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    The kingdom of Ottilia was once a beautiful and prosperous country. It was not perfect by far, but its people were content and happy for the most part. That is, until drought and famine and disease began striking the kingdom. Wells dried up and crops refused to grow and entire towns were wiped out from a plague. The kingdom was on the verge of collapse and in order to protect the few resources left and there were those capable of still running the kingdom, the nobles and royalty of the kingdom closed the doors of the High Town in the capital city of Eamon in order to keep themselves safe. The tall walls that separated the High Town and Low Town have never seemed taller than they did on the day the gates shut. The nobles were kept in seclusion other than the ships that occasionally sailed up the canals into the High Town to deliver goods and transport goods. Many nobles fled along those ships, but some refused to stay behind - loyal countrymen, devoted knights, powerhungry fools.
    Unsurprisingly, the common folk left behind (with no money to secure passage outside of the city and no means of survival) were angered and furious with the ruling class. They were given scraps to fend for themselves and they had to watch their neighbors, friends, and family be taken by a plague, struck down by gangs, or slowly starve to death and not being able to do a thing because if they shared their food with others, they too would starve. Babies were left on the streets because families could not afford to feed another mouth and gangs formed from the abandoned children left behind. All of this while the nobles lived their cushioned lifestyles.

    However, not all was sunshine and rainbows for the nobles either. The enclosed times greatly shifted the balance of power. Nobles fought over territory rights and power, and only the royal family was able to keep some form of balance and organization to the power system. The royal family made laws to prevent infighting, promising death or imprisonment of any of those who turned upon their fellow nobles. For a time it seemingly worked, however nobles had money and resources and they were nothing if not devious. When they wished for someone to be out of the way, they had other means of being rid of them. Assassins and poison, underhanded tactics, these all became the power-hungry nobles' means of eliminating competition. So no, not all was perfect with the Riches.

    The poor common folks' problems were far more direct in nature. Survival was their main goal. As is typical for poor communities, gangs formed in order to gain resources and control over parts of the Low town. A black market formed where the Thieves' Guild, smugglers, and poachers all sell their goods and weapons and people haggle over prices. The Thieves' Guild often take night trips over the wall that divides the Riches and the Rags and steal from the nobles in order to sell some of their goods in the markets. Swords-for-hire hang out in the many taverns among the streets and brothels provide a steady way of living for desperate men and women. Poachers take advantage of the lack of food by selling the animals they hunt in the markets to those who are desperate enough to pay overpriced for them. The smugglers embezzle goods from the ships on the canal in order to provide the Low Town folk with goods from other countries that they have long since been closed off to.

    Years past and this new way of life became normal for the two classes. Everyone thought things would stay that way for ever, as things had been this way for far too long to change. The nobles thought the common folk were dirty and diseased, while the common folk resented the nobles for leaving them to fend for themselves so many years prior and never once trying to help as their ways of life began to collapse. This isolation the nobles had inflicted and the devastation that the plague and drought brought upon the people Eamon essentially eliminated the middle class. There is a huge imbalance in the power system and the people are angry. However, once the danger of the plague had passed, the Royal Family, once honored and loved by the people of all classes decided to do some damage repair. One day, a sentry came out with a message to the common folk. The gates would be opening for the first time in years, and negotiations were soon to begin about bridging the gap between the classes. A masquerade would take place in a week's time at the royal palace. The masks being a symbol of nobles and common folk mingling on equal grounds for the first time in over two decades. This ball would mark the first of many talks, negotiations, and other events that were going to be discussed by leaders on both sides of the wall in order to repair the broken relationship between Eamon's people. Most importantly, the walls would be taken down so Eamon would never be able to turn away from its people ever again.

    This announcement caused much outrage among those who did not like the idea of change. However, it's either this or civil war.

    1. I will also be fairly demanding when it comes to character profiles and lengths of posts in this roleplay. If there are constant spelling or grammar mistakes or one-liners, I'm going to ask that you go back and fix it. Don't get me wrong a stray then/than or you're/your is fine, it happens to the best of us. We're not all perfect writers and mistakes are bound to happen and I understand that. However, consistent poor grammar and spelling can be very distracting and takes away from what you're trying to say.

