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  1. This is the OOC Thread for the silly 4e game, Quirky Miniboss Squad. The game shows a group of adventurers ported in from the Iwaku forums, and their adventures within the Underdark - for once, tasting the "darker" side of things. This thread is for posting your character sheets, your item "wish lists", ideas to further the plot or a solo quest idea, or even just to complain that Frost is never there posting when he should be (I'm trying, alright!?).
  2. Hey! I know I said I would join (and I still plan too) but I'm starting to get really busy with the end of the year coming up. I probably won't get to my character sheet for awhile and I just wanted to tell you that if I end up holding the game back that it's okay if you start without me, I'd understand.
  3. That's alright, Harpy. We understand. ^_^

    Here is my own character, Vilero the Blackguard.

    Name: Vilero
    Race: Gnoll
    Class: Blackguard (Paladin Variant)
    Level: 1
    Size: Medium
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Height: 7'4"
    Weight: 301lbs.
    Fur: Yellow/Tan, with Brown Markings
    Eyes: Blue/Green

    Appearance: Vilero is a massive gnoll, covered neck-to-heel in powerful muscle. His shoulders are broad and his armor creaks with protest at nearly every move he makes. Still, his features are far softer than his Yeenoghu-worshiping cousins, something he credits the Tyrant God Bane for.

    Likes: Being stronger than those around him, magic items, wealth, respect.
    Dislikes: Yeenoghu, "savage" gnolls, demons, chaos, disorder, drow royalty.

    Show Spoiler
    STR: 18 | +4
    CON: 18 | +4
    DEX: 11 | +0
    INT: 10 | +0
    WIS: 14 | +2
    CHA: 16 | +3

    HP: 33
    Bloodied: 16
    Surge: 8
    SPD: 14

    AC: 18 | 10 | 8
    Fortitude: 15 { 10 | 4 | 1
    Reflex: 11 { 10 | 0 | 1
    Will: 15 { 10 | 4 | 1 | 1

    - +2 Con, +2 Dex
    - 7-Square Speed
    - Low-Light Vision
    - +2 Intimidate, +2 Perception
    - Blood Fury: While Bloodied, Vilero gets a +2 bonus to damage rolls, which increases to +4 at 21st level.
    - Pack Attack: You deal an extra 2 damage on melee attacks against an enemy that has two or more of your allies adjacent to it.
    - Ferocious Charge: Encounter Power

    Class Features:
    - Dark Menance: Whenever you make a weapon attack against an enemy granting combat advantage to you, that enemy takes extra damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
    - Dread Smite: You gain the Dread Smite encounter power.
    - Shroud of Shadow: You gain the Shroud of Shadow encounter power.
    - Spirit of Vice (Domination): Once per round while you have temporary hit points, you can take a free action right before making an attack roll against a target. The damage equals your Charisma modifier. You then gain a bonus to the damage roll against the target. The bonus equals the damage you took.

    Trained Skills: Athletics (+11), Endurance (+9), Intimidate (+10), Religion (+5), Insight (+7).
    Untrained Skills: Acrobatics (+0), Arcana (+0), Bluff (+3), Diplomacy (+3), Dungeoneering (+2), Heal (+2), History (+0), Nature (+2), Perception (+4), Stealth (+0), Streetwise (+3), Thievery (+0)
    Note: Because of Vilero's Plate Armor, he has a -2 Armor Check Penalty.
    Background: Vilero has the Background "Raised Among Another Race", giving him +2 Athletics.

    - Soldier of the Faith: Vilero gains a Paladin class skill (Insight), he can use Paladin's Challenge once per encounter, and he can use a holy symbol as an implement when using a paladin power or paladin paragon path power.


    - Vengence Smite: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage. You gain a power to the damage roll equal to twice the number of enemies adjacent to you (maximum +8).
    - Dominator's Strike: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage. You gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier.

    - Ferocious Charge (Racial): You charge, and deal an extra 2 damage on a successful attack. Increase the extra damage to 4 at 11th level and 6 at 21st level. If you are bloodied, double the extra damage and gain an equal number of temporary hit points.
    - Dread Smite: Triggers when you target an enemy with an at-will attack. The target takes cold and necrotic damage equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier. If the triggering attack hits, the target also takes an ongoing 5 cold and necrotic damage (save ends-).
    - Shroud of Shadow: You gain partial concealment until the end of your next turn. You also gain 5 temporary hit points.

