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  1. Though it had been like this for 2 years now, Shirona still found it strange. Far above her, a thick ocean of crimson completely blocked out the sun's light, and yet the atmosphere felt temperate. It was even bordering on unpleasant, as summer approached the tropical town. Of course, you couldn't tell it was summer except by the temperature and the cries of the obnoxious cicadas, which she was silencing with her knife. She was stood in the rebellion group's "fortress", which was built by stretching string between some of the peculiar algal blooms and letting said algae grow along them until they formed walls. Why, you ask, does a covert rebellion group hide in a huge structure? The answer to that is quite simple. There is a complete absence of light except for in the cities. Even the rebels have a hard time finding it if they leave. Or at least, that was the case until recently.

    As Shirona was briefly explaining the setting to the readers, a large and horribly bright spotlight was shining on the building, its beams strong enough to penetrate the walls and illuminate the interior too. From the looks of things, the local demon organisation's intelligence group had finally found them. Shirona strolled briskly through the small above-ground segment, then descended a flight of stairs into the twisting labyrinth that made up the sub-surface complex. As she did so, a surge of 3000-degree flame washed over the stairs with such energy that it didn't even bother following the angle and instead simply melted the rock on either side until where the stairs formerly were was now a solid block of stone. From the faces of the others who managed to get to the entrance in time, she could tell that a great deal of the resistance movement had died in the demon's attack on their HQ. The more hardened faces showed only hope that enough of their wielders had survived, for it was clear their options had just been reduced to one: the resistance had no choice but to go on the offensive in an all-or-nothing gamble to reclaim their home.

    Just as Shirona was thinking that, an elderly man who in the dim electrical light she could just about make out to be the resistance's second in command, spoke up after clearing his throat. "Um, as you all may have gathered, the oppressive monsters have just destroyed our home." He spat the words out with enough venom to kill several metaphorical elephants. "We don't have the labour to hold out anymore, so first thing tomorrow morning our remaining wielders and soldiers will take all the celesticite we can find and will obliterate our town's infestation." The word 'morning' stood out to Shirona. Even without the existence of daylight, the humans still had a definite day-night cycle. Nowadays, it was based on the habits of the demons, who do not actually sleep, but who show a marked reduction in speed and strength for around 8 hours in every 24 hour cycle. The start of this period marks "morning" for humans, and seems to be independent of any external factors.
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  2. Midori stood up, moving the burnt chunks of wood that had fallen on him. He would've been toast if he hadn't shielded himself in a sphere of speeding wind. The stench of burnt corpses almost distracted him from the pain. His body ached from a terrible mixture of the wood that had fallen on him, the fact that he had layed on the rough ground for an unknown amount of time, and a few burns here and there. He brushed a mix of ash and dirt off of his coat as he looked around for any demons who might have stayed. After a few moments of nothing, he went to the now melted stairs and upon seeing it, he realized he would have to go to one of the other entrances. He used the wind to speed himself up as he ran to the nearest entrance that wasn't sealed shut. Once he entered the labyrinth of the underground complex, he was glad to find that the resistance, at least what was left, was all in the first place he looked.

    Upon Midori's arrival many members of the resistance approached him. He was flooded with questions, most of which summed , "How did you survive? Are you okay? Were there any other survivors?"

    He answered the questions before asking his own, "I shielded myself with wind, using my magic, and yes I am okay considering the circumstances. I'm sorry, but, there didn't seem to be other survivors. Now, what's the plan?"

    "The second in command told us not too long before you arrived, tomorrow morning we're going raid the town and obliterate the Demon infestation."

