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  1. (DISCLAIMER: 18+ due to horror elements)
    When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth...

    Theme Music

    At least, that's what those of the Judeo-Christian persuasion say. The origin of the zombie plague that has crippled modern society is as mysterious as the hunger that grips those infected with streptococcus lethargica. Some say it is a punishment of a vengeful, almighty God. Others say that it is the result of the hubris of man, that we needed to be cut down to size by Mother Nature herself. What you DO know, however, is that government services disappeared overnight; it was clear that rescue was not coming, that the martial law that was issued was consumed in the ensuing chaos faster than the infected consume human flesh, the colossal trappings of modern society destroyed faster than it could ever be rebuilt. For some reason or other, you have survived where others have succumbed to the slavering hordes. It is up to YOU; what shall you do? Loot, pillage, ransack, rape? Or discover, migrate, grow, and rebuild? The apocalypse has given you a new lease upon your considerably devalued life.

    You shouldn't waste it.


    Hello Iwaku! I know that Zombie RP's are a dime a dozen, but if a formula isn't broken, why fix it? Here's what you all should know.

    1. Me (yours truly, tinfoil_fedora) and a lovely girly by the name of Madyline are GM-ing this shindig; our words are law.

    2. No Mary-sues, Godmodding, or any other silliness. It is preferable to have one character per person, unless you're good at writing from multiple perspectives.

    3. A mild amount of character development is required. Please, PLEASE try to write at least a paragraph or two when you post.

    4. Make sure the gear that you start off with is reasonable and coincides with your character; there is no reason why you should have an assault rifle or grenades unless your character is the captain of a SWAT team or reservist, etc.

    5. Supplies are scarce, write accordingly. Occasionally, FEMA will drop supplies in an area close. Be wary, as unscrupulous individuals, as well as the walking dead, tend to be attracted to these drops. Will you risk raiding a drop, or lame it out and scavenge for supplies on your own? It's up to you.

    6. You cannot kill, maim, or mortally wound other characters participating without the person's permission. Fighting, and 'bloodying noses,' are allowed however. Why kill your fellow man when you have the infected to contend with, however?

    7. The RP takes place in Eureka, California, a month after the initial outbreak. Remember, zombies prowl every inch of the United States. A rule of thumb, however: urban areas tend to be more heavily saturated with the dead, so it might be advantageous to go rural. Make Max Brooks proud!

    8. The zombie plague is spread via bite a la Romero rules. Bodily fluids do not transmit the plague.

    9. The overarching plot has not been established yet, but will be created as time goes on and more people participate. Maybe escape/establishment of a safe haven? We'll see.


    Character Sheet

    Name (Nickname Optional):



    Appearance (preferably photo-realistic drawings or pictures):



    Talents (any notable survival skills):

    Weaknesses (at least one):

    Gear (weapons and kit):



    IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/rigormortis-ic.38439/#post-992553
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  2. Name: Alexandria Roberts (Lexi)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female


    History: Lexi grew up with her father in Eureka, CA. She did live in a big house with a nice yard, I guess you could say she lived in the rich part of town because her father was a doctor. But because her father is a doctor she hardly ever got to spend time with Lexi in her teenage years. Whenever he was home they would go camping.

    Personality: She is a little ignorant, often feeling as if she is better at things that other people, or like other opinions don't matter. She's also stubborn, sarcastic and sometimes even rude but she is intelligent.

    Talents: She used to go camping a lot with her father, so she practically knows how to live off the land. She also knows how to hunt.

    Weaknesses: She tends to want to do things on her own and in her own way, which maybe some day cost her life if she doesn't learn to work with other people.

    Gear: A backpack filled with water, canned food, can opener, medication, a small first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, lighter, and knives.

