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  1. Regaliours
    The OoC

    The year was unknown, as was the location but one could tell that it was early morning when the first scream rang out from the King's Palace ringing out over the entirety of Draweswood. Sadly though, on account of it being a public work holiday, no one was out on the streets and thus no one heard the scream.

    Shortly after, a dark, cloaked figure dived out of the King's balcony and plummeted down almost a hundred metres where it landed with a massive bang on top of the courtyard canopy causing a dent in the cover which further caved in causing the figure to fall further down into the courtyard inside a whirlwind of dust and debris.

    "Frickin' rusty...", he mumbled in his raspy voice as he picked himself up and straightened out his back before sighting a wooden door leading out of the dark courtyard.


    The door blasted apart into a million splinters as the massive figure barreled its way out into the sunlight and charged straight across the open foyer straight at the black mare waiting near the front steps of the palace.

    "Easy as pie...!!", he grunted adding a little chuckle as he closed in on the mare.


    A Whip swiped the figure off its feet at the last minute causing him to land on his chin with a grunt.

    Within seconds, figures surrounded this lone shadow from all sides, one of them retracting a whip into a socket in his gauntlet.

    "He stole the contract, what should we do...?", one of them spoke, questioningly looking at the others.
    "Leave him be, we'll take the contract and collect in his stead," another answered pointing at the dirty yellow piece of paper in the fallen figures grasp.
    "That's lowly. Our orders were to eliminate the Tyrant and report back to our King," a lady spoke.
    "We are all aware of that but this street thug has killed the tyrant already, we can't just ride back with smiles on our faces."
    "Damn him...!!" one of the figures cursed.

    He then approached the fallen person and ripping away his cloak, raised him up by his collar and looked him in the eye.

    "Our job is done. It's a pity we didn't do it though. Next time you try assassinating a King, don't die on the job." he cautioned.
    "Wha...?" the hired assassin grunted.
    "There's a poison coursing through your veins right now, your pupils are dilating like crazy. You'll go blind within seconds and then you'll suffocate to death."
    "Tha' madman, he pricked my wrist with 'is finger."
    "May you find piece in the next life..."

    The figures disappeared almost as silently as they came.

    "Help...!! Help...!!" he screamed away except there was no one out today.



    Regaliours is an RP set in a timeline where both medieval and steampunk elements come together in an open world.

    In a time when fake tyrants were taking to thrones all over the world, one of the good, virtuous kings, King Zeneth decided to form a secret order of Assassin-Knights known as Regaliours. These were men and women he personally trained to fight in ways that a noble knight would while also learning the trades of a highly skilled Assassin, gaining mastery over stealth and counter-strikes. They were noble, knowledgeable and quick on their feet and they had but a sole purpose... striking down the corrupt Kings in their own domains.

    Even as they carried out their task, Prince Aireth, heir to the largest Kingdom in the world has given out a contract on King Zeneth's life under his father's nose. Who will carry out Zeneth's death sentence...? What is Aireth's motive...?

    What will you, as the Regaliours do...?

    Your Role as a Regaliour

    Okay guys, that was the dramatic overview of the story, now for what Regaliours is all about.

    You will be playing as the Assassin Knights themselves who are very dynamic characters, both mentally and physically. They are strong, fast, silent when they need to be and incredibly intelligent. So you have much freedom while playing them. Do note that they aren't emotionless. They have as much emotion as you wish them to be.

    I would be playing King Zeneth wherever he is required, but otherwise, I'll be a fellow Regaliour.

    Now, a bit about the World itself.

    Regaliours can take individual contracts for minor Kings all around the World but do note this. Every story need not end with death. Just by listening around a little, you can find out a little backstory and then decide for yourself how you want to finish the contract.

    Major Kings are a different story. They usually have their own "guards", known as New Age Regaliours who have a different code from the Regaliours' own. You'll have to go together to dispatch these corrupt Kings. They are not accessible by means of contracts. You'll personally be handed these missions by King Zeneth.

    Steeds include horses, steam-bikes etc.

    You can go anywhere. I'll have a map up for that.


    All IwakuRoleplay Forum Rules & Regulations are to be followed at all costs.

    No Godmodding, Bunnying, or spamming the OOC and absolutely NO SPAMMING the IC thread. Breaking these rules will result in an initial reminder. A more stricter course of action will be decided for defaulters.