    "Finally, I can kill some of those monsters." He held the Celesticite on his chain, bowed his head, and closed his eyes, "Mom, Dad, Little Sis, I'll avenge you, I swear to anyone who can hear this, I won't rest until every Demon is dead... Or I am." He opened his eyes and went to look for some water. He found a bottle and, thankfully, it was cold. He took a swig of it and poured most of the rest on his burns. He stood without even flinching, the stinging was nothing after what he had been through. Fighting Demons aside, even though he had survived falling from thousands of feet he had broken over half of the bones in his body and everything after that seemed less painful in comparison. He still felt pain, still avoided it, but ever since that he had been able to maintain control of his body slightly better than most who felt the same amount of pain. He finished drinking the water before bandaging his arms and most of his torso. After finishing that he put on a new coat and sat down to rest.
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  3. Kalros groaned as he heaved a charred corpse over his shoulder, sighing as he continued to rummage the wreckage for possible survivors or more corpses to collect. Grimacing at the stench of roasted bodies and burning algae as he continued to search.

    Where was Kalros during the attack, you ask? Well he was having a stroll through the upper parts of the base, it was quite pleasant, really. That is, until, he felt the room heat up, to which he sensed something wrong and immediately took out to investigate when an officer ran into him and asked for help in finding survivors and retrieving bodies.

    So now here he was, searching a room which looks like it was burnt in an oven. Taking a whiff of the smell of rotting decay and putrid death, where he afterwards realized his mistake and felt something coming up his throat before swallowing it down. Continuing on, the only thing that came close to resembling a body is a scorched remain of what it seems to be a forearm.

    Content that there were no more survivors or bodies to be found, he focused inwardly, disappearing afterwards.

    He reappeared next to a distraught soldier who jumped in shock, "Gah! Kalros, you scared the bajeezus out of me! Why are you here?" The assassin tapped the corpse, before carefully laying it down on the floor. "Ah, yes, I remember. You were helping us in retrieving the fallen?" Kalros tilted his head before making an "isnt-it-obvious" face, the soldier merely shrugging before continuing on.

    "Are these the last ones?" The assassin nodded, "Thank you for your assistance, these men and women deserve a proper burial. Pity that only a handful survived the attack." the soldier said sadly, glancing at the numerous carcasses laid out on the floor before switching to the relatively small amount of survivors being treated by fellow resistance members, sighing as he did so.

    "I suppose you've been informed?"
    the soldier asked cross-armed, Kalros shaking his head as a response. Informed about what?

    "We're taking the town back from those demons tomorrow morning, the second-in-command said it himself." the soldier incredulously said, albeit eliciting no response from Kalros.

    "Majority of our forces were obliterated, our morale's at an all time low, yet they still plan on invading the town. What the hell are they even thinking-" The assassin promptly turned on his heels and walked away, leaving the soldier to his little rant.

    Shortly after, he arrived at his quarters, thanking the non-existent God that his room wasn't victim to the demon's attack. He opened the door, took off his armor and weapons before quickly collapsing down into his bed, not even bothering to close the door.

    Get some rest Kalros, you'll need it for tomorrow. He said to himself, before drifting off into unconsciousness.
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  4. Em was just on the verge of soiling her last clean underwear when their moderately safe world suddenly collapsed. She pulled up her frying pan to protect her head from any falling debris, changing it's shape to slightly resemble a clunky-looking hat. She ran out of the hot spot for the massive pieces of it, ending up outside.
    "Ohhh... Why did they have to come..." Was her usual complaint when they attacked. She was already scared or sad of everything, sure, why not just slap some big scary ass monsters that'll kill you on sight? Thanks, universe! Oh, and on top of that, getting some stupid rock thing that she had no choice but to keep because her buddy wanted her to which gave her powers she could barely control? Even better universe, you're a GREAT PAL!

