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  1. So apparently, FOX has plans either later this year or early next year to air a Batman-spinoff series titled "Gotham". This drama is going to serve as the origin story of the Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" movie trilogy. It will follow a young Bruce Wayne (said to be around 12) and Commissioner Gordon (who still Detective Gordon at this point in time). It's promised to follow the dark tone of the movies as well as feature an array of Batman's classic villains in their younger forms and (as a moneyshot for the fans) in the final episode, it's been promised that Bruce will put on the cape.

    There are a bunch of articles, but there's not much out about the series yet... so really all you'd have to do is Google it. So, any Batman or DC fans on Iwaku wanting to speak their minds on this? I figure it'd be a fun thing to see what other fans of the series have to say about it. Anyhow, comment AWAAAYYYYYY~ :D
  2. DC do seem to be on the back foot when it comes to these sort of things. They're struggling to launch their own answer to Marvel's Avengers flagship series (Green Lantern was supposed to kick theirs off, but with Green Lantern being a massive, steaming pile of shit it's kinda fallen to Man Of Steel to pull it off), and I seem to only remember hearing about this new idea after Marvel and Netflix announced their big TV series deal.

    That being said? Gotham sounds promising. I hope it keeps focused on the efforts of the cops and ordinary citizens of the city, though, rather than trying to be an origins story for Bruce Wayne. We've already had a fuck-ton of that, let someone else have the limelight for a bit and all.
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  3. True, it would be nice to focus more on the efforts of regular citizens instead of delving straight into the whole "Batman origin" aspect.
  4. I'm more of a Marvel guy but I did very much enjoy the trilogy and thanks for telling me about this because I hadn't heard about it up until now hehe.
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  5. ^.^ Aha, no problem, glad I was able to provide you this news.
  6. Are you familiar with Arrow? I watched the first episode and it was decent.
  7. I haven't yet, but I've heard good things of it. So I may pick up the series in between catching up with anime, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist... needless to say, I have quite a few shows I'm behind on. xD
  8. Yeah I have way too much anime to watch. Not to mention endlessly looping Shingeki no Kyojin looooooooooool.
  9. Ha ha nice. :3
  10. As you can tell I'm obsessed.

  11. Whaaatttt? Nooooo? Pffttt. xD
  12. I just love Mikasa so much in a completely platonic way lol.
  13. I swear lol!
  14. I'm surprised at how likable Arrow is, considering how terrible Smallville was.

    Now, about this show... Eh... I mean, I like the idea of it... They're going into detail about some awesome, important characters after all. At the same time, I'm getting bored with Batman. There are already a ton of cartoons and movies for Batman, too. :/ So in all honesty, when I first read about this show, I just felt...nothing. Kinda just went "Meh" and kept browsing articles. I'll probably still check it out, but it's nothing I'm too excited for. Nothing about the show will really surprise me, either. The background stories of the characters aren't anything special or new...

    If Fox wants more attention, they should have picked someone less popular. Go with something fresh, dammit. Take that risky step away from the comfort zone. Give Batman a rest for once.

    Also, DC just keeps pissing me off. Marvel has done a great job of keeping the stories and universes solid. DC keeps flip flopping, and trying to compete with Marvel's ideas so they won't be forgotten. And then there's that Batman vs. Superman monstrosity. *huffs and goes to kill things with lightsabers*
  15. Golden.
  16. [​IMG]


    Also... It's a good start to intoduce a star bit player of the DC Universe, Renee Montoya .
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  17. Because they are too busy Milking what "THEY" know will make them money...This is just my opinion. A logical and perfectly sound opinion.

    I honestly want more of oracle...they never really touch on her once shehits that wheelchair :( poor oracle.
  18. And whilst I'm thinking about it, is this really supposed to be another origins story for the Nolan trilogy? I mean, Batman Begins established that Wayne's not much more that a pouty preppy boy until he fucks off on a spiritual journey that ends with him being taken in by apocalypse ninjas. Maybe its going to be the origins story for Alfleck's Bruce Wayne or something, I dunno.

    That being said, do we really need another fucking origins story for Bruce "the goddamn Batman" Wayne? We get it. We fucking get it. Rich boy by day, vigilante by night in that whole "modern interpretation of the Scarlet Pimpernel" way. His parents are deeeeead. He has a weird obsession with teenage apprentices (even though this can lead to them dying horribly). Honestly, if you're watching a series about Gotham City its a pretty safe bet to assume the audience isn't so chaotically fucktarded that they've forgotten who this guy is and what he's all about.

    Meanwhile they could be giving some of the less known characters a chance in the spotlight (like Marvel's cleverly been doing with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Fuck, get the Great White Shark in there. Give Victor Zsaaz more than just a shitty bit part. They'be got decades worth of material to draw from, so it seems daft that they keep limiting themselves to the same old shit.