Quiyón` Legacy~ Above the Law OoC

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  1. Here is the out of character discussion for QL. Any questions or concerns about the plot and stuff can be posted here and I'll be glad to help, clarify, or plot with you :)
  2. Apologies for taking so long to post.
  3. Seeing how we got so many people now, do you guys think this should be converted to an actual Roleplay in order to keep things from getting out of control in the future?
  4. Possibly.

    It's getting very crowded inside that shop.
  5. Exactly. Kinda awkward when its crowded too haha. Alright, I'll let someone else who is new post (You know who you are, PM guy) and then I'll pause the roleplay right there. And since this will become a full-fledged roleplay, I'll be asking for character sheets and stuff. It's no fret and it's pretty quick.

    Any opinions are welcomed.
  6. My nickname's PM guy now? cx I'm posting now btw :)
  7. PM guy: Pringles Man-*is shot* :x Alright, I'll await your intro post and then close the thread. Later today I'll have the signups up and I'll ask a staff member to move the thread.
  8. Sorry about the crappy post. >.< I'm just extremely tired right now.
  9. Its alright, it also reminded me to mention a few things and I'm sorry if it sounds a little rough or demanding, but I do come from a pretty strict roleplaying environment.

    Auto-hitting. As much as we want to just type in an attack and say it hits the bad guy and causes him to do something, it isn't a very 'good' thing to do. Autohitting makes it hard for whoever's controlling your enemy target to write up a post for him because by you specifying that your attack has hit the enemy /already/ as opposed to your attack just being launched. You're taking away the other poster's opportunity to write up a reaction. So if I may ask all-- those who typed up an auto-hit post or not alike-- to not make attacks on your part automatic hits please. It'll give me a chance to realistically update my character's reaction to your character's attacks and so on. Keeping it realistic in roleplays is what actually makes it fun, so don't give your characters some god-moddy autohit skills or just god-moddy skills in general. It'll keep things running smoothly and simple.

    Thanks for reading and understanding~
  10. Yeah I was afraid that was going to cause controversy. I'm apologize.
  11. you said we can be humans right? so does that mean it follows human skills like swordsman ship and all that?
  12. Swordsmanship and stuff like that is alright, though its rare in this planet.
  13. Leaving for a while. Red, Nate, if you need me to post, you know how to contact me.