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  1. [​IMG]
    You're scrolling through your Facebook when you get a notification. It is an invitation to join a group of random people on a most expenses paid trip to Fiji for over half the Summer. Any other time, you would think it is a scam, but you decide to message one of the hosts and it checks out nicely. The catch is, it's a reality TV show and you may or may not get paid to participate in. Your privacy level is none. There are hidden cameras placed all through out the house. The confession box that you MUST use everyday will leak the things you say. Considering you are kinda stressed out and could use a vacation, you decide to go along for the ride. So pack your shorts and sunscreen because this Summer will be one to remember! Happy vacationing.

    The Twins: Jessica & Lynnette

    Jessi and Lynn woke up at around 10 am. The two of them were really excited for the Summer that was starting today! No more school for a few months and they got to go on TV! "Sis this is going to be amazing. The whole Summer, in Fiji, and on a reality tv show? Yeah, I am so ready." Lynnette smiled as she and her sister finished packing their bags for Fiji."I'm excited. It'll give us some more time to chill, especially with the twins; and we can work on cheer." She smiled. Jessica was the first to get to the bathroom to shower. She changed into her outfit of the day and fixed her hair. Lynnette wasn't into make-up and it only usually took her 15 minutes to get dressed into her outfit. She and all of the other people were supposed to meet their hosts at the airport at noon and they didn't wanna be late. "Come on Jess, you take forever! And please make sure you have everything! We can't stop the plane and turn around if you forget your hair straightener!" Lynn groaned as she carried her bags to the car. "I'm coming! I'm coming, God!" Jess. She threw her bags in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. "This is going to be awesome!" They said in unison as they drove to the airport.

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    Bexaley Ramond

    Bex woke up in the morning and yawned. She made sure she had all of her bags packed and her passport, plus anything else she wanted to bring. She looked at her phone, checking for any notifications or anything. She had a few random Facebook notifications and a few for Crossy Roads and Subway Surfers, and she had a text from her friend Jeremy. -Hey did you still want a ride to the airport today? She smiled at the phone and texted 'yes' back to him. Jer was her best friend and he was the only person who was there for her though everything. The abuse... her mother... every horrible thing she went through, Jeremy was there. Of course, he was there through the good too!

    Bexaley made her way to the bathroom and showered before getting dressed in her outfit of the day. When she made her way downstairs, shesaw her aunt making breakfast for her and her little cousin. "Morning Aunt Jess, have you heard from my mom at the clinic?" She tried to make it seem like she cared a little bit... She didn't. Bex couldn't care less if her mother even attempted to contact them. "No honey, she hasn't. If she does, I'll tell her to leave a message for you while you're gone." Her aunt smiled at her. Bexaley wanted to tell her not to even bother, but she just held her tongue and nodded. "Jeremy is gonna pick me up and take me to the airport." She nodded before hearing a horn honk from outside. "Well, right on que. I'll see you guys after the summer is over." Bexa hugged her aunt and ruffled her little cousin's hair before walked out of the house. She threw her bags in the back seat of her best friend's car. "Hey girl. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you're gonna be gone the whole summer! And you're gonna be on TV too!" He squealed as they drove to the airport. Bexaley shrugged as she scrolled through Facebook. "I mean I guess it's cool. I don't know why I'm even going though, not like I'll talk to many people." She said nonchalantly. "But it'll still be cool. There will probably be some hot guys there. You hungry? Let's go get some food." Jeremy smiled and they pulled into a small diner.

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    Kolton Burns

    Kol woke up in the morning to the sound of pots and pans banging together, he made many attempts to rejigger his position in his bed, throw in some headphones and go back to sleep, but try as he may, he just couldn't drown out the clanging sounds. He groaned before throwing his blanket off of him and going into the kitchen where the sounds were coming from. "What the fuck dude?" He grumbled to his roommate. "I'm trying to wake you up so you can get ready to go. I gotta drop you off at the airport before I leave for work. Get your shit together." Greg smirked before setting the pots down on the counter. "Oh yeah, and you couldn't, you know, shake me or something!?" He shook his head and rubbed his eyes before walking back to his room. He grabbed all of his bags and made sure that he had his passport and anything else he needed. Kol took a 20 minute shower before getting dressed in his clothes. He grabbed his bags and threw them in the trunk of Greg's car. Greg was already in the car and had it started. Why Greg woke Kol up when he didn't have to go to work for another two hours, he will never know. "We're going to get some food." Greg drove off to the McDonald's and Kolton groaned. Kol was usually a very happy guy, except for in the mornings, he was definitely not a morning person.

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    Alison "K" Ray

    Alison was woken up by her alarm on her phone singing Countdown to Zero by her band. She sat up in her bed and yawed, as she stretched. Alison got up in went to take a quick shower and change into her clothes. The hosts had told everyone to be at the airport at around noon, and she'd woken up a bit late than she wanted. 'Hmm I think I have a bit of time for a video.' She thought to herself before setting up her camera. She pressed record and began speaking. "Hey guys, it's Alison. Uhm, I just wanted to take a bit of time this morning to tell you that I might not be vlogging as much as usual because I'm going on a trip to Fiji!" She laughed and spoke with her hands as she talked. It was something she was definitely known for. She used a lot of expression. "So yeah, I won't be on YouTube a lot... but lucky for you guys I will be on TV! I got on this show called Reality Getaway this season, so be sure to check me out on the show, on MTV. See ya, guys!" She smiled and gave the camera a quick wave before turning the camera off. She grabbed all of her bags and put them in the car. "This is going to be great." She smiled and drove to the airport.

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    Jeydon Grey-Smith

    Jeydon was awaken by his younger sister Bethany, the morning he had to leave for Fiji. "Jey! You have to wake up big brother, Mommy has to take you to the airport." She shook him and he turned over, his eyes fluttering open. "I'm up Beth. Go tell Mom I'm getting ready." He smiled and Beth nodded and ran downstairs. He stood up and walked over to his closet to pick out his clothes to wear. Jeydon quickly got dressed and brushed his teeth before going downstairs. "Hey Mom, I'm ready to go." He spoke, his bags already in the car. "Alright honey, go get in the car Beth." Jey's mom grabbed the keys off the coffee table before they scrambled out the door. "Is everyone buckled in and ready to go?" Jeydon asked as he turned around to look at his younger sister Beth and brother Jacob. The two of them nodded and his mom drove off.