    2. If I ask you to make changes, respect that! This roleplay is intended for the moderate to advanced roleplayer, beginners are always welcome, but you might have a hard time keeping up if you're fairly new to writing and I want everyone to feel as if they belong here.

    3. You are NOT allowed to post less than a paragraph (a paragraph to me is five sentences). One-liners are forbidden in both character sheets and roleplays. I understand that writer's block gets the best of us, but I ask that you at least try. What does your character think, feel, smell, see? Who are they with? How are they standing or sitting? Do they move around when they talk or wrinkle their nose or furrow their brows? What are they wearing? There is absolutely no reason that you should write a single sentence when there is so much you can write about.

    4. Respect other players!

    5. Give other people a chance to reply! In other words, don't post too much so that when someone logs on the next day there are several pages of just two characters going back and forth. This causes people to drop out of roleplays and makes them into a 1x1. Quality over quantity people!

    6. Don't control other people's players! It's rude - they're not your characters so leave them alone.

    7. Keep it PG guys! If you want to take it further, feel free to move to PM, but do NOT post anything of the like in the thread. Keep away from being too descriptive when it comes to action and gore.

    8. That being said, you are permitted to swear in the roleplay.

    9. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask me. I am here to help you!

    10. Characters such as the King, Queen, Prince (s), Princess (es), Knight Commander, Thieves' Guild leader, Assassin's Guild leader, Gang leader, and the like are up for grabs but only on a first come first serve basis and you have to ask me first. Send me a PM or post here in the Sign-Ups/OOC.

    If you are still reading this, post the best pun you can think of at the bottom of your character sheet to prove to me that you read this.

    11. Events will be occurring throughout the course of this roleplay. Be sure to watch the thread and keep an eye out for updates because that's how I go about announcing events. The first of these events will be the masquerade.

    12. There is NO middle class in this roleplay. You are either a Rags or a Rich, no inbetween.

    13. Likewise, you MUST be from Eamon, the capital city. You can't be some trader or from somewhere else in the kingdom. Positions like that might open up later but for now we're keeping it within the city walls and the canals/forests around.

    Have fun!
  3. You can have as many characters as you want, any age from young to very old and romance is encouraged but keep it PG-13 in the forum. Photos are also encouraged (real or anime) but not necessary, you can describe your character instead if you choose.

    Your characters can also be of the royal family (king, queen, princess, prince, etc), leader of the thieves' guild, a noble trying to overthrow the royal family, or leader of a gang, etc. but ONLY at a first-come first-serve basis so contact me if you're interested in one of those positions! Run this by me first and I'll let you know/give you approval, unless it's an outlandish request I'm not likely to disapprove.
    -- On a side note, simple occupations like thieves, mercenaries, smugglers, assassins, knights, nobles, poachers, doctors, merchants, etc etc. do NOT need my approval beforehand you can just create your character right away!

    I will be announcing more events as the roleplay goes on!

    Character Skeleton:
    Social Class:

    Common Folk/Rags:

    1. Emera (Leader of the Common Folk) played by @grapedrank
    2. Natalya played by @GreatWest

    1. Shadowdancer played by @Hisoka
    2. Aemin played by @Sir Basil

    1. Yasmine Lockwood played by @Princess of the Teacup

    1. Anathor Blackmont played by @The Piper of Pipers
    2. Isaiah (Prince) played by @Princess of the Teacup
    3. Baron Desmond Mornwood played by @Hisoka

    Name: Emera (Pronounced Em-EE-ra)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Social Class: Commoner/Rags
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Background: Emera was essentially a street rat in the lower towns for as long as she could remember although she has vague memories of a woman from when she was younger. All she really knows about her mother was her first name (Violet) and the fact that she was a prostitute and passed away when she was younger. In her earliest years she was taken care of by her mother and the other women in the brothel. When her mother passed away, Emera now at age 7 was left out on the streets. It's due to her orphan status that she doesn't have a last name. Around the age of 11, Emera started running errands and messages for gangs and attacking merchant ships traveling up the canal to the High Towns. She soon gained some skill in sword fighting and became a mercenary. However around the age of 17, she took her first venture into the forest outside Eamon and began hunting and selling the meat in the market and the hides and bones in the black markets. She practiced her sword fighting skills in the forests as well as her trapping and hunting. It wasn't the best living, but it gave Emera enough independence so that she was able to separate herself from any gang wars by the age of 19. With a decently steady income from a combination of her hunting and mercenary work, Emera was able to help out some of the families and businesses in the lower town and started gaining more positive notice although that didn't come without its own dangers (gangs don't like anyone having more influence than them). However, she was not deterred, Emera was able to form a small militia of men and women from the Rags side to help take care of things and stop gang outbreaks as well as created hunting parties to venture out into the forests. Within the next few years, Emera slowly but surely became the closest thing the common folk had as a leader.

