Ratchet and Clank: Deep Under The Mystery

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Hey everyone I am a Ratchet and clank fan and I was hoping to create a story where the Lombaxes (Ratchets species) are still unable to be found, so as he searches through the many tribal planets that worship the Zoni (a alien species that are very intelligent) to find out if they know anything about his kind and what happened to them in the past! I have an idea that I should try out and if you have any suggestions too feel free to pitch in.
For this particular roleplay, you would have to be Ratchet and fortunately since he dosent show much of a personality (other than hes happy or goofy) you can make more of a personality in this story...

My character would be a female lombax who is the daughter of the former General that ended up betraying the Lombaxes (Ratchet and Clank: A crack in Time) when they needed him the most. When they found out my character was the daughter of the General they abandoned her on a hostile planet crawling with what seemed like bear like savages! It turned out though that they were actually a peaceful tribe that worshiped the Zoni like other planets!
The tribe, not knowing much about life outside their planet raised this Lombax not knowing what species she actually was and although they have primitive technology their fighting style is unique and not like others, giving my character a strategic advance.

If you want there can be a love interest between Ratchet and my character, he could travel to her planet in order to find out more information about his kind? Anyway, message me or comment below if you want to discuss this!
Not open for further replies.