Realize vs. Realise

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Realize vs. Realise

  1. Realize?

  2. Realise?

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  1. So I was recently attacked for my grammar over the word realize and subjected to the ideas of an ethnocentric individual based on my being an American. So I come to you Iwaku and ask, which do you think is correct? But of course I've looked into it and the aforementioned words and am well aware that a number of countries outside North America use the spelling realise.

    So can the grammar really be considered bad for something which is not only commonly used in my cultural borders but is taught as the correct spelling?
  2. I would go with realize. It just seems correct to me. Am I wrong in assuming it's similar to the color/colour issue?
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  3. Yes it is. I suppose it's just bugging me how dead set some of these people are on jumping to my cultural boundaries. Appears to be their only way to somehow justify their argument and it's driving me insane because I just don't understand.
  4. Realize = American
    Realise = British

    I use 'realise' myself as I am British, but technically there is nothing wrong with either spelling. They are both correct.
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  5. Thank you.
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  6. I feel if I understand what you're trying to say, even if it IS incorrect grammar, I can deal. That is only when it comes to role playing though. If you're arguing over the internet, well, all bets are off. But a situation like your is just like whether it's pronounced peacan or pecaun. I know what you mean so it's not a big deal.
  7. I actually switch between the two randomly. I've never really thought either was truly correct, so I just go with whatever my fingers happen to put on screen.
  8. That is one of those cases where either is correct and only needs to be changed if you are writing for someone else who has an in house style. Aka journalism. If you're self publishing you should go with the excepted norams from where you're from. In other words if people are too ethnophobic, tell them to sod off!
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  9. Thanks. And I have tried to tell them to sod off (well, something a bit different) and they just keep coming back for more. It shouldn't bug me but something strikes a cord when my ethnicity and country are brought up as an issue. One of the reasons I hate the internet sometimes, as most people wouldn't say those kind of things if they were within arms reach.
  10. Both are acceptable. I've been "corrected" for spelling words such as "colour" and "theatre" and whatnot... If you're not writing professionally and someone criticises a word that can go either way, ignore them. They're either a bigot or ignorant. Bignorant.
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  11. True that. Though it is funny as I've always spelled theatre that way. Reminds me of a time in school about ten years ago when I had points deduced for spelling theatre that way. However I was able to get those points added on as the Oxford and Miriam dictionaries supported my spelling mishap.
  12. Realise is the proper British way of spelling it.

    Realize is your filthy American bastardisation of the word.
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  13. Somehow I don't think I should take you seriously at this point.
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  14. I'm amazed you did before this.
  15. I use 'realize' because 'Murikan.

    Grammar rules differ from place to place. Technically 'realise' is a misspelling in the United States and 'realize' is a misspelling in England. In the end though, all that matters is whether or not you make yourself understood, so if people bitch at you for a regional spelling difference you should tell them to go fuck themselves with a cactus.
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  16. Point. Case.
    Fair enough. But when I'm called a retard I can't help but create rebuttal toward the offending party.
  17. I use realize cause my spell check says so! Though I was the one to put in that I wanted American English, so I guess it's my fault xD Meh, I'm better at American English either way, though without spell check I usually go between the two like crazy. :3 Both are valid so it's fine either way :D
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  18. Well, I use realize because it looks better. I like z, it's cool.

    But seriously, I take stuff where I can find it. I quite happily mix British and American English after what suits my needs. That also goes for speaking, it's a terrifying hybrid of British, American and Australian English.

    Might have something to do with English being my second language, but yeah. My teacher in school used only British English, while our books and tests were American English. Though that varied depending on school. Some had mostly American, others mostly British. Basically.
  19. Even though I voted for Realize, I'm American. I've had the distinct displeasure of dealing with Brits in the past that like you, found it very necessary to correct me. I usually found they are self-assured asshats that think their far more intellectually Superior to you because, you are in fact... Not British. It's at this point I often say so long and step off, leaving them to ponder why I called them a Douche Bag on my way out.

    However, they are both acceptable.
  20. I use realize because it just sounds right in my head. I tend to follow my instincts when writing in English - it's not my first language - and they've never failed me before. Also, I don't really care. Is this supposed to be some hot topic among grammar lovers out there? :D
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