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  1. Sequel to I'll never be part of your world

    Five years has past since their time together at Valor academy and both Damien and Anna has moved on with their lives. At least that's what they thought, but as they meet once again, memories are brought back and emotions set in motion.

    Anna BlueThe sun had gone down and all that could be heard in the small apartment was the shower and a low humming voice. It wasn't a particularly cheerful melody, Anna hadn't been able to sing anything cheerful in quite some time. Five years to be exact. Had five years passed already? It both felt like it had taken an eternity, but at the same time it had passed in the blink of an eye. She still had awful nightmares of her time at the academy. The more she tried to let go, the worse they seemed to get. But everything would get better now. Christian was beside her, supporting her, and after tonight they would truly be connected. It would help her let go of the past, she just knew it.

    As she stepped into her bedroom, with a towel draped around her body, she couldn't help but glance towards her bed. There under the pillow was the letter. A letter she knew by heart. Every single word was engraved into her mind. Today was the last time she would read it. It was time to let go of Damien completely. As she sat down on the bed, she pulled out the letter and looked at the words. Even though he knew he had gone through a lot, she still couldn't help feeling betrayed. He had left her when she had needed him the most.

    Her hands were shaking as she started to rip the letter apart. Slowly she destroyed the memories. Damien would never come back into her life again. There was no need to torture herself by holding onto him like this, and it was not fair to Christian to have another man in her heart still. The pieces of the letter fell to the floor and she left them there. It was time to turn the page and look into the future.

    Soon she was dressed up all in black. The dress was hiding her feet but exposed her collar bones and she added black sleeves that covered most of her arms and parts of her hands. Maybe she should have chosen blue instead, but she didn't feel like changing now and she would be picked up at any moment.

    As predicted, Christian came just shortly after she had put her clothes on and fixed her hair. It was amazing how good timing that man had, but he was also a vampire, so maybe he had some cheating techniques. They left her apartment together and soon arrived at the party.

    "I'm a bit nervous. I haven't been around other vampires for a while." Anna confessed as they walked towards the doors. It was a bit nerve wrecking. At the academy there had been such a fuzz over her blood possibly being tainted after she had reverted back into a human, she wondered if there was any possibility of them sensing that now. Was it visible somehow? Not because she wanted vampires to just suck her blood anywhere she went, but a lot of people had acted as if she had a disease that could pass onto them if they just got close. It wasn't that surprising though, most people who started to revert back to humans died, even with today's technology. Though most people couldn't handle the pain from not drinking blood to begin with so they became full vampires. Anna had been extremely lucky, though it had been agonizingly painful. She wasn't sure what had been worse, Gabriel's torture or her body rejecting her vampire side.
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  2. Damien Dawn
    Years have passed that he didn't care to count. Marriage that was as forsaken as his own existence. After leaving Valor Academy, Damien entered schooling at home. His father considered him a failure, despite not saying it outright, never really forgiving him for being publicly punished for the supposed attack. Damien could only be thankful that no one knew of his real deeds, otherwise, he would not even have a family to name. His mother was the only person who was close to him still, but even they seemed to have parted with the arising problems in his marriage. Yes, Victoria has won that one. Or more like, their parents forced him into this deal that was even worse than signing one with the devil himself and recently Damien has started to go against that forced union, hinting strongly and demanding divorce. Of course that would reflect bad on both families, but Damien, quite frankly had nothing to lose.

    Even now, Victoria hung on his arm, clutched it even as if to prevent him from leaving her and keep that illusion of perfect couple. All sweet and pretending, making sure the public didn't know and if Damien didn't want to bring more of his father's wrath onto himself, he would play along, no matter how much he despised it.

    "I'm sure you are thirsty, Victoria. I'll go get us a drink." It was a remark laced without enough kindness to make it pass any scrutinizing eye when in fact it was an excuse to get away from her and the pressing presence of all the eyes. He didn't need her permission to leave, nor her disagreeing gaze as he left her standing, surrounded by other high class hypocrites. The whole room was vibrant with colours, muttered conversations and sounds of heartbeats. Some of those belonging to humans who came willingly as attendees with vampires, others who were tidied away in another room to keep the blood flowing. The scent of their blood covered everything else. To vampires it added that slight tinge of refinement as it wasn't strong and oppressing to them, similar to lit up incense.

    After five years, Damien has changed. Valor Academy left a deep scar on his mind that was still red and pulsating with pain. He was never the same after the punishment. He was more withdrawn, quiet and not as nice as he used to be before he met Anna. Yes, he still thought about her. There wasn't really a day when he would not devote a thought to her. A hopeful wish, he knew would not come true. For all Damien knew, she was off in the world, doing what she wanted to. It was painful nonetheless to know she was out there without him. Victoria has never known for sure whether he has completely forgotten Anna or not, but she knew that her name was taboo in their relationship. And so for the viper she was, she brought it up regardless, just to push his buttons.

    This night, he was groomed in tailored suit, the only glint on the left ring finger. As he tried to make his way through the crowd, squeezing past two groups that stood too close to each other, Damien was almost pushed out from the thin pass, lightly nudging into someone with his back. "I am so..." Damien started apologizing as he turned around before he froze in speech, in movement, in time. Anna...

    ...leaving her room. His eyes seeing her from the end of the shadowy corridor, knowing it was most likely the last time he'd set his eyes on her. Last time. He was emotional, of course. He was about to say goodbye to his childhood best friend and a woman he came to love but failed to protect despite all his attempts. He waited until he could not hear her footsteps any longer before he sneaked into her room. The smell...he could still recall it. In his hand, he held a letter. A coward's farewell, but how could he face her now? Then the sadness spilled into a singular tear of pain much worse than the hunger, the self-beating as he placed the envelope with neatly written name on it on her desk. Inside there was a letter that would be the epitome and the end of their relationship he sought out.