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  2. Lyrical was in her bedroom, getting ready for this trip to Fiji. At first she wasn't going to go, but her brother, King begged her to go with him, he knew how she loved having people beg her to do things. She was in her vanity mirror checking out her new outfit, that she had bought for the trip. She fixed her boobs in the mirror, making them look bigger than usual. She added mascara to her eyelashes, it would bring out her gorgeous Candy Apple Green Eyes. Fixing the necklace around her neck, Lyrical went to her floor length mirror. "Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who's The Baddest Bitch Of Them All?" She heard someone grunt next to her bedroom door. "Why, it is you of course, My beautiful Queen." She rolled her eyes seeing her brother in the doorway.

    King had already gotten dressed in his outfit, knowing that Lyrical would take usual. "Lyric, what the hell are you doing?" He smirked, resting on her door entrance. "King, I'm just getting ready for my fans." He started to laugh, which just made her sigh angrily. "Just hurry up, Time waits for no one...not even you, Love." She just stared at him, waving him off.

    Once Lyrical was done, they said their goodbyes to their Family. King started up his Candy Apple Red Porshe, and started driving to the Airport. Lyrical threw on her shades, letting the L.A. breeeze flow through her hair. "Lyric, can you PLEASE for me, try to have some fun?" She just looked at her handsome brother, and then she turned up the music. This trip was going to be interesting for sure.

    The natural beauty just getting home from work was named Aurora. Working at a restaurant, meant most of her nights were never opened. Aurora was so pumped when she got the Facebook invitation, at first, like any smart person, she thought it was a scam, but then she realized it was real. She needed a break from her hectic life. Luckily, one of her friends at the restaurant agreed to take her summer shifts and watch her apartment for her. Aurora, being so nice to everyone finally paid off. When Aurora told her parents about the trip, they were so happy for her. They said they would watch every episode.

    After taking a nice hot shower, Aurora got dressed in her outfit, nothing too flashy. She text messaged her friend, telling her that she would leave a key under her doormat. After locking her door, she went to her car. She never dug anything flashy, but her car was her baby. "Let's Go To Fiji!"

    "Gabriel Antonio Julio Martinez-Rodriquez! Get up now!" Smack! The boy named Gabriel felt a hand go across his face, that was the way his mother always woke him up when he was late for school, but he was going to be late for this cool trip. "Porque Mami!" She just scolded him, leaving the room. Gabriel tiredly stood up, going to take a shower to wake up. He had almost fell back to sleep in the shower, but he fought through it. After the long shower, Gabriel threw on his outfit. He made sure the shades covered the bags under his eyes.

    It took Gabriel an hour or so to finally get out the house. His family took forever to stay goodbye, even family from Puerto Rico came to say he was leaving for good or something. After making it out the house, he sat his luggage in his car. He smiled while driving down the highway, he was super geeked for Fiji.
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Kayleigh[/BCOLOR]​
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Kayleigh woke early, finding herself sprawled across the bed after whatever went on last night. She knew it had been one of her less restrained evenings dealing with her father, but didn't recall the exact details. Sitting up on the side of her bed, she took the glass of water and pills that always resided besides her bed, and downed them before taking a quick, cold shower and putting on her [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]clothes[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. Then she was met with a knock on her door, and her sister walked in. "Come on, we should get going." Her sister said, holding the door open for Kaylee who slowly got up and headed out, grabbing a small bag of things. Her luggage was already in her sister's car. "Can we go get some breakfast first?" She asked as they walked out, getting into the old car that her sister owned. "Sure, there's a place down the road." Her sister replied, starting the car and driving down the road to a little diner to grab some breakfast.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Dude, wake up." Jason was awoken from his sleep by his flatmate shaking his shoulder and speaking to him. His body still ached, that game yesterday was a tough one on him. However, it wasn't the worst sports related injury he had received. He got out of bed, grabbing whatever wasn't packed that remained in his drawer. "Where's my luggage?" He asked, in a tired, not so observant state. "It's already in the car man." His flatmate replied as Jason headed towards the bathroom for a quick shower. "I'll meet you down there in a bit." He added, taking a shower as his friend finished the preparations for them to go. Jay came out and down to the car in the place's garage half an hour later, wearing his [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]outfit[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. "Let's get going." He said, getting into the car as they drove off straight to the airport, although going through a McDonald's drive-through for breakfast on the way. "You're one lucky bastard, you know that? Getting to fly off to Fiji with some guys and probably some smokin' hot chicks too." His friend said as they drove, heading to the airport. "Probably,but there's more to a trip like this than just girls." Jason chuckled. "Of course." His friend said sarcastically.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The jet was nice enough, his family's private airliner flying through the air with him inside, along with his father. He had been visiting his parent's for the last two weeks, over in Seoul. Then, he had to fly back to some American airport to meet up with the hosts of this trip he had for some reason decided to go on. It was probably the stress of college that made him want to take a break. His father spoke Korean to him, as he did not speak much English. "Son, why are you going on a trip where you will have no privacy with a group of Americans you do not even know?" He was asked by his father. "It is a chance to take a break, and I might meet some new associates there." He responded in fluent Korean. He was glad he hadn't neglected his original language, although now he was in a way more used to speaking English. [/BCOLOR]
  4. image.jpg

    Nick had already been awake when it was time to statt getting ready to head to the airport. Nick was in the gym early that morning working out. Nick had been drafted in the third round of MLB professional baseball league draft right out of of high school. He had just graduated and now had to decide whether he would sign his contract and probably go play in the minor leagues for a few years or accept a scholarship to one of the colleges offering it and going to play baseball in college. Nick walked back on his house after he was done his morning work out as he went upstairs to shower. The reason he was taking this trip was he was so stressed out about trying to make his decision that he just needed to get away for a while. After Nick took a quick shower, he threw on his clothes. He brushed his teeth and threw in deodorant and made sure he looked good. Nick went down stairs and ate breakfast with his parents before Hismdad drove him to the airport with all of his luggage. Nick hugged and said goodbye to his parents as he went into the airport.
    (Here are his clothes)
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  5. ~ Airetta I. Crawford ~

    Airetta woke from her sleep as her alarm blared loudly.. She stretched her arms high above her head only to be ambushed by that of roommate , Veronica." Good morning , Sweet peach! Are you ready to begin your killer summer with hot men and drama!?" Airy all but peeked an eye open before her lips parted in laughter as she gave Veronica a playful shove off the edge of her bed. " Ronny , do you always think of boys or is their a chance you might have a brain in there?" Ronny all but poked her tongue out at her before tossing the clothes Airy had picked out the very night before for the big day. " Just make sure you are ready to go and I'll be down in the car waiting for you." Airy watched as Ronny left the room as she sat up nimbly from the comfort of her bed. Today was the day she headed to Fiji on an all expense paid trip... Sounded to perfect right? Well it ended up being a reality tv show in which she would be trapped with complete and utter strangers except for Lucianna who had been a close friend for nearly forever. She gave a softened smile as she changed quickly into her outfit and padded her way over to the closet to slip on her brown leather sandal pumps before standing tall before the mirror. She gave herself a look over as she ruffled a hand through her golden locks and grabbed her make-up bag off the edge of the desk to toss into her purse along with her cell and various things. Once she had done that she crossed over and swung one of her bags with ease over her shoulder and hooked her hand to the handle of the other as it wheeled behind with another bag attached to it. With that she exited her apartment as the door clicked locked behind and took the elevator down to the parking garage. She caught sight of Ronny beside the SUV as she opened the door for Airetta to toss her things at. It was than she caught Ronny grinning broadly as she got into the car and nearly yelling." Time for my girl to have a summer to remember!! " Airetta all but laughed as they pulled out with the windows down as she called out in her loudest voice." Hell yeah!" They both giggled as they drove off to the airport.

