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  1. {{resident evil rp, introducing my own virus, the M virus. The first four paragraphs are not required to be read to understand the rp, but it is there for those of you that don’t know what the T or G viruses are.
    1.) No superhuman things, unless your character has been genetically enhanced, even then, I'm going to be picky.
    2.) Once your character has died, there is no way to bring them back; they will more than likely become a zombie.
    3.) Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    4.) Please do not use one line comments, they will be ignored.
    5) No action marks ex. *they jumped*))
    The Tyrant virus, more commonly simplified as the "t-Virus", is a mutagenic virus created by the Umbrella Corporation co-founder, Dr. James Marcus. While the Tyrant virus was used in numerous experiments to create Bio Organic Weapons for the black market and shady-governments, it was their overall goal to develop a "superhuman", named Tyrant in honor of the virus. The T-Virus was responsible for the creation of the majority of their Bio-Organic Weapons or BOWs.
    The T-Virus is a genetically engineered version of the Ebola virus. The Ebola virus kills 90% of its victims however it is inefficient as it kills its victim before it can be transferred to another. Modification of the Ebola virus with a "founder virus" resulted in the T-virus. It left humans with the ability to move around and infect other people with the virus. It also has mutagenic properties due to the Ebola gene being an RNA gene and the "founder virus" being an RNA Virus.
    The G-virus greatly increases the host's metabolism, accelerating cellular duplication and revitalization of dead cells at the cost of higher brain function by continual destruction of mitochondria in neurons, causing the infected person to degrade to sub-human levels. The host exhibits animistic behavior, loss of moral reasoning and memory, and becomes driven by self-preservation. Ultimately, carriers become creatures simply dubbed zombies.
    Infection by the G-virus is caused by injection or ingestion of the virus, but unlike creatures infected with the t-virus, G-mutants cannot pass infection on to other creatures through physical contact or injury. Instead, they create offspring by orally implanting small, parasitic organisms into a live host through the palm of the hand, in the case of William Birkin. In unfortunate cases, a host who has no compatible DNA match will reject the parasite in a matter of hours or less. The embryo rapidly grows inside its host before bursting from their chest. Upon exiting the host body, the embryo quickly mutates into its adult form.​

    Entry 1.)April 18, 2011
    Recently, a new virus has been developed, with the mutating qualities of the G virus and the ability to spread like the T virus. It has been called the ‘Monster Virus’, or the M virus. Upon infection, the host immediately begins to mutate, death within two hours of infection. When the body reanimates, it will attack and consume as much as possible for its next mutation to begin. After it consumes enough flesh and passes on the virus, the host begins to mutate, some becoming animistic in structure and have been dubbed ‘Jumpers’ for their strong back legs able to carry them several yards in a single leap, has been the most common, though not all subjects mutate.

    Entry 2.)July 16, 2013
    Thankfully, they have very little to no intelligence, but the need to feed and transfer the virus makes them deadly. After they feed again, they mutate more, becoming larger and stronger, their appearance doesn't change much, although large shards of sharp bone will penetrate the flesh of the creature and its claws become larger and sharper and finally gains a scorpion-like tail. The tip of the tail is tipped with a large stinger allowing it to inject its victim with its eggs, when the eggs hatch they eat their way out of their host, the host does not turn. Has been dubbed ‘Leapers’.

    Entry 3.)July 29, 2015
    A new mutation has occurred when we administered the M virus; the creature has the head of a crocodile, the body of a skinned lion and the legs and claws of a bird of prey. We have named it ‘Creeper’ because of its love for creeping up on its prey silently then savagely slashing and tearing it apart. Shows slight intelligence, may become a problem in the future.

    Entry 4.) August 13, 2013
    The mutations are occurring faster and more frequently than we had ever thought, yet another mutation has occurred. it seems to be the cross between a frog and a lizard. It has the short, squat body of a frog, with the scales of a lizard. It moves slowly, but is smart and will corner its prey. Its tongue is long and covered in barbs and a type of poison. It may prove to be a problem in the future.


    September 25, 2016, 3:14pm

    Thorn leaned back against the rough stone wall of the research facility where his sister worked. He'd traded out his standard uniform for his more casual street clothes seeing as he was finally back home from being stationed in Mongolia.

    The Brass had ended up pulling many agents from the field to aid in clean up of Tall Oaks and Lanshiang after the outbreak of the C Virus. He counted himself lucky that he wasn't anywhere near those areas during the time.

    Recruits straight out of training weren't exactly the prime BOW fighting material.

    Still, it wasn't like he hadn't gone up against a BOW before, when your uncle is thing like Albert Wesker, you learn to take care of yourself fairly quickly.

    Growing up, he and Rose rarely saw their uncle, even after they passed into his care after the suspicious death of their mother. It wasn't until they were into their teens that Wesker seemed to actually show interest in their lives...well, his sister's life.

    Thorn shook his head, he hadn't thought of Uncle Wesker in years, not since he had left home to join the BSAA, not since he'd learned what it was that his uncle truly did. It was still hard to believe that his sister had been helping their uncle for years to develop the Uroborous, even if it was indirectly, she still helped, and he couldn't forgive her for that.

    Thorn let his head fall back against the stone wall, and green eyes closed as he exhaled loudly. He....he should forgive her, but she had to have known what she was doing, and what she was helping to create. He hoped, anyway. She was too smart to not know what she was doing.

    Still, he could't hate her, she was his sister, his twin, he was all she had, and she was all he had.

    It was almost sad that his only friend was his sister.

    His head snapped up when the sound of approaching footsteps reached his ears.
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