Reclamation of Time I - The Devolution

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  1. Reclamation of Time.png
    Humanity is an unstoppable force.

    Advancing at rates startling even the wildest optimist, technology and science prove their worth as sickness and death are all but memories. As Earth struggles to sustain life, galaxies light years away are charted, planets are surveyed and laid claim by various organizations. Slowly, the human infestation crawls deeper into space... until the Devolution. Putting a halt to all exploration, a sudden violent and terminal phenomenon strikes, causing devastation within societies around the world. The little research done left no trail- it was not a disease, a virus, or any known ailment.

    Humanity is being unwritten.


    Cardinal Ferrio Vargas
    Xiomara Moore
    Anthony Blair
    Michael Torrero
    Marcus Gravely

    The Story

    Meant to explore a multitude of science fiction genres, Reclamation of Time is about a group of survivors of an apocalypse launched into time and space by a phenomenon known as the Devolution.

    Apocalypse, history, time travel, space, dystopia, religious satire- you name it. I purposely intended for the storyline to remain as opened-ended as possible to allow the most influence from the participants (that's you). This story will definitely be collaborative, and the OOC thread will be equally as important as the IC thread.

    Chapter One will focus on post-apocalyptic survival and mystery. Unlike zombie survival, some Devolutions will be docile, others violent, some will be insane, and yet others may still have their minds intact. You, of course, are seemingly unaffected by this phenomenon.


    The story will begin in Orminster, England on January 16, 2106. This town is famed for the Saint Joseph's Church, and is an important religious site. Otherwise, Orminster is considered a "pit stop" town between the major cities, bringing a lot of people together from various backgrounds.

    On this day, the sky looks ominously thick with clouds. Another blizzard seems to be ready to hit at any given moment, and supplies are scarce. By now you reckon the stores and long been pillaged, and the hospital full of the Devolved. Signs of "intact" life are few and far. Saint Joseph's Church might be a good option for finding shelter and possible survivors.

    December 9, 2104

    The Devolved sit in the streets, at various stages of insanity. Those who devolved physically didn't last long... they were usually picked off by the Psychos or the Whisperers. It's been three years since the police stopped fighting them. Ten years since the news stations shut down. I'm beginning to get desperate. The gas stopped working in our apartment and winter is at it's fullest. I prayed to God today for the first time since I was a child, clutching my rosary as if it meant something to me as I watched the bibles burn along with the rest of my collection. My love is slipping away every day, and I couldn't stand seeing her shiver so. She began the delusional, incessant rambles akin to the Whisperers, and she won't eat. I swore I saw the ghosts of the construction workers who built this apartment not 20 years past... unbuilding... my kitchen... perhaps The Devolution had found me at last.
    -Journal entry from a house in Orminster, England


    Posting once a week in the IC, active communication in the OOC

    One paragraph minimum (2-5 paragraphs preferred)

    Respect to the GM and other members

    Meaningful, precise writing

    Have fun!!!

    Character Sheet

    Appearance (Picture):



    Sexual Orientation:

    Age (above 17 with a few exceptions):

    Occupation (prior to the Devolution):


    At-a-Glance Personality:

    Strengths (2): these can be physical traits or personality traits

    Weaknesses (2): these can be physical traits or personality traits

    Skills (3): Talents or trained abilities like sewing or first-aid



    Brief Backstory:

    Catch Phrase/Quote:​

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  2. Appearance (Picture): (STILL LOOKING!)

    Name: Cardinal Ferrio Vargas

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: 33

    Occupation: Ex-Police Detective, Now Private Investigator

    Religion: Formerly Catholic, Currently Hard Atheist

    At-a-Glance Personality: Drunken Lout of a man, not a stranger to using threats to replace tactfulness. A scumbag that preys on the weaknesses of other scumbags.

    Strengths: His Police Training has graced him with the ability to handle firearms with police level training coupled with his former chosen field of work, detective work. He's good at weaseling information from people from intimidation and through applying his observational skills. Is not afraid to resort to blackmail to get what he wants.

    Weaknesses: The apparent failure is clear on him as his dependency on alcohol. Everything from his grizzled appearance, to lack of hygiene attentiveness, he shouts recklessness with every breath he takes. Mingled with his cat like knack for being unable to stay away from curious things, it's a small miracle that he's still breathing.

    Skills: His ex-profession has left him with a lot of talent he uses to exploit in his new line of work. Capable of defending himself, he's no stranger to pulling the trigger in a do or die situation. He still has the habit of keeping track almost all the conversation he has with people, whether on a note pad, recorder or smart phone with multiple filled memory cards. He uses the information to mentally backtrack to see if there something he can exploit and use for future endeavors. Strangely enough, he has a rather strong sense of smell, able to sniff out any odor that would seem out of place. Combined with his knowledge and experience of police work, he can figure out a lot of about a person and what they were doing/ where they were from just the smell they give off.

    Unique Characteristics: (I don't know what to put here for now, but when I think of it I will fill it in)
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  3. @Xnijmai

    Approved! I'm not too worried about the picture ^^
  4. OH MY GOD

    this is giving me a RAGING plot... clue. Yeah, clue. :D

    But yeah - I will be making a character sheet very shortly.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Xiomara Moore

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 24

    Occupation: News Reporter

    Religion: It doesn't really have a name, but she believes in God and Reincarnation

    At-a-Glance Personality: Darcy keeps it real. She's very honest, she does what she feels is right and she doesn't lie. And this is where the problem comes in. See the problem with Darcy is that she doesn't beat around the bush, butter you up or cushion the blow. She will tell you what she thinks of you right then and there without mercy. Which is probably why she doesn't have that many friends. No one wants to be around someone who won't lie to you to make you happy. That's just not how Darcy is and she'd been that way since she was a child.
    However she isn't completely crude and heartless, if she's sees that your down she won't bring you down any further and she wouldn't be that truthful with a child. She knows when to shut up and be kind, although she still won't lie, she just won't be as brutally honest.

