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  1. So about 3 weeks ago, during sparring night, I take on a (much) higher-ranked and more experienced black belt. He's 6'4", 275 lb., been in the martial arts for about 40 years, and is a veteran cop who's been through his share of altercations, arrests, and fights. Back in the day, he was so fast and powerful he could clear a fighting space in one step and spin-back-fist a guy hard enough to drop them in five seconds during a competition.

    He's gone to seed at this point, but holy hell, I've never fought anyone who moved that fast, hit that hard, and was also that big. And it was awesome! No matter where I moved, he's always on me hitting me so hard that you could hear the blows across the gym. They're hard enough that even if I blocked them, I still felt it through my arm and into my torso.

    Martial artists being martial artists, I couldn't back down until the senior black belt tells me to. Its just good etiquette. So, since I can't run away and I can't win, I just kept going back in and throwing what punches I could and eventually resorted to clinching and trying to fuck him up with repeated knees to the chest and face.

    Eventually, he uppercuts me in the gut and I go down. In my head, I'm like "OH THANK GOD I CAN STOP NOW."

    It was pretty awesome.

    Last Wednesday, he was chatting with my coach/sensei, since they're longtime friends. You know what he tells him?

    "I hope its okay I hit your student as hard as I did. I only hit him that hard because I was afraid he was going to run me down. I threw the four hardest kicks I've ever thrown because no matter how hard I hit your student, even if I moved him, he kept coming right back in. If he had fifty more pounds on him, I wouldn't fight him."

    I'm 5'7, 160 lb. sopping wet.

    And I made a veteran fighter take me seriously and fight me harder.


    What's your badass moment?
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  2. My most badass?

    Stood like one pace away from a rabbit, and it didn't notice me. Born in the shadows mofooooos.

    I'm a failure in life, I know.
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  3. you're like a ninja....
  4. Bet it was blind.
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  5. I was a live-in nurse for my dad when he had a really bad work-related injury. He made a full recovery when all odds were against him. The doctors told me I was an integral part to his recovery. To be told something like that by professionals really makes you feel like a badass.
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  6. I broke my arm once. The next day, I swam across an entire lake. The lake was pretty large.
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  7. I once stubbed my toe. It only hurt a lot.
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  8. this isnt badass

    its more badbutt
  9. I mean I've also nearly bought the farm a couple times, and been in real scraps, and survived parental abandonment, and numerous other macabre and melancholic things.

    So, really, I'm satisfied with stubbing my toe.
  10. I had a second degree burn all over my back and still went to lazer tag when I was 11.
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  11. I saw Clannad After Story.... And didn't cry.
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  12. :c

    I put on sunglasses while saying relevant puns. There are no explosions.
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  13. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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  14. Yeah.
  15. I survived early labor that lasted 4 days and then active labor for 17 hours before getting a cesarian. It was back labor. Either you've had it and understand or you'll never understand lol.

    Oh and all the while I was administered an epidural, pitocin, more epidural, fentinol, more epidural, some drug that SLOWED down my contractions, surgical grade epidural, more fentinol, and the "laughing" gas. What makes this incredible is that I was still conscious. I haven't even taken ibuprofen in over 5 years.. so that was a lot for me.
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  16. FOUR DAYS.


    See, this is why I am not envious of baby making duties. I am quite happy with my minimal contribution to the equation. Fuck that's badass. Your kid better be fuckin' happy. :ferret:
    Adrenaline does crazy shit.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Yeah but to be fair I didn't really know I was in labor. Early labor is annoyingly painful. Like feels like the worst cramps you've ever has over and over. I called my doctor and he told me if they weren't consistentdown to the minute then it was false labor. Well they were like a minute off so I thought it was just Braxton hicks. Nooooope.

    It was kinda funny. The drive to the hospital was the worst hour and a half of my life. Ive never shouted do many obscene things. God forbid my bf tell me to calm down. I almost dick pinched him.

    I meant dick punched but pinched works too.

    Also she is actually the happiest baby I've ever seen and she was worth every single second of labor. <3
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  19. s'what you get for getting pregnant


  20. *Dick punches Razilin*

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