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  4. "I know. It takes a little getting use to being too high in the atmosphere so I just want to make sure you're ok."
  5. She bows to show her apologies, but then realizes what she said.

    "Ohh, sorry... if you don't know where the landlord is I'll make my leave"

    'I really wanted to get to know her, but this heat is killing me... I hate the heat...'

    She thought about something for a moment.

    'Then again, she looks like type that will get along with me? Maybe... let's see what her answer will be.'

    "Umm, Ms. Abaven, I'm feeling really hot right now, do you mind if I have a glass of water?"

    'Does she think I'm crazy... changing my mood so quickly.'
  6. Choosing to leave behind my headphones in favor of haste is understandable. Leaving behind my enter key is not.

    Fun fact, my keyboard no longer has the F2, 3, CNTRL, F6, F11, F13, F14, F15, F16 and Enter keys.
  7. Fandom based adventures.​
  8. >Columbus Day

    -laughs manically-
  9. The Setting

    Ten years ago, there was a convergence and entire races and planets appeared out of nowhere, as though they had been plucked by the hand of God and stuffed into the same galaxy. What remains today is a strange equilibrium, of various races from places they might not have even came from creating a new life, if not the one they wish to return. But time is running out and something stirs from the sector of space known as the Deep Black as all factions stand on the edge of a knife and salvation...And home, lie in the hands of a select few....


    Government Name: The First Order
    Head of State: Darth Vader
    Sector Size: Four habitable worlds, one space station.
    Primary Trading Partners: Weyland-Yutani Consortium
    Capital Planet: Jotunheim



    The First Order is one of the more powerful factions in the galactic powers, since A.C. 001- The stardate when they were ripped from their home dimensions and ended up here. Better off then most, among the assets the First Order had were two things. One of them was the Super Star Destroyer Executor as well as a number of Imperial Class destroyers that made up the bulk of their fleet.

    The other was the presence of Darth Vader and a number of his force-sensitive agents, whom he was training at the time. Quickly seizing power, Darth Vader quickly established a splinter-empire, which he dubbed the First Order. Seizing a number of planets, Vader surprisingly showed restraint by spending the next few years building up defenses and Imperial colonies and cities. Today, the First Order has become a juggernaut on the galactic stage, focusing on forging a new Empire to replace the old...And one with the Dark Lord at its head.


    When the convergence occurred, the Imperial forces were placed in orbit around an ice planet, which Vader took a keen interest in and descended upon first, before returning and declaring it their new capital. The work has gone on for years now and it has become a testament to the First Orders unflinching, if driven spirit.

    The weather serves as a method to weed out the weakest cadets and its city is the Executor itself, embedded into the ground and additional needed facilities built around its outside, the parts salvaged for defense as needed among other things.

    How far it goes down, none can say but a few.

    Planet List

    Jotunheim: Ice planet, First Order capital. Primary population: Humans.

    Styx Shipyard: Located near an asteroid field, its chief purpose is to mine the materials for use in the First Order war machine. Developed in part with the aid of Weyland-Yutani, one of the primary reasons the First Order welcomes their presence. Primary population: Humans, Droids, Ugnaughts

    Seraphon: One of the habitable planets discovered by the First Order in the early days. A mostly-jungle world, populated by strange, reptilian creatures. Ruins explored has revealed the fact that the creatures were actually bio-engineered, the 'dinosaurs' seeded by the long-dead company. Using them as a natural defense, the First Order established a colony which now serves as a garrison for the sector. Primary population: Humans, Trandoshan, Wookies

    Bane VI: A wasteland planet the First Order discovered, already populated. To their surprise, the leader turned out to be a Hutt crimelord named Zurgal who had hammered the world into a world in his image. He currently rules at the behest of Vader, who has made it clear to the Hutt just what seeking to get the better of him would entail. It resembles Dagobah in state, with it being the place where the less lawful members of the First Order like to hang around. Primary population: Jawas, Humans, Twileks.

    Asgard: The diplomatic center of the First Order. While the rest of the worlds bear the military-centric hand of Lord Vader, Asgard more resembles the Naboo or Alderaan of the former galactic Empire. Its weather is beautiful, its landscape more so. This planet is the first for any visitors and is the only one outsiders are allowed to visit, under the law of the sector. There are special permits one may obtain, particularly for traders however. But such people are scrutinized intensely and end up on record, in the event something happens.



