Tyler, but didn't hate him. (BTW: I like the picture in your CS with the tattoos)
  17. (Awesome! Okay, we'll keep him with the tattoos)

    Tyler noticed that Riley had say next to a guy that wasn't him. He grumbles to himself, trying to fight his jealousy.
  18. Riley glared back at Tyler, then passed a note...of course the teacher was watching, but as usual, all the teachers in her classes were male teachers, and they spoiled her, not because they thought her very attractive, which she was, but also because her father was the Principal, but even as the principal, he spoiled her. He didn't care if she flunked in her classes, she was able to pass, very easily.
  19. Tyler glares back and ignores her throughout the entire lesson. If she wanted to act like that then so be it, at least Megan didn't act moody all of the time and actually wanted him around. At the end of the lesson he approaches Megan and hugs her in a friendly lesson and asks her if she wanted to go to lunch together and she says yes.
  20. Riley glared at Megan, who looked back at Riley and smirked. Riley could see it, Megan wanted Tyler for herself, so be it. If they wanted ot be together, then that's fine. She didn't care anymore. At least, Tyler would be happier without her, or so she thought.