    Dear Anna,
    I am not sure where to start. I know you are most likely going to hate me for this. For all I know, you might even burn this letter and every single memory we have ever made, but it cannot change my decision. I am leaving the Valor Academy. I cannot stay within these walls after all that has happened. After meeting you, you giving meaning to my existence, bringing back the sense of belonging...after what Gabriel has done and what I've done to right that wrong. I tried to protect you. Always. But failure follows me like a silent friend that I can't get rid off. Vampire life is not something I ever wanted for you. It's full of suffering, conflict and hypocrisy. You don't deserve to live in such a world.
    I know my departure throws you exactly into that thunderstorm but my mind is weak after the punishment. I have grown weak. But from what I have heard, Michael is a dear friend of yours and he seems reliable. I am sure he will serve you better as a protector and a guide than I could. And if you ever need anything else, go to Isabel. She will lead the camp in my stead and I made sure she'd help you too.
    Please, Anna, forgive me. Forgive my selfishness, my failure, and the pain I am causing you.
    I will always love you. Never forget you. Even if you choose to forget me.

    It was her. In flesh and blood and...with a heartbeat? Confusion deepened in his stark blue eyes as he tried to wrap his mind around the slowly revolving reality that Anna was standing before him again and Damien feeling so not ready to face all the blame that was harboured just within her existence, seeming ready to oppress him.

    His plan has won.True, it was bumpy at the beginning with Anna reverting back to human but in her time of pain she was susceptible to his manipulation and when he was done with her, she posed no threat to Christian. In fact, since Damien left the academy, even his camp disintegrated couple months later, giving Christian the dominance over the school politics. He enjoyed power even as he had to exert it from the shadow just so Anna wouldn't know. Yes...the voices were right. He has fallen for her and even The Voice soon found a different reason to keep a close eye on Anna. Five years later, they were together as a couple and even about to establish the link that he was craving from the moment she reverted back to human. He did not care about the potentiality of her blood being contaminated for as long as he could know where she was and what she felt. That way, he wouldn't have to follow her everywhere to make sure she didn't stray in any way.

    "Hi Anna. You look stunning!" Christian said as he picked her up from the apartment. Even though they were together for almost a year now, they still lived apart. The only good thing was that the roof of the opposite house was slanted well enough for him to watch her and remain unseen. On the way, the chit chat flowed as usual. He was attentive, kind and loving. Those were now qualities that came to him naturally and weren't forced. Though, they were accompanied with paranoia, extreme jealousy and need to control. Of course, none of that explicitly obvious.

    As they arrived at the party place, a mansion of one of the high class, stuck up vampires, Christian was the gentleman he always was. Few moments into the gathering, he planted a soft kiss on her hair, careful not to ruin it, before excusing himself to get them drinks and disappearing in the crowd.
  3. VictoriaVictoria didn't care that she lived in what many would consider an unhappy marriage. Happiness wasn't important, but status was. She needed Damien for every reason other than love. Who needed a heart when you could have power? But now he was trying to destroy everything she had gained, everything she had built up over the years. He had been so broken, so easily manipulated by his family after what had happened at the academy, but now he had decided to let go of that?

    No. She would refuse to let him recover if that was what it took to keep him with her. She would force him to stay with any means necessary. At first she had played nice and caring, but now it was no use, that wouldn't make him stay. Once she realized that, she became rather bitchy behind closed doors. Now they only argued and she tried to make him stay with any argument in existence, but he never fell for them anymore. That only made her angrier though and she always brought up that little thing he could never get over, that little rat that pestered his mind. Oh, she knew what buttons she needed to push to make him emotional.

    Tonight though, no buttons would be pushed. They would have a nice evening and smile to the audience. "Don't linger too long darling." Victoria told Damien as he left to get drinks. Her smile might fool all the guest, but that man would know exactly what she was thinking about him escaping. That was all he did. Escape. He was running from her. Bastard. Why couldn't he just appreciate the good life they had together? If he just appreciated what their marriage gave them, they didn't even need to speak to each other outside of the public places, but no, he had to make it complicated, make it into an emotional matter. If she could find anyone better she would leave him immediately, but until then she would hold onto him with all her might and he didn't need to like it.

    Anna Blue Anna watched as Christian disappeared into the crowd, her cheeks were still blushing after the kiss he had left on her head. Still it didn't feel that she blushed for the right reason, her heart didn't beat faster because the kiss came from him. It had only reminded her of the gentle kisses of a distant memory. How could her mind betray her like that? She shouldn't be thinking about him. She was there with Christian. He was a nice guy who didn't leave her because life was though. If something was wrong they would solve it together, he would never resort to running away with only a letter to explain himself.

    Yes, she was bitter, but only because it had broken her heart. She might have understood his reasoning if she hadn't loved him so much. All she had wanted to do at the time was to help him, save him, but he left and never gave her a chance. If she ever saw him again, what would she do? Kill him? She almost wanted to because of all the pain she had been through. Kiss him? That was another thing she wanted to do, because she still hadn't let go of the love they shared.

    'Pull yourself together. Damien is gone. He won't come back. Even if he did, he shouldn't mean anything to you. He was never there when you needed him Anna, but Christian was. Damien means nothing.' Anna thought to herself just before someone bumped into her from behind. She turned just before she heard the voice and then...

    She was frozen in place. Time seemingly stood still. He couldn't be there. It wasn't possible. Five years had past already. Why. "Damien?" It came out as a whisper. Was this a dream? If it was she wasn't sure if it was a good or bad dream. Usually when she dreamed about him he just left her over and over again. This time he was just standing there, staring at her, just as she was staring at him. "I.. You.." She stuttered, not sure how to react. "Long time no seen." Anna heard her voice crack a bit as she tried to laugh. How did one act normal in a situation like this?

    "Darling, it won't look good if you talk to other women without your precious wife." A voice creeped up behind Damien and Victoria's arm was suddenly entangled in his. Wife? What was she talking about? Damien got married. "Ooh, aren't you..." Victoria's eyes darkened. That giggling sweet woman that had charmingly wrapped herself around her husband was completely gone. "Anna." She smiled, but it wasn't very friendly. "Why are you talking to her? I didn't think you even wanted her to be mentioned anymore, much less meet her."

