Race Against Time: Tooth and Nail (with Ashaekin)

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  1. Sakura Mogami lay on the ground covered in forest and plant life things. She lay there bleeding and trying to cover up her wounds with gauze from her emergency pack. She had been killing and hiding from the Turned for weeks. She hadn't come across a living thing in months. Her guns were strapped against her legs in pouches and there were pouches for guns on her chest as well. Her emergency pack was filled ammo and that made it heavy, but even so it allowed her to run faster than the turned. Should she ever run out of bullets she had a specially made wakizashi to slice her enemies to shreads with.

    So lying there and possibly bleeding to death, Sakura was desperatly trying to patch herself up. On the plus side, it was day time. The Turned usually appeared at night, however on rare occasions she saw them out during the day. She was a sitting duck in the middle of this forest, but if she could just climb she would be fine. The Turned can't climb so being in a tree or high building at night was the safest place for you to rest. However, you could never really sleep. As long as you could hear their constant groans, you could honestly never truly sleep. Sakura hadn't properly slept since this epidemic started. In this day and age, solitude was probably your best friend and your worst enemy.
  2. Alex Leyon was running through a forest. Quite a few turned following not too far behind. He had become breathless, choosing rather to run then use ammo and attract more. His pack heavy and slowing him down more than it should, but he didn't mind. Better safe than sorry. Or at least that's what mom used to say.

    In the distance, he could see the leg of someone sticking from behind a tree. Slowing down, he pulled out his Bowie knife from his ankle holster. As he neared the person, looking around the tree, he realized it was a girl. Maybe around his age and possibly turning for there was a wound she was trying to conceal with some gauze. "Are you infected?" He inquired, knowing soon, walkers would soon be on them. Without waiting on a response, he picked her up and ran off. Please don't be. he thought, realizing she was the only person he'd seen since the day of infection.
  3. Sakura cringed in pain as she was lifted. Someone had picked her up carelessly and he was obviously out of breath. If he was being chased by turned, she could indeed run, but she wondered perhaps if the other knew to climb a tree when turned were chasing after you.

    "Climb a tree!" She said harshly, "I can climb myself and don't worry, I'm not infected."

    She was hoping that the other would listen to her words. If not, he would run himself into exhaustion and then they would both be killed. Sakura was still bleeding from her would and she could feel another one of her wounds open up as the boy ran. Sakura was going to bleed to death if this continued. The bag that the other was carrying was weighing him down considerably. There was almost no way he would get into a tree without some help. This is why Sakura always traveled light. This way she could run if she needed to, but she wasn't about to let the first human being she had seen die before her. That was out of the question.
  4. "Its fine. There is a nature outpost up ahead. We could make camp since its up high. And I could treat your wound better. We'll make it. I'm Alex." He had said the last sentence breathless and then added a warm smile. Nearing the outpost, he slowed to a jog. There was still turned following them, and he was worn out. He had already used his abilities killing a hunter. He was drained and needed rest. If that is possible with the infected groaning at night. Its amazing she's still alive for so long. High infected turned to beast. Hunters, swimmers, runners, and nemisis. Maybe this place is safer. I hope so for her sake. After he neared the outpost he set her down gently in front of the ladder, allowing her to go first.
  5. Sakura wasted no time getting up the ladder. She was going to apologize as her wound had leaked blood on the ladder. The way she moved showed no signs that she was in pain at all. She finally made it to the top waiting for the other to join her in safety. She pulled out more gauze then started rubbing alcohol on it. She cringed in pain as it fizzed on her wound, killing bacteria inside. She then wrapped the gauze around the wound. When that one was taken care of, she set to work on her less serious wounds. Sakura checked to make sure she had everything and sure enough nothing had fallen out during the sudden movement. She rearranged everything carefully so that it would be more secure. It had loosened up during the escape.
  6. After Alex reached the top, he noticed the girl was patching up her wounds. "Here let me help." He offered, pulling out a needle and thread. Using a smaller pocket knife, he cut the fresh gauze and began working on the stitches. "I didn't catch your name." After he was done, he put his supplies up and but antibiotics on the wound. After wrapping it up, he offered his hand in friendship. "Your the first person I've seen ever since the the first outbreak."
  7. Sakura took the guy's hand. She was a little irritated that he had just wasted some of her gauze.