    Personality: Emera is motivated like no one else and can motivate others as well. She's a natural born leader that people almost instinctively rally behind her. Her demeanor commands and earns respect from her peers. She is fierce and her past has toughened her and hardened her skills. She's smart and resourceful, even if she has had no formal education and can't read. She works hard and is optimistic in that she can help change things for the better in the town. She tries to help people whenever she can and is loyal to a fault, she will always keep her promises. Still, Emera is not someone to be messed with. She is a warrior and a fighter and can get extremely angry and can be easily frustrated and is incredibly impatient. She has a strong dislike of nobles but she knows that being diplomatic and negotiating with them is the only way to make her people safer. She's not above resorting to violence, in fact it's a fine line between diplomacy and violence for her which makes her a force to be reckoned with. In her personal life, she's not very close to anyone and nor is she an easy person to be close to. Being a leader among the common folk, she has a lot on her plate which puts a strain on most personal relations she's ever tried to have. Sometimes Emera takes on too much and can disregard herself because she is so eager to try and fix everyone's problems and takes on more than she can handle. She can be careless with her own self, disregarding her own injuries and health in favor of addressing "more important problems."

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Emera's skill with a sword is unlike any other. She taught herself so it's rusty and her technique is not the best, but that doesn't make her any less of a formidable opponent. She's all about power. She can take a lot of hits as well and her brute strength makes up for her lack of speed or grace.

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  4. Character Skeleton:
    Name: Shadowdancer
    Age: Thirty-six
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Social Class: Rags
    Personality: Shadowdancer as a man with no past or family is a cruel and cold person. His total lack of empathy is apparent in every motion and every word. Concerned only with the perfection of himself Shadowdancer is less a human being and more living weapon. Resourceful and well educated the assassin does a very convincing job of hiding his origins from all but the woman who taught him.

    His loyalties though lay with the nobility, they are after all his employers. Intensely disliking the change of the status quo Shadowdancer has grown increasingly prolific in the contracts he has been taking out. For he views peace with a jaundiced eye. And he absolutely despises those seeking it out. In his mind the razor edge of your wits and a fine dagger earn you the right to life. Those who can not deserve only death.

    Such things have earned him little more then hatred. Even his employers have questioned his loyalty. A fact Shadowdancer laughs about. His only loyalty lies with the money he is paid. And he has no qualms about turning on his current employer if the right offer came along.

    The only fear Shadowdancer knows though is twofold. This talk of peace which might rob him of his livelihood and old age. The life he had thrust upon him is no old man's game. Though only thirty six the assassin knows there will come a day when his mind will fog, and when his limbs will no longer answer his call so readily. And Shadowdancer fears this like no enemy he has come across.
    Background: Shadowdancer's history starts in the streets. He was merely yet another baby left to his fate. Unwanted by the family that could no longer afford to look after him. It was a girm fate with one sure end. But fate is ever a fickle Mistress, sometimes the hand of doom and others the hand of salvation.

    And so it was with the future assassin. A masked woman in scaled leather armour mottled gray and black picked him up from his abandoned cradle. Why she chose him out of all the others was a answer Shadowdancer would never know.

    It did not matter to a grateful boy though. That she housed him and fed him was enough of an answer. Furthermore she taught him, reading, writing, how to speak with the accents of a noble, and a thousand other subjects it seemed. She even taught him her arts, blade work, stealth, poison, archery, and even disguise.

    The young man absorbed her lessons with a ravenous hunger. Eager to appease her the future assassin even assisted the woman on her contracts. But in all their time together not once did she give him her name. And the young man having no name of his own was referred to as nameless.

    Not once though did he question this arrangement. The young man was simply content with having found a home. For he knew the fates of those abandoned children that did not. Even the skills he was developing weren't enough to change his mind.