    Equipment: 5 gold
    +1 Maul
    Plate Mail
    Standard Adventurer's Kit
    Clothes: Black button-down vest, black breeches, purple cloak, purple undershirt.
    Ring, Unmagical. Worthless, costume jewelry from his original world.
  4. Name: Sabil Avarigul/Basil
    Race: Drow (+2 Dex, +2Cha)
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: Grey
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 145
    Likes: Meatshields, Diplomacy Checks, The Nine Hells, Vilero, Magic, and Civilization
    Dislikes: Ranged Weaponry, Magic, Fighting, Drow Women, Eladrin

    Class: Sorcerer
    Level: 1

    Str: 11 | +0
    Dex: 17 | +3
    Con: 16| +3
    Int: 14 | +2
    Wis: 10 | +0
    Cha: 18 | +4

    HP: 28/28
    AC: 10|3} 13
    Fort: +10 | 3 | 0 | 1}14
    Ref: +10 | 3 | 0 | 1 | 1}15
    Will: +10 | 4 | 2 | 1}17

    Racial Traits:
    Movement Speed: 6
    +5 to saves vs Fear
    Languages: Undercommon/Common
    Acrobatics: 3
    Arcana: 1(+5)}6
    Bluff: 4
    Diplomacy: 4(+5)}9
    Dungeoneering: (+5)}5
    Intimidate:6 (+2)
    Nature: 0
    Street Wise:4

    Class Features:
    Wild Magic:
    Chaos Burst: On first attack, if I roll even: +1 to AC If I roll odd: Make Saving Throw
    Chaos Power: Bonus to Damage = Dext Mod
    Unfettered Power: Roll a 20 = Slide a Target 1 Square + Knock Prone
    Wild Soul: (See Table)
    At Will:
    Chaos Bolt
    Dragon Frost
    Dazzling Ray
    Armor Proficiency (Leather)

    Amulet of Protection +1
    Cloth Armour (Red Tunic/Robe/Pants) + Boot
    Standard Adventurers Kit
  5. Name: Aaron/Vay/Vagre
    Race: Doppleganger
    Class: Wizard
    Lvl: 1
    Size: Medium
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Skin: Ashen, long strait and shoulder length.
    Eyes Milky white

    Statty things (open)

    STR: 12 +2
    DEX: 14 +2
    CON: 16 +3
    INT: 20* +5
    WIS: 18* +4
    CHA 16 +3
    * +2 racial modifier

    HP: 26
    Bloodied: 12
    AC: 10/5/0/15

    Fort: 10/2/0/12
    Ref: 10/5/0/15
    Will: 10/3/2/15
    Surges: 9

    Base/Ability modifier/misc/total

    Race Features

    Average Height: 5' 7 ̋ – 6' 0 ̋
    Average Weight: 120–160 lb.

    Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
    Size: Medium Speed: 6 squares
    Vision: Normal
    Languages: Common
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Insight
    Mental Defense: You gain a +1 racial bonus to your Willdefense.
    Change Shape: You can use change shape as an at-will power.

    Class Features

    Armor Proficiencies: Cloth Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, quarterstaff
    Implements: Orbs, staffs, wands
    Bonus to Defense: +2 Will
    Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution score
    Hit Points per Level Gained: 4
    Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier

    Trained Skills: Arcana. History (Int), Insight (Wis), Nature (Int),
    Racial Skills: +2 Bluff, +2 Insight

    Build Options: Control wizard, war wizard Class Features: Arcane Implement Mastery, cantrips,

    Ritual Casting, spellbook

    Arcane Implement Mastery
    Orb of Imposition: Once per encounter as a free action, you can use your orb to gain one of the follow- ing two effects.
    You can designate one creature you have cast a wizard spell upon that has an effect that lasts until the subject succeeds on a saving throw. That creature takes a penalty to its saving throws against that effect equal to your Wisdom modifier.
    Alternatively, you can choose to extend the duration of an effect created by a wizard at-will spell (such as cloud of daggers or ray of frost) that would otherwise end at the end of your current turn. The effect instead ends at the end of your next turn.
    You must wield an orb to use this ability. Control wizards select this form of mastery because it helps extend the duration of their control effects.


    Improved Initiative (+4 to initiative checks)
    Ritual Caster


    Ghost Sound (At Will; Standard Action; Ranged 10)
    Light (At Will; Minor Action; Ranged 5)
    Mage Hand (At Will; Minor Action; Ranged 5)
    Prestidigitation (At will; Standard Action; Ranged 2)

    At-will Powers

    Cloud of Daggers (At will; Standard