    ~ Tasha A. Eynsford ~

    Tasha had woken up bright and early that day as in hopes to sneak past the Step-Monster and the brat pack that remained asleep under her families roof. She had never been on good terms with the likes of them and usually she seeked to avoid them at every given chance she could. She quietly creeped through the house with her bags swung over her shoulders when suddenly her text alarm went off on her phone as she jumped.. She cursed to herself as she lowered the bags quick to glance at her cell and see a text from her bandmate , Avery who was swinging by to liberate and take her to the airport for the trip.. I mean it was a free trip and a chance to escape the reality of life but , this place also invoked the code of plenty of drama , drama oh and yes! Some more drama.... She all but rolled her eyes at the thought of how much was for sure to come as she snatched up her bags once more and made a silent beeline to the door as she peeked at her outfit in the mirror for a momentary moment... At least she'd be comfy and besides... She wasn't going to fashion herself up for a show. She was there to be her and she damn well wasn't planning on changing that for any viewers." Here I come Fiji and goodbye to the sorry excuses.." She all but grinned widely at the thought of freedom as she bounded out the door towards Avery's car as she tossed him a bag he quickly caught and tossed into his car as she dropped the other two in along with her guitar case in the back behind the passenger seat. Her eyes locked to Avery's as she all but continued to grin before sliding her sunglasses into place and dipping down into the car to sit as the music that blasted within greeted her loudly." Time to hit the road and not go looking back!" Avery all but howled in response as they drove off down the winding road towards the airport as she kicked up her feet to rest on the dashboard...Towards one interesting yet killer summer.

    ~ Zoey A. Redbird ~

    Zoey stood beside the edge of her bed already dressed in her super cute outfit that she had taken hours to choose. I mean she designed and made half the clothes that were in her closet including the one she wore now... It was always tough to choose between all her creations. She all but gave a happy smile as she clicked her suitcase locked and brought it back down onto the floor as she turned to fetch her purse off her nightstand as she pulled along her four suitcase with one hitched over her shoulder. Her parents sat in the living room waiting for them as she smiled to them. "Let's get a move on it , Parentals..You'd hate to go seeing me late for my flight , right?" Her mom all but chuckled as her dad delivered a ruffle against her hair as she wrinkled her nose and playfully smacked his hand away as he took up two of her bags to haul out to her car as she called out behind him." Careful dad!! There are some new pieces in there that I can't see damaged!" Her father called out with a ," I know , I know.." She gave a small giggle.. Her parents understood her love for every little thing she made and how greatly she treasured them.. Her creations.. Her art. At that she proceeded to exit out the ranch houses door as she blew a kiss to Isla and Spirit , her two horses as they all but nickered loudly as she smiled broadly to herself.. She loved animals almost as much as she did her design and fashion which was something in her book. Her father honked the horn as he waved for her to hurry as she blew kisses back to her mom and siblings as she hopped into the front seat with her dad and bags settled in the back... It was summer time and a chance to make the very best of things with totally new people... She was sure she could love them all and steal chances to dress them in the clothes she designed.. Oh yes it was going to be perfect! Not to mention a great way to keep Kelsie and their break-up off her mind. With a smile lit to her features her dad drove off to the airport where destiny awaited with white sand beaches , killer fun and who knows what else. All she knew was that she couldn't wait another minute for this little show to begin.

    ~ Sun-Hee Shinwa ~

    Sun walked with steady ease through the hall's of their Mansion located in New York City. Yet again , here her family was entertaining her father's clientele, For some reason they had to leave Korea for all of this business again. Sun gave a small sigh as she evaded her father's office area and made her way into her Halmeoni's room as she bowed her head slowly in respect. As her head remained lowered she could hear her grandmother chuckling as she told her to come near. At that Sun smiled softly to herself as she came near as her grandmother grasped her hand and spoke up in their native Korean tongue." My little flower... Are you prepared for your trip to Fiji? You will promise me to not let your father get into your head... You deserve to be able to live your life a bit longer before being thrown into the chaos of the company." Sun all but gave a smile as she nodded and spoke up fluently" I Promise... I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to leave... Though I really must be going now. I love you and I'll catch you at the end of this summer." With that she pressed a small kiss atop her grandmother's head before waving and exiting that of her room. With the smile still lit against her lips she ran down the halls and passed the maids and such before entering her room with a quick breath. In that moment she stepped forward and turned her head a bit as she caught a look of her outfit. She gave an approving nod before stepping up to grab one of her several suitcases as their butler all but dashed in and took up the rest. She rolled her eyes with a laugh...Oh , how she couldn't wait to be able to fend and do things on her own at last. They exited her room and made their way down to the limo that awaited them in the drive as they eased her things away to load up. As she was about to slip in she gave the house a momentary lingering glance before ducking in. It was nearly an hour before they reached the airport. With that she nearly jumped out of the limo hoping that nobody inside who she was to compete with had caught her arriving.. She directed the men to load her bags onto the cart and as they attempted to haul it for her she gave them a serious look in which they backed down. Sun grinned broadly and than proceeded to enter the Airport as she sent her things through to be checked and sent to the loading base. It was than she headed towards her terminal with her locks swinging back behind her as she took a seat in one of the many neighboring chairs and awaited as she messed about on her cell phone.

