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  1. Rapunzel looked out of her tower window, and sighed. She glanced back into her tower room - the place where she had spent all her life. "Gondal!" She called, and grinned as her small Shih Tzu bounded up the stairs, and across the room to her. "There you are - good boy." She ruffled her dog's ears affectionately, but sighed yet again.

    Gondal, and Mother Gothel were the only other living beings she saw - she lived in the tall tower, with no doors leading out, and no way of getting away even if she could escape from the tower - the roses and thorns on the taller wall surrounding them saw to that. All Rapunzel wanted, was to meet someone else - someone who she could chat to.
  2. Harbor's tongue clicked against his teeth. Being an offical courier for a really popular weapon smith had it's bad days, having to devlier really heavy weapons to remote and often dangerous places, fending off raveneous beast, and getting really bad tips. This time it was just straight up annoying.

    He just started up at the tower, trying to see if he made a wrong turn somewhere along the way. It was very, very tall. No doors. Only one window waaay waaayy at the top. he sighed as he tried to see if anyone was home.

  3. Rapunzel started, and she nervously looked out the window. There at the bottom was a guy! She began to hyperventilate but when Gondal nudged her leg, she returned to reality. She poked her head out the window, and called down, "Up here!" The guy had curly brown hair, and a grey uniform. This was the first guy she had ever seen in her life!
  4. "Uhhh..." He paused a bit as he managed to see a head poke itself out the window at the top of the tower. "I got a Delivery for a...M.G.?" That was awfully vague to only have initials. He figured it would a more...Discreet place would belong to someone that apparently was too paranoid to use even part of their full name. Well at least the packaget this time was light. It almost didn't even feel like a weapon at all, being all wrapped in his Employer's signature 400 Thread count fleeced silk wrapping, as he was well know for his craftmenship and he sense of poise and dignity.

    "How exactly am I going to get up there?" He shouted back up towards the woman as he couldn't find a door way nor ever stairs to the top of that windows of hers. "You...Got...Like some sort of hidden door or something I can get access too or something?"
  5. "Uh, yeah. It's for my mother. Just wait a moment." Rapunzel looked around the room desperately, looking for a rope or something, and then her long hair caught her eye. She had been growing it out for years, and had never cut it. It now was long enough to reach around the room twice, and now it occurred to her that it might be long enough to reach the ground.

    "Wait a moment!" She called out the window as she gathered all the hair up in her arms. Rapunzel sat on the edge of the window sill, and dropped the long plait down the side of the tower. It just about reached the ground to her relief. "Um, just climb!" She nervously said.
  6. He figured the tower would have some sort of fancy secret door or some hidden magic opening or something, so he was really suprised when the woman seemed to drop down something that resembled something that seemed like strained fabric of some type hold it all from her-"WHOA!"
    He was really confused by the situation and alittle amazed. The girl had thrown down her on set of golden locks, the length of it all almost as tall as the tower itself! This...This was as amazing as it was...Weird.

    "Uhh... Are you sure you don't have... Like a rope... Pulley system or something? No door I can go through?" He honestly was terrified of harming her by climing up her hair, it look like it would really really hurt if he didn't know what he was doing or if she didn't. "I mean I can just try to... Uhh...Toss the package up?" What was Harbor thinking, it was a weapon he was carrying, not some sort of toy he could toss in the direct of a young woman. He sighed a bit, figuring that if the girl offer her hair, she must have done this before. He held the package under arm and grabbed two handful of her hair. "ARE YOU SURE THIS WON'T HURT?"
  7. "It's fine!" Rapunzle yelled down, grabbing the other end and putting a foot up against the window sill to steady herself. "Go on!" She could feel the tugging on her hair, but it wasn't sore at all. The vast amount of hair lessened the pain that would have been if she had shorter hair. Gondal bounded around the room, barking loudly and excitedly.

    She glanced out, and smiled at the approaching guy - he looked to be about her age, about 18, and he was good-looking, making her heart flutter. Even though she had never saw anyone else besides Mother Gothel in her life, she still smiled shyly when his head appeared at the window finally. "Hey."
  8. He was trying not to cling on too tightly. or pull against her hair as hard, but when he put his full weight onto the hair, scaling the wall only using her long blonde hair as a support system, and found that it held fast and didn't seem to hurt her, the uneasiness of the situation seemed to fade away quickly.

    "M.G. is your mother?" Usually, his boss had a policy of not giving the packages to anyone, but the intented reciever, inorder to avoid... Messy situation, as the weapons were usually dangerous and highly sought after. "Is...Is she home?" He looked around at the inside of the tower, the brightly colored walls of a single wide room that seemed to be the young lady's dwelling. Fresh paint seem to sit on a near-by table as still wet-seeming addition appeared near a corner of the room. As he looked around, he noticed that the entire room seemed to be painted over at least three times, the old faded paint still prevailant under the newer coats. It was a large room, and to cover it a couple of times over with paint... This girl must of had alot of free time.

    "So... Is she home? My boss is quite strict on not giving the package to anyone, but the intended customer." He glanced over at the girl herself as she pulled up her long flowing hair from the stoop that threw it over to using as rope. She still smiled a bright, yet awkward smile, her cheeks tinting just the slightest hue of pink as her eyes were wide and almost seemed expectant, giving him the strange feeling that just being here seemed to be courting the girl, promptly cause his face to feel a little warm itself.

    Honestly, he was not used to dealing with young, attractive maidens in his line of work, usually delievering to either rough looking Military types near fields of battle or shady robed figures out in desolate places filled with countless amount of life threatening things, always waiting for him to slip up and to seize their chance at a meal. Despite the strangeness of the long hair, it was rather pleasant to see the lady inlieu of his usual customers. Nice enough for him to find himself smiling awkward as well, his eyes just abit wide and expectant.
  9. Rapunzel shook her head. "No - my mother is out of town at the moment. I'm sorry." She glanced down, and then pulled Gondal off the guy's shoes. "Gondal! No!" She scolded the dog, and sent him to the other room. "So.... are you thirsty, or hungry or something?" She glanced back at the guy.