    Anna's eyes went between Damien and Victoria. This situation was not just confusing, but also incredibly awkward and agonizing, but for some reason she couldn't just back away. He didn't want to even hear her name? What did that mean? Did he hate her now? She was the one who should rightfully hate him.
  4. Damien Dawn
    And so there she stood. In a dress that hugged her figure nicely, color that accentuated her skin tone. She looked like a porcelain doll, just like he remembered her. But last time, her heartbeat was gone. She was supposed to have life with vampires. Then it occured to him. She must have decided to not drink blood and survived the revert process. Just the idea of the pain and the danger she put herself through gripped on Damien's chest with a strength of golem and a shadow of himself passed through his eyes. The worried, caring and protective man who he thought has died strapped to that punishment chair. Then her stabbed at his ears as well as tugging at the strings inside him that were dusty and out of tune as he neglected them over the years. "Anna.." He said in a bare whisper, about to add some more when the only woman he didn't want to see returned, and with her, Damien's face turned stone cold, flicker of anger devoted just to Victoria flashed through his eyes as he looked at his wife.

    "As far as I am aware, you don't control who I talk to, sweetheart." It was a friendly jab on the outside but Victoria knew that as much as she could use information and words so could he. Though, most of the time, he reserved his full on anger for behind closed doors. No one would want to cause a scene and certainly not Damien. Averting his eyes from the blond, he looked down at Anna again, unsure of what to do. She was there. Standing in front of him just like she did on that first day at school. "Yes, it has been a long time." Uncertainty resonated in his voice. The Damien who should be able to handle any situation was probably on vacation, or very much out of touch with his past skills. " come you're here? Are you with someone?" Michael? Was that the name of the boy who befriended Anna? As far as Damien knew, Michael wasn't so high in this society, he would not have been on the list. So who then? Who?!
  5. VictoriaIt didn't take long for Victoria to grow impatient. She didn't care if he ignored her when they were at home, but here, at a party, in front of everyone, there was no way she would let him be away from her side for more than a minute. She would not let people get a chance to start talking about unnecessary rumors.

    Of course she expected to find him standing alone and content among the drinks, but instead she saw him talking with another woman. She wasn't sure who it was since she was mostly hidden behind Damien, but from the glance she had gotten, it was definitely a girl. When had he started to talk to people? Maybe it was just some innocent little vampire chick trying to impress a bigshot without knowing his relationship status yet. Better go in there and inform that unfortunate soul, and so she did.

    Once she had gotten a better look at the girl she noticed how familiar she was. It only took seconds for her to realize that it was Anna. Why was she there? And more importantly, why was she a human? Hadn't she been turned? Of course Victoria had left the school shortly after Damien, there was no reason for her to stay there if he wasn't there, and she had always preferred home studies. No wonder she hadn't known about her changing back because she had refused human blood.

    Oh well, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. It seemed like some interesting information came up from this little meeting. Not only was she human, but she seemed to have gotten herself a boyfriend. If she had moved on, then maybe finally Damien would accept that he needed to move on.

    Anna BlueIt took a few moments before Anna could comprehend what Damien was asking her. Was she with someone? Yes, she was. Of course she was. She was only there because he had taken her. How could she forget about Christian so easily just because Damien was right in front of her? He was only in front of her for the moment, but it wouldn't last, she knew it. He would disappear again and again until it was their last meeting. He wasn't reliable.

    "Actually I.. I haven't met Michael since before I went to study abroad two years ago." Anna told him, finally able to get the words out. "We just drifted apart I guess." Her eyes finally left Damien's face and she glanced down at the floor instead. "Christian brought me here, kind of like a present cause we've been dating for eleven months now. He probably wanted to time it more closely to the anniversary, but these types of parties doesn't happen often enough to be spot on." She told him.

    Yes, she had a boyfriend, she was happy with him, he wouldn't leave her. Even though she knew that, every word she told Damien stabbed into her own heart. Why did she feel as if she betrayed him? He was married, and she shouldn't have to wait for him when he left her without any sign of ever coming back. Her eyes stayed glued to the floor. For some reason she just couldn't look at him while telling him about her relationship. If she did, not only would the smile she had been able to plaster onto her lips disappear, but she would probably start crying as well. If she accidentally looked at him, maybe she would throw herself into his arms. It was better to leave it be. Christian deserved better than a girlfriend who threw herself at her married ex. She wouldn't abandon the guy who was there for her during all those years. [/solid]
  6. Damien Dawn
    Christian? Damien wasn't sure where he heard the name before. School? Which Christian? Unfortunately for Damien, that man always stayed in the shadows and never drew too much attention. So it was perfect for the crazy son of a dog as he eluded the knowledge of the only man who would ever protect Anna for all the right reasons. But more than not being able to remember which Christian she might have been talking about, it hurt Damien to know there even was a Christian. Sure! He should have expected it! It has been 5 years. Of course, she would have moved on. Why wouldn't she? He left her and she had to right to forget him. The rusty string was plucked stronger, sending sharp pain through Damien that stayed hidden, however. Maybe this was definite. Maybe he really had nothing more to lose. No honour, no family name, no love.

    "I see. I am very happy that you found someone." But he wasn't and only sounded sincere with the need to comply to society conventions just at that time the man in question, Christian, returned to Anna passing her a drink and for some reason his appearance didn't sit well with Damien. It was the dying glint in Christian's eye, that he just managed to hide in time for it to be properly deciphered. No Damien wasn't jealous. He had no right to be. But something about the way Christian regarded Damien was...just something Damien himself could not put his finger on.

    He finally found something he knew Anna would like. Not too strong and smooth. As for him, the usual AB- did the job. Unique blood type for a unique man, said one of the voices triumphantly as he took a sip. These days he could relatively live in harmony with his voices. Furthermore, he felt triumphant ever since him and Anna got together but even more so since they made the decision to establish the link. It didn't take him long to find Anna in the crowd, but the person who he saw her with went strongly against his liking. "Damien." Christian growled under his breath, just about controlling the wave of displeasure, anger and a shot of panic.

    "Anna! Here you are!" Exclaimed Christian as he arrived at their location, passing her the drink and placing his arm around her waist, not possessively though Damien would surely get the message as a man. Years of hiding the voices in his head, however, made Christian a great actor as he feigned a few moments of almost not knowing who he was looking at. "Oh yes, you must be Damien Dawn." Extending his hand the men exchanged formal greetings, but the grips were stronger than necessary and they knew that somehow they shared the same sentiment towards one another. The dislike of each other.