    ~ Harper G. Tucker ~

    Harper flitted about her room as she began packing up all the things she had gone about forgetting as she mumbled lowly to herself." I'm such a dummy... How can I already be forgetting things again!" In that moment she finally tucked everything away into one of her five suitcases scattered about on her bedroom floor and the bed. She was beyond excited for this trip to Fiji to begin and all the fun sights to be seen , cuisine to try and not to mention all the new people she'd be meeting and living with for quite some time... Which led her into wondering whether they'd go liking her or not. As her thoughts carried on she took a glance at the clock only to give a squeal as she rushed to her chair and threw on her outfit that she had personally bought for the first day in the killer land of Fiji. With that she rushed over and swung two of her back with nimble ease over her shoulder as she grasped the handle of the other two and began rolling them out the door of her house. Next thing she knew she was wandering around the airport as she paused in the center area of where her terminal was as she looked for any new faces she was to compete and live with.. Yet , nobody seemed to really be that and so with that she clicked the handle of her suitcase down and sat with ease atop of it as she waited patiently with a smile clinging to her lips as she slipped her earbuds into place and went away into her music as she awaited for the next step in the journey to come.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Sunshine was packing away the last few things before she needed leave to catch the plane out. She looked down at her clothes and nodded her approval. She had this outfit laid out for days and she was actually excited about this; Fiji, Sunny had never been there before and it was an exciting time for her all of her family and friend thought that this was something that would benefit her. She knew it was a reality show and she was expecting competition and that excited her. Sunny zipped up her second suitcase going back to her list triple checking it to make sure she had everything. She picked up the suitcase and rolled them out the room and to the door. Before she knew it she was going through customs and seated at the gate to board the plane to Fiji. Her carry-on was semi small as she could fit multiple books in it and still have some room for a small snack in it. Her phone was shut off and stored at the bottom of her carry-on. She had one of her books in her lap opened to near the middle. She was reading until she heard others start arriving and well she did her best to still read.​
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  7. Luciana DelRio-Vasquez

    Luci had been up since around 6 in the morning. She had forgotten to pack all of her clothes and other things for her trip to Fiji. She had been waiting for this forever! Her time in the limelight was finally here! She knew she'd be on TV eventually. She had grabbed all of her cute clothes and bikinis, making sure she went on this trip in style. After getting dressed in one of her bomb ass outfits and fixing up her hair and makeup, Luci made her way downstairs where her mom was making breakfast. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table. "Are you leaving soon mija?" Her mother looked up at her daughter. "Si mama. I'll be back at the end of Summer. Yo promesa." Luci nodded as she sipped her juice. "I'll miss you mija. Don't get too loca. You and I both know how you get." The two of them laughed a bit. "I won't get crazy unless it's absolutely necessary." Luciana finished her juice and her mother walked her out to her car. Luce hugged her mother goodbye after putting her bags in the car. "Remember what I said Luciana. I don't wanna see you getting arrested for starting a fight." Luci laughed and nodded as she got in the car. "Si mama, I know. I'll play nice, but if someone jumps at me or looks at me funny, I'm going off, and I don't care what anyone says." "Just be careful mija, but have fun. Te amo." "Te amo mama." Her mother thought for a moment, then put her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "And mija, try to find yourself a cute, sweet boy." She winked and Luciana chuckled and nodded at her mother as she drove away. "This is going to be the best summer ever!" She yelled as she cruised down the street in her convertible.

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  8. [​IMG]


    Chanel looked down at her perfectly manicured nails and smiled looking at outfit she had picked out for the day. She walked downstairs, a butler with all her suitcases following quietly behind.

    She looked around and groaned.

    "YARROW GET DOWN HERE NOW ITS TIME TO GO!" she screamed up the stairs. The butler opened the front door and brought her suitcases to the car.

    "IM GETTING IN THE CAR. HURRY UP!" She screamed going outside and getting in the back seat of the car.

    Yarrow smiled looking at himself in the mirror. His outfit was looking nice and he rolled his eyes when he heard Chanel's shrill scream.

    "Yeah yeah I'm coming." he said grabbing his backpack and his suitcase and running downstairs. He ran out the doors and put his stuff in the sink and got into the car.

    He put on his headphones and closed his eyes. Just a little nap.

    "YARROW WAKE THE HELL UP!" Chanel screamed punching his arm. She watched as Yarrow groggily woke up. Two men took their bags and they walked through the airport. Chanel smiled as several men looked at her.

    She sat don at the gate wondering who was going to fiji.

    Yarrow looked around at the gate. He smiled and sat next to Chanel.
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  9. Sophia Carson~~ Mason Carson

    The morning seemed to drag itself out. Sophia had awoken at three A.M, and well this was going to be an interesting day for her. She had finished up her packing, and grabbed her guitar, blank music sheets, fifth million pencils, and of course her headphones and Ipod. She made her way down to the living room of her parents house. Her twin, Mason, was not yet up and well he wouldn't be for a little while long, seeing as it was seven now. Dropping her things by the door, Sophia sighed and walked into the kitchen to find her mother. "Nice outfit, Sophia." He mother exclaimed joyfully. Her mother was always happy on those pills she took. "Thanks, mom. Is Mason up, yet? The whole reason we stayed her tonight was that way it was easier to get to the airport, not sleep in." She said. Her mother nodded. "His out loading your car, now." She spoke pointing through the kitchen window. Sophia smiled. "Thank god." She said. "Love you mom, see you in how ever long this will be." She added. She gave her mother a hug, and went back to grab her things. Walking out to the car, she smiled at her brother. "You ready?" She asked, with a smile.
    Mason looked over at his sister. Taking her bags, he nodded. "As ready as I will ever be, a whole summer wasted on a show, that I will be judged for later in life. Yay!" He said sarcastically. Pulling his shirt down, he put her things in, and closed the hatch. Walking around to the passenger side, he got in and closed his door. "Let's go." He said looking to his sister, who was in the drivers seat next to him. Mason reached up and took his snap back off his head and threw it in the back seat, thinking he didn't want it on anymore.

    Nikita Lopez

    Kit woke up a little earlier than normal, but who wouldn't it was the day she was going to Fiji! She walked into the bathroom, half awake, and showered. After which she shook out her wet flaming red hair, and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked wet. Smiling she completed her bathroom routine, and then proceeded to get dressed. Walking out of her room into the apartment she shared with the three other members of her band, she went and got a apple from the fruit basket on the counter. She then threw her duffel bag on her shoulder, her two suitcase she dragged and left the apartment. Her twin sister Francis, was already in the car waiting for her so she could drop Kit off and get back home. Kit smiled at her sister, then placed her things in the trunk. Getting into the passenger seat, she chuckled. "Weeks without me, what ever will you do?" Kit joked. "Live." He sister said, followed by a yawn as she pulled out of their parking spot.

