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  1. I like my characters being underage in rp's so its jail bait. Nothing like fourteen and under but 15 to 17 are my favs. I have no idea what to rp about so if you want to help me out, by all means, be my guest. Im a romance type of girl so after a bit of a plot it leads to the dirty stuff that we all love. So...yep. It can be anything too. Incest is fun to do but also a gangster or an assassin that comes across a crying girl and for the life of him, even though he is cruel, helps her out. Meh...stuff like that i guess. Can be Fantasy related as well... this is for anyone as well. You all can just hit me up i guess. And its not limited to just one type of story ya know? So you can all hit me up with different ideas as well.
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  2. I have some ideas, want me to PM you?
  3. Prison x Jail bait sounds intresting, I have a few ideas of my own, shoot me a PM if you want to talk. :)
  4. Mmm...sure.
  5. I'm looking for an incest brotherxsister Rp if you're still open to do one.
  6. Im up for anything sir! ^^ PM me.
  7. Care to role play wit me? I do straight and yuri (personal fav.) I think I have a few ideas you might like. Feel free to pm me.