    Government Name: Weyland-Yutani Consortium
    Head of State: Bishop Weyland.
    Sector Size: Two habitable planets, various space stations.
    Primary Trading Partners: The First Order, The Dominion
    Capital Planet: Neonopolis



    When the convergence occurred, the entire planetary HQ of the Weyland-Yutani sector branch and its salvage fleet appeared in the same immediate area. Using this as their forward base, Weyland-Yutani began to explore their area and were the first to discover the presence of the New Order as well as the Dominion and Cyber Sector.

    Rather then establish strength in arms, they made themselves indispensable instead. They served as the go-between for the powerful factions of the New Order as well as the Dominion, becoming powerful traders and establishing their sector as neutral territory.

    But the time is coming when such neutrality will not last and their far-seeing CEO quietly builds up a fleet, in which to ensure that when the first shot is fired, it will not be the Consortium that ends up dead...


    Named for the main, bustling continent-sized city that had given it its name, Neonopolis exists as a monument to power gone rampant. ED-209's patrol the streets as Runners flit between shadows, the Megacorp casting its shadow over all. The dark, lucrative deals brokered here can be highly valuable to the right negotiators as well as dangerous if heard by the right people.

    Planet List

    Neonopolis: Hive City world. Capital of the Consortium.

    Pandora: Wasteland world, seeded with alien artifacts and discovered by Weyland-Yutani by one of their exploratory vessels. Their first move was to attempt to claim it as one of their own. That didn't go well with the natives. Repelling their first strike force, they were given a message that in no uncertain terms were they going to let in another 'dick eating, toupee wearing suit' take over. Currently Pandora is under quarantine by the Consortium and any attempts to get off world or on is to invite a bombardment.

    Colony Stations: Scattered everywhere in the sector to act as rest points, they have the additional usage as part of a vast network for communications. Messages sent from one can quickly 'ping' any of its own within range, as well as indicate when one goes 'dark.' They also serve as living areas for colonists while worlds are slowly terraformed for their use.



    Government Name: The Dominion
    Head of State: The Citadel Council(Jim Raynor(Military), S'chn T'gai Spock(Diplomacy), Admiral Ackbar(Fleet), The Illusive Man(Black Ops)
    Sector Size: Three habitable worlds
    Primary Trading Partners: Weyland-Yutani Consortium
    Capital Planet: The Citadel



    The Dominion was formed not out of unity in the beginning, but rather war. The closest to the Deep Black sector of space, the varying factions torn from their home galaxies banded together out of necessity and eventually created a new form of government. Those most responsible for uniting them form the Citadel Council today. Unlike the First Order who seeks to build up their war machine or the Consortium who seeks to enrich themselves, the Dominion's ultimate goal is to find a way to return home.

    The Citadel

    The Citadel is an ancient deep-space station, presumably constructed by the Protheans. Since the Prothean extinction, numerous species have come to call the Citadel home. It serves as the political, cultural, and financial capital of the galactic community. To represent their interests, most species maintain embassies on the Presidium, the Citadel's inner ring.

    The Citadel Tower, in the center of the Presidium, holds the Citadel Council chambers. Council affairs often have far-reaching effects on the rest of the galactic community. Five arms, known as the wards, extend from the Presidium. Their inner surfaces have been built into cities, populated by millions of inhabitants from across the galaxy.

    The Citadel is virtually indestructible. If attacked, the station can close its arms to form a solid, impregnable shell. For as long as the station has existed, an enigmatic race called the keepers has maintained it.

    During the Convergence event, the Citadel was among the planetary masses brought over and when its then-council realized what had happened, mass panic and martial law swept through its streets. Not helped when the presence of other forces were seen, coming from a section of space known today as the Deep Black. Strange, alien forces laid siege to the Citadel and were later repelled by an alliance consisting of three other-galactic leaders, who found themselves in the same boat.

    Commander Jim Raynor, Elder S'chn T'gai Spock and Admiral Ackbar who met the then-Citadel Council in hopes of becoming allies, due to their forced circumstances. They were firmly turned aside, the Councils pride and hubris getting in the way.