    "A-An offensive attack? A-A-A-Are you insane?" She stuttered, staring wide eyed at the man, "Th-that'll kill us faster..! Lets just find a nice hole or something to hide in..." Em was normally the negative type, it was rumored she was even moping from when she was still in her mother's womb, and if she ever smiled the world would explode or something.
    "Ohhh who am I kidding... Let's all just get killed, that's fiiinnee..." She groaned, seeming far less nervous and more droopy, turning and looking through the pile of debris, almost screaming a few times when a body part suddenly popped up. A couple times she forgot that there were freshly dead people lying around in it.
  5. Shirona, who happened to be standing near the whining girl, laughed cruelly at her words. "Don't worry, either way we're all going to get killed, but a counter attack gives us a 1% chance of avoiding that outcome. And besides, don't you want to have some fun slaughtering poor defenseless monsters?"
  6. In a small room, lit only by a sole dim bulb that flickered its light as eerily as those scary movies that once existed, Razz sat cross-legged on the dusty floor. The weather was unbearable for her, generating droplets of sweat along her brow and an uncomfortable stickiness to her clothes. She could not complain though. Being alone was her favorite past time. In her hands, she held the few throwing knives she owned, polishing them almost lovingly. The only other occupant was a small pack, holding a few knick-knacks that she found useful in her dealings with people and survival. She held a knife up to the light to inspect its cleanliness, causing reflections of light to bounce around the room. The knives reminded her of a life before now, where she was another person and she did not need such beautiful atrocities. Instead, it was a paintbrush, palette and easel. Before that thought could get any deeper, she slipped her throwing knives back into their sheaths, which were sown into the lining of her jacket.

    Suddenly, by no seeable source, Razz was alerted. She adjusted herself and crouched as silent as a cat to the small window, where a bird flew high in the red sky, circling an area. Her lavender optics seemed to go blank for a split second before they narrowed. The young woman grabbed her pack and jacket and slipped out of the room, running like her life depended on it. As she slid from making a too tight turn while running, a blast of heat brushed its way behind her just as she made the corner. Flames slipped through the walls and reached for her, melting anything in its path. The infastructure was beginning to collapse with the absence of key components taken by the flame. Moans and screams could be heard as the collapse commenced. Survival was what mattered. She cared for nothing more. She will survive.

    Razz ran around another corner, just as the flames brushed passed. A searing pain enveloped her bare right shoulder, which did not clear the turn in time. She bit her bottom lip, hard enough to bleed and jumped forward, barely avoiding being crushed under the deadly weight of stone and wood. Her body slid along the floor as the debris settled. Smoke and dust made seeing impossible.

    Sore and filled with adrenaline, a shaking Razz picked herself up and began moving forward, ignoring the smell and pain of burnt skin emanating from her shoulder. She slipped her jacket on and held her pack by one strap over her left shoulder. Determination and hatred filled her beautiful eyes as she headed toward her destination with one hand skimming the rough wall.

    As she walked, the smoke cleared and she could hear the murmur of voices in the distance. She overheard the newest plans to invade the town and soon came to see a group of survivors gathered around the second-in-command, but kept herself in the shadows. Her annoyance flared. This definitely placed her in a predicament.

    Tsk. Perhaps she could avoid it. Yet if everyone died, where would that leave her?
  7. He knew this day would come, Where the safety of the walls would be gone. He was laying on the ground in a daze as a piece of metal had fallen directly onto his head, People were running in all directions, but Jackson was pinned under ruble, heavy enough to crush a normal man, but for Jack, it was nothing. "S-shit shit shit shit shit." he spoke as he watched as another piece of metal was coming straight down for his face. With that he threw off the pieces of rock and wood, and rolled to the side and witness the metal spike stick into the ground, that would've been his face. "Ain't the first time if dodged death.... or becoming a head on a stick" he finished before getting up and running for the exit with increased speed.

    It wasn't long before he caught up with what was left in the resistance, and couldn't help but overhear what was being talked about. Great... I needed target practice anyways. He looked over at shirona, who was yet again scaring one of the members with talk about death. "Give the girl a break, its bad enough we have to deal with these demons, don't need you destroying the moral of some of us." he commented rubbing off the soot and dirt from his shoulders.