    Please have patience after you have posted your applications. It may take me up to 2 days to see your application and complete the analysis. Complaining and spamming will get you nowhere.

    Bio Format

    Regaliour Name:
    (Including Height and Weight)
    Clothing: (Armor or Garments)
    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon(If any):
    Talents & Abilities:
    (What all can your Regaliour do...? What is he skilled at...? His fighting styles...?)
    Devices(if any): (Devices your Regaliour uses in battle)
    Personality: (What kind of a person is your Regaliour...?)
    History:(Your Regaliours' childhood, his past, and things like what led to him becoming a Regaliour)
    Additional Info:(Optional)

    Regaliours@Kaykay: Yukigani Rikka
    @TheGDeer: Lucius Tillo
    @Ixidor92: Terumi Bjorn
    @Pentagon: Odette McAlistair

    I believe that's all. Let me know if you have any further queries. I shall be reserving a few posts for World content. ​

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  2. Any and all Information concerning the World has been covered in this post. Do go through this thoroughly.

    World Info

    World Map

    Please be patient while I put the finishing touches on the Map.

    Royal Districts

    Royal Districts are the equivalent of Kingdoms spread across the geography of the World and each District is ruled by a King or Queen. There are a total of 4 different Royal districts named below.

    • Revimondus Von,
    Capital City: Trinos
    Ruler: King Fyrost the Greedy

    Revimondus Von, spread out across the foot of the Steaming Mountains is the richest Royal Districts of all, feeding off of the funds guaranteed by the Mountain Stars that they invest in so heavily. Mountain Stars are the equivalent of Diamonds found in the Mountains. The other major sectors that Revian citizens further invest in include diamonds, coal and the business of Black Iron-an iron used to make heavy armors- also found in the mountains. Constituting a total of 3 great cities, namely Trinos, the Capital City, Goros and Arbein, Revimondus Von feeds off equally from all three of these pillars, while providing for its 10 lesser villages all located on the outskirts.The Revian Army, despite being the most well-equipped army is only the second biggest in the world and with no credit to their name.

    King Fyrost the Greedy, as he has rightly taken the title sits at his throne located in Trinos where from he governs all of his noble, corrupt subjects. Having been a very popular assassination subject, something always saves him in the nick of time, though what it is is yet to be known.

    Trinos, a sprawling city with wide roads and towering structures is well-fortified with guards and nightwatch, most of whom are corrupt or paid off by the local landlords. It has also been dubbed as a Merchants Haven as there's a whole Merchant Alley dedicated to trade and such. Goros and Arbein, while resembling Trinos in some part aren't as generous in their space, nor in their towering buildings.

    The Regaliours of old have frequented this District often only to leave with clean blades each time.

    • Faltheast
    Capital City: Diredovering
    Ruler: King Zeneth Evergray

    Said to be the birthplace of all Regaliours, Faltheast has always been famous for the Assassin-Knights who first originated here 200 years ago, the very first Regaliour being His Highness' Blade Vika Rhyde, who also happened to be the queen prior to being a Regaliour. It was her thinking that brought these Assassins of virtue to life and soon, many more joined her in her campaign.

    Faltheast, spread out across the vast plains was never an overly controversial District doing well in all of its sectors. The 2 major cities, Diredovering and Leasen are the powerhouses of this district. Furthermore, 4 smaller cities spread out across the landscape do well in their own ways, none of them all too poor unlike Revimondus Von. Faltheast has the biggest army across all the four districts and over the years, they have been put to use a number of times in order to keep invaders out of the kingdom.

    King Zeneth Evergray sits at his palace in the capital city, Diredovering and governs his loyal subjects. Surrounded by his famous Order of Assassin-Knights, no intruder, no matter how stealthy or swift may make his way to the King, unless they've been invited.

    Diredovering, like any other capital city is sprawling but the strange absence of skyscrapers gets to a lot of travellers who've been to greater concrete jungles. It is in fact filled with low-lying houses, mostly 2-3 storeys high and built with pipes and steel rods, a city of Steam in its own right. The palace, designed like a needle stands out towering above the landscape like a white rapier reaching for the sky.