    Fast forward the next few years, as first contact with the First Order was established. The Citadel refused as well, the First Orders ultimatum, believing themselves well prepared after the years had passed.

    They were not. There was a disturbing lack of mass relays in this new galaxy, which ultimately led them to very controlled routes. The first thing the First Order did was destroy them, cutting off their bolt holes before laying siege to the Citadel. The devastation was catastrophic and the First Order would only be repelled as the three entered the battle, Vader opting to conserve his forces for now.

    Eventually, the original Citadel Council would resign from their posts as part of a coup on behalf of the Illusive Man, who then offered the roles to the three as part of a grander alliance. Today, that collective of planets is known as the Dominion, dedicated to freedom from tyranny and peace. And yet at the same time, is not afraid to fight for their beliefs.

    Planet List

    The Citadel: The Dominions capital.

    Vulcan II: A world resembling the Mecca of Earth-that-Was. It was selected as the site of what would be the Vulcans new home, after their planet in their home dimension was decimated by a madman. Currently led by Elder Spock, when they noticed the stars had changed they dedicated all their wisdom and collective knowledge to attempting to bridge the gaps between cultures and races, when they came to find them.

    Skull Planet: If it has an official name, its long since been lost under the nickname the explorers have given it. Scans have revealed ruins of cities and other forms of life, though taken by and far by wilderness. Its inhabitants....Ape Men. Hence the nickname 'Skull Planet'. Thus far, the natives have proved immensely hostile to intruders and the Council has decreed that for now, until such time as they advance the planet will be quarantined.

    The Migrant Fleet: Also known as the Flotilla, the Migrant Fleet is the massive collection of starships that became home to the quarians after they were driven from their home world by the geth. The Migrant Fleet consists of roughly fifty thousand ships that house seventeen million quarians in total. The Fleet is so large it can take days for all the ships to pass through a mass relay. Thanks to the destruction of the Mass Relays in Dominion Space, the fleet currently lies in orbit around a volcanic planetary system, designation 'Crematoria'.

    Chronos: A planet that serves as the entry point from Dominion Space to the Deep Black sector. Currently a battlefield between the Dominion and the Machine forces of the Deep Black.



    Sector Name: The Deep Black
    Head of State: Unknown
    Sector Size: Unknown
    Primary Trading Partners: None
    Capital Planet: Unknown


    The Deep Black is a sector of space, full of uncharted planets and unholy terrors. When the convergence event occurred, the sector was obscured by gas clouds, rendering it nigh-impossible to scanners scrutiny. Its a haven for smugglers, but a double edged blade. As Reavers, pirates and other creatures call the Deep Black sector their own. Only great fleets enter there, and even then they may not all return home.... Psychics, Force Sensitives and the like sense it as a black hole, draining sensation the deeper they go....​

    The Nitty Gritty

    Sci-Fi canons only, within limits. I'm obviously not going to allow in a Q or a Revan for story purposes. OC's are allowed, based on existing science fiction canons and adapted to the setting mentioned prior. Characters can be posted here, keep in mind the planets and such listed are just the most public. There are other worlds out there, some owned by one faction or the next, others with people who have no idea whats going on in the outer galaxy.





  10. It's called Columbus Day because Columbus was the explorer whose journey actually triggered the mass colonialization of the New World, with the greatest amount of colonization being done by his patron nation Spain. While Erikson and Cabot both "discovered" the land, but their findings weren't used for anything significant.

    Basically, the other two found the knowledge but didn't do anything significant with it. Columbus used his knowledge to lead several subsequent expeditions that made the first holdings on the land and opened the way for the politically and religiously stable Spain to focus its efforts on taking land while England (which Cabot was under hire by through King Henry VII) was stuck recovering from the Hundred Years' War and suffering through the War of the Roses, leaving it unable to focus its influence outwards towards the goal of colonization to the point that English colonization was much later and sporadic with the first few holdings being independent ventures that sought freedom from religious persecution and political freedom which is unlike Spanish and Portuguese efforts that were focused on fueling their respective nations' domestic economy and Christianize the inhabitants.