    Life however went on and by his nineteenth year with the woman the young man was a full fledged assassin. His newly minted fame earning him a rare smile from his patron. She gifted him her own personal dagger as symbol of his success. A blade of darkest ebony the dagger was razor sharp and strong enough to punch through armour.

    The next day she was gone leaving only a note.

    My dearest student you have succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. I knew those nineteen years ago you would be something special. And my hopes were answered. But one's training is never truly over. And those of us that dance in the shadow are forever alone until we find our purpose. Find your purpose my dearest student. The safehouse and all its contents are now yours.

    Your Teacher

    That note was all the trace of her nameless ever found of her. Taking up the name of Shadowdancer in memory of the note the nineteen year old devoted the next while to perfecting himself. In trying to drown the pain of yet another abandonment in the blood of his kills. All he accomplished though was the killing of his humanity. And earning a reputation as an efficient killer for hire.

    Taking the noble's gold Shadowdancer fell into his name more and more each day. He let himself become a piece in their Grand Game, only caring about the amount of money they paid. Men, Women, and even children it didn't matter to him. Forgotten was his teacher's words of finding a purpose.

    Educated- Shadowdancer's level of academic knowledge is quite impressive given his origins. Knowing not only the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic the assassin can argue philosophy if he actually felt like it.

    Trained Combat Skills- Shadowdancer's skills with sword,dagger, and bow are highly polished and countless hours spent training have kept them razor sharp.

    Dancer's Grace- The assassin's fighting style in direct combat is a thing of beauty. Relying neither on strength or size but rather on always being on the move. Treating each fight as a perfectly choreographed ballet session he whirls and dances around his opponents. Never initiating attacks Shadowdancer insteads relays on ripostes and off line thrusts to punish even the slightest mistakes of his enemies.

    Stealth- Shadowdancer is a master of moving unseen and unheard. Unless he means you to you will likely never know he was there until the sudden arrow or swift dagger ends your life.

    Alchemy- There isn't a thing you can teach the assassin about the making of poisons or their antidotes.

    Instinctive Hatred- Even those that have never met Shadowdancer seem to instantly dislike his presence.

    Bluntness- Due to his rather lacking empathy and social skills Shadowdancer does not have a single friend nor has he shown the least desire to have one.

    Small Frame- At only 170 cm and 62 kgs Shadowdancer is neither your classic case of physically intimidating nor is he likely to win a contest of pure physical strength.

    Show Spoiler

    Height: 170 cm ( 5'7)
    Weight: 62 kgs ( 137lbs)

    Shadowdancer is a slender and somewhat short person though every inch of his body is that of a lean and sinewy build. His skin is a somewhat pale tone from the majority of time spent underneath moonlight. His face holds a lean hawkish aspect to and is framed by shoulder length black hair. The eyes are a dark blue that borders on black.

    Pun- When William joined the Army he disliked the phrase 'fire at will'
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  5. And its done.
  6. Great profile! Definitely accepted! Also I enjoyed the pun
  7. Name:




    Social Class:

    Natalya is an independent woman, she hates being told what to do. Whenever someone tries to control her, to manipulate her, she'll lose her mind and, probably, put the person in needs of medical attention. And she won't regret it. Usually, she's really outgoing and cheerful, however, her mood can change in less than a second, becoming violent and angry. But, she being violent and angry is the least of the problems, the danger is when she becomes a cold person, when she's indifferent towards everything. Though it is difficult to put her in this state, which is a good thing.
    Natalya will be extremely protective over her friends, she'll refuse to let them do something dangerous alone, even if it means putting her own life at risk. Though, she doesn't have many friends, the ones closer to her died because of the plague, or were killed, since they were thieves. Just like her. The thief knows about the risks of stealing from another people, she knows she can end up just like Samuel, her best friend. But, she doesn't care, she likes the adrenaline, the risks of it. She loves it. She'll always have a grin in her face while stealing something, it's her way of living, and, at the same time, her hobby.
    The thief doesn't feel empathy for the poor, she believes that they stay like that because they want. She was miserable like that once, though she is poor, but she does live in better conditions. And Nat hates the nobles, selfish bastards. However, she won't deny that she wants to gain the "friendship" of a noble, after all, that would mean access to the High Town, and then, access to the goods of the rich. In other words, money.