    "I thought you disappeared from the face of earth when you left school. It's quite a surprise to see you here." Added Christian before turning to Anna as if to check she was alright. He knew what happened between her and Damien even (maybe) without knowing about the letter. It was that care that Damien showed to Anna but this time it was Christian who imitated it perfectly.
  7. Anna Blue He was happy for her? After having left her all alone to wait for a love that would never return? After having stabbed her heart so many times that the pain of her turning into a human again couldn't even compare. She didn't want him to be happy for her. If he wasn't going to beg her to take him back, at the very least he could tell her how much he had always despised her mere existence had put him through and that he never wished to see her again. That might actually help her move on. But instead he was just happy, as if he didn't even acknowledge the past they had together. Was it all forgotten now? Did he just not care?

    Suddenly a familiar voice returned. "Christian." She sighed relieved as her eyes darted up towards the man. If he hadn't showed up, she knew she would have done or said something stupid eventually. Sure, he wouldn't make the thoughts go away, but if he watched, she knew she wouldn't be able to betray his trust. She still wouldn't look at Damien though, as she was fairly certain she might start crying if she did. That wouldn't happen. Not then, not there. If she had to go through a breakdown it had to be far away from Damien and more importantly, Christian. She couldn't let him know that this was getting to her. That's why she smiled as he looked down at her, to make sure he knew that she was fine.

    Victoria Victoria was quite amused indeed, especially when mister boyfriend showed up. She could see the doubts in the girl's eyes, but she knew that Damien was far too dense to ever notice it. That girl wasn't in love with that man, she was trying to fall in love with him to forget someone else, and that someone else stood right in front of her right now. 'Just keep it together Anna. As long as he doesn't know, I won't have to get rid of you.' She thought to herself. Damien was too much of a gentleman to take Anna away from someone she loved as long as they didn't pose a threat to her and she was happy. He was quite lame like that. If he was more selfish maybe he could get the girl once in a while.

    "Damien had a bit of a breakdown after the incident at school. I'm sure you both remember it. No vampire could have missed his public punishment." She wasn't too concerned about hurting Damien. While Christian had been mostly in the shadows, Victoria did remember him. He had met up with Anna already before Damien had left the school. "He just needed a break, but now he's all better." She reassured them.

    "It seems like you're all better too Anna dear. Few are able to survive the change back into a human. I'm glad that you were able to make it." For the moment Anna wasn't a threat, so Victoria would just pretend to be nice for a while. The girl didn't seem to enjoy being reminded of those times though, because she instinctively looked down into the ground once again while also taking a hold of Christian's arm. It pleased the vampire that she was seeking comfort from her boyfriend and not from Victoria's husband. That meant she kept her wants in check if they weren't appropriate. She wouldn't have much to fear from that human.
  8. Damien Dawn
    Christian didn't know Anna as well as Damien did. He didn't notice that smile was put on to chase away any worry. Damien could still see the not such a high rise in the corners of her mouth that would suggest a genuine smile. Of course, he couldn't quite guess why Anna would be faking in front of a man she was supposed to love, but he assumed her attempts on not raising any uncomfortable situation was the reason. But then Victoria decided to pitch in with comments that pushed the right buttons and he took a step, he knew would make Victoria angry or at the least slightly upset and reserve him a ticket through five minutes of personal hell when she'd decide to take it out on him.

    "Now, Victoria, sweetheart," said Damien with that little tinge of sweet, couply scolding in his voice but scolding nonetheless as he took his wife's chin between his thumb and forefinger, almost making Victoria look at him. "I don't think anyone wants to be reminded of what has happened in the past. After all, it's not like you always had it easy." Letting go of her chin just as easily, he knew he probably poked a sore that he would regret later but Victoria had to know that Damien was highly critical of her demeanour. Returning his eyes to Anna and Christian he gave mainly Anna an apologetic smile. Something constructed by the demands of society, but with a hint of real apology. A real emotion that tried to creep to the surface after years of Damien being an empty shell."Pardon Victoria. I guess the blood they serve this year is a prime quality." Another jab at Victoria for supposed 'drinking'. Yes, humans had delicious wine. Vampires had exquisite blood. "Either way, we won't hold you much longer. I am sure there are other people Christian might want you to meet." As easy as that, Damien tried to move on. Not because he wanted to be away from Anna, but because he wanted to let some steam off by leaving the now crowded hall. "Yes, I believe there are." Seconded Christian who would also prefer to be away from Damien.
  9. Anna BlueSweetheart. Even if he was scolding her, the words hurt. Why did she even care? She should be over him already. It had been five years, he was happily married and she was in a good relationship. Both of them had good lives to live, and still she could feel her heart being strangled. Anna hated that she and Damien had met again. She hated the fact that it got to her so much. Still she couldn't hate him. She wish she could though. Oh, why did he have to appear this night? Why? The night she had decided to let go and give herself completely to Christian. Could she still do it?

    "You as well, there are probably a lot of people you're eager to meet today." Anna replied. She probably wasn't one of them. Even after all that had happened between them it seemed like he couldn't care less if she lived happily with someone else or jumped off a cliff and died. "I think I need some fresh air, the wine seems to be going to my head." She told Christian even though he knew as well as her that she hadn't taken even a sip of any wine so far during that evening, but she did need air and space.

    "It was nice meeting you again, I hope you both have a pleasant evening. Now if you excuse me." She told the other two before heading towards the balcony. Whether Christian followed her or not wasn't on her mind, she just needed to get out of there. Why did she have such a lousy luck? Meeting him there at this night of all the nights. Sure, it was a high class vampire event, maybe she should have thought about that possibility, but if he was well enough to go back into the public like that, why hadn't he contacted her? Told her that he was fine? At the very least he could have given her one call, just to get everything over with between them. Did he honestly think one letter would do the job?

    If she had been a vampire still, her glass would probably have broken as hard as she was holding it. She was frustrated not only with Damien, but with herself. Why couldn't she just let it go?

    Victoria Oh, Victoria wasn't angry, she was furious. She didn't care how subtle the scolding had been, doing that in public was unforgivable. As the girl ran off with her excuse that might or might not be fake, Victoria started to pull Damien away in another direction. "You do realize that being chummy with your past lover will make people talk, and if people talk rumors are spread, and rumors can destroy the reputation we have tried to restore for years after your sudden disappearance." Victoria reminded him with a poisonous low voice while still having that charming smile on her lips so the surrounding wouldn't take notice.
  10. Christian
    Alarms going off in his head wasn't exactly what was happening. It was his voices. Shouting over one another to get Christian's attention and the upper hand in this situation. Go follow her! ... Bite Damien's head off, he is a threat! ... Have a deep sip of your blood, contemplate it and go talk to people. She will simmer. Enjoy her discomfort. ... Idiots! He clearly needs to put rumours in motion. Destroy Damien whilst he can and then work on Anna more. Bring her mind under his control! Clearly, Christian has grown soft in his puppeteering over the years...