    Andrew Harrington
    Drew sighed as he woke up on the couch of his apartment. He had given into his sister, and let her move into his room. However, he wouldn't need to worry, seeing as he was going to be leaving for quite some time, his only hope was he didn't come back and his bachelor pad was turned completely cheetah print. Smiling, he showered and dressed himself. He then ate breakfast, cleaned up, and made his way down to his car with his luggage in hand. Waiting, he was supposed to get a ride from his buddy Aaron. He told Drew to meet him by his car. He was running a few minutes late, but soon the familiar looking Toyota truck pulled into the lot and stopped in front of Drew. "Hey, man." He said, flinging his things into the bed of the truck, and climbing into the passenger seat. "Jacked up your truck again. Man you need to stop, your truck is going to not be street legal soon." He mentioned, as Aaron pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. "Yeah, I now man, but for some reason I like it high off the ground." He explained. Drew rolled his eyes, and looked out the window. "Goodbye cruel world, hello Fiji!" He thought to himself, as his best friend drove to the airport.

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  10. _|Luke|_
    Luke was putting on one last jam with his friends before leaving. The four of them had been close for a long time now, and he knew leaving them for a while would impact the band, but they had things to do. This trip had never been about the money, it always been about finding the girl, the one. He needed someone that would complement him, that he could jam with, or just sit down and cuddle. Luke was quite and old fashioned man, as most could see, but finding an old fashion girl wasn't his style either. He needed someone who could keep up with him in a fast paced band. Smiling as they finished the last of their song, Luke smiled at his band mates before putting his guitar away. "Alright guys, I have to bounce. I'll see you soon." He said, giving each of his friends a bro hug before collecting the rest of his luggage, and heading to the car.

    Getting in the Car, Luke put his guitar on the seat next to him, and plugged in his headphones, starting up one of his favorite songs as he watched the scenery go by. England was always a dreary place, especially compared to his home, Australia. Someone was undoubtedly going to recognize him, even while he was wearing a dark sweatshirt with the hood up, a pair of jeans, glasses and some combat boots, there was no escape from his fans. Sighing, Luke started dreaming about the girl he would meet, as the car drove strait to the airport, where his fans where waiting to say goodbye.

    Dan was sitting in his room, on his bed, listening to his siblings bark about whatever they where talking about. His house was never quiet, and maybe that was a good thing that he was leaving. Maybe he could get some quiet for once. Sighing, the blond haired man got up from his bed, his boots thunking as he walked over to his luggage and grasped it firmly, walking down the stairs. "Have fun in Fiji!"" HIs youngest brother said, hugging him, which was followed by a group hug from all of his siblings. Hugging his mom, and his dad, Dan waved to all of them and walked to the car, opening the door and sliding inside.

    Diane sighed as she looked around her empty ish room. She had brought hair dye, and a lot of other things that she loved doing. She wished she could sneak in some booze, but that probably wasn't going to happen. They didn't even allow water in the airport, she doubted they would let her bring a bottle of vodka. Sighing, Diane rubbed the back of her dyed hair as she picked up her stuff, putting on a hat and her large glasses. They looked so dorky on her, but she liked it that way.

    Diane walked down her stairs, luggage in hand as she walked down to where she would meet her cab. She lived alone by now, and so being with her parent's wasn't cool. Plus, her parent's weren't very nice about her whole partying at 16 thing. Sighing, Diane double checked for her gaming system, before walking out and into her cab.
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  11. The Bellerose siblings had arrived at the airport finally, with Lyrical giving a sigh of annoyance, she hopped out the Porsche. Fixing her skirt over her legs, Lyrical had a nice body, which worked well with her small stature. She fixed her crop top, her boobs were gorgeous right now. "God, I am so Blessed." King parked the car, and he helped the baggage handlers bring the bags to the baggage area, then he escorted his sister to the gate area. "Let's get ready to show them what a Bellerose can do."

    When they got to the gate area, Lyrical noticed two other people were there already, a boy...and a girl. She almost laughed at the girl's outfit...she looked like a grandma trying to stay trendy...just terrible. The boy was no better off...Cheetos? What the fuck. Lyrical took a seat across from them, her shades still covering her eyes. Crossing her legs, she took out her phone. She started taking selfies of her new outfit. "Really Lyrical?" King shook his head at his annoying little sister.

    King went over to introduce himself to the other two individuals. "Hey, I'm King...the girl taking selfies, that's my younger sister...Lyrical. She's...a hand full." He smiled his shiny white smile at them, trying to make friends quickly. He looked at the boy, he was cute...but King wasn't into him like that, maybe another guy would peak his interest. "What's ya names?"

    I: @Zatanna

    Aurora pulled up to the airport, parking where she was told to park. I guess the show was going to pay for her car to stay in the Airport Car Lot for the trip...that was cool of them. She thanked the baggage handlers for taking her bags, they smiled at her...too bad she liked girls. Aurora didn't look dressed for the summer, but she was super insecure with her looks, so a nice mesh sweater would be her look, until she was comfortable around everyone.

    The first person Aurora noticed when she got to the designated gate, was a girl taking multiple selfies. She was barely dressed, her skirt opened up on both sides...grateful that she had a bikini bottom under it, Aurora didn't like girls who flaunted everything at that girl. The other girl, she seemed nice...but you never know with pretty girls. She would introduce herself later, for now she took a far seat, and waited.

    M: @Zatanna

    "Dios Mio, finally!" Gabriel had to drive to the New York Airport, that would bring him to the airport, that would bring him to Fiji. It seemed like it took forever. He jumped off the last step of the plane, running to the gate. By the time he got there he was out of breath, he took off his Snapback and Shades. Sitting next to the beautiful girl taking selfies, he smirked at her. "So, beautiful want me to be your personal Photographer?" The girl just rolled her eyes and turned the other way. There were hopefully going to be more girls that Gabriel wouldn't strike out with on this trip...maybe.
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  12. image.jpg

    Nick got out of his dads car which was a brand new Porsche and grabbed his bags. His dad got out of the car and hugged him "hey have fun Nick take some time to relax. I know you hand been stressed out lately. Don't think about baseball and just think about having a good time okay." Nick smiled, his dad always knew what to say to him. Nick hugged him back " Thanks dad I will and I'll see you later."

    Nick took his bags and went through the airport. He went through security with no problems as he made his way to the gate that the show told him to go too. Nick was getting some looks by some people girls and guys. He figured if any guys were looking at him they probably noticed him since he had just been drafted by the Miami Marlins in the MLB draft. He was a third round pick so not that many people would know him he wasn't the first overall pick or anything. Nick figured that the girls looking at him were doing that because they thought he was good looking. Nick was in great shape you could tell right away just from looking at him that he was a high level athlete. Also to be honest he was just good looking.

