Revelations: Book 1

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  1. Hell is Burning.

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    Lucifer is dead. The Dragon has been slain, Old Nick has been laid in his coffin. And Hell is in chaos. The eternal pit of fire, a place of pure emotion, unrestricted except for the stern leadership of the Fallen Prince, has devolved into what it once was. And now the Apocalypse, the Revelation has reached Earth. The contents of The Seals, a prophecy foreseen by John of Patmos rather than physical seals, foretold of the death of Lucifer and the consequences of the event [The Four Horsemen, a metaphor for the great damage caused by the death of such an evil being, and the following seals leading up to the first confrontation between the Seven Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Azrael, Uriel, Metatron, Ananiel) and the Seven Princes of Hell, a disastrous event that lead to Mt. Olympus being leveled and the oil fields of the Middle East being set aflame in the shape of a pentagram], have come to pass. The Princes argue and squabble over bits and pieces of land on Earth and the captured souls of the remaining mortals and the Heavenly Host while simultaneously fighting for control of the Black Throne of Hell.

    "And now we, the Princes of Hell, shall walk the Earth. We shall slaughter the children of Adam. We shall lay waste to Paradise. We shall claim that which belongs to the powerful, and only the powerful. We shall avenge our King, our one true Lord Supreme, who has fallen for the last time. This Oath, this Final Judgment, we will uphold. The Archangels shall fall to their knees, and God shall bleed. This we swear."

    --- The Oath of Vengeance

    Five years following the assassination of Lucifer at the hands of an unknown party, the Princes of Hell have scorched the world of man. Groups of human survivors (mostly small packs, some large and well-defended) struggle to survive in this newer, darker world. The Heavenly Host has mostly retreated to the Pearly Gates, sending forth small armies to fight with the hordes of Hell over large deposits of souls, but have had a losing streak recently. In this arc, we play as the Princes of Hell, of which there are Seven. We have divided the world into territories, and cooperate very loosely, the only thing holding us together being the death of Lucifer, who had previously held us together with an iron fist. While on the surface we fight for revenge and conquest, we play a game of succession under the surface to claim the Black Throne of Hell.


    (I recommend choosing a biblical name, as I know personally it is hard to make a really good menacing demon name)



    Special powers: (We all get umbrakinesis, transcendant strength, speed, durability, and stamina, demonic control, energy manipulation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, teleportation, and possession of multiple living beings at once. Add something new.)

    Biography: (We all started out as incredibly powerful angels, and joined Lucifer in his fall. What have you done since then?)

    Remember. We're not humans or superhumans here. We are DEMON LORDS. We are all MEANT to be OP. Don't be afraid of using some badass powers, because we'll all be doing the same.

    • Writing Skill: I'm sick of being subliminal. WRITE WELL. Remember your punctuation, paragraphs (at least 1 per post), grammar, etc. I also want some meat on those Character Sheets. It grinds on a lot of other people (namely me) when we have to read poorly written stuff on something I want to look and turn out good. This might seem bossy and jerkish, but how would you feel if I did this on one of your RPs?
    • Posting Speed: I'll be a little lenient here. One post per week, more if you care to. But don't start doing massive chain posts and exclude everyone else.
    • Rule-Breaking: In any cases of breaking the rules, both parties (or one if only one person is involved, either perpetrator or victim) must appeal to me directly. No comment fights. But here's a list: A) Writing Skill. This is an absolute no-no. If you know that you can't write well [and I'm not talking content wise. We have different capabilties when it comes to writing a story. Some just aren't too good, while others are Literature Gods (most of the admins)], don't bother applying. It would just end badly. B) Posting Speed: Prolonged absence will result in a PM warning. Failure to reply and explain absence will result in banjection. You will receive the PM 24 hours after absence is noted (one week of no posts), and will have 48 hours to respond. If you are likely to be gone for a long period of time, PM me and leave yourself in a position in the RP that would explain an absence. You'll be free to rejoin upon your return.
    NO RELATIONSHIPS. We're cruel and unusual demons, not glittering vampires. As well, I need any roleplayers who want to join to be dedicated to this. Ideally, you have nothing big coming up that will distract you. THINK BEFORE YOU JOIN. Backing out will cause the whole thing to be rebooted to avoid the hassle of deleting your existence. As well, there will be NO human or angel characters in this particular RP. Reserve those for Books 3 & 2 respectively. And no posting of Character Sheets until seven slots have been filled. Any applicants posting after the Seventh slot has been filled are to be ignored. Finally, I judge CSs on quality, not order of posting. If you posted before the guy who was accepted for the seventh slot, but your CS was poorly written and developed, accept that it won't be accepted.