  3. Character List:

    Zenith - Alexandria "Lexi" Roberts
    tinfoil_fedora - Zackary "Z.C." Cohen
    Nitsua43 - Boleslav "Cottontail" Genya
    Madyline - Analiese "Whisper" Johnson
    Apocallama - Markus "Red" Garrett
    ET4252 - Diana "Dee" Glenn, William Glenn
    RogueSteeler - Melnik "Miller" Kalashnikov

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  4. Name (Nickname Optional): Zackary Cohen (Z.C.) "Could be my initials. It also stands for 'Zeds Chopped.' Either or, doesn't really matter to me."

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (preferably photo-realistic drawings or pictures):

    History: Zackary used to be a family man. Emphasis upon 'used.' A previously-successful, upper-middle class businessman, specializing in acquisitions and mergers of companies and conglomerates, his lack of experience was offset by his youthful exuberance early on in his career. It seemed he was a born businessman, complete with a loving family at home with only a minimal amount of dysfunction... the type of nuclear family most marriages were idealized to be. This idealism did not last forever; his life was forever changed by s. lethargica, better known as the Zombie plague. A stressful day at work was the least of his worries; he returned home to the infected corpses of what used to be his family. After a tooth-and-nail struggle for survival which led to the putting out of his left eye, Zackary, unable to bear killing his family in person, literally blinded by emotional and physical pain, instead locked them in their own 500K family home and burnt it to the ground. His guilt could not be assuaged, even though there was no way to save his family; he channeled this rage into his one sole profession now - "Zed Rending Specialist."

    Better known as a killer of zombies. He has only recently realized that there are nowhere near enough bullets to kill the infected; this presents a dilemma, one that Mr. Cohen is working out, even when fighting for his life, 24/7. Did he ever mention that he wrote a book? "101 Rules to Help you Survive When the World Doesn't" ...It's a working title. It is also coined "The New Bible" by more than a hundred other individuals who were able to read it at the time; making copies is expensive, as there is no longer power to operate presses.

    Personality: Zackary is withdrawn, still psychologically traumatized from the sudden, drastic way his life has dissolved in front of his eyes. He regards zombie-dispatching as something of an art, one that he holds in high regard. What else would keep such a man going during the plague that has the potential to end all human life? As a result of surviving when others didn't, he is cynical, and expects those of the group to hold their own, no matter the odds. He buries his emotions, still attached to his long-dead family. Something keeps him going, however; perhaps he must live, so that he could better protect those that are left.

    Talents (any notable survival skills): Zackary harbors a near-psychopathic need to render the walking dead inert; this makes him a fantastic combatant against the infected, and more than capable of defending himself against the living. He has knowledge of the operation of handguns and is a knife nut; he takes care of what keeps him alive. If other people keep him alive, he keeps them alive, namely through pertinent knowledge of first-aid and nutrition. Zackary also has excellent survival instinct that has been honed, with all that it entails. How else could he write the 'Guide'?

    Weaknesses (at least one): He is sullen and withdrawn, not making him a 'people person,' at least, to those that are not acquainted, meaning it is harder for him to trust other people. He also does not expect that trust in return.

    Gear (weapons and kit):
    1x USP, with 6 4 3 magazines of .45 ammunition, well-maintained
    1x Replica Trench knife (Made out of steel, somewhat degraded, a chip missing from a section of brass knuckle)
    1x Ballistic Vest (a lucky find from the corpse of a National Guard Sgt.)
    15x Shotgun shells + trigger mechanisms, he uses these to make tripmines
    1x Bug out Bag with basic essentials for 2 weeks
    A change of clothes
    4x Flares 2x Flares
    Basic tools for weapon maintenence, including a Whetstone

    Edit: Changed weapons to better match character appearance
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  5. Name (Nickname Optional): Boleslav "Cottontail" Genya

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/Swedish_medic_in_Afghanistan_2006.jpg

    History: Belongs to a Russian-Norwegian immigrant family, Boleslav grew up in poverty. Even at a young age, responsibility was thrust onto him, and he did well in school. Boleslav was studying to be a doctor, until the dead began to walk. With his parents far away, and his friends dead, Boleslav is alone. Yet he still does his best, even in heavy combat, to heal the wounded and aide others. With a white med-kit strapped to his back, those he helps often call him "Cottontail."