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  8. "Now now, someone around here needs to be a constant reminder of our predicament, and the only other person fit for the job is the Boss, who is currently missing in action." She said the last three words in a sarcastic tone, to reinforce the gravity of the situation - three quarters of their resistance had just been wiped out, including the guy who ran the show, and the demons were above them, prowling for survivors. Shirona's attention was drawn for a second, and she pulled an item from the rubble. As she held it, the majority of its structure collapsed into ash, and she unclasped her fingers to reveal what remained - a hollow cone of dull grey crystal that was instantly recognisable. "Heh, even depleted Celesticite shows phenomenal resistance to damage. If only there were enough to make our houses out of this stuff."
  9. "Oh trust me... I need no reminders of how much hot shit we're in..." Em said, rummaging through some more rubble. She was mostly looking to take any valuable or useful items off the corpses, not like they'd need them anymore, yes? She already got some necklaces and other assorted items pocketed. Maybe she could even practice using this stuff...
    "Well I don't know about you guys... But i'm gonna be playing dead in some rubble while that happens. I'd rather not die..." She sighed, "Not like I could be useful on the battlefield." She took the frying pan, sort of moulding it back to it's original shape.
  10. "Wait the boss is missing?" He said raising an eyebrow before shaking it off "o-okay look, that doesn't give you an excuse to ruin moral, the last thing we want is unmotivated soldiers, who would rather die than fight" He explained "I'm no leader, but at least I know that much" The wielder explained, he finished by shaking his head and away. "You're gonna be the reason we all fail humanity" He commented as he made his way behind a couple of trees before sitting down quietly, looking up at the sky, which wasn't the same star lit sky that everyone was used to, just the crimson red that had taken over the world above.​
  11. Midori awoke upon hearing the news about the boss. Living in a world filled with Demons teaches you to be able to wake up at the slightest thing. "Do we have any proof of life or death?" Midori asked as he walked over to Shirona, "About the Boss? Or are you just guessing? I mean, it would be a reasonable guess, but is it a guess, or is there proof?" Midori hoped there wasn't proof, he had become friends with the Boss during his time with the resistance. Although, if there wasn't any proof to the contrary, the Boss was, in all likelihood, dead.
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  12. While Sonia was going through junk piles, savaging parts for her hideout from the monsters she thought "why did this happen to me, I usually just get nervous when asked stuff by people and now I have to survive alone." She then found a tarp in the pile and took it back to her hideout by her house, when she got back she used the tarp as a curtain to hide the entrance. After she finished she said while out of breath "now I wish that I have been more social and active", Sonia then left to see if she can find some people. While looking she heard some voices coming from nearby, when she found them she looked around the corner and saw a girl who Sonia thought looked like an albino going through rubble and some other people, She quietly was sneaking away when she kicked an empty can that made some noise, enough to get noticed.
  13. (1st Person PoV)

    Darkness, absolute darkness was all that surrounds me. Wrapping me like a child being held by its mother, but then there follows a broken span of humid-forest visions and nonsensical rhythm. Gentle yet calloused hands hands grip--no, caressed me. The light's a fanged gaping mouth above. Red light curves to form a beautiful pale face. I felt my chest heave with great difficulty, as if a weight has been put into it.

    Sleep paralysis? I should have known. I surmised, this was the twentieth time this month. A new record, I guess.

    I wiggled my toes, and slowly shook my way to the upper parts of my body, ignoring the array of lights flashing before my eyes, before collapsing into the void. And then, I waited.

    And waited...and waited...I should be awake right now, but I'm not.

    But before I could give it any further thought, a crack formed in the darkness of oblivion. Extending and branching around me, until it formed a spider web of cracks, before shattering as a whole.

    The Fall Of Paradise convulses around me. Memories. I'm still dreaming? Of course, what seems to be days in a dream are just actually minutes in real life, I believe.

    I must be. I concluded, before realizing that these memories were not mine. I feel it, I'm still here, past and present a variegated swirl like the colors of a ruined sand painting--

    Cling to the present, Kalros: Demons attacking the base, scorched corpses lying on the ground, the survivors wailing for their loved ones...

    But the Memories, whoever owned them, drag me deeper, back to a dense, wet forest, back to—

    Blood surging through my fingers in time with a dieing stranger's heartbeat. No matter how much I press, I can't contain the wound. Blood flows out, he flows out, the jungle's wet and the wound writhes with worms of varying kinds...

    Then, I screamed.

    // (3rd PoV)

    Kalros woke up, drenched in cold sweat. His body cold and his hands shaking.

    That...that was new. No way am I sleeping again tonight, he thought, before leaping out of bed and wearing a simple, black T-shirt.