    The only reason how Christian managed to retain the straight, formal face was the scent of blood in the air that he was trying to focus on in order to take at least part of his mind of the mess inside his head. It worked...a bit. He could smell more AB- which was always a plus. He could hear Anna's heart unsettled when she left and that alone told him more than her words or expression. Not that he could read it that well all the time. After all, she was a woman. "If you excuse me as well," Christian excused himself to the already departing couple and looked around the crowd for his target. You lost her, didn't you? YOU FUCKING LOST HER? Dumbass... Now there was the twitch in his face that under normal circumstances would accompany a string of curses. But the voice was right. Amongst all the excited heartbeats, Anna's was suddenly hard to find. She said, though, that she needed some fresh air, no? And so that's where Christian headed the back gardens.

    Damien Dawn
    "You do realize, I couldn't care less for your pathetic struggle and hunger for power, right? If rumours is what it takes, to see you in your weakest, I'll happily spread some myself." Damien was fiery in his undertones, whilst sweet on the outside. Clearly, seeing Anna stirred something inside him. The pain, the longing, the hardly forgotten love. He might have been somewhat obedient up until then, kicking off here and there, but clearly the chains were strained tonight more than before. The strong dislike he harboured for his father and Victoria was intensified by the strong hatred for himself. He was a coward before, when he left the academy. He was a coward for the past 5 years as well. But, he wasn't going to become a hero in one night. No. Right there and then, he needed to let his frustration out and Victoria seemed to want to do some good shouting of herself as well. It was strange how these two disliked each other despite being in this strange volatile harmony. Taking a firmer hold of her arm, he clearly led her off to one of the empty rooms where they would have privacy. "Actually, let's start some now, Victoria, shall we?" He almost whispered at her, gaze just for her laced with challenge and hunger for conflict, yet to others it might have seemed like something entirely different.
  11. Victoria Victoria stared at her husband as she was dragged away from the crowd. Was he talking back? Sure, it had happened before, but not like that. He might have complained, tried to change her or his father's minds, but actually threatening her? That was new. Something was changing in Damien. Was it because of Anna? Whatever was going on, Victoria did not like it. Even though Damien had spoken about divorce for quite some time, it had never felt threatening, but now it suddenly seemed like she actually could loose him, and that only from his sudden change of tone.

    No. She would not let that happen. Loosing Damien without having a reserve to turn to first would ruin her reputation. She would have to do something about Anna before it was too late. Of course killing the girl was an option, but it might not do much of a difference at this point. Though if she could manipulate, or threaten, the girl into telling Damien how happy she was without him, maybe that would help him get his thoughts sorted out. If this was just an old flame that refused to die before he got his heart crushed by her, then it would be perfect. Though it did rely on a lot of if's.

    First when the door was closed behind them did the young vampire speak, though before that her palm made quite the impressive impact with Damien's cheek. The slap wasn't hard enough to leave a print though, that she would be very careful about while still being at a party. "How dare you speak to me in such a manner. I will not stand for you ruining both my, yours and our parents reputations." Victoria hissed at the man in an animal like manner, as vampire often did when feeling threatened or becoming defensive. "Don't think that I can't convince your father of locking you up simply for the sake of both our families to save face. He wouldn't let you roam free if he thought you had lost your mind." It was definitely a threat. Whether she could use the truth or would have to lie for it to happen, she was convinced she could arrange it one way or the other. High society vampires were all the same. They only cared about themselves, and if something threatened their reputation, they had to get rid of it. An insane son wasn't good publicity, nor was an disowned or divorced son. The easiest would be to hid him away while pretending he was hard working behind the scenes. It wouldn't be the first time it had happened. In the old days that was how families dealt with problematic children all the time until they became more obedient or tragically passed away.

    Anna Blue No matter how fast Christian was to realize where the girl had run off to, it probably wasn't fast enough. Anna could feel how the tears wanted to pour out and she wouldn't be able to stop them for long. Why was she about to cry so suddenly? She had read somewhere that the main reason for crying wasn't sadness, but frustration. Well, that fact only made her more frustrated since she couldn't stop herself from being frustrated.

    A couple came out to the backyard and was definitely close enough to hear her if she actually started to cry, well, at least if they were vampires, which probably was the case. The girl immediately walked back inside. She weren't going to let people both see and hear her as she broke down, though if they only could hear her it probably wouldn't be that bad. Bathroom it was. And here she thought she was out of high school and wouldn't need a movie cliche to save her. At least there wasn't such a big likelihood that anyone would even notice her at the bathroom, considering most guests were vampires there probably wouldn't be many people visiting that specific place.

    On the way she accidentally bumped into a stranger whom immediately apologized with a nervous and apologetic smile before continuing walking. For a couple of seconds she watched after the young man. Was he a human? She had never met such a polite, apologetic and anxious vampire before, if she didn't count herself as a newborn. Though who would take a thirsty newborn to a party that had human guests? That would be kind of stupid.

    Her mind had somehow calmed down slightly by the sudden and unexpected interruption, but she knew the emotions could reach the top again at any moment, so she still had the same end goal in mind. Find a place to be alone. But before she could finish her first step, she heard a familiar voice muffled behind a door. At first she just figured it was her imagination, but it did thrill her curiosity enough for her to back up and just lean towards the door and try to shut out all the sounds from the guests. Was it Damien's voice she had heard? Or was her mind just playing with her?
  12. Damien Dawn
    Damien let her palm land on his cheek without stopping it. Instead the disgusted smirk that settled on his face was the usual expression he always gave her when in private. The look in his eyes which didn't consider her any better than a brainless worm deep in the ground. True, it was that capital expression of contemptuousness that only a vampire could do, but nothing else would reflect his feelings better. "Who are you kidding, Victoria? You don't care about anyone else but yourself. So stop wasting the air and have a decency to speak the truth." Damien replied, keeping his voice and head levelled, relatively time, despite the slight quiver of anger in his voice. He would not stoop that low to growl and hiss and act primal. He would not let his feelings too loose to give Victoria the chance to take them and throw them back at his face. He never really did. When he fought Victoria verbally, there was always this glint of previous leadership and confidence in his posture, his words. He wasn't scared and easily manipulated but over he past five years, he has just given up. Tonight, some of his will seemed to have returned because this time, he was angered.

