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    Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child, the English wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France to wed the next king; to save herself and her people — a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspire.. forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.

    « Well let's mix this up a little if you haven't seen the show read below »

    This roleplay will be based off the show Reign, Queen of Scotland is in the French court to wed Francis the eldest son of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Although not everything is that easy, people who lust for power will try to stop her. People who think harm will come to the prince will try stop her. Fate will try to stop her. We will have a list of the roles that are available, just your title you can make your character anyway you'd like whether they are married and have mistresses, or if they're loyal to their wife. Or you could be the queen's Ladies in waiting, there are many roles and all of them contribute significantly to the plot. The main plot will be someone trying to marry another and the forces that will mess with it.

    ∞ Roles ∞

    King of -
    Queen of -
    Prince of -
    Princess of -
    Lady in waiting -
    Knight -
    Seer -
    Guard -
    Worker -
    Ghost -
    More if you ask.

    King of France, King's are just of France since it's taking place in the French court.
    Queen of, are you be wedding someone of the French Court?
    Prince of, are you a Prince of a country? Where are you from. What are you doing here.
    Princess of, are you a Princess of a country? Where are you from. What are you doing here.
    Lady in waiting, are you helping your Queen or Princess, huge role as you can do the dirty work if your Queen or Princess is corrupted or you could do dirty work yourself, or even just be looking for love.
    Knight, do you fight in battles and help protect the kingdom, not that big of a role.
    Seer, you see visions on the future and you can consult someone but beware some people would kill you for thinking you're devilish.
    Guard, do you protect the nobles and what secrets do you hear while you wait outside the rooms?
    Worker, do you fall in love with a Noble, what is your job?
    Ghost is someone who hides in the shadows and uses the passageways to get around and is very rarely seen but knows tons of information from ease dropping and what they choose to do with that knowledge is up to them Limit to 1.

    Rules -
    1. All Iwaku's Rules Apply
    2. Do not start until accepted
    3. No OOC in the IC
    4. No Mary Sue's
    5. No killing other players unless agreed upon
    6. Language is nada - Whore, is the most vulgar thing you can say.
    7. Sexual scenes are a no no unless you're both under 18 or both over 18 and take it to PM's.
    8. 3-5 lines per post.

    « Character Skeleton »

    Name -
    Age -
    Profession -
    Birthplace -
    Bio -
    Why you're in the French Court -
    Are you corrupted -
    Weaknesses - (I don't care how many for these mainly for rulers if you will give in to ransom for your mother or something of that sort)
    Other -

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  2. I'd like to take the place of the seer please but I have some questions, will you be pming the visions?
  3. I will be PMing some ways I need the plot to go or something I need done then you can decide how you see the vision, what it means, and how / who you'll tell.
  4. Is there a certain thing I'm supposed to put under "profession"?
  5. The role - so if you're making a seer then you would put Seer of - Who do you want to mainly do your visions for or just Seer
  6. [​IMG]
    Name - Bahiti Rahotep
    Age - 17
    Profession - Seer
    Birthplace - Egypt
    Bio - Born and raised in a family that travels all over Egypt, Bahiti is the 3rd eldest sibling out of 5. Besides herself, Bahiti's mother is the only one who had visions and so she taught Bahiti how to travel through her own. At the age of 14 years old her mother was killed, left in the desert to die because they believed her power came from the devil. When she reached the age of 16 years old Bahiti began to travel, leaving her sister (and only living relative left) in Egypt with her new husband.
    Why you're in the French Court - Traveling, her friendship with Kenna keeps her here
    Are you corrupted - No
    Weaknesses - Her sister (who is still in Egypt)
    Other -
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  7. @Dramma

    Since you know the show this will be simple for me to ask, I'm using a picture of Kenna.. should i use that name or would you like me to give her a different name?
  8. Once the Bio is finished you're accepted :)

    Hmm, if you wish to use Kenna as her name that'd be fine, it's not my character it's yours so you pick what you want :)
  9. Awesome, alright. i'll post my Cs in a bit.
  10. [​IMG]

    Name -
    My name is Mary Stuart
    Age -
    I am 16 years of age
    Profession -
    I am Queen of Scotland and soon to be France
    Birthplace -
    I was born in Scotland
    Bio -
    Mary became the Queen of Scotland after her father died when she was only six days old. When she first arrived at French Court at the age of six engaged to Francis. She and Francis were playmates. She mentioned always chasing after him when they were young. Later, nine-year-old Mary was sent to live with the nuns at a convent for her safety
    Why you're in the French Court -
    I am engaged to Francis the Prince of France
    Are you corrupted -
    Heavens no!
    Weaknesses -
    I can be far to kind as well as forgiving.
    My friends and loved ones


    Name -
    My name is Lola
    Age -
    I am 16 years of age
    Profession -
    A lady in waiting to Mary
    Birthplace -
    Bio -
    Lola lived with her family until she was sent to France as a Lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary.

    Why you're in the French Court -
    I am a lady in waiting to the Queen of Scots, Mary
    Are you corrupted -
    Corrupted, no.
    Weaknesses -
    Mary and my friends
    My Heart

  11. Cast-reign-tv-show-35628664-500-659.png
    Kenna de Poitiers


    Lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary


    Kenna was born and raised in Scotland. She was sent to the French Court with Mary to become her lady-in-waiting.

    Why you're in the French court:
    Lady-in-waiting to Mary

    Are you currupt:

    Friends, Desperate to find love, impulsive.

  12. - Accepted, both of you :)
    - Once @badcab posts his CS we can start in the IC if he doesn't post by tomorrow then I will just start the IC and once he posts his character and gets accepted he can just join in with us
    - I'm going to also make some NPC's we can control
  13. [​IMG]

    Name - Sebastian, Bash.
    Age - 20
    Profession - King's Favorite
    Birthplace - France
    Bio - Born into a pagan mother, he was taught the Christian religion right away. Now he is in the castle only because he is the King's favorite.
    Why you're in the French Court - Lives by Kings favor
    Are you corrupted - Yes, will manipulate people to become next in line.
    Weaknesses - Father - Innocent Blood


    Name - Kastia Rose
    Age - 16
    Profession - Lady in Waiting of Mary Queen of Scots.
    Birthplace - Scotland
    Bio - Kastia was born into a wealthy family and was a playmate of Mary, is now a lady in waiting.
    Why you're in the French Court - She is the lady in waiting for Mary.
    Are you corrupted - Yes, will do anything to get Mary married faster.
    Weaknesses - Mary.
    Other - Secretly feels a desire for Mary but doesn't act upon her "sin"

    (I don't think homosexuality is a sin thinking as if it was their time period in fact I'm gay myself.)
  14. @badcab I'm gonna give you till tomorrow morning to post if not I'm going to post the IC you can still join but you may be late in the IC​
  15. This isn't going to be a one liner rp, right?
  16. No it won't I should edit that into the rules. I just expect at least 3-5 sentences which shouldn't be hard, I know I'll be doing about 2-3 paragraphs per post usually, that's just me though.
  17. @Dramma did you see the new episode of Reign tonight?
  18. No, I keep up with the show on Netflix I finished season 1 on Netflix I don't really watch TV shows like on the TV xD
  19. I keep caught up on a sight called primewire. You you should totally get caught up!
  20. I'm not sure I don't trust online streaming sites other then Netflix or Hulu just a personal preference because the others have made my computer get messed up .-. And making the IC now I'll post it soon!
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