    He glanced at the clock, I slept for just 30 minutes? Damn. He swore.

    "I guess I should go check with the others." He finally spoke, his voice as subtle as a door with his hinges unoiled for days, before clearing his throat, getting a glass of water and walking out of the door.

    He finally arrived, unaware of the conversation they've had earlier. "Is everyone alright?" His voice a steady tone and face impassive.

    Right before anyone could have answered the question, a clacking sound was heard, and in the blink of an eye, the assassin turned his head and threw one of his dual-pronged daggers at the noisemaker, the dagger wheezing past their head.

    "Do you think someone like me would not have noticed you sneaking by?" He asked, "Now, would you kindly be nice enough to show yourself?"
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  14. Sonia was Discovered by the person telling her to show herself, She put on her panda looking hoodie to cover her face and and came out from hiding. She then said while facing her right palm “ ok don't hurt me” she then opened her hand all the way and faced her right palm towards the person without it being noticed and she whispered “Radiant Flash”. Then when the light flashed she ran away from the area
  15. Oska her usually neat and orderly person smudged and a bit dirty stalked past rubble piles keeping a watch out for demons. Some had tried to jump her earlier but she had gotten rid of them. Her long blue hair swung back and forth as she rummaged for a little bit of what she thought was Celestine but turned out to be quartz. She was on her way to report back to the group as the little "panda" ran past her and she reached out and snagged the person. Dragging them into the group she rather forcefully shoved them into the center and closed off the circle from the side that "panda" tried to escape from. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Kal is this what you lost?" She nodded to the others. "Shirona. Midori. Jax. Emmeryn. Razz."
  16. The assassin nodded, then he crossed his arms, "Please explain yourself. Now." he asked—no, demanded the smaller of the two, with an intimidating face.

    Turning to Oska, "Care to elaborate as to why something's rotten in Denmark?" He asked, his voice suddenly void of emotion.

  17. She got up and started explaining "well my name is Sonia and I have been trying to find some people who might be hiding out somewhere when you caught me". Sonia then tried to open her right hand to escape with a blinding flash again without being noticed.She felt some wind and her hood came off her head and she fell to the ground panicking from her shyness.
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  18. Oska gives Kal a quizzical look. "Ah well it means something isn't right here." Oska grabs the girl's hood with her left hand and jerks her off the ground saying "What, my dear Lady Disdain! are you yet living?" As she does so she unsheathes her rapier and presses the point just under Sonia's left ear. "You were asked a question. Let me explain manners to you for you've forgotten them. When someone asks you a question you answer. NOW ANSWER!!" Oska presses the tip of the sword in just shy of drawing blood.
  19. Jackson couldn't help but over hear the conflict going on. Causing him to be drawn to the noise, after a short walk his eyes fell on Oska who had her rapier on this girl who was on the ground. "As if we didn't have enough to worry about" he shook his head. "that is enough now Oska" he said with a less than please voice. He simply walked up from behind the girl and lifted her up by the back of her shirt, as if she was weightless and gently placed Oska down a feet feet away from the panda hooded girl. "She's from the town as well, I've seen her before, a wielder like us. So we don't need you poking your sword at her, its bad enough we have those things trying to kill us, let us not worry about people being a threat to." Jack was now in between the two girls " Now either she's helping us, or running away. Lets not waist anymore energy than we need to on this stupid shit and get some rest for tomorrow, we're gonna need it if we're gonna be able to put up a good fight against them." The man finished, before adding one more thing to make sure his voice was clear " NOW get, to bed and stop acting like a bunch of kids." The wielder waited for a reply.

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  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Sonia put her hood back on in a hurry and said ” I am trying to help and I was running before cause I am shy and not used to being around people so much”. She then left and saw around the corner of the wall where her hideout was and it was blocked by the tarp and a heavy looking machine that must have fell of the roof. Sonia then walked over the the man and asked” where are you guys hiding out at the moment, cause I just saw my hiding place from all of this was blocked of by a heavy looking machine”.[/BCOLOR]
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