    At her next comment, however, he uttered a chuckle. "Well, 'my dear', you do whatever you want with my father. Bed him even more to get your way, but I won't have a care in the world after getting you and him off my back when I submit the divorce papers. You know that in a legal process you are not going to stand much chance, with or without my father by your side." If Damien ever wanted to be like his father, this would be his winning ticket, but it was spite that drove his tongue and years of desire to leave this wretched relationship behind and so he made a threatening step towards Victoria, seriousness in his eyes as if he has already made the decision and this time was going to stand his ground even if she would bring the heavens down to stop him. "I am leaving you, Victoria and if you want to save yourself the great, public embarrassment, you will do this peacefully. Because it won't be me bringing shame to our families. It will be you with your defiance." His voice was low, not a whisper, but weighed words. Maybe meeting Anna was the last drop in the chalice of patience, but this wasn't something he was doing for the girl. He needed this more for himself, as a stepping stone to...well, wherever the fate would take him. Maybe to Anna, if he begged for her forgiveness on his knees for long enough.
  13. Anna Blue With her normal human hearing, it was impossible to tell what was being said, especially with people speaking in the background and them keeping a relatively low volume, but she was absolutely certain that he was arguing with someone. While the words didn't get through properly, the tone he used did.

    Her suspicions were confirmed as Victoria's voice suddenly could be heard loud and clearly as she shouted something about a divorce, then it became too silent to hear any words again. Divorce? Why was Damien in the middle of a divorce? If there hadn't been so many people passing by she would have pushed her ear against the keyhole just to hear better, but that would definitely raise too much suspicions. Instead she just kept leaning, hoping that she would catch something more.

    Why did she even care? Even if he was getting a divorce, that had nothing to do with her. He had already left her, and she had a boyfriend, but even with that in mind, she couldn't pull herself away. She just had to know.

    Victoria Could that girl truly have tipped him over the edge so fast just by appearing in front of him? Or was this something that had been brewing for a long time? Either way, Victoria had already decided whom to blame. They had been able to keep him in check for this long, but then that stupid girl showed up. It definitely looked as if it was all her fault.

    "Fine, leave. Divorce me a thousand times over if you want." Victoria yelled at him before her voice went down to a whisper. "But remember this well. If my ex-husband runs of to the closest cockroach right after the divorce because of some stupid puppy love, I will crush that cockroach in front of your eyes. Don't you dare make me loose to a lesser life-form." The threat clearly showed that she had lost control over the situation, all she could do now was to threaten the woman he possibly still had a crush on. If she truly lost against a human, she would make sure to rip that beating heart out of her and send it straight to Damien's door. Maybe that was a present he would appreciate.
  14. Christian
    Borderline panic didn't even begin to cover it. The only thing that prevented Christian from walking around and extorting information out of the surrounding vampires was the need to maintain a certain visage. You feckin' idiot. Honestly. You are so useless even toilet paper would laugh in your face. Oh no, not toilet paper...the friggin' holder would! The muscles on his cheeks twitched. By now he should have been used to the mean demeanour of his voices but he still battled them, still tried to proved to the voices that he was not useless, that he could do things. Maybe, however, he did grow soft. Maybe throughout the years, winning Anna's heart, has made him into a mushy piece of nothing. And that angered him. Oh yes, that's right. Take the anger. Feed of the anger. The anger is you. Take it AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS AND MAYBE THEN YOU'LL ACTUALLY BE WORTH SOMETHING!

    A frown crossed Christian's face that he tried to hide with a rub of his fingers over his forehead. Then he caught the scent in the air. It was Anna's perfume. That's right. Sniff like a dog. Why don't you get on all four to complete the picture? It pained Christian to be attacked like this by his own voices, but he couldn't just break down. He had to do what he has done before in order to cope with this. Belt up, take the blow and grow a thicker skin. He could no longer be the softie he has become and Anna would yet again be his first subject to experience that.

    Damien Dawn
    Damien never laid a hand on a woman. Not unless he embraced her, danced with her, or loved her. But at that moment, Victoria pressed the red detonation button inside him and there were no wires to cut in time to avoid the explosion. His hand flew out and grabbed her by the throat. Anger burned inside his eyes. They both lost control it would seem. Damien was still protective over Anna, even though he has lost the right. It was for reasons no one really knew, but the man who was now almost throttling his wife.

    "You lay hand on anyone in rage and I'll break it with silver, Victoria." His threat wasn't as well dressed as hers. He was blatant and he meant every single word. Pushing Victoria away just as fast as he held her, the look of disgust was deep rooted in his expression. "Wanna keep up the ideal couple appearance? Why don't you be a good wife and bring me a glass of blood. I think I am gonna roam the room, just to get a break from you, so don't hurry." The despising huff that left his nostril, a shake of his head that disregarded her whole existence were all manifestations of how fed up he has grown over the years. This was not something that has happened because of Anna showing up. These were feelings built up ever since he got pressured into this marriage and only now the volcano finally erupted. The last drop has come and the chalice has spilled.

    Turning away from the woman and running hand over his face, Damien tried to look presentable again as he left the room. Perhaps, he should have not counted on the fact that this corridor would be almost deserted so he wouldn't need to look 100% alright, because as he stepped outside, the frown on his face brought out all the new wrinkles on his forehead that weren't there when he was at the Academy. He was nothing like what Anna knew from back in the past.
  15. Victoria Victoria was completely frozen, her body stuck in a slightly hunching position like a scared animal wondering if it should flee or play dead. Damien had never laid a hand on her, not even when she had done so to him. She couldn't even count the times she had slapped him without getting a single response in return.

    She had believed that she was crushing his spirit, breaking him apart enough to keep him close forever, but now it was clear that she couldn't hold him any longer. Not without some drastic changes. The first step, get rid of any competition. Yes, her mind was still on about that pesky little human. It couldn't be a coincidence that he became like this just as she appeared. Break her and he would break as well. Then slowly she could pick up the pieces once again until he couldn't leave.