    Leasen, in contrast with Diredovering does a bit more for its part to look like a big city with skyscrapers and such occupying its lands.

    • Vorfather
    Capital City: Teakue
    Ruler: King Ivendorian

    Vorfather is a coastal district located close to the Himmensian Sea and so naturally, invests largely in coastal business such as fishing and trade activity with lands across the Sea. Consisting of just 1 big city, Teakue-which is also the capital, Vorfather is economically very average. Teakue is a city of sights with a number of historic monuments and a collection of skyscrapers as well.

    King Ivendorian, who is a rare sight in his palace itself carries out his rule from across the World. He is a born traveller and likes to do so with a number of guards at his heels while he walks the lands clothed in a brown cloak. A Messenger usually travels to and from his location carrying messages.

    As such, a very uninteresting District with not much Regaliour activity over the years, Vorfather is a place that remains to be discovered.

    • Archeran
    Capital City: Myst
    Ruler: King Erano the Bold

    Not much is known of Archeran except for the fact that it is known as "The Grey District" amongst people of all the other Districts. The lands are mostly barren or covered in swamp-lands with charred grounds stretching on for miles and miles. Fog covers the forests and wastelands whereas the more crowded, civilized thoroughfares and highways are relatively free of them, as if by some magic. The city of Myst is another such city that has not a single skyscraper in sight and is actually quite underwhelming for a capital city. On account of being located near the Lowbarken Volcano, the skies above Archeran are always covered in ash clouds and so minimal sunlight shows on the ground.

    Regaliours venture here very rarely and that too on account of just survey and at times, when they are inspecting their leads.

    King Erano does not sit in Myst. But his orders are carried out secretly. No one knows where he sits except for the Messenger and a select few villagers.

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  4. Regaliour Name: Yukigani Rikka
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'4, 120 lbs. Yuki is a bit of an oddity, having long, bright red hair that contrasts rather sharply with her dark brown eyes. While not exactly imposing physically, she radiates confidence and has a body fit for combat, as any trained assassin should.

    Clothing: A sleek full-body black suit, composed of a lightweight metal.
    Mask(Optional): Only the head of the suit isn't metallic, but instead, cloth. She can pull it down if she needs to reveal her face for whatever reason.

    Primary Weapon: A fairly large shield-like weapon that is quite sharp around the edges. About 2/3 the size of her body. Usually attached to her back.

    Secondary Weapon(If any): Gloves with spikes that come out upon opening her hands

    Talents & Abilities: Extraordinarily accurate throwing. Grappling specialist in h2h combat. Quick reaction times. Great at inspiring people with her passion.

    Devices(if any): Throwable magnets. Once attached to something, she can change the strength of the magnetic pull. This has many different uses. For example, throwing a magnet onto someone and then activating the pull will allow her to send herself forward using metal in her suit to hit said person harder. Since her suit is mostly metallic, she can use it as maneuverability as well by pulling herself to wherever she throws the magnet. She can recall them by increasing the pull of her suit instead of the magnet's pull. This can be used to throw around her shield-like weapon as well.

    Personality: Taking after the more knightly aspects of the Regaliours, Yukigani is a fiery, straightforward person. She is a natural leader, being confident, able, and passionate. Though she understands the value of stealth, deceit, and the other assassin tools at her disposal, she dislikes using them if possible.

    History: The daughter of two scientists, Yukigani had it relatively easy in her early years of life. Her parents made good money and she was a naturally smart girl, breezing through school and being able to at least assist her parents with their work. But this came to an end when her parents were assassinated, likely to prevent them from advancing Zeneth's kingdom too far.

    Yukigani was 15 when this happened. Naturally, she was incredibly angry over this. She hated the cowardly way her parents had been taken out and swore revenge upon those who had stolen them from her. Becoming a Regaliour, she trained hard to become a great knight, but couldn't bring herself to learn the trade of those who'd taken her parents. She couldn't finish her training until she could accept this.

    Running off, she chose to stay with a friend, who had good advice for her. No matter the skill, it was how you used it that counted. She eventually broke free of her hatred, becoming a noble knight that could get her hands dirty if necessary, and regained her former confidence and passion. Using technology her parents had worked on, she became a very unique Regaliour, both in equipment and temperament.