    Strengths (2): Due to her past career, Xiomara had to be quick. She was always in the thick of things and her boss sent her to wear the news was juiciest and by default those places were always swarming with cops. She learned when to get the hell out of there, but training herself in parkour, but she also trained herself to be patient and wait for the juicy bits to come to her.

    Weaknesses (2): Xiomara is a true reporter, so 'curiosity killed the cat' doesn't exist to her. She's nosy and persistent and that usually gets her in heaps of trouble. She's also more of a runner than a fighter.

    Skills (3): Parkour, Basic First Aid (CPR and shallow cuts), sleight of hand.

    Other: She has a tattoo of a bird behind her right ear.

    Catch Phrase/Quote: "See ya!" (After she gets her info or steals it)
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  6. @Polystical Your character has been approved~

    Unique Characteristics could be anything from tattoos, to anything that wasn't covered under the other categories. I might just take it out since it appears more confusing that anything :P

    EDIT: I replaced it with a less confusing, yet equally pointless "Other" category.
  7. Appearance (Picture):

    Name: Anthony Blair

    Gender: male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age : 24

    Occupation (prior to the Devolution): Street Magician

    Religion: Protestant Christian

    At-a-Glance Personality: At first glance Anthony is a complete asshole. With a smile that makes him seem like he knows something you don't and a habit of using too much sarcasm his friends if any still live can all agree that he starts out as an enemy.

    Strengths (2): Quick witted, Nimble

    Weaknesses (2): Arrogant, Slow to Trust

    Skills (3): Knife throwing, Slight of Hand, First Aid

    Other: Anthony sports several tattoos most he would have to like you to show, but a small Black Sparrow can be seen flying up the right side of his neck, tethered by a chain. Anthony also has a distaste for other arrogant people.


    Brief Backstory:

    Catch Phrase/Quote: "See this? This is al the fucks I will ever give."​
  8. Though I have to ask: is there a particular reason to the "Sexual orientation" thing? It seems rather random unless you plan on having heavy romance subplots in the RP
  9. @Crossed Character accepted :)

    @Yiyel It's just another way to flesh out your character, on the off chance that romance does occur
  10. Appearance (Picture): [​IMG]

    Name: Michael Torrero

    Gender: Beard-bearer

    Sexual Orientation: Orientation? I was told there would be therapy and counselling first!

    Age (above 17 with a few exceptions): 35

    Occupation (prior to the Devolution): Bouncer at a bar, biker

    Religion: Church of no-fucks-given.

    At-a-Glance Personality: Sunshine and butterflies. No really - I love sunshine and butterflies. Seriously.

    Strengths (2): Give me something, and I can make it a weapon. Also, I don't care much about death - it's a natural part of life, nothing to fuss about.

    Weaknesses (2): Puppies. I love puppies. Also, having 'nads, that's a pretty weak spot right there.

    Skills (3): If it has ever gargled gasoline or diesel, I know how to repair and operate it. Having four wheels is not a prerequisite for me to drive something. Also, I make killer meals - have you ever had my shepherd's pie?

    Other: I like ice cream and long walks on the beach. What do you expect me to put there?
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  11. Oh, I love this idea. I will try to get a CS up if I can. If not.... I wish you all luck. I am not currently at a computer but will hopefully be able to get a CS. The only issue on y tablet is finding a picture.
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  12. Appearance (Picture):[​IMG]

    Name: Marcus Gravely

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Aerospace Engineering Student

    Religion: Does not see the point in attending church but believes in God.

    At-a-Glance Personality: Marcus would be seen as a confident, charismatic, man with a plan. He is an easy person to approach and to be friends with. He acts like a gentleman and is always looking for away to solve the next problem, always thinking outside the box. He is funny and sarcastic, but is genuinely intelligent.

    Strengths (2): Marcus can talk is why out of a lot of situation if the option is there, if not he will ways look for a different ways to solve the problem. He does not always look for the logical, but for the illogical also, making him a great problem solver.

    Weaknesses (2): Marcus is not very trusting. He tends to push people away with with hurtful words even if he has know them for years. This is why he does not have many friends.

    Skills (3): Marcus is a tinker and inventor. He was close to graduating at the top at his class at school. He can build something about of almost anything. Marcus was also learning how to fly different Aerospace vehicles and know how to fly some flying machines.

    Other: Has both his ears pierced and has a slight British accent.

    Catch Phrase/Quote: "Don't worry friend, ladies always fall for the smart ones."
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  13. I have no problem with the amount of people that we have, I would want to start earlier but it's all right with me either way.

    Hmm, but maybe another female would be nice.
  14. I'm fine with this, and have no question.
  15. Sure, I'm cool with starting. You can always just leave the sign ups open right?
  16. I would not mind starting this. Im not really doing any other rps right now xD
  17. Hey hey, this sounds cool. I'll start writing up a character now, if you'll have me. If yes, do you mind if I play a foreigner? I don't know much about England and researching on my cellphone is difficult.
  18. This looks really interesting but I do have a majour question: If this is starting in 2106 and it looks like we have space transports, what sort of tech levels do we have currently? Is cloning a thing? Biomechanical enhancements? Lazers? Etc.?