    Natalya's one of the kids who were abandoned by their parents, she was left to starve when she was only 4. However, she surprised herself when she realized that survival was one of her greatest skills, along with stealing. At the age of 10, she was a master in the art of stealing, thieves started to look for her to learn about her skills. And then, her fame grew. She thought she was the best, her stealing skills were the bests, she was even good at killing, though she preferred to not kill anyone too much. The cleaning after that was a pain in the ass. Anyway, as her fame grew, more and more thieves looked for her, and among them was Samuel, a miserable rag at the edge of death. At the moment she saw him, she smiled. Finally, someone worthy of her teachings. In the next day, his training started. Indeed, he was special, he learnt fast, really fast. She was proud of him. And of herself. So, she thought he was ready to go to the next level. The last one. However, she didn't teach him one thing, the most important. How to kill someone.
    The day of the test came, Samuel was supposed to steal the merchandise of a merchant. She didn't count in him being caught, well, he didn't pass his test. Nat waited for him to run, but he didn't, the merchant was holding him. Then, she waited for him to kill the other, but he didn't. And so, she realized. She didn't teach him how to kill someone, no, she didn't prepare him, mentally. And the sword was pulled down. Samuel's corpse lay on the cold ground. Blood flooding the floor beneath him. He was dead, and she didn't do anything to save him. Since that day, Natalya was never the same, she would have constant mood swinging. She swore, by her life, that she would never, ever allow someone special to her die like that ever again. She knew that was impossible, but she tried anyway. And kept trying.

    Natalya is very observant of the details, as well as a perfeccionist. That helped her in a lot of stealings. Natalya is very passionate about the things that she loves, and is also very protective. She's very agile, her students say that she moves like a cat, silently and skillful. However, her hot tempered side can make her sloppy and noisy, so she never goes stealing while angry. Also, she a great liar, she lies almost as easily as she tells the truth, sometimes, it looks like it's a lot easier for her to lie than to be honest. Though she'll never lie to the ones she cares.

    Show Spoiler

    Height: 164 cm

    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me. (This made me laugh. A lot.)
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  8. I think I (and a dear friend of mine) would love to make characters for this RP! We'll brew up character sheets in a tick. C:
    ALSO, very important:

    I was wondering if magic is a thing in this world?
  9. That pun made me laugh as well :D Welcome to the crew!
  10. Wow what an excellent character! I love it! Welcome to the group!
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  11. I was considering making magic a thing, but ultimately decided against it simply because I want this RP to focus more on politics and social class than anything else.

    I look forward to meeting your characters!
  12. Right-o, good to know! I will be whipping up a character shortly then. C:
  13. [​IMG]
    ◄ A E M I N ►
    (Male, 19, Pansexual, Rags)


    Aemin's reclusive, and though he is not often seen, his influence is felt across Lowtown. At first, he seems rather distant, and somewhat melancholy in demeanor - a boy who aged too quickly and has no interest in the youthful pursuits that should enrapture a boy of his age. Something about him seems very removed from the present. People describe him as being lost in his own thoughts, but very intelligent and thoughtful; not eager to share the results of his inward visions. He smiles rarely, but when he does it is always tinged with a worried, anxious air.
    Aemin's imagination is incredibly vivid, and he is often lost in memories and visions of magic and alchemy that doesn't really exist. His forward thinking and thoughtful nature have resulted in anxiety about the future of Lowtown, and what will happen to his followers. Although younger than most of the gang members that he services, he feels a strong paternal instinct towards all of them, a need to 'take care of people' - partially tied to his own delusions of grandeur; that he is the only one who can help them. His mental state has become more fragile as of late, due to the grief over losing his caretaker, Deidre, which resulted in abuse of his alchemical remedies and more occult practices. His fractured mental state means that Aemin's ability to conceal his great and terrible anger - his strong sense for justice, no matter how violent - is greatly impaired. His mood fluctuates quickly, from peaceful and distant to violent and involved.

    ◄ HISTORY►

    Although little is known about the Healer of Lowtown, some parts of his story remain concrete - despite the legend that the youth had become. It could be generally agreed that his name was Aemin, and that was his Gods-given name, not some mokier that he had designed for himself in order to conceal his true identity. It was well known that Aemin had come out from the same gutters that people lived in, and that he was just too young to remember the time before the city was divided; he had lived in the darkness of a plagued and beleaguered Low Town his entire life, and had never known anything else. Here, tales diverge. Although his age was established as young, it often became a question of how young he was, and how if he was so young - how was he able to be as altruistic as he was, given the environment he had been raised in?