    Personality: Compassionate, driven, and accommodating

    Talents : Steady-hand, elite field medic

    Weaknesses : A 'bleeding heart', Boleslav can't leave the sick and wounded alone.Not a good scavenger.

    Gear : Worn handgun, and a survival knife. Large Med-kit, plus a portable surgery kit

  6. @Nitsua43 - Accepted!

    1 more, and I'll post the IC
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  7. (I'm sorry it took me so long, I got sick. D:)

    Name (Nickname Optional): Analiese (Whisper) Johnson "Call me whatever you want, why should I care?"

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (preferably photo-realistic drawings or pictures): [​IMG]

    History: Analiese doesn't talk about what went on in her life before the dead started walking. She doesn't see it as necessary. It's over, it's gone, and it has no affect on how they survive now. What does it matter that she was a dancer in a school of the arts? How will the fact that she was raising her toddler sister affect their ability to survive? Knowing that Danae was the first thing she lost won't help the group find food and water. She's very closed mouthed on her past, and if people bug her about it too much she gets angry.

    When the dead started walking, Analiese and Danae were quickly on their own. They managed to survive for a couple of weeks before Analiese made a mistake. That mistake took a split second, but it cost her Danae. Analiese was never the same. Soon after she found a tiny group of survivors, and she joined them. When that group was scavenging in an old food mart they were over-run by a horde of the walking dead. Analiese managed to escape, but the rest of her group was lost. She took as much of the food and water as she could carry, as well as the bow and arrows of someone in the group.

    Personality: She talks a lot, and is quite the loud mouth. She rarely worries about what others think of what she's saying, the words just fall right out of her mouth. It causes trouble pretty often. Rather than getting loud when she gets angry, she becomes very quiet. Her tone drops to a whisper that is full of promised trouble. Since she is practically useless in a fight, she finds other ways to vent her anger. No matter how angry she gets, however, she would never do anything that would permanently damage someone, nor would she leave someone behind. She blames herself for Danae's death and the death of her first group, and the thought of loosing anyone else is too much for her to bear.

    Talents (any notable survival skills): Analiese is strong, and she is very flexible. She can run for long distances, and jump quite far. She uses these attributes to her advantage, using stealth and speed to get around. Usually, she travels from rooftop to rooftop. As long as she stays away from the dead, she's also a great scavenger.

    Weaknesses (at least one): Even though Analiese is strong, it's not your traditional strength. Her strength is in her legs rather than her arms, so she is practically useless in a fight. If she tried to fight someone face to face she'd easily be overpowered unless she can get away from them. She has a bow and arrow that she can somewhat use properly, but her aim isn't the greatest. She sort of taught herself how to use it, but her aim is still rather iffy.

    Gear (weapons and kit): A backpack with food and water in it, a bow, and a quiver with thirteen arrows in it.

    Other: She has a tiny rose charm on a gold chain that she keeps around her neck at all times. It was given to her by Danae for her birthday, and now it's the only thing she has left of her. Usually it's under her shirt, both to keep it hidden and to keep the chain from being a danger.
  8. @Madyline, Accepted for reasons of co-GM.

    The RP is underway. Start poastan!
  9. Yeah! But you'd have to post a CS first.
  10. Name (Nickname Optional): Markus Garrett

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (preferably photo-realistic drawings or pictures): 6' even, Muscular, buzzed brown hair with a beard, the beard having a hint of red in it. Caucasian. Wearing jeans, boots and a black shirt, with a tan overcoat.

    History: Was a Officer at the local Jail, working there for several years. After the outbreak, Markus and his fellow officers made an effort to hold out at the jail, though the effort was in vain after a couple in a van broke through the forward gate, letting the undead through. After several hours, the Jail fell, and Markus escaped with as many supplies as he could carry. It has been several weeks since. His family's fate, from out of the state, is unknown. He's down to a bare minimum of supplies, but has established a safe house in the basement of an old apartment complex, waiting for the opportunity to escape to the rural areas outside of the city.