    Nick finally made his way up to the gate as he saw a few people sitting down and then one kid standing up talking to two kids sitting down. Nick thought to himself "well these must be the other people. Nick looked around at the group of people. And again thiught to hinself "wow all of the girls so far are gorgeous."

    Most people seemed to be to them selfs right now so Nick took an empty seat and sat down.

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  13. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Chanel looked up from her seat, and saw two people come over. There was some girl, she obviously thought she was hot shit but she looked like a whore in white to her. Well Chanel on the other hand was wearing her favorite blouse from France.

    Chanel rolled her eyes then plastered on her fake smile as the boy came over.

    "Hey! My names Chanel! Nice to meet you King. Lyrical? That's so unique." She said smiling, looking up him. He looks like one of those Blood gang members.

    "So I can tell you like the color red. Why is that? Do you like blue also?" she questioned, her eyes narrowing, but still keeping her smile.

    Chanel looked over at a blonde boy, he was handsome but he looked too young. Maybe he would come introduce himself.

    Yarrow smiled as some girl and boy came over and sat down. He saw the girl give him a judging look. Yeah he was wearing a Cheeto sweatshirt, but he was supposed to be comfortable. She didn't look very comfortable, but Yarrow didn't care. Chanel on the other hand was probably mentally defending herself.

    The boy approached him and he smiled. He was cute but not really his type.

    "Hey King. Hi Lyrical." he said waving to the girl sitting away from them.

    "My names Yarrow." he said smiling.

    Chanel watched as the boy sat down and waved him over.

    "Hey! Come over here." she purred.

    Yarrow looked at Chanel as she called some boy over. Of course she would call over some boy. He looked pretty young though. He was surprised that Chanel wasn't all over King, but she had a specific type.

    "So King, tell us more about yourself. You can sit if you want." he said tapping the seat next to him.

    @timv999 @Shattered♦Secrets™
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  14. [BCOLOR=transparent]Kayleigh[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her rust bucket car pulled up outside the airport, KAyleigh and her sister in the front. Kayleigh went to open the door, but was stopped by her sister. "Remember to have fun, but please, don't do anything you'll regret." Her sister said with a small smile, although worry showed on her face. Kayleigh nodded ever so slightly as she opened the car door, getting out. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." She replied to her sister as she hauled her luggage out of the back seats. In reality, the idea of being filmed every minute of the day was unsettling to say the least, but it had been her sister's idea that a break was needed. So, to appease her, since she cared so much, she decided to go. Walking through security and dropping off her luggage was the easy part, heading to the gate afterwards. She saw other people sitting around, clearly waiting for the trip. They all looked much more, healthy and better off than her. Compared to them she looked sickly almost, very pale with blonde hair that was only haphazardly brushed, she wouldn't be surprised if a few of them at least thought she was in the wrong place. Therefore, she found an empty space, close enough to be near, but far enough the way that someone would have to go out of their way to talk to her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Finishing off his double sausage and egg mcmuffin, Jason and his friend pulled up to the airport main gate. "Dude, make sure to get some hot chicks!" his friend said as Jason was unloading his suitcases from the boot of the car, who replied with a sarcastic roll of the eyes. "Same for you. Just keep it out of my bed." He joked, closing the boot before being replied with a joking middle finger from his friend. "Dude, it'll be the exact same as when you left." He said, driving off as Jason went to drop his cases off, heading through to the gate. He went towards the gate they were told to go towards, seeing a group of people already there. One girl looked like she thought she was the be all end all of attractiveness, whilst the one girl he had been walking a while behind to get here chose to stick away from the rest, looking ever so slightly sick. However, he decided she wasn't really the type of person he would get along with, so instead took a seat near the majority of the group: two guys, one girl and another guy approaching.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]@Zatanna [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The private jet landed at the airport, taxiing into a designated gate and stopping. Han stood up inside once feeling the motion of the craft stop, bowing to his father. "Father, I will miss you during this vacation, and I wish you the best for whilst I am gone." He said during the bow to his father in fluent korean, only once he finished raising from the bow. "Son, your mother will watch this reality show you have chosen to partake in, do not do anything foolish." His father replied in their native tongue, bowing his head ever so slightly to his son before Han made a move to leave. He stopped by the floor height mirror before he got out, looking at his [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]outfit[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] before leaving. His luggage was already being transferred through as he walked into the airport, heading towards the terminal. He noticed several people already there, most likely for the vacation. He chose an empty seat, two down from a girl who had similar traits to his ethnicity. He had his own phone out, although thought no harm in trying to introduce himself to her. "Hello, I am HAn-Jae." He said in his best english, which still faltered due to his accent and such, therefore it was clear it was not his first language.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]@Shayla [/BCOLOR]
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  15. The Twins: Jessica & Lynnette

    Jessica and Lynnette carried their bags into the airport and dropped them off. They, along with everyone else was told to meet at the gate to go to Fiji and the host of the show would meet them there. Upon arriving, the twins saw a man holding a sign that said 'Reality Getaway Conrestants', there were also a ton of people who were going on the trip with them. Jessica noticed a girl who was taking a billion selfies. Jess was pretty photogenic, but she definitely didn't take that many pictures. There was another girl who looked like she was going to be in a Lil Wayne video, but we wouldn't talk about that right now. "Everyone better get here soon. I cannot wait to get to Fiji." Lynn looked over at her sister and smiled. A vacation is just the thing that she her sisters and her cousins needed. Even if it was also a TV show. "I swear, whoever I room with better be chill as hell or I'm gonna punch a wall." She snickered. "No drama Lynn, we need to keep a good rep." Jessica laughed. "I make no promises. Come on let's... go over there." Lynn suggested, talking about the group of people they were to be on TV with. The twins walked over and Jessica, being the bubbly girl that she was, attempted to make conversation. "Hi! I'm Jessica and this is my sister Lynn." She introduced the two, as Lynnette muttered 'don't say my name. Don't introduce me.' over and over. "What's up." She muttered and gave a small and simple wave.

    Interactions: All of y'all
    Mentioned: @Zatanna - Chanel Somptuex || @Shattered♦Secrets™ - Lyrical Bellerose ||

    Bexaley Ramond

    Bexaley smiled and sang along to the words of her favorite Ghost Town song, WFF as her best friend Jeremy drove her to the airport. She didn't want to leave him, but he had insisted on her going and meeting some new people on the trip. Maybe even finding a few fruit loops for him. Bexaley got out of the car and grabbed her bags. "Oh my God I'm gonna miss you so much my gaylord!" She giggled a bit as the two of them began walking. "I'll miss you too Bexy-butt! Have fun on your trip." He gave her a quick hug and walked back to his car waving. Bexaley dropped off her bags and walked over to the gate. She didn't seem to know anyone there, but a few of them looked like people she would get along with, and a few of them didn't. Bex wasn't one to interact with people too much, you could tell by her shirt and the fact that her number one quote was "if I could trade places with a cat, I would." She took a seat near all the people who were standing by the gate and conversing.