    Despite that the cult that had emerged around him said that he had been born in the gutters of the city, a saviour from the same filth as the patients that he treated in his little clinic ; this was in fact not true. Aemin had been born on the otherside of the blockade, amongst the plush life-style of the Hightown nobles and the indulgence that life had offered. However, there were several complications with Aemin's birth. Most importantly of all, his parentage. His mother was Myshella Ulver, one of the high ladies of Eamon, who was intended to marry the high lord Cymoric Gratis and bear his children. However, she was also coveted by another man - Elros of House Marin. Although House Marin was wealthy - Myshella's father didn't trust Elros with his daughter. He saw that there was somethign wicked and black in Elros's blood - the Marin line was cursed with madness. Their family had been dotted with exceptional entrepreneurs and miners - their ancestral estate had caverns full of gold and diamonds - but all of them had been touched by some bit of madness. And Elros was perhaps the maddest and most cruel of them all, a culmination of the madness that had plagued his lineage. But he was still a noble, and so he was invited to the wedding of Myshella and Cymoric - only to rape Myshella in a back room, touching her before even her husband did.
    The result of that union was a stillborn baby boy with a head of golden hair like his mother and dark eyes like his father - but dead, irrevocably and unequivocally. Myshella was too weak to protest - and would not have - when Cymoric (knowing of the violent circumstances that led to his new wife's child, but unable to act ) took the corpse from her arms. The high lord carried the bundle under his arms, all the way down to the canals where the nobles had fled the slums of the city to hide in their ivory towers only a year before. He placed the bundle in the aqueduct's stream, and the child was carried down the waters, flowing through the filth and the the muck that marked the transition from the Riches to the Rags - from the nobles to the poor. It was only when the dead child washed up with half a pot-roast, a handful of torn silks, and a goat's head that it began to cry once more - no longer dead but alive and frightened, doomed to die again if it was not cared for.
    Thankfully for the babe, the grate it had come to was a place that was frequented by an old widow, Deidre, who harvested the scraps from the decadent nobles. When she found the crying babe, she took pity on the creature. She had raised many foundlings in the past, out of the guilt she had for giving up her own child when she was first wed to her now long dead spouse. She was one of the oldest people in Lowtown - and she wished to do something good with the remainder of her life. So, she plucked the baby from its swaddlings, unaware that the child had once been dead. Of course, stillborn babes coming back to life was not unheard of - it was likely a mistake of the wedmaids and the midwife's part, to pronounce the child dead, and the swaddlings that his father had wrapped him in may have silenced his cries - whatever the case, he had been known as dead and now was alive once more. It is only worth mentioning such a detail because of the way his life has been seen, and the mystery and magic that he seems to embody - the way that a religion had risen up around this mysterious, once dead child.
    Aemin grew and he learned from the old widow Deidre. She was something of a witch, and had survived so long based upon the herbal remedies that had been based down from her grandmother to her mother that had been in turn, passed on to her. Although many of the plants that she needed for her recipes had long withered after the Great Drought, many of her potions and salves remained useful. Aemin was a clever boy, and began to adapt the recipes based upon what plants they had, and soon developed skills equal to Deidre's own. Their humble, uncomfortable lifestyle began to change. Aemin offered his services as a healer in the Lowtown slums, where injuries were common due to the gangfights and disease. His remedies became highly praised, and Aemin developed the beginnings of his reputation. He became known in the streets - "the Witch Boy" who could cure the Rattles and the Bloody Blooms with his touch. The stories began to get more and more elaborate. He was not only the child of a Witch - but had consorted with fiends to gain his magical healing powers. But that was only one story - others said that he had been chosen by the Gods to deliver them from the sickness and plague that had descended upon them, a chosen child who would lead them out of the confines of the city. Both sides of this conflict were equally foolish, in Aemin's eyes. He was nothing that they made him out to be. He tried to teach others how to use medicinal herbs, in the hopes that the cult around him and the conflict would subside - but it was not to be. They wanted to believe in him, as either a monster or a messiah, because it lent hope that the misfortune of Lowtown could be defeated.
    Those who called him a devil's whore came to his house late one night, while Aemin and Deidre slept. They torched their hovel shouting that the foul magic that he used would damn them all - that they needed to be burned. Aemin was awoken by the smashing of their bottles and the puncturing of their wax-paper windows. Aemin rushed to wake up Deidre, and tried to drag her from their shanty-house, but the old woman inhaled so much smoke that when he dragged her to the edge of the canal, and tried to expel the smoke from her lungs - as she had taught him - his efforts were useless. The attackers believed that he and the old woman had both been burned up inside, and had retreated - but Aemin watched them leave from behind the corpse of the woman who had protected him for so long. He swore upon her life and death that he would find revenge for her murder.
    Although he had always avoided interacting with those who saw him as a messiah - now he turned to them with vengeance in his heart. Some of his supporters were in the more powerful gangs within the city, and supported him as a result of Aemin's treatment of the wounds that they had sustained in gang violence. He demanded that these gangs turn upon the one that had called him a demonologist and warlock - and that they were to be burnt alive in their homes. The ashes of these men and women, he explained, would be used to cleanse the sins from Lowtown. His disciples did as they were bid, and brought offerings of ashes to their messiah. He took them, and using his considerable alchemical talents convinced the people of Lowtown that he had a supernatural gift, and in his small way, tried to organize those who followed him towards a more ordered and logical society than the chaos of Lowtown.
    However, his mind and sanity began to slip with his newfound power. He began to add his own blood to his alchemical treatments, and use more and more of the remedies on himself, as well as utilize the potions that Deidre told him never to use - their ingredients were too gruesome and their effects were negligible. Aemin began to believe in the lie that he had constructed; he was the Witch's Boy, and those who sought to do harm to those who followed him would suffer his vengeance.