    Personality: Not really a loner, but slow to trust. During the hold out operation at the jail, any manor of people attacked, not including the undead. His experience with martial law is thus: Live and let live. If you are respectful of his boundaries, he's respectful of your life. He's not heartless...just overly cautious. He's noticed that this is the key to survival.

    Talents (any notable survival skills): Rudimentary martial arts skill geared towards submission and restraint. Doesn't mean he can't go blow for blow with anyone. Trained as well with riot shields, knight sticks (pr-24 model) pepper spray (was trained to resist it when used) as well as marksmanship training with several types of weapons.

    Weaknesses (at least one): Loyal to a fault: once he trusts someone or befriends them, he will go out of his way to ensure their safety.

    Gear (weapons and kit): Military pack, SIG P229 9mm pistol (one 13 round mag, 7 rounds left), Knight stick (pr-24 model), utility knife, MRE rations that if rationed, will last for around a week and a half. Camel-back water pack built into his pack, for mobility.

    Other: none that I can think of.
  11. @Apocallama, Accepted! I should also elaborate that descriptions are fine too, as long as they are detailed and cohesive.
  12. Wait, I never asked something important. What kind of zombies are we dealing with? Do they develop intelligence? Are there rare cases of mutations? And for the love of Cthulhu, can they run fast? Should we turn off flashlights when we hear crying?
  13. We're dealing with the standard Romero zombie, which is generally slow and lurching. If you generate enough aggro, they are able to jog. If the poor sap is recently turned, they are able to run.

    Some exceptional examples would be kid zombies, that can run but are weak and easily dispatched. The only way to kill the Romero zombie is by removing the head or destroying the brain. Even when you do remove the head, the head is still animate, and needs to be rendered inert.

    Stay vigilant, though. s. lethargica, like any other bacteria, is able to mutate. What zombies mutated strains generate remain to be seen.
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  14. Name: Diana Glenn, her brother calls her Dee.
    Age: 28
    Gender: female
    Appearance: 5'9, a fairly hour glassed figure although the upper part is mainly from the fact that she has unusually wide shoulders. Pretty muscled although she has kept it wirey to prevent any loss in speed. Her hair is a dark red brown and when down it falls to just below her shoulders however she keeps it up in a tight bun at the nape of her neck. She and her brother share the same bright hazel eyes, that have a bit more green than brown in them. She naturally has olived toned skin however she is getting a bit of a tan at this point. She was lucky enough to be able to hold onto her military issued clothing, matching tops and bottoms in splotchy, muted greys with bullet proof vest over that, pair of tan boots that are high enough to offer ankle support. Lastly she wears her issued dog tags.
    History: Diana came from a poorer family. Life was not especially hard and there was always just enough money in the house to afford food but there was definently a lack of excess. After graduating high school with just average grades Diana's options for college were very limited, so she joined the marines insted. Finding that she actually did not mind the way of life and by the time all hell broke loss she was a Lance Corporal. Called back home she found herself stationed near Eureka as the military deperatly tried to keep control. As things went from bad to worse their Sergent made the decision to let the platoon go. Weapons and ammunition were split up and while most of the group stayed together some split off, Diana one of those few. She had asked to be stationed here because her own family lived not far away. However when she reached her home she found her parents both turned trying to claw their way into their bed room. After putting a bullet through both their heads she found that her brother was still very much alive. She has been on the go ever since. The military had left her a bit paranoid and so she had made a safe house out in the back woods of California. Now her only problem is how to track the hundred miles or so to the house without her or her brother getting bitten or killed.
    Personality: She can seem a bit cold when first meeting people but under the circumstances it is pretty understandable. There is a lot of no nonense that has been pressed into her by the military and her answers are most often short, curt and to the point. However once she warms up she actually opens up very nicely and is really a fun loving person. She has a deep love for and is highly protective of her younger brother and while she can handle threats directed at her pretty well and often in a detached manner she can fly into a rage if someone even hints at hurting Will. She tends to be a big softy, risking her neck for others when the need arises. So far she has not had to deal with many people but she did manage to pick up a stray pup as she and her brother traveled.
    Talents: Her military training has left her a dead shot with a variety of firearms as well as efficient in close combat, she still retains her military discipline so control is very much a part of her being. She has a good brain for strategy and at least has some sort of plan for what she is doing now. She is very good at morse code, something she picked up from a military buddy of hers.
    Weaknesses: She cares about her brother first and for most some times taking big risks. Very soft when it comes to helping others. Stubborn, likes to think that she can just keep going and sometimes pushes herself father than she should. Since she is more specilized in urban combat she is not great at the whole wilderness survival, she can hunt since she can shoot but she is a bit rusty on the rest of the essencials.
    M16A4 with four full magazines well kept
    M11 with five full magazines well kept
    Six MRE and a small bag of dog food.
    two 400 ml bottles along with a bottle of iodine based water purifier.
    Combat knife
    weapon maintenance kit
    One spare change of clothes
    Two extra pairs of socks
    ten yards nylon string
    blue laser pointer
    military pack
    Other: Here is the pup

