Riding Into Eternity (CLOSED)

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  1. A shadowy motorcyclist rode into this sleepy little desert down along the Interstate. Normally you would find such transients on this route out in the middle of nowhere and this guy appeared to be no different. He looked semi-thuggish if he wasn't wearing a modular helmet but his jacket, boots, and his gloves gave away he was as badass as you can expect from a biker. He was in no motorcycle club (99% or 1%) but he gave away that we was not to be fucked with. He had a knife and gun and a bulletproof vest to protect himself but he also his bare fists to show that he wasn't to be fucked with. His Harley, a low-riding standard model in red and black, was sure to attract attention when he pulled up to the gas station on the intersection of the Interstate and the access road. He'd been there before to get gas, drinks, and even a bite to eat at the small but decent diner next door. Nobody asked where he got the money and he wouldn't answer. Good thing he was quiet. After he did his gas and drink routine, he settled into the diner's counter and ate his typical lunch. Hashbrowns with chili, onions, cheese, and ham and a nice helping of water and coffee. Perfect for this guy since he never needed to work. He had all the money he could get. Didn't bother him that he was lonely. He had many girls ride with him and none were perfect. They were too bitchy for his taste.

    So that with his luck, he was nice to the waitress that served him. She looked young but old enough to be with. Naive too from the look of it. He didn't pay much attention to her anyways. Just left her a nice tip when he was done and got back out to finalize things before riding off. Or so he thought.
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    Josie was surprised that the rough looking motorcyclist re-entered the restaurant a few minutes after he left. He certainly didn't seem like he was from around these parts, as he didn't sport the grease-stained jeans or have that nasty BO smell. The man certainly was on his way out of little hole of a town, which is why Josie was startled to see his face again. He looked a little frustrated, and when Josie asked him if he had left something behind, he just asked for a phonebook.

    She glad gave it to him, tending to the rest of the customers at the bar. After several years of working here, since she was 15, Josie was good at it. She took several orders at once without the use of a notepad, but she hated it. She should have gone to college and gotten a degree in something. No way she wanted to spend the rest of her life in this place!

    The man angerly tossed the phonebook onto the corner. Josie eyed him with a slight smirk, he looked pretty mad. "Anything I can help you with?"
    "Unless you're a good mechanic, you can't."
    Josie looked at him for a moment and then went and retrieved a beer from the cooler. "Here, it's on the house."
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    He didn't take it because he wanted to ride and not to to jail. He would have to fix his bike again by himself. Thankfully he was qualified to do that by himself and not ruin anything. He proceeded to fix it on a corner of the lot. And it took him a good hour (plus lots of swearing) to get it all right. After that, he went back into the gas station to clean up and finally get going. But then he saw the innocent girl that was named Josie running to him. She must have gotten his note he left on the counter that read: "I could take you with me but you're too innocent." He certainly knew she was too innocent but he had a feeling about this girl. She didn't know jack shit about anything he did and if she went along, he could teach her the ways of riding. But she was knowing jack shit about his ways and certainly never had sex, a part of the deal of riding with him. "Oh little Ms. Josie? What can I help you with?" He said with contempt. He hoped that if she was going with him, she would be a fast learner and do what he said without asking too many fucking questions before he had to get rough.

    And rough he will be.
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    Josie wasn't exactly sure why she ran after him. She was caught off guard by the note but the idea of getting away from this place warmed her heart. She didn't have anything here, but for all she knew he could be some serial murderer and rapist. But for some reason, Josie trusted him. She had always been a level headed girl, never going out past curfew, never even calling in sick for work. Part of her wanted to break away from her good girl mould for good.

    "I saw your note," she smiled sheepishly, clasping her hands behind her back, "where are you going?"
    He told her a city a few hours ride away, but from there, he was going to go where ever he pleased. It didnt sound like he had a real destination.
    Josie smiled shyly and touched the beautiful, shiny paint of the bike. "I've never even been on a bike before..."
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    "Hey." He got her hand off the bike. "Not yet, little Ms. Josie." He began to see how he wanted her dressed but right now he had to instill some discipline into this girl. "Josie? Right then, Josie. If you're going to ride with me, it's not going to be free." She was completely confused with what he said. He expected that and thought to himself "What a dumb bitch I picked up but I guess she can learn fast." He then decided that she would come with him but with stipulations. "Ok Josie. I got some things you need to do first. Quit your job I guess. Let your hair down. Go get yourself a pair of good pants, some decent gloves, some shoes that cover your ankles, a shirt that shows your cleavage." He grinned at this. He bet she was a C-cup and he would enjoy grabbing those breasts. "And come back around to the back of the diner where you'll change into your new clothes. And I'll be watching. And give me your bra when you get completely topless. I don't want that on you." He went around to the back to wait for her to show up and change out. "I hope that dumb bitch comes back...I'd love to get her into the groove of things...oh yes...she's my bitch now..."
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    (I don't think any girl in her right mind would go with him, but oh well. xD Do you mind backing off on the meaness a little, or else she's not gonna do nothing haha!)