    Finally she moved and Damien was already gone. "Why does everyone need to make it so complicated." She muttered to herself. Damien could live in luxury, he could have everything he wanted to and all he had to do was follow instructions and act the part. What was so hard with that? Everyone else did it. You don't get anything from this world if you weren't ready to sacrifice every single piece of yourself. "Oh well, I shouldn't get my own hands dirty with this problem anyway." There were more ways than one to get rid of a problem, and she had many contacts. If something not quite human but definitely not a vampire were to suddenly attack his poor little pet, how could that ever be traced back to her? After all, Damien's family, even though powerful, was not one of those who knew of the other race. It would be a mystery too hard for him to solve, because it wouldn't be of the world he knew about.

    "Poor poor Anna. Ripped to pieces by a strange animal. Henry gets so restless around the full moon. He just couldn't help himself. I'm sure you can cover it up for him father." She laughed as her plan formed. Henry was a nice guy, but that niceness was easily manipulated. Let's see how far he can be pushed.

    Anna Blue Whatever was going on in there, it didn't sound as if it was turning out well. Actually their fighting seemed to be getting worse. How had they gone from a married couple to... this? She would have thought Damien would have been careful with something as big as a marriage, especially since they were vampires. Living forever with someone you can't agree with? Didn't sound like a good idea. Though then again, it wasn't the middle ages, divorce was probably as simple as in the human world.

    Anna had started removing herself from the door. She probably shouldn't stay. This was a bad idea after all. Listening in on her ex talking about divorces with his wife. Then the door opened and Damien came out with an expression she had never seen before. When had he gotten all those wrinkles? When did he start looking as if he had lived through a hundred years of despair?

    Almost frightened to calling out to him, she hesitated for a couple of moments. "Damien?" She finally said, her voice filled with a worry very similar to the one she had when she finally had gotten her memories back and realized how much pain Damien had been in. "Are you okay?"

    She probably wouldn't deny having heard them if he asked, but she might sugarcoat it a bit so that she wouldn't sound too stalkish. She didn't want him to think she was obsessed with him. Though maybe that wasn't too far from the truth, but that would be denied until the day she died.
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  16. Damien Dawn
    He heard his name and stopped in his tracks. The voice too familiar to be ignored. Each moment he had his back to her was a moment too late to pretend like he hasn't heard anything. Then she asked that one question to which he couldn't give her an honest answer. Before, he would confide in her, but now...they were no longer together; hence, he had no right to burden her with his own marital issues. Turning around, he tried for a smile but it came out a bit wrong for someone who truly knew him just like Anna did.

    "I am fine, Anna. Thanks for asking. But...what are you doing here"? He asked her carefully, worry came to crawl into his mind. Was she just walking past when he stormed out? Or did she hear any of the argument? Neither of those options were any good or favourable to him. He didn't want Anna to know how miserable his life has become since he left her, transferring from the Academy. He didn't want her to think of him that he was even worse than a coward, probably bullying his wife behind closed door. That was the moment when the entirety of the situation dawned on him. He just assaulted Victoria for the first time... She never dealt with rebellion good... She would take revenge... The worry deepened throughout his eyes. She threatened to hurt Anna... The old protectiveness stretched out its weary limbs inside his chest. Victoria never made idle threats. Question was, how could Damien go about this whole situation without putting Anna in a more direct line of fire than she already was?

    Christian followed the scent of her perfume until he arrived at the corner of a remote corridor, his eyes landing on a scenery that he never wished to see again. He felt as if someone plunged him back into the past as he stood there seeing Damien looking at Anna with that concerned look in his eyes. He has done that so many times at the Academy that once, Christian found himself practicing that expression on his own. Well...he was more forced by his voices to do so, but he could never truly pull of that look that reflected all the way in Damien's eyes. Probably because Christian never really cared that much for anyone to perfectly fake it. But as hard as he was plunged years back, his mind assumed what it would have done back then. Turning back around the corner he leaned against the wall and eavesdropped. To anyone passing by the man would simply look like he was resting, taking a break from the ruckus of the main hall where the party was at whilst his mind was going into skyrocketing speeds devising plans, assuming things and analyzing. As dormant as the old Christian was, now he woke up with a jerk, ready to regain control and never ever fail again.
  17. Anna Blue That smile wasn't an honest one. He was lying. So that's where they stood now? He ran away without even a proper breakup and now they were on a 'lie so this discussion goes faster' term? The past anger and sadness she had felt because of Damien started to creep back. She even felt for Victoria. Victoria was another girl like her. One that had gotten into a relationship with him and then been thrown away when Damien realized it was too hard.

    "Were you always this awful at lying?" She asked while crossing her arms. "Even if I hadn't heard your wife scream in there, it would still have been obvious. That smile is literally screaming, not okay." Yes, she decided to confess about her hearing them, at least the scream. That was pretty much the only thing she had heard anyways.

    "I would ask you what happened, but seeing as you seem to have moved on from the one you will always love and never forget, I guess I don't have the right anymore." If she hadn't already ripped apart that stupid letter, she would have done it tonight. At least she could still burn the pieces as he had suggested. "I see you haven't changed in the least though. Getting into a relationship and then leaving. Did you at least give this one a proper explanation rather than asking for forgiveness for you selfishness and failure. Because it's pretty hard to forgive someone when they don't even have the balls to tell you those things face to face." All the emotions that letter had given her over the past five years suddenly started to come out. All she wanted to do was to scream at him and tell him why he had been wrong and what an awful person he had been, but for now she was able to keep her voice low so not to get anyone's attention if they past by, but the frustration was more than clear in the way she spoke.
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  18. Damien Dawn
    Damien amos jerked at her words. Of course, she'd notice! He was a fool to think otherwise. But more than the fact that she realized, Damien was being stabbed by the bitterness in her words. She had all the rights to feel that way and he was a coward for not explaining anything when he had the chance. In fact, every single word she said tore his own heart into shards. The ignorance to the bigger picture that he imposed on her through his reluctance to share anything was now coming back and bite him in the ass. And he had no reason to hide how he felt. They were alone in corridor. Though, he would bet his money that Victoria would so appreciate to see that pained expression in his hues.