    Name (Nickname Optional): William Glenn, goes by Will most of the time but Diana calls him Willie a lot of the time.
    Age: 6
    Gender: male
    Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs17/i/2007/220/9/2/boy_by_Adochka.jpg
    History: Will lived much like Diana, he enjoyed being the younger sibling as Diana was always willing to play and hang out with him. He was said when his sister left for the military he was sad but they constantly wrote eachother letters. When this whole trouble started Diana wrote him a letter warning him and telling him what to watchout for. He even went as far as to start hoarding items in his room. He knew when his sister was deployed nearby however he was unable to see her with all the new restrictions. One day he was at home when he heard his parents come in. He could tell something was wrong as there was a lot of commotion and peeking over the railing he found himself looking into the dead eyes of his mom and dad. They came after him and he barricated himself in their room. For two hours they scratched and moaned at the door as he just cowered in the corner of the room. Suddenly there was two loud bangs and then silence, followed by his sister's gentle voice. He rushed out and just kind of collapsed into her arms. Things after that were a blur, he got a pack together, found himself equiped with a crow bar and a knife and enough food to last him two weeks.
    Personality: Will is a very quiet boy, he always has been. Upon first meeting people he tends to be very shy and lets his sister take point. After a while he does open up and while he does not go out of his way to talk he does smile laugh and generally act like a regular kid. When it comes to the zombies he prefers to hide or run to escape rather than fighting, that he leaves up to his sister. He still helps out in any way that he can and for his age he is actually quite clever and has helped get them out of scraps a couple times.
    Talents: Small and quick it can be very hard to get a hold on him.
    Weaknesses: Small, not very strong, young, innocent.
    Two water bottles
    two changes of clothes
    enough food for one and a half weeks
    Knife (slightly to big for him)
    crow bar (also slightly to big for him)
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  15. @ET4252, Accepted!

    At this point, I'm closing off registration. If anyone drops from the RP, I'll let the next subsequent person know. In the meantime, I'll put any posted CS's on the waiting list.

    (Edit: If you do drop from the RP, I would ask you to write either:)

    A. A post on how you left the main group/RP in general, a la you escaped Eureka.

    B. How you succumbed to the zombie hordes/gave your life so that others may escape; make it heroic! [or less so, up to you.]

    (DOUBLE-EDIT: There's an ad up for Rigormortis! Oh man, I was so psyched when I saw that. The Iwaku gods answered my prayers!)
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  16. Alright, taking a moment for Nitsua, ET, and zenith to write in some things as well, considering the whole street-crossing scenario. Don't want to monopolize the action!
  17. I'll try post tonight, I've been pretty busy these past couple days.
  18. Still Accepting?

    Edit- Aw well never mind, accidentally read over the closing of registration Dx I wish this rolepaly luck!
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  19. If you post a CS now, I'll let you know if someone drops from the RP.
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