    Additional Info: She no longer feels the need to avenge her parents, but still has a general dislike for assassinations as opposed to something more like a duel. She changed her last name to avoid being assassinated herself.
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  5. Regaliour Name: Lucius Tillo

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: While unassuming from a distance up close Lucius has a strange, striking look to him. He has emerald green eyes often covered by his long, curly hair as well a sizable scar on his left cheek. The sharp features on his face are met with an equally sharp and well kept moustache and stubble around his chin and mouth. He has an unassuming body type standing at 5’11 and 190 lbs but makes up for it with a well maintained and muscular body.

    Clothing: Lucius is a minimalist when it comes to armor. His only pieces of plate armor is a paldron on his left shoulder and a set of bracers with a thin chain mail shirt with a reinforced piece of plate over his heart. Over this he wears tailor made clothes and either a short or long cloak depending on the weather and where he is.

    Mask(Optional): None

    Primary Weapon: A ornate rapier with a silver snake with green emeralds for eyes coiled around the hand guard.

    Secondary Weapon: A simple sword hilt dagger with a 6in blade.

    Talents & Abilities: While still a competent assassin Lucius’ skills are more towards espionage and sabotage. He is able to become part of any crowd and change his accent and the way to talks to fit in. A masterful speaker, he prefers to talk his way into and out of situations and to rely on his cunning rather than his blade. Though this doesn't mean his combat skills are lacking, he is an accomplished swordsman using his speed and well placed thrusts to to dispatch his foes.

    Devices: Has a removable crossbow on his left pauldron and a spool of wire that he often attaches to bolts. He uses them in multiple ways in assassination’s, direct combat, and every so often to help him scale vertical lengths.

    Personality: Lucius generally is a optimistic person who comes off as easily approachable. He considers himself a masterful speaker able to convince anyone of anything. Holding himself in the highest regards he doesn't take insults lightly and always has a harsh rebuttal on the tip of his tongue for those who would do to him this grave offense. He enjoys debates and games of strategy in his free time as he believes it keeps his mind focused. While usually focused, his biggest problem is that he is a womanizer and is easily distracted by the other sex.

    History: For as long as the Regaliour’s have existed, the members of House Tillo have supported them with both recruits and finance. Their tradition was that the first child of the family would inherit the estate with all its titles and recognition, while the second child would be trained by the previous second child to join the the Regaliours. Lucius was born lucky being the first child for his parents of Lord Ausular and Nisa Tillo. He grew up living the life of a rich noble, being spoiled and taught how to be the perfect gentleman from the time he could walk. Not only was Lucius lucky, he was also athletic, smart, charismatic, and handsome. He was causing a stir in social circles by the age of 14 with his sharp wit and silver tongue and was even considered to be by many a prodigy in the art of swordplay.

    Lucius’ sister, Lyn, the second child, on the other hand was not so lucky as he. From birth she was sickly and frail but yet she was the one who was forced to take up the mantel of the family Regaliour. Their Uncle, and former Regaliour, tried his best to keep her training on track but Lyn often would fall ill and be forced to be bed ridden. Lucius seeing that his sister would either end up dying at the end of a blade or at the head of the her bed, came up with his own, third option. He would become the family Regaliour. At first his father disapproved, for how could his heir suddenly disappear when he was already so well known by the public. Lucius decided that not only would he be one of the king's loyal warriors, but that he would also continue to be a well educated noble as well. From there he went on to be a well respected Regaliour during the dark of night, and a gentleman and a scholar during the day known for his piercing tongue and clever business ventures.”

    Additional Info: Is called the “Serpent of Ostia” for his silver tongue and wit by many nobles and other such people.
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  6. Regaliour Name: Karl Walker

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Karl stands at 6'1", 175 LBS, and has a lean frame. To those who have seen his face, he has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and a clean-shaven face (when the situation does not call for a disguise). He has a few scars from earlier engagements across his entire body, though you wouldn't notice with his armor (see Clothing and Mask)

    Clothing: When not on assignment, he prefers to wear loose clothing to afford him some breathing room and free range of movement. Karl is also a very spartan dresser, wearing nothing but the basics with what some consider "cheap" materials. When on the mission, He actually wears normal clothing, preferring to blend into the crowd and look like everyone else, even going so far as to follow some members and disguise himself. When needing protection, he usually wears the traditional armor of the Regaliours Order with also a short coat lined with scabbards and pockets for his various tools and weapons.(Armor or Garments)

    Mask(Optional): Karl's mask contains several devices including telescoping lenses and a re breather to help him stay underwater for a long period of time. The exterior looks strange, rather blank and intimidating with a singular visored slit across where the eyes would be to give it a sort of helmeted physique.