    "You have the right to be angry and bitter, Anna. I deserve all of it. But you know nothing of what's been happening between me and Victoria. She isn't just another woman. You were never just a woman to me. Doubt me all you want, but it's true." Damien said in a voice heavy with guilt before his eyes looked around, realizing that if he ever wanted to atone for his past mistakes now was the time. "Trust me that I have been haunted by all the memories, the injustice I caused you. But let me explain. Let's go back into that room and I will answer everything." This was a genuine request. A pure need on his side to explain himself and make Anna understand.

    Christian listened to everything from around the corner, relishing in everything Anna said. Glorifying the bitterness and hurt he noticed in her words. He might have doubted her before but he underestimated the hurt feelings she was suffering from their broken relationship. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm didn't last as long as it could have. Not with Damien being the damned good doer even when he should have noticed that his train has long since gone. Pushing himself fast of the walls, making sure he would walk in natural, Christian had to intrude on the moment. Turning the corner, he appeared to be searching for someone and as soon as his eyes laid on her, his relieved, kind voice carried over to the two in front of him. "Anna! There you are!" Only he could know how fake his outer appearance was. Spurious intetions hiding underneath an exterior perfected by years.
  19. Anna Blue Yeah, she did have all the right to be angry at him, and he should suffer for the pain he caused her. Still it felt horrible to know that he had been pained by their past as well. Why was it so simple for him to stir up all those old emotions in her? She should have let it go a long time ago.

    What should she do? She had longed for an answer ever since Damien left, but if he actually told her everything, would she be able to let go? Would she be able to return to Christian's side? If she decided not to know she would continue being angry, frustrated and sad, and she would demonize his actions forever. Leaving him as the villain wouldn't give her any peace of mind, but she knew she wouldn't be able to leave Christian for him that way. But would she be content not knowing? Would she be able to live with her mind in such a disarray over the past?

    "I..." A familiar voice from behind interrupted her. "Christian." Great, that was the second time in one night that he had found her together with her ex. How did that look to him? "Were you searching for me?" Anna smiled at him. They were in an empty corridor, and there was no other reason she could see for him to leave the party. If he had been human she would just have assumed toilet, but that was of course not the case. "You didn't have to. I just needed a bathroom break. I would have found you." She acted casually, trying to pretend that nothing had really happened, but her face probably betrayed her in multiple ways.

    She looked back at Damien, quite unsure of what to do. "We should probably get back to the party. See ya later Damien." With those parting words, she joined Christian at his side and put her hand in his. Maybe it was so that she wouldn't accidentally run away from him to get back to Damien so she could hear what he had to say. Anna hoped that Damien understood that their conversation wasn't over. She was certainly happy that Christian had interfered for now, because at the moment she really didn't want to know what he had to say. She wasn't ready to hear it right at that moment. But she wished to hear it eventually, because even though she wasn't sure if she could move on after having heard it, she definitely knew she couldn't move on if she didn't hear it.
  20. Christian
    Christian walked over to the two standing in the corridor, disregarding Damien almost completely and focusing on Anna alone. "Of course, I was," he said as his hand brushed over her cheek even as she explained and he fell for none of those reasons. Yet, all he heard gave him enough of a hint as to what has happened between her and Damien up until now. "You know me, though. I just worry. Sometimes, a bit too much." He added and looked at Damien. A soft hardly noticeable shadow passed over his hues and Damien could understand the jab. Christian was the one who took care of Anna when she needed someone to lean on.

    As Anna suggested to rejoin the party, Christian offered his arm, but as they walked away, he shot Damien a nod and this a much darker look. Something that read along the lines of 'stay away', and could easily be misread as jealousy. There. Give it to him hard with that scary look. Sure he will hide like a kitten. One of his voices hissed and this time, Christian could feel the long gone warmth in his chest of scheming nature. That thrill of coming back to control. "I hope you're ok, Anna. It must have been hard being alone with him." He said sympathetically after a moment, looking at Anna with care. He knew of certain things regarding hers and Damien's relationship and was aways sensitive towards it.

    However, as the night passed, he had to go and refill his glass on multiple occassions. This time was no different and after he excused himself from Anna, an unsettling feeling in the back took over him as he disposed of the old glass to get a new one. The moment he turned around, he understood why. He froze in place. Damien just approached Anna in plain sight and from what he could hear amongst the chatter, danger lights went off everywhere in his head. God damn it, you blood sucking turtle! Stop standing in one place like Moses and get a move on! He is getting your woman? Christian could almost feel the butt kick that the voice would probably reward him with and so he started to walk back, quite resolutely, through the thick crowd. Almost as if everyone tried to stand in his way on purpose.

    Damien Dawn
    He was eagerly hoping she would say yes. Never before did he feel this strong need to justify his actions in front of the only woman that ever mattered in his life so much for so long. All the wishful thinking reflected in his eyes to only be crushed by the voice behind him. The voice of a man who was there for her when he bailed. Somehow, her silence didn't stab at him as hard as the realization of what he most likely lost for his weakness. Stepping to a side he let Christian take his place, observing their interaction with as little awkwardness as he could, unable to not notice that strange vibe he was getting from Christian and Anna. But what exactly it was, he couldn't say.

    "Bye, Anna," Damien replied but certainly did not mean this to be as definite as their last goodbyes. Especially not after the hard look he was given by Christian. It wasn't only jealously that took over in the moment on both men's side, it was their very personal reasons for wanting to be around Anna. Damien somehow couldn't fall for Christian's sudden appearance. felt calculated.

    Later that evening, after the event progressed to the point when vampires were starting to get high on delicious blood, he saw Christian walking off to probably get himself another glass. It was his chance to pursue something that might blow in his face and follow him around for the rest of his days. But as he excused himself, not caring much whether Victoria and Christian saw him, he made his way through the crowd. whilst his intentions were probably clear to either of the partners, Damien still had to make it seem civil enough to not raise many questions in general public. "Anna! Sorry to be a bother again. But I thought, it might be nice if we'd catch up even after the party." He said, known to her and him that he was offering her a chance to take up his promise of explaining everything as he handed over his business card with his personal number scribbled on the other side. "You give me a call when you have time, ok?" He made it seem so easy, all charm and natural behaviour as he stood there, giving her confident and kind smile and at two points in his skull, he could feel two pairs of eyes burning in.
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