    Josie was a little startled by his vulgar words, but for some stupid reason, she decided that she was going to go with him anyways. Of course, she wasn't about to change in front of this man though. She went into the back of the diner where she kept a couple changes of clothing, just in case, and found a pair of light jeans and a grey v-neck top. It didn't show that much cleavage but when they got into one of the bigger cities, she intended to bail and do her own thing. It wasn't like this man wanted to keep her around, anyways, she figured.

    In her new change of clothing (including a bra), Josie rounded the back of the diner and say him standing there, leaning against the building. His eyes narrowed when he realized she had changed already. Josie just shrugged and smiled a little bit, "it's too cold out here to change."
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    (ok sure. She signed up for being with the bad boy. xD She'll be staying with him anyways.)

    The man sighed. "You're wearing a bra..." Not that he didn't mind, he was peeved but it could be fixed later. He tossed her a leather jacket and a helmet that would fit Josie. "Put it on, it's going to be needed." He put his helmet on and got on and started his bike. He would be intending on keeping her if she wanted to stay but he had to ride first. "Ready?" He yelled over the roar of his bike's engine. "Get on and hold onto my chest." After that, he rode off towards the city he was headed for and didn't stop for hours. He was starting to warm up to the idea of keeping Josie around. He hoped that she would stay. It would be well into the night when he pulled over into a seedy motel and checked into it.

    Once they were inside, he lied down on the bed minus his helmet and asked "Well Josie, tell me about yourself."
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    Josie's crotch was aching from the bike ride; it was like she had gone on horseback for that many hours, and she felt like she could barely walk. Not to mention that her stomach was beginning to grumble for food. Josie was more than happy when they finally pulled over and parked at a motel, where he claimed that they would be spending the night.

    When they entered Josie immediately flopped onto the couch at the end of the bed. Her jeans were extra tight and uncomfortable, and she pulled the waistband a little bit away from her hips. "What do you want to know?" she asked carefully, "I'm not very interesting, which I why I figured I'd go with you. I went to high school, graduated, worked at the diner and probably would for the rest of my life. I have two brothers and my dad lives somewhere across the state."
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    The man had ordered pizza to come and it came. He paid for it and placed it on the table for the two of them to eat. He didn't give much detail about himself anyways, only that he had a lot of money from unnamed sources and that he chose to ride for the rest of his life. She wasn't interesting to him but she would do. "Come on, lie next to me." He said after eating his fill. He motioned for Josie to lie next to him on the only bed in the room and he hoped she would. "I won't bite." He grinned at that comment but she did come to him and lie next to him but he didn't make any move on her. He was hoping she would.
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    Josie was happy that he didn't make any kinds of move; she wasn't exactly ready for any of that yet...
    She had only had one boyfriend in the past and though they had tried to have sex before she wasn't sure if he had even gone in all the way. He had chickened out halfway through and pulled out. They lasted another few weeks, only touching and groping, until they broke it off.
    Eventually the young woman fell asleep, the blankets draped over her small shoulders and her face innocent in her dreams. She hoped that this man would at least be kind to her. She didn't mind staying with him, as long as he wasn't some creep or jerk to her. She wondered why she had even agreed to go with him in the first place.
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    He fell asleep soon after with him spooning her but not making any moves on her. He dreamt that the two would be lovers but he knew she wasn't ready to have sex. That peeved him but it didn't matter. The next morning had him wake up with morning wood but he couldn't use it on her. He got up to shower and stuff and woke Josie up. "Hey little Ms. Josie...time to clean up and ride." He was still hard but not enough to do things with and not to be seen by her. He hoped she had changed her mind about the sex part.
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    Josie was a little startled by his words and then blushed when he realized that he had meant riding the bike... not her. Maybe he didn't want to have sex with her after all. After all, they were just strangers to one another and she doubted she was porn star material. She had a nice bust and a little waist, but she was small and curvy.

    They hopped onto the bike and Josie found that didn't hurt as much today. She gripped onto her companion with her legs though, clenching her thighs and pressing her helmet into his back. Her hands were a little cold but she didn't dare complain. She wondered where they were headed to next.
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    He noticed Josie in her new riding position and he liked that. He also liked that she didn't object to him anyway. The man probably thought she appreciated that he wasn't demanding they have sex. He still wanted to have sex with her but he'd rather get her permission first. Probably be for the better until she wanted it. He pulled over to an empty picnic area to take a piss in and returned to sit next to a picnic bench. Then he called Josie over. "We're going to a small little town to rest in for a day or two. Get you some better clothes, a better helmet, and whatever you'd like before we ride off into nothing again...oh and sorry about asking for your bra yesterday..." He waited for her reply, hoping he'd forgive him for that incident yesterday.
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    Josie hoisted herself up onto the table, pulling her feet on the bench. She looked at the rough man - she still had not learned his name - and offered him a soft smile. She had to admit that she had been offended when he had asked for her bra. After all, they had just met. Josie felt crazy for going with him and felt even more so now that it was sinking in. God only know how far away she was from her little interstate diner.