    Primary Weapon: Karl carries a special longsword imbued so that it's blade can be compressed for easy storage.

    Secondary Weapon: Several knives, Throwing darts, and anything that you could easily carry on your person.

    Talents & Abilities: Sadly, while his sword is the only thing magical, Karl himself does not know any magic himself save for medicinal potions and poisons. He is an expert in stealth and infiltration, preferring to be the guy who melts into the wall and eliminate a target when they least expect him. Like all Regliours, he has been trained in ranged weapons, swordplay, knife play, assassination skills and several hand to hand combat techniques. Concerning the latter, his preferred skills are Baritsu and an unnamed martial art that was designed to target pressure and nerve points across the human body. He is also an excellent acrobat, utilizing a style called parkour to naturally move across city and landscapes with ease.

    Devices(if any): Utilizes special dart launchers on his wrists that shoot everything from a grappler to allow him to reach high places when his parkour won't cut it, to darts dipped in poison when his target is too heavily guarded. He also carries two portable single shot steampowered Air Pistols.

    Personality: Karl, when not on a mission, is a rather carefree, cheery, and unusually happy individual. He prefers to not talk about his past unless its his history within the Order. He is a caring man who would be willing to save his comrades and the common folk when he considers them in mortal danger, even if it nearly jeopardizes a mission. When he is on a mission, his persona is like day and night. He is cold, calculating, quiet, professional, and completely lethal.

    History: Karl's past is sketchy at best, with some saying that he was born to the yeoman classes, others even lower than that. What is known was that he was very young when he was recruited, and according to the reports he was found in the ruins of the burned down village. Until around 18 he spent his life in the training regimens, becoming the Regaliour that the Order knows today. He is among the most respected members of the Regaliour, though his methods and habit of nearly jeapordizing missions when he side tracks said missions has earned him a reputation for being reckless even if he is well trained.