    1. Mr. V
    2. 04LIDOB
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  2. Btw, nice banner, although this may seem too hardcore for me...and I really don't feel invited, i am interested, and frankly, quite bored, so yeah, i might join.
    just some questions (as always)
    1. Is this based off of any book,movie, or game?
    2. You, as a Fallen Prince, can appear as ANYTHING?
    3. In the roleplay, will there be only one Fallen prince as a survivor as an outcome?
    4. Can i have an example of a bible name and an evil demon name, for comparision and personality differences?
    @Mr. V
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  3. Hello, i'm interested and pretty much ready with my demon
  4. Not based on anything, though I have gotten some inspiration from something. You can, but you have a single appearance you prefer. No. Of course.
  5. Go ahead and post.
  6. okay and thank you
  7. Name: Aamon

    Personality: A Demon full of anger, hatred, and murderous thoughts
    Appearance: Aamon prefers the form of a werewolf/wolfman so that he can utillize any weapons he wishes

    Special powers: umbrakinesis, transcendant strength, speed, durability, and stamina, demonic control, energy manipulation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, teleportation, and possession of multiple living beings at once, Lycanthopy (depending on the being super good christian who attends church is given uncontrollable rage, murderous S.O.B. turned into a werewolf)

    Biography: Aamon became vengeful after lucifer's(whom he viewed as a father after the fall) death. Wanting no more than to slaughter all mortals, Aamon banded with the other six princes. Aamon also has a natural aptitude with machinations, able to conjure any sort of (Pre-built) machine from hell and uses them in his schemes for gaining more souls than other demons even attempting to join with Abaddon to synthesize souls and increase their power twice over, Aamon also dabbles in Alchemy to mix different DNA in an attempt to create 'super-soldiers' to aid the final over throwing of heaven
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  8. I'll need an image.
  9. Name: Charles Darvich

    Personality: Cunning, Patient, and somewhat friendly, Charles makes for a perfect businessman, who he changes into from time to time to make tempting pacts with mortals. He is one of the weakest princes in terms of brute strength and power. Instead, he makes it up for the love and trust of his enemies. Considered by most mortals and angels alike as 'one of the few princes to not be considered wholly evil.' He plays the nice card on them, and not in the creepy way either, he gets to be friends with his greatest of foes, than strikes only when they love him most...
    ...with a tempting deal of course!
    Main form v

    Human form v
    Special powers: Aside from the normal stuff Charles can:
    1. Rebuild: Charles can build skyscrapers and military forts out of virtually thin air!
    2. Soul Trap: Sort of like Lucifer's deals, Charles can also trick people into giving up their very soul to do the stupidest of things. and the best part is...he now gets a free slave.
    3.Strategic: Whereas Charles is weak, his army is one of the best in Hell, and it is also thanks to his strategic mind.
    Biography: After become a fallen angel with the other princes, Charles then decided to learn from Lucifer a few tricks and then turned to serve whom he thought was to be his real mentor; The Dragon.
    Charles did everything he could to undying-ly gain his powers, he kinda separated apart from the other princes in order to gain the full power of The Dragon's strength, intelligence, wisdom, and power. unfortunately, despite all of his efforts to please The Dragon, even becoming the closest thing in Hell you could get to. He only got half of his powers, and his looks. After that Charles went out to test his powers of being a demonic lord to the world, and he became infamously powerful in terms of money, each time posing as a rich guy who makes tempting offers to the mortals, however, unlike the majority of what demonic lords do, he at least made friends with the mortals, shaking their hands and giving them hugs, but he knew the more friendlier they got to him, the more corrupt they got, and the better off Charles would be...
    After what seemed like as an endless time for this mutual relationship between The Dragon and Charles Darvich, the disaster struck! killing his mentor and almost killing Charles himself, he helped with the battles until he eventually gave up and decided to make a city/haven of his own, New Hell City, to invite all survivors that they can be safe by staying here...
    for a price of course!
    But this battle, this WAR that is now happening between Heaven and Hell is making him acting...stranger than usual, was it because all of his mutual friends died in the battle? Or is it that he has to make new friends?

    Territory owned: Charles owns almost all of Europe (excluding Russia, Finland, Ukraine, and Baltic States). New Hell City is located in present day Paris, Europe has been formatted and terraformed to produce the strongest army and to produce the biggest benefit towards Charles.​
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  10. Killroy and 04LIDOB. I should have made this clearer. NOT A PRINCE PER SIN. Keep them the same and all, but remove Prince of Wrath/Greed. Think of it like this: Hell itself is a circle divided into nine rings (as seen in Dante's "Inferno") with Pandemonium at the center (where the Black Throne is placed and Lucifer formerly ruled). Around Pandemonium are 7 triangles, each a slice of the circle. The Princes of Hell each have an equal portion of everything, the only location being denied to them is Pandemonium itself (the ninth circle which belonged to the King of Hell). Only now have the Princes begun warring over land sections, with Pandemonium being avoided out of superstition.
  11. alright, thank you for the answer, i was just wondering, no need to be mad, however, his personality is still nonetheless greedy and i still wish to keep his personality if its okay with you.
  12. Uh, yeah. Personality is good.
  13. does this mean i am accepted?
  14. Yep.
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