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R.I.P. Newsletter

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Noctis the Devious, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Since Iwaku's newsletter is no longer being written it seems, @guygombaa has suggested that a 'ragtag' group of members write one themselves :) So yeah... anyone interested?

    To Tell a Story
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  2. I would be interested in helping out with something like that.
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  3. I would like to get involved, it sounds fun!
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  4. Pick me, pick me, pick !
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  5. I could do a section on what's up in the content boards
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  6. That would be awesome, Minibit :D

    Anyone else want to focus on something specific?
  7. Can I take the fantasy section? I was thinking on something like a list with top 5 weekly roleplays based on their activity and top 3 longest roleplays with life duration long, I mean which roleplay beated the records on staying alive.
    And I was thinking on a sections with opinions and requests. I mean what does the persons from this site think that need to be updated, or what needs to by changed.
    Well, I dont know hpw good are my ideas but I will think of more ^^
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  8. Fantasy section is all yours :)

    I like your ideas ^^ I created a group for this if you all would like to check it out. Link is above!
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  9. Another ideas hit my. How about to collect a top 10 of best roleplayers and why. The name and the reason should be sent to an email adress and everything will be based on a public opinion.
    As another idea, how about first 5 best newbies as roleplayers fron all section?
  10. Let's keep this on-site, shall we? But I really do like that idea :D

    Five best newbie roleplayers? Hm... the only problem is that not all newbies to the site is new to roleplaying.
  11. Or toward a PM or a public poll so everyone can be part. Well yea, you are right with the newbies idea.
    Ok then, how about 4 categories: Best writing Skills, Killing the suspens, Hodini of words, Oziginal Zlot (Original Plot/Story-line)
    Well, I will think of something.
  12. Let's just have the community send in candidates and why without going into specifics :)
  13. Damnit, I wanted to take the fantasy section :P

    Oooo well, I'll do general, or maybe Jump ins. IDK.