    "Next time you cut my gauze," she put her wakizashi to his throat with an insane speed, the sound of her blade being drawn hung in the air, "We'll have problems, that was a resource that could have been reused."

    Sakura put away her sword and the metal of her blade once again hung in the air. Sakura then thanked Alex for taking caring of her wounds.

    "My name is Sakura Mogami." She said softly.

    She had not mentioned her name to someone since this infection started. Everything she had once known was gone... She was lonely, but she was going to live for her family's sake, she would live. This way her family line would continue. There was no guarantee that she would indeed live, but she was going to try. There was no backing down now that she had gotten so far. Sakura pulled out a radio. She was able to get some type of signal and turned it down to one of the lowest volumes as not to attract any infected. There was fizz until she managed to get an okay signal.

    "Any surviving earthlings, please listen to this... decided to... send living and non-infected... to mars... ships leave in... five months." It said. The signal faded in and out, but the message was for the most still understandable. "the ships...at... holly... cali..nia."

    Hollywood California... if they could get there... they would live...
  8. Noticing how angry she was at cutting up her gauze, he pulled out two pairs and handed them to her. "Sorry about that." Taking the bag off his back, he began reassembling a sniper rifle while the girl, sakura, began working on the radio. Putting the silencer attachment on, he stood low in the window and began popping heads off walkers surrounding the area. "Cali, eh? That's a three day drive. Possibly month by foot. 72 hours is a lot of gas. That's non stop. How do you plan on getting there?"
  9. "I'll walk there... crawl there if I have to... I'm getting on that ship." There was determination in her voice and it was obvious that she was going to try to get there no matter what happened.

    Sakura had really understated how much getting on that ship meant to her. Even if her knee caps were cut off and her hands were, even if there was no hope, she would get to those ships even if she died right when she got to them. Sakura would get there. She took out a sound bomb and threw it outside far away from where two resided. The familiar beeping sound could be heard as the turned flocked to the bomb... and then there was an explosion and no sound... Sakura finally relaxed a little bit. She would be safe for the time being, but she couldn't stay there forever. Eventually she would have to come down and that was a fact.

    Sakura looked at Alex. She wondered how long he had stayed here. Sakura been on her way to California. She had walked over two hundred miles total and she only had one month walk to get to California. She was so close. The hope inside her was swelling up. She could make it... She definitly could.
  10. "Well, being the fine gentleman I am, I couldn't let a lady go out alone. I'll accompany you. It'll be safer." He noticed how her eyes twinkled at the thought of getting to that ship. "It would be nice, leaving the umbrella corporation. They are the ones to cause this hell." When he was out of his clip of ten, he disposed of it and began disassembling his rifle. Then, grabbing a small bottle of bleach from his bag, he poured the contents on the railing of the ladder. He knew the blood would attract some of the bigger infected. He also knew the bleach overpowered the scent of blood and repelled infected.
  11. Sakura just nodded in response. She was so tired. And hungry, but she wouldn't eat now. Only in the morning did she ever eat and she always made sure that her food was watered down to mush. This way there was hardly a scent and it would keep her hydrated. Years ago she would have thought this repulsive, but now she was using this very tactic to survive. It was madness. This whole thing is madness. Sakura smelled the bleach. No wonder this guy was so weighed down. He carried everything. Sakura didn't carry anything but her food some gauze, antibiotics and weapons. She had survived thus far, but only because she was smart and knew to stay in high ground. She had not yet show cased her powers because she had not yet had the need to and that wouldn't last for long.

    "We have to leave tomorrow morning. It's rare that the turned will appear in the day, but it's the safest way we can travel." Sakura explained.
  12. Damn, I'm running low on bleach. And rifle munitions. I'm down to 4 clips of 10, two pistols with 5 clips of 9, one bottle of bleach, two rolls of gauze, and one weeks rations of dried packaged food. Alex thought to himself, wondering how they're going to get to Cali. "We'll have to stop on the way there for supplies. We need more rations. Also, bleach. Hunters and nemisis could track us. Before we leave, we'll burn this outpost to lure them away from us. I'll have first watch, you should get rest." He gave a warm smile. She needed someone there for her as well as he needed her.
  13. "We can make a stop, but only once per 20 miles unless it's an emergency. We need to travel as fast as possible. Perhaps we'll find a car with gas in it if we're lucky..." Sakura said softly.

