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  1. Hello everyone,

    Regaliours is an RP set in a timeline where both medieval and steampunk elements come together in an open world.

    In a time when fake tyrants were taking to thrones all over the world, one of the good, virtuous kings, King Zeneth decided to form a secret order of Assassin-Knights known as Regaliours. These were men and women he personally trained to fight in ways that a noble knight would while also learning the trades of a highly skilled Assassin, gaining mastery over stealth and counter-strikes. They were noble, knowledgeable and quick on their feet and they had but a sole purpose... striking down the corrupt Kings in their own domains.

    Even as they carried out their task, Prince Aireth, heir to the largest Kingdom in the world has given out a contract on King Zeneth's life under his father's nose. Who will carry out Zeneth's death sentence...? What is Aireth's motive...?

    What will you, as the Regaliours do...?

    Okay guys, that was the dramatic overview of the story, now for what Regaliours is all about.

    You will be playing as the Assassin Knights themselves who are very dynamic characters, both mentally and physically. They are strong, fast, silent when they need to be and incredibly intelligent. So you have much freedom while playing them. Do note that they aren't emotionless. They have as much emotion as you wish them to be.

    I would be playing King Zeneth wherever he is required, but otherwise, I'll be a fellow Regaliour.

    Now, a bit about the World itself.

    Regaliours can take individual contracts for minor Kings all around the World but do note this. Every story need not end with death. Just by listening around a little, you can find out a little backstory and then decide for yourself how you want to finish the contract.

    Major Kings are a different story. They usually have their own "guards", known as New Age Regaliours who have a different code from the Regaliours' own. You'll have to go together to dispatch these corrupt Kings. They are not accessible by means of contracts. You'll personally be handed these missions by King Zeneth.

    Steeds include horses, steam-bikes etc.

    You can go anywhere. I'll have a map up for that. :)

    So, is anyone interested...? Any questions or suggestions...?
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  2. I'm interested but I would like to know something first. Would a character be allowed to use magic at all? I am a very fantasy and original story driven player who has just recently joined, I am so happy I finally rolled across something that grabbed me. Oh and second question. Are Dragons allowed?
  3. I would really like it if Magic is kept to a minimum, like for example, blasts of energy, basic illusions etc. I'll let you decide. :)

    Secondly, on the Dragon part. Dragons are something of a rare sight in this world and not much is known about them. If you do stumble upon one, your plight cannot be guaranteed by anyone. Randomness is cool after all. Whether it's a docile old dragon, a ferocious young one or something completely different is again left to you. But don't you think a Dragon is a bit too high profile...?
  4. Still interested and was just curious cause i've been wanting to use a dragon rider idea that is bouncing about. But yeah no the magic would be very low key element us. But I can nix both ideas was just throwing about ideas in my head and wanted to further define my limitations. I normally play Heavy Mage Base characters so this will be a nice switch over for me to attempt.
  5. Magic as such is going to be a very young art in this world and you'd just see minor strands of it here and there, like circus displays or such. That is why Steampunk is a good alternative here.
  6. Hm so for instance a character that can harness the electrical currents around them which would allow for taser like punches? Not that character would be using lightning to blast people or anything to that level. Also if electrical devices do ensue this character would be able to do tiny emp bursts using the electricity to short circuit shit. (some steampunk still levels tech into it so again just checking the limitations lol)
  7. Yes...! That is very much acceptable. Although, you could just create such a glove akin to the "shock gloves" used by Batman which uses electricity to knock out enemies or fry circuitry.

    Steampunk gives you a lot of freedom to use a variety of devices.
  8. Alright Nice! I may try that. Ok count me in! So now what?
  9. I'll start work on a Bio Format. Thanks for your interest. :)
  10. Bio's up...!

    Regaliour Name:
    (Including Height and Weight)
    Clothing: (Armor or Garments)
    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon(If any):

    Talents & Abilities: (What all can your Regaliour do...? What is he skilled at...? His fighting styles...?)
    Devices(if any): (Devices your Regaliour uses in battle)
    Personality: (What kind of a person is your Regaliour...?)
    History:(Your Regaliours' childhood, his past, and things like what led to him becoming a Regaliour)
    Additional Info:(Optional)
  11. Awesom! I will fill out mine just as soon as I get home today!
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  12. Cool. Although I doubt just one person would cut it. Any alternatives that you might have in mind...?
  13. ? What do you mean when you say Alernatives? Like ideas or other rps to join?
  14. I mean with just us two, this RP can very well not be considered for a spot in the group RP section. That's the problem here.
  15. Oh hm we could always do a one on one? Idk lol I'm still new actually forgot this was in the groups area XD!
  16. If this is still a possibility for a group RP I would say i'm interested.
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  17. Thank the RPing Gods, I would say...!!

    Welcome to Regaliours, sir. Let me know if you have any questions that you need cleared.
  18. You have piqued my interest good sir. Quick question: How much freedom do we have technology-wise when it comes to our gear? And what kind of tech can we expect to go up against with any regularity? (Energy shields, eye-scanners, mundane locks, etc.)
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