    You might find shit, but if you don't use it for something useful, then the mass murderer known as Columbus will use it first.
  11. Felicity breathed a sigh of relief when she didn't connect her to Queen Conslidated or Palmer Tech. Well, she did remember about Palmer to be certain. " It's kind of hard to date a dead man," Felicity replied to Jennifer. For all the world, Ray Palmer was dead and then vanished. She didn't want to get into the logistics of that at all.
  12. I guess we know who has a thing for golden showers?

  13. Harleen Quinzell, A.K.A.



    Age: 20 somethins

    Race: Good ol' human

    Level: Street

    Intelligence 4
    Strength 2... .5
    Speed 3
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 4
    Energy projection 1


    Acrobatics: Harley's a nimble little killer, and commonly uses it to her advantage

    Lateral thinking: Harley excels at thinking up ideas and solutions to problems on the fly. Whether those solutions are any good is an entirely different question, but she's always willing to try something.

    Ass kicking: Spend half a decade getting punched in the face by the Bat and eventually some of those punches miss. Maybe some of that fighting ability was transferred via fist to face osmosis, because while no Cassandra Cain or Batsy himself Harley routinely whips down thugs, ninjas, and professional hitmen in large numbers.


    Contrary to some theories that floated around Gotham's streets while Harley Quinn was still the Joker's right hand man woman punching bag, Harleen Quinzel wasn't some goodie two shoes before Mister J. got his hands on her. Even in grade school she had a fascination with psychology, and also a fascination with kickin the ass of bullying pricks. Thankfully for everyone involved she did well enough to still graduate school, and eventually earned her degree in psychology with flying colors and then some. She did so well in fact that the infamous Arkham Asylum offered her a job. It was the resting place of the criminally insane of Gotham, and for one reason or another that seemed to equal the vast majority of the more dangerous members of the criminal element that threw down with the city's local protector.

    Harleen jumped at the chance, both to get a chance to look inside minds so fascinating, and to see if she could actually help the poor souls instead of dooming them to another trip through the streets and eventually into the fist of the Bat, hurting who knew how many innocents along the way? And luckily for her, she got the doozy right of the bat; The Joker, clown prince of crime and the one and true rival of the Batman.

    This did not end well.

    There are few people who know how to twists minds and words like the Harlequinn of hate, and after a few months of 'therapy' someone's mind had certainly been changed. Just not the Joker's. Harleen became convinced that the Joker had been the victim of the Batman, not a criminal that needed to be stopped. He was just a sad clown who wanted to use his genius to make a crazy, broken world smile more! So she helped him do that... starting with helping him to break out and killing a bunch of Arkhams guards along the way.

    Delighted at how well his new pet project turned out, Joker took Harleen under his wing and nicknamed her Harley Quinn. Soon the name became synonymous with the Joker himself, and years of gleeful crime in tandem began. Harley fell in love with the Joker, and did her best to stay loyal to him even through what she saw as minor bumps in the road. Like the time he dipped her in acid. Or the multitude of times she was tossed aside and left to be arrested or die. Or the time that something went wrong and the Joker's fury bubbled up into violent rage directed at the nearest and easiest target that wouldn't fight back. And then it happened again. And again. And again, and again, again again again again-

    Till one day, something finally snapped.

    The illusion that 'Mister J' had any ounce of actual affection for Harley finally shattered, and a bit of that bully hating girl from her youth finally returned. She fled Gotham and found herself the landlord of... Coney Island, somehow. Determined to turn over a new leaf (ish), Harley's spent the last year or so doing her best to watch over her neighborhood and tenants, and you know what? Its worked out! She even got the go ahead from the Bat himself, despite her occasionally heavy handed (i.e. ridiculously murder-y) style of vigilantism.
  14. "Deeper..." Lilith demand softly, partially she wanted him to know how deep she is and also to see how deep he could go. He wasn't the only one curious about their sexual appetite and bodies.

    Mars finally pull off his underpants, greeting his member with a slow lick. She wasn't planning to give him a blow job but she did want to tease him a little, still not entirely satisfied with his fingering.
  15. "I'm not talking about the fight with mommy."
  16. "She went out with Lucy."
  17. "He will start seeing her like a toy soon. Like what happens if Melody doesn't get enough sleep? Or how long can she stay awake with a sugar rush.. He's going to try and play around with her in ways that'll probably upset her."
  18. "All she does is sleep."
  19. "Yes, but she wakes up when she has enough sleep." Harmony sigh.