    She had hoped that they would find something that would help them move faster, but the problem with a car is that it could stop anywhere, so they would have to carry a gallon of gas on them at all times. The last thing they needed to do was stop in the middle of know where and become a sitting duck. Realizing that Alex said he would take the first watch, she said "Thanks." She curled up into a tiny ball on the floor, covering her face. Sakura always slept that way. It was comforting to know, that no one could guess what she was dreaming about ever. She didn't really fall asleep, she more or less rested her eyes, because in her mind she could hear the infected moans all to well. The moans echoed around her, the sound everywhere... Her heartbeat, her mind... her dreams... Always there was moans.
  14. Alex had been keeping watch for a long while. He did this to allow sakura sleep. She was wounded and needed rest. He felt an inborn infection. Long before the wound. She must be from another umbrella project. I do hope this ship headed to Mars isn't umbrella. Odds are, their CEO had commanded them to stay on earth to find a cure. When the sun rose, he woke his new found companion up. "It's time to go," he whispered. "Lets move out"
  15. Sakura had not slept... She knew that her companion had not slept either...

    "Okay..." Her voice barely a whisper.

    She had been engrossed in her memories the entire night. She had thought of the one she had loved. The one she had indefinitly killed to survive. Always, his memory would haunt her. Sakura looked at Alex with eyes full of an emotion that could not be read. She did not take the ladder. Instead, she jumped down as if not to leave her scent anywhere. To some, jumping down with an injured leg wouldn't be wise and even though Sakura was injured and now in intense pain, she would let nothing stop her on her way to safety. There was no way she was staying on this doomed planet. This planet had triggered so many memories and she had no intentions of reliving them without a fight for freedom from Umbrella.
  16. Alex had witnessed Sakura jump down twenty feet, landed safely, and with an injured leg. She really want's to get to Cali. That ship must definitely be import to her. He let out a deep sigh and jumped too, landing perfectly upright. "First, we need to get supplies and probably a vehicle. The nearest gas station is two miles out. Luckily, in the same direction we're heading. We need to hurry though. Even if they come out at night, they're still likely to be roaming around." He wasn't sure what he should. Scout? Watch her back? Walk side by side, holding hands and skipping down to the station? He sort of giggled at that last thought.
  17. Sakura started arranging her guns so that they were easier to reach. This way she could pull out her guns ten times as fast and reload them more quickly. She pulled out more guns then one could perhaps count a big question was where she had places to put them, but that did explain the several pockets on her and the many straps of ammunition around her. She walked as though she was a predator stalking the prey, looking up at every sound. All she needed was head two miles and they could snatch themselves a vehicle. That would make things much easier. They'd only have to watch our for a few zombies then. Sakura was a great scout and a deadly shooter. Of course, that's why she was one of Umbrella's most interesting projects.
  18. As Sakura started walking off, Alex smelt the familiar scent of an infected. Sensing where it would land, he ran into Sakura, pushing her out of the way. But in the process, the hunter landed on top of him. It lashed out at him, sensing the blood that rushed in his veins. Alex was still weak from the last encounter, so he couldn't use his telekinesis. But he still had his strength. Struggling, he attempted to push the beast off him. He was getting majorly cut, sending a harsh pain up and down his body. Their virus didn't mix well and so it caused his to push out the hunters. Finally, he managed to push him off. The hunter was enraged and jumped on the side of the building, letting out a crackling roar that sent chills down his spine.
  19. Sakura was irritated and to say the least, extremely pissed off. She shot the creature with a pistol, shooting it in the mouth as it opened it to roar. Then she through a knife that pierced right through its skull. Enraged however, she looked at Alex and pointed her gun at him. She had sensed the being long before it came. The goal was to shoot it with it's momentum resulting in an instant kill.

    "The next time you get in my way, I will leave you." She said coldly.

    Sakura pulled out some scentless antibiotic and placed it on Alex's wound. She applied it gently and for someone who was enraged, she was doing it with a lot of care. She didn't want to injure him further. Sighing she waited to see if Alex would get up off the ground.
  20. Alex jumped up from the ground. His skin began to sizzle as the antibiotics began to do it's job. The sizzle was also from his regeneration. Some of the minor wounds were already healed while the others were slowly stitching back together. "You're cute when you're angry," he said, giving a warm smile. "Sorry I got in the way. It just seemed the right thing to do." He said giving a warm smile. Walking over to make sure the hunter was dead, he asked "Shall we?" Pointing in the general direction they were supposed to be heading.