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    Charlie Price

    Charlie woke up late and wasn't anywhere near ready for his trip to Fiji!! His bags weren't even packed and he hadn't showered the night before. He practically jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to shower. after showering, he threw on his clothes and fixed his beaning on his head. Charlie was a little bit angry that neither of his roommates bothered to wake him up before leaving for work. He threw all the clothes and shoes he thought he would need into bags before running to his car to drive himself to the airport. "God, I hope I'm not late." He groaned to himself as he sped out of his driveway in his car.

    It took Charlie about 15 minutes to get to the airport, and being the crazy, unorganized guy he is, instead of going straight to the gate when he got there, he decided to go get a meal at one of the small restaurants they had to offer. After finishing his meal he looked at his phone to check the time. "Oh damn it, supposed to be meeting at the gate!" He exclaimed before throwing the money on the table and running to the gate to catch his flight. To his surprise, the flight had not boarded yet and everyone was still doing their on thing while they waited for the host. He noticed a guy who looked pretty cute in a red outfit. He walked over to the huge group of people and decided to introduce himself. "Hey, I'm Charlie." He spoke, flashing a genuine smile.

    Mentioned: @Shattered♦Secrets™ - King Bellerose ||
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    Jeydon Grey-Smith

    When Jeydon's mom pulled up to the airport she looked over at her son and smiled. Jeydon turned around to face his younger brother and sister; sure he were adopted, but they'd been his family for a while. "Okay, so I'm gonna be gone for the whole summer; that means you guys aren't gonna see me that much. You two gotta be big kids and try not to give Mom a hard time." His little sister nodded as she sucked her thumb and his brother responded with a simple, "Okay Jeydon, we won't." Jeydon smiled and hugged his mom before getting out of the car and grabbing his bags. He waved to his siblings and mother before going into the airport, getting his bags checked and then made his way to the gate. He didn't see anyone he knew, but he was keen to make a few friends... just not now. So he sat down and scrolled through Twitter on his phone while he waited for the host to greet them.

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    Kristin Ray

    Alison finally got to the airport after 45 minutes of being stuck in traffic, so honesty, her day hadn't started out well. And it didn't help that she had terrible road rage. She took her bags in and had them checked before going to the gate. There were a lot of people there, and she was absolutely positive that she'd make some friends on this trip. She was determined to make as many friends as possible. Being the nicest and most amazing vlogger she was, she had even decided to bring her camera. What type of YouTuber would she be if she didn't make a few videos while she was in Fiji? And she definitely wasn't going to break her "one video every day" streak just because she was on vacation.

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    Kolton Burns

    Kolt groaned as he ate breakfast with his roommate. "Dude I have to be at the airport before everyone starts boarding so I can meet the host. Can we leave now?" He grumbled. His roommate was a total handful, and his morning hadn't been going too great considering that he'd woken him up with pots and pans. It reminded him of a video he'd seen all over Facebook. "Oh yeah, sorry. Let's go." Greg nodded and he drove to the airport. "I bet you're excited that you get to have the whole apartment to yourself." He chuckled as the two grabbed his bags. Greg shrugged as the two of them walked into the airport. "Eh, it's gonna be really quiet. I guess I can invite Lillian over or something." Kolton nodded and the two of them walked over to the gate. "I'll miss you bro! Be sure to watch all my drama on TV. You know I can be a shit starter." He laughed and Greg nodded. "I definitely will. See ya." He walked back to the car and Kolton looked over at the group of people who were standing by the gate, waiting on the host. He saw a girl, who dressed in a... well a very revealing outfit, and she was gorgeous. Maybe the two of them could be the secret couple of the season. He thought then chuckled and shook his head.

    Mentioned: @Shattered♦Secrets™ - Lyrical Bellerose ||

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  16. ~Sophia Carson~~Mason Carson~

    Sophia drove both her and her brother to the airport. It took less time then she expected, and she soon pulled into the over night parking section and cut the engine. Getting out, her and Mason went to the back and started to unload their luggage. Putting their duffel bags over their shoulders, and rolling their suitcases behind them, they entered the airport. They really didn't exchange any looks, mostly because they just wanted to get to the gate before their flight took off. Passing easily through airport security, they came upon the gate, after checking their bags in. There were some people already there, Sophia remembered seeing a few of them before, one from the MLB third round of drafting. However, when she noticed a certain female in white, she swore to the heavens that she belonged to an escort business.
    Mason, however, took notice in one female that he seemed to remember. Chanel. His best friend Drew use to date the female back in high school, though the friends went to different schools they talked more with each other than anyone else. He had met Chanel a few times in the past, and well she was pretty he'd give her that, but she did put Drew through hell towards the end of their relationship. Shaking his head for a minute, he looked down at his sister. "We have entered the battle zone of stares. Dad wasn't kidding when he said that it was a unique bunch." He whispered in her ear, making sure no one could hear him. He sighed, straightened up. Searching he spotted a familiar midget, Lynn. "Spotted them!" He said, before walking over to his cousin. Taping on her shoulder, he laughed. "You look like you are ready to commit homicide." He joked with her, Sophia behind him. "Hey, Lynn." She said with a smile.

    Interactions: Lynn @Little_Ghost98
    Mentioned: Lyric, Nick.

    Nikita Lopez
    Kit's sister dropped her off at the airport, and helped her to get her bags out of the back. She waved and took off in the car to go back to the apartment to sleep. Kit turned with her things and made her way into the airport. She went and got her bags checked in, then headed for airport security. Seeing that she wasn't a terrorist, Kit was able to pass through fine, and continue toward the gate.
    Once there, Kit noticed a lot of people. Some looked like they belonged to high class societies, other's in the strip club, and a few that looked normal like she did. There was one in particular that didn't seem like she was stuck up or would mind speaking with Kit. After all Kit didn't always do well meeting new people in a crowd. Walking over to the female, she took a seat close to her. "Hey, I'm Nikita, but just call me Kit." She said, introducing herself to the female.