    Aemin's major strengths stem from his intelligence, adaptability, personality, and thoughtfulness. His ability to produce curative potions through ALCHEMY is his major gift, and he can quickly adapt many of his potions from helpful to harmful depending on the situation. Because of his alchemical prowess, he has attracted a number of followers to form a CULT OF PERSONALITY around him. This dedicated group of Rags see his alchemical gifts and the preperations that he engages in as a sign of his inherent magical and divine gifts - he is seen to be a messianic figure by these people at their most extreme, although some simply see him as a figure of good that must be preserved at all costs.
    However, his personality is also his greatest fault. He is easily overcome by negative emotions, resulting in a crippled state of EMOTIONAL PARALYSIS - where Aemin is too overwhelmed by his feelings of either omnipotent power or utter despair to take any meaningful actions. At worst, these episodes are accompanied by behavioural patterns typical of hysteria; shaking and crying, or laughter and grandiose claims. They are triggered by Aemin's irregular thought patterns, and although they can come on at any time, at any intensity, they are triggered by something deep within the healer's subconscious.
    Aemin is a creature of extremes; from helpful and loved, if distant, to violent and
    obsessed, characterized by over-strong emotions.

    (I am terrible at puns, sorry!)
  14. I do rather believe we could stand to have one or two more members of the nobility. After all what is a political and social struggle without two evenly matched sides?
  15. I believe my friend- who hopefully will be joining up here- will be playing a a Noble. :)
  16. Accepted! Welcome to the crew!
  17. Agreed, there is a bit of an imbalance, and while it's still early on I'm going to try to do what I can to balance it out. I, myself will be joining as a King if no one claims the role to add more to the nobility side or possibly a knight if someone does claim the role of king. .
  18. I could be a royal person if you want :O
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  19. That would be great! That is, if you don't mind, of course, it's entirely up to you ^^
  20. @grapedrank

    I would like to with your permission create a second character. One of noble status, very powerful noble status though not a Royal. I have in mind a male noble who does care for the common man and noble alike. Though his methods are quite machiavellian in nature. He uses his vast fortune to create a network of assassins, spies, thieves, and basically anyone else he deems useful. Though not the most morally inclined person His machinations are actually achieving a greater good.

    This side of him is of course known only to his most trusted agents. Indeed the vast number of his employees have no idea whom they work for. To everyone but his most trusted agents He is simply a insanely wealthy noble who is kind and generous to a fault.
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