    "I'm Rapunzel by the way." Her mother had told her that she was named after a beautiful flower which had grown when she was born.
  10. Harbor smiled as the small furry dog pulled off his shoes, almost as if it was trying to get him to stay long for the sake of his master. The little beast was one of least threatening of his kind that had encountered, it was almost pleasant in the way it tugged off his shoes like it was trying to comfort him after his long journey. Sadly, this wasn't the first time an animal has gone after her shoes before.

    "Harbor..." He already had his shoes off, the relaxation mode seem to just slowly settled in. "Uhhh..." He hesistated abit as she offered to give him something to sate himself from the long journey. "Honestly, I wound't mind a warm meal and something to drink." He held the packet inbetween his arm and torso loosely, the nagging feeling of his job still lingering in the back of his head. "So... Do...Do you have any idea how long she is going to take to come back home?" he was wonder how he would handle the situation if her mother was going to be gone for along while. Would he have to find a place to stay while he waited for her to come back?
  11. "Sure. Come on downstairs." She opened the door on the other side of the room, and vanished down the stairs. She slipped into the kitchen, and flicked on the kettle for a cup of tea, and began to heat up some of her own home-made chicken soup.

    "My mum won't be back for another couple of days. Sorry." She wished that her mother was here - she would know how to handle this situation. Rapunzel didn't know how to handle guys, having never seen one before that day. "Do you have to give it to the adressee personally, or what do you have to do?"
  12. "It's one of the strict rules that my employer enforces. I ask no question about the recipitant, I have to wait until I have the actual recipitant to reccieve the package, and I cannot show people the location of my employers..." He sort of shut up when he found himself just talking a bit too much about his job. He started down the stairs as she beckoned him to follow her noticing how quiant the tower felt despite how opressive it looked from out side, everything covered in a bright coat of paint, drawings of flowers almost everywhere, an occasion depicition of her little companion follicking beside them. Just the amount of time spent on the details... He started questioning if she even got out of this tower.

    "Is... There a place of lodging I can stay at while I am here?" It was strange for a recipiant to know that he was coming and not be there. He never actually had to wait more a few hours. This was quite a predictiment. He wasn't so sure if he had the budget to stay around the place for a few days.
  13. Rapunzel watched him carefully for a moment, thinking, and then she suggested with a shy smile. "You are very welcome to stay here - we have another room in the tower." She dreaded thinking what her mother would say but she oddly didn't care. She pulled out a bowl from the cupboard, and filled it with the chicken soup.
  14. "I..." He really didn't know how to honestly respond to that. His boss would be mad at him for talking so much time with a delivery...Yet he felt that he would be more mad if he didn't give the delivery to the recipient and came back with no money. Then there was the whole staying over at a stranger's house, spending the time alone with the person's daughter. But she was rather attractive and seemed genuinely excited to see him around, as it seemed she didn't get much company or time out of the tower at all.

    "Are you sure your mother wouldn't mind? ... Are you sure you don't mind? I mean... You and I are complete strangers, Miss Rapunzel. Are you sure inviting a complete stranger to stay in your tower is a wise thing to do?"
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  16. Rapunzel shook her head. "No - and besides, you wouldn't do anything to me? Would you?" She picked up the kettle, and poured the water into the mug which would be for the cup of tea. "You will just be staying until my mother returns, and you will then be on your way back home- right?" She glanced up at him, brushing her long hair out of the way of her face.
  17. He found himself blushing deeply as she made that statment, the feeling of awkwardness becoming oblivious again as she brought up the idea of anything related to ideas of that nature. "I wouldn't have any reason to, I mean... Not that that you aren't attractive, I mean... You are attractive, but I would never do any of that kind of thing to you, I mean if it wasn't unwarrented..." He sighed, the signs of him not dealing much with women near his age making itself clear at the moment. "...No, i would never do anything like that to someone that is important to a customer."

    Perhaps he the journey with a lack of food had made him more jittery than he thought. He noded at her as he took the chicken soup she handed to him generously and slurped hastily, nearly inhaling the broth and chicken chunks at all with little trouble at all. "That was-" He suddenly burped a satisified burp. "Really, Really good..." He hadn't had many experience with women as he was raised by the blacksmith for the majority of his life. Proper dinner Manners wasn't one of his strong points. "More." He quickly reached out for the cup of tea and practically inhaled the tea as well. "More of this as well."
  18. Rapunzel leaned against the counter, and watched him silently as he ate. She quickly prepared another bowl of the soup and a refill of tea, and leaned back again. He was a curious person, secretive, but very intriguing. She fiddled with her hair as she stood there, watching him. "We have a spare room just upstairs."
  19. He slurped the bowl down sloppily, spilling just alittle of the noddles on the side of his face as he started into the tea. "So good." He managed to mumbled inbetween his slurps. He wasn't really cleanly at all when he ate, he just seemed to consume and consume. "Another bowl and more tea, please." He didn't even try to wipe the noodles off the side of his face.

    "Are you sure it is okay for me to take it?" he still felt a bit hesistant about agreeing to stay in such a secluded place such as this. "I mean I am sure I can find lodging some where else, I don't have to be a bother, Miss Rapunzel, you needn't have to worry about me."
  20. Rapunzel shook her head. "No - you can stay here. It's fine. And please - it's just Rapunzel - not Miss Rapunzel." She poured him some more soup and tea, and then gathered up all her hair to go upstairs. "Come back up when you are finished." She vanished up the stairs.