    Interactions: Bexaley @Little_Ghost98
    Mentioned: Other people

    Andrew Harrington

    Drew was able to make it to the airport, after being stopped by a cop and his friend was told to keep his truck the height it was or lower it. Drew laughed at his friends reaction to the cop. He did tell him his truck was approaching street illegal level. Drew grabbed the things out of the bed of the truck and said goodbye to his friend. He then made his way inside, checked his bags in and went to the gate. Once there, he checked out everyone else. Some people looked pretty legit. There were some floaters that really weren't talking with people, and Drew didn't want to interrupt peoples conversations so he chose to take a shot with one of the floaters. Walking up to one of the male floaters, he was on his phone, Drew smiled a bit. Taking a seat to the left of the male, he looked at the male. "Hey, the names Andrew or Drew. Anyways, what brings you to this show?" He asked, introducing himself. Drew was horrible at talking with new people, but he was about to spend the entire summer with these people so he might as well get to know them.
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  17. image.jpg

    Nick sat down as he looked around at everyone, nick thought to himself that he was probably one of if not the youngest kid there. He was eighteen but he had only turned eighteen a few months ago. Nick loomed across as a real cute girl called him over. She looked a little older then him but he was fine with that. Nick got up and walked over to Chanel, yarrow and king. "Hey guys how's it going. I'm Nick nice to meet you guys." Nick smiled as he looked at the three of them smiling. He then noticed more people coming in. He couldn't stop staring at a girl as she walked in. Nick thought to himself "wow she's beautiful." Nick then turned back to the three people he was talking too.

    I: Chanel, yarrow, king
    M: Sophia, everyone else.
  18. Luciana DelRio-Vasquez

    Luci made hey way to the airport, dropping her luggage off before making her way to the gate. There was a ton of people there and it looked like she was one of the late arrivals. Oops. Sorry. She thought. Honestly, it looked like making friends would not be a problem; although, getting into a fight might be. That was the last thing that Luci needed on her plate, a girl who she didn't like and would most likely punch in the face. She didn't need a bad reputation, especially when other producers could be watching and maybe even offer her a record label or her own tv show. She noticed two girls who looked kinda annoying, bitchy, and like she would get on everyone's nerves. I think it'd be best of I just stayed as far away from her as possible. She thought to herself. Luciana quickly walked over to the gate and sat down. She also saw a guy who looked hella attractive. He was definitely too fine not to try and get to know, but she was kinda shy, so she decided to save this for later. Luciana smiled at the thought of talking to this guy and sat down. She scrolled through Facebook while they all waited for the host of the show to greet them.

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  19. Lyrical watched as her brother made nice with Thing 1 and Thing Dumb. She almost went over to rip the whore's hair out, when she asked if King liked the color blue also. What kind of a bitch said something like that...that type of bitch did. She knew her brother could handle himself. As long as she didn't go to far, then Lyrical would step in. She watched as more people started to show up...they all looked so...different. Some of them kept looking at her, as if they've never seen a hot girl before...well, no one is as hot as her of course.

    Lyrical did happen to notice one girl, a cute blonde. Her name was, Jessica. She was someone Lyrical could see herself at least talking to. When Jessica introduced the girl who came with her as her sister, Lynn, Lyrical almost burst out laughing. She could of sworn that SHE was a HE. She wouldn't fuck with her because of that, her brother being gay and all, but it was still crazy. "Hi, Jessica. I like your outfit. I'm Lyrical by the way." She had put her phone back in her purse for the moment, getting beeps from Instragram likes. She finally took off her shades, showing her Candy Apple Green eyes. She saw a boy walking over too, he was so staring at her.

    This boy, looked like a girl. He was definitely not Lyrical's type. She did happen to flirtatiously wave at him...she could still have some fun. More and more people started showing up...then it seemed like the world had stopped when this devastatingly beautiful man came over to the group...he looked straight at King. Lyrical sighed and flopped back in her seat...he had to be Gay, fuck!

    I: @Little_Ghost98
    M: @Zatanna @Little_Ghost98

    King liked the boy named Yarrow...on the other hand, Chanel was a bitch on her PMS x10. He smirked at her, she was in for it now. He winked at his sister, who in turn grinned his way. "I do like red, blue sometimes, my favorite color is actually green. You would have learned that if you weren't such a Classless Bimbo, Love." He smiled at her, giving a fake smile right back to her. "I would sit down and talk more, Yarrow, but your friend or whatever has left a very bad taste in my mouth."

    He went to turn back around and sit next to his sister, when a beautiful man came up to the group. "Hey, Charlie. You can call me King...that's my real name." While walking back over to his sister, he managed to see some more sides of Charlie...he was going to get with him sooner or later. Sitting down, King smiled at his sister. He saw her introduce herself to Jessica, he was happy to see that she was at least trying to be friendly.

    Aurora noticed more and more people started to show up, they all seemed nice. Hopefully she would make some everlasting friends here...or maybe she could make a love connection with someone, that would be nice too. While scanning over everyone one, Aurora noticed a girl sitting by herself. She must of showed up before everyone one else did. Aurora stood up walking over to her. She took the empty seat next to her. "Hi, I'm Aurora." She smiled at the girl, she seemed like a girl Aurora could become friends with. Aurora saw that the girl was reading a book...yeah, she would definitely get along with her. "If you don't mind me asking, but what are you reading? I love reading books about fantasy and things like that." When Aurora spotted someone that she had something in common with, she tended to open up more.

    I: @Poisoned Rose

    Being blowned off by the girl named Lyrical didn't hurt Gabriel's ego too much. He watched as most of the "cast" finally showed up. He almost dropped out of his chair when this sexy ass chick came by him. He watched as she sat down and took out her phone. He was glad the seat next to her was empty. He slid over to her, shining his Million Dollar Smile her way. "Hey Chica, I'm Gabriel. I bet your name is as beautiful as you are, right?" He winked at her, he could be charming most of the time, but usually he was cheesy. His cheesiness was also charming in a goofball way, so it still worked out. Hopefully she wouldn't diss him like wannabe Beyonce did. Waiting for her to respond, he noticed King dissing wannabe Paris Hilton...which was hella funny to him.

    I: @Asking_Angelica99
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  20. [​IMG]

    Allen was running a bit late and he knew it. He bit his lip as he arrived at the airport and after a moment or two, soon arrived at the gate with the others. He had worried that he may have been too late from when he slept in a little longer than he'd like. He was glad his brother called when he did and reminded him of what day it was! Otherwise he may have been in a bit of a tough spot. Good ol' Leo saving little Allen's rump yet again.

    He gave each person there a once over and relaxed a bit. Rolling his shirt sleeves up to his elbows. He wore a somewhat dressy white button up shirt and blue jeans today along with a black and red thread bracelet and sneakers. He didn't mind the simple look and honestly threw on whatever he could find that was neat and wrinkless for today at least. Luckily his things had been packed before hand.

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