    Additional Info:(Optional)
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  7. Reserving as well. Nearly finished construction of said character.
  8. A full thread of reserved posts :p
  9. Though I cant see how we are close to being done with very little world information
  10. We can't really properly make a history, but equipment, personality, and stuff like that should be simple enough. We were already given limits for our tech, though they were kinda vague limits.
  11. Hmm I mean I get the boundaries of technology. But its slightly harder to make up a personality with out a character history.
  12. Yeah, that's why I've only made the equipment for now. I don't even know how old these Regaliours are supposed to be, so I can't even pin down the age of the character.
  13. Most of your doubts should be cleared once I edit in the remaining info.
  14. Regaliour Name: Terumi Bjorn
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Terumi is roughly 6 feet tall and weighs about 170 lbs. He has long, thick, red hair, which he usually fashions into a braid that reaches his waist. His eyes are gray. He also has a single scar running along the right side of the base of his neck. All told he cuts an imposing figure, with every single limb showing highly developed muscle. No one would want to get into a fistfight with this man.
    Clothing: Terumi wears layers of black or gray cloth, depending on the phase of the moon. Normally black. The only sign of any identity he wears is a single etched symbol on his left shoulder, which is a crown snapping in two. His feet are covered by black leather shoes. They are designed to be much thinner than normal footwear, with the soles being rigid and patterned. In essence, they put as little cover as needed between his feet and the world around them.
    Mask: Terumi has a simple strip of black cloth for his mask. Usually he doesn't wear it, but when he does he ties it directly over his eyes.
    Primary Weapon: A pair of gauntlets. They each weight about 30 lbs, but Terumi has trained to fight without the extra weight hindering him. In addition, each gauntlet has a small engine inside, which can create bursts of steam. These allow him to jet propel his punches or possibly his whole body, though their thrust capacity is limited.
    Secondary Weapon: A series of throwing knives, kept in his belt.
    Talents & Abilities: Terumi is an absolute master of martial arts, and has spent his entire life honing his body into a perfect weapon. The gauntlets he wears are a matter of ensuring he can overcome any odds, rather than something he relies on in single combat. He has also become very skilled at climbing and acrobatics, allowing him to scale walls and jump over rooftops with ease. Terumi's most impressive skill, and the one he utilizes the most in assassinations, is the ability to fight in complete and total darkness. When in an enclosed area, Terumi has honed his senses other than sight to the point where he can pinpoint and kill another human being with relative ease, especially considering as they cannot see anything. His "mask" is dual-purpose in that should someone turn on the lights, they don't see his face, and he isn't momentarily blinded by the change, but his opponent is. When Terumi is on an assassination mission, he will enter the estate from where his target(s) least expect it, then move through the building. He will keep to the shadows, and anyone he sees will be singled out and killed. Very rarely does he decide to let his target live. Death is the most efficient means of removal.
    Devices: Terumi keep 25 feet of wire cord, very sturdy but very thin, wound up in a small container. He uses this for assistance in climbing. In addition, he always enters a mission with four small noise makers. They are metal devices that fit in the palm of one's hand. When activated, they release steam in short bursts, creating a hissing noise, and also make a clicking sound as they roll. After about five minutes, they break down and become completely useless. Terumi uses these to help position guards where he wishes them to.
    Personality: Terumi personifies himself as a living weapon. He is a tool to be used, much like a sword or a gun. As such, he thinks nothing of the deaths he causes. When he is ordered to eliminate someone, he is the weapon that is used, not the wielder who chooses who to kill. As such he is curt, to the point, and never asks questions.
    History: Terumi was born one of three sons to inherit a dojo. All three were trained in the ways of martial arts, and their father always stressed one thing: martial arts is a means to kill, never think that they are for any other purpose. Any method was fair game, the victor determined what was right. As they grew older, the sons competed with each other, injuring each other severely in sparring matches. Their father encouraged this, as it pushed the boys to new heights . . . but perhaps he underestimated how far it would push one of them. When he was 15, Terumi had both of his legs broken by his brothers, and had to spend several months recovering. For those months he could do nothing but think, and focus on techniques in his mind. And when he could finally walk again . . . the first thing he did was spar with the brother who had broken his legs. He had thought through the battle over a hundred times in his head, and threw his brother to the ground--before snapping his neck. Immediately his other sibling rushed to stop him, but Terumi had foreseen this, and used his own brother's dead body as both a shield and a dead-weight to kill his other brother. His father stood up, only to find that his strength was gone. Terumi had poisoned the wine his father drank from. After all, anything was fair game, the victor decided what was right, didn't they? With all his immediate family now dead, Terumi had expected some kind of enlightenment, some grand realization upon inheriting the dojo his father had told him to fight for. But he felt nothing. Just a dull ache inside. Killing would not bring him enlightenment, but he had no other skills. So he decided to turn himself into a weapon. A weapon has purpose, a weapon is useful, and it never feels guilt for what it kills. He will never kill again on his own, but he will kill on the orders of his master, King Zeneth.
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  15. Quick question, and i'm dreadfully sorry about asking this like a broken record but I just want to make dead certain on there magic and is there something along the line of hammerspace tech? just want to make sure that's all :D
  16. Hammerspace is a strict no-no. It kills the realistic aspect of anything.

    Magic of a very very rudimentary level is allowable. Like weak energy blasts, basic illusion techniques and all such. Put up your magic skills in the character sheets and I'll let you know if that's acceptable or not.

    Asking questions is fine. It's best to get all your doubts cleared. :)
  17. Not really magic but more or less his tools/weapons have been imbued to compress and become portable...thats pretty much it, everything else relies on practical and proven concepts...
  18. Those would still occupy some amount of space, albeit lesser than they usually would in their enlarged versions.
    As long as it stays well away from a point where you're literally pulling out arrows out of nowhere, it's fine.
  19. All it is, is a sword that has been imbued to compress its blade for portability. In other words when in its scabbard it looks like longsword with well...a short blade. But when drawn the blade extends to its original length. That's pretty much about it...everything else carried by my guy is stored in pockets and scabbards on his person. So I think this shouldn't be a problem :D
  20. Ok done, it started of better then it finished and I will probably end up making some adjustments.
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