Read Comics in Public Day

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  1. To quote from their official instructions:

    "1. Visit your local comics shoppe.
    2. Browse the selection of comic bookery.
    3. Choose a title from their selection. Pro tip: Be adventurous!
    3A. If you cannot choose between two or more titles, do not fret! You may purchase multiple books for consumption now or at a later date.
    3B. If you are new to comic bookery and are having difficulty selecting a title, consult with an employee. They are here to help.
    4. Purchase your selection from the cashier.
    5. Place books in a regulation comics storage receptacle. Exit shoppe.
    6. Find a suitable reading location.
    7. Commence comics reading.
    8. Have a friend or loved one document your participation with a photograph.
    9. Show your comics-literacy pride by sending your photo to the Read Comics In Public Day sponsors at ."

    Apparently their main website is down, but there's the FB page:
  2. wait you need a day for that....i do that way to much as is
  3. I agree with most of this, and it also seems like a lot of fun ^^>
  4. That's a great idea. De-stigmatizing certain forms of entertainment is a noble goal. I wish I'd known about this before today, which is apparently the event day.Well, next time.