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  1. Have you ever rage quit from a game?

    I just picked up a title that I had rage quit a while ago and I'm still on the same bit. The only thing keeping me playing is I don't think I could live with myself if I rage quit TWICE.
  2. XD not permanently no but I have indeed ragequit so many times, most notable ones would be dark souls (I think we all know why) ninja gaiden (for the NES, I may possibly have rage-quit it for a while now.. o.o) and also flappy bird (well not sure if there's such thing as winning in that game :P just racking up points).
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  3. Yes.

    And it was awesome to walk away from it and NEVER RETURN.
  4. I use to rage-quit when I was younger, now I don't. I find games fun and I never get upset with them really.

    On the other hand, holy shit, my little brother will rage about the simplest thing in a game. He even rage-quits/yells/slams his fists and sometimes cries (he hasn't in awhile) on dumb games. One game for example, Madden NFL, because he will only play the QB, but he only throws to one person all the time.
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  5. Please tell me he doesn't have a headset. O.O
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  6. I've rage quit a few times, but I always tend to go back and play them again. Except FF13. I was already pretty much hating the game, and then hit one of the mid bosses and just… nope. Fuck it.
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  7. Nope I'm the bastard that keeps pissing people off by not quitting.
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  8. I used to when I was younger. I guess the closest thing similar to it would be when I started dota 2. If (when) I feed like hell and caused the team to start losing, I sometimes just offer to take the abandon penalty so they don't have to deal with me. My profile picture is a good summary of my face when that happens.
  9. I used to rage quit old school rpgs when I get beaten by bosses and forgot to save.

    Hours of my life I never can regain.
  10. I have a headset, though I hide the cord that allows you to speak to other players. I have turtle beaches, they come with a cord for just using the mic xD
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  11. I remember a memorable time when I loved a game but ragequit for months or years until only recently because one boss kept instakilling me. :(
  12. Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Riovanes Castle.

    I was nine years old, and I'd met Velius for the first time, and my party consisted of Ramza (stupid monk), Agrias, Mustadio, Red Chocobo, and Red Chocobo. I saved right before the fight, so I was locked out of the world map. It's one of those bossfights that forces you to be good at the game (I was) and have a not-gimmicky party (failed here), or be really good at the game and screw with the mechanics (attempted, but for some reason "lightning stab" is a holy attack instead of lightning and I couldn't figure that out).

    So a month later, I started a new game and made a party that didn't suck consist mainly of monsters.
  13. Hmm. I'm trying to think... I don't think I've raged at much games before, but Fire Emblem:SS was a bitch to me...
  14. Shadow of the Colossus. But only for a few hours before picking the controller back up and trying again.

    Oh right, and Wartune. That one was a true rage-quit. I refuse to ever play that game again. ):<
  15. Ever played Fire Emblem?

    If yes;

    Every single desert mission, EVER.
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  16. Agreed.
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  17. rage quitting happen to us all

    just try not bad manner anyone when you do it
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  19. I can think of two times, the Luigi purple coin star in Super Mario Galaxy and 9-7 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Because, seriously, fuck those levels, especially the purple coin one. I don't think I've ever been more mad at a video game as I was then. I actually kicked a hole in my wall I was so mad, and it's still there to this day.
  20. I don't think I've ever actually rage-quit a game. I take breaks from them when the going gets tough, but it's not because I'm too pissed to continue.

    My brother, however... Well, he rage-quits his wrestling game all the time. Constantly screaming at the bloody thing... He always goes back for more later, but it's gotten kinda ridiculous...

    I've had friends rage-quit Dark Souls. One of them--and I feel so bad for him--tried for two months straight, every day, to defeat the hydra. With an archer build. Anyone who actually knows the strategy for defeating that hydra knows that archers are a bit of a bad idea. Bless his heart, he kept on trying. Ended up quitting the game because he could never succeed.

    I'm definitely trying very, very hard not to rage-quit Dark Souls myself, but I swear, if I get cursed by those basilisks, it's a possibility...

    And I know exactly what some of you mean by Fire Emblem being rage-quittable. It can be very frustrating, especially since character deaths are permanent. And desert levels really do suck.
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