    "It's alright," she murmured, "as long as you promise not to do it again. May I ask a question, though?"
    Much to her surprise, the man nodded his head, only barely. At least he was willing to answer her question.
    "Why did you invite me to take the ride with you?" Josie inquired, "I'm... well, I'm not exactly the type of girl that would seem to appeal to you."
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    He answered frankly. "I only said that because I thought you'd either slap me or refuse to go. It's a test I guess. I didn't mean to offend by asking that." As to why he offered to take her along, the rough man was also frank in this category. "You looked like you could need a trip to see the world." He didn't elaborate but he guessed that Josie could finish the rest of his answer for herself. He then gave her a couple hundred dollars in $20s and offered to take her back home if she'd like. He wanted to fully answer her question with how he thought she needed to get out and have her live out what she'd been missing by staying in that diner. He hoped he didn't blow his chances with her. Josie was a nice girl...
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    Josie wasn't quite sure if she fully trusted this man, but he hadn't tried any funny stuff yet, so she assumed that he was safe... for now. Which was precisely when she refused when he offered to take her back home. It had already been an entire day since she had gone missing from the diner, and she was sure that her parents were frantic to find her. Still, they knew their daughter was a smart girl; she had even left them note, explaining that she needed to get away. They'd worry and probably look, but it was a done deal.

    Josie just shrugged, "I'm come this far already, might as well keep going and see where in the world I end up."
    Soon they got back onto the bike, and Josie wrapped her arms around his solid waist. She wondered what he truly wanted from her; he didn't seem like the noble type, wanting to get "show her the world". Josie could take some good guesses, but right now, she didn't want to come to terms with it. Maybe if he let her into his world, she'd open up to him, too.
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    They eventually stopped in the small town and they went to the nearby store where he let her loose to buy whatever she needed. When she returned with her new clothes and new helmet, he took her to a nice restaurant where he planned to tell her his life story. "Where I come from doesn't really matter. I only managed to inherit a lot of money from rich parents that died early and left a large trust fund enough for me to live forever like this. What I do is just this, ride forever and expecting things to come my way. I'm only 30 and I'm already look like I'm 40. I'm in great health but I've aged on the outside. I only carry my weapons to kick the shit out of those wanting to mess with me. I've battled entire gangs and won." He showed a grin that shows gold teeth. "I've had women ride with me and be bad and all that but none of them worked out. You're the only one willing to go even after what I said. I'm surprised. Some will, most hit me in the balls. As for my name..." He trailed off, thinking what he would called by her. He had to think hard as he never gave his name out to anyone other than those that needed to know. He didn't show his license.

    "You can call me Wilhelm. Will. Whatever."
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    The young woman rather surprised by his admission. She was also startled when she found no deception in his gaze, and Josie had always prided herself in being able to read people well. Still, he seemed like he was telling the truth... and wow, what a story that was. Josie knew first hand already that he had a lot of money, he practically held it all in his hand when he paid for things.

    Josie rested her elbows on the table and took a long sip of her soda, watching him carefully. He was right; he looked a lot older than thirty, and acted like it, too. She wondered if they had anything to do with the death of his parents, or perhaps it was just the rough life of always being on the road that had made him that way. Josie and Will were very different, but she liked it. He was new for her, out of her comfort zone.

    She took another sip of her drink and then neatly tucked her hands into her lap, "so what's so special about me? I didn't kick you where it hurts?" She laughed a little bit, "there must be another reason why you left me that note. Guys just don't take little diner girls to hop on the back of their motorcycle because they are nice to them."
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    He grinned and began to open up to her. "You looked like you need to get out of there. Hell, I thought I could try with you. If I didn't leave the note, I bet you would have run to me anyways. You surely looked like you deserved better so I decided to give it a go with you." He hoped he was working out something here. It was time for them to leave the place and town so he payed and they rode off again. After what seemed like hours riding into the middle of nowhere, they stopped at another motel and they entered their room. He was tired and surely so was Josie. He laid on the bed and hoped that he could eat soon with the Chinese place he called about an hour away.
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    (I'm gonna advance the timeline a bit if you don't mind.)

    It had been a week since Will picked Josie up from that Interstate diner and he was sure they were hundreds of miles from her home. The only way he could tell was by using his iPhone and his GPS receiver but he was certainly not using them right now. He was riding with Josie on his back and, to his chagrin, they were hitting a bad patch of weather. He was an expert in predicting bad weather. He found the nearest place to stop, a run-down rest area, and pulled over there and got them and the bike out of the rain. Thankfully there was a place to park the bike. There was no one around for miles and it could take hours for the storm to pass. They had everything they needed, full gas tank, food and drink. But now they had to wait.

    "This is one of the downsides of riding. Being stuck like this for hours, maybe days. I hate these storms. The southwest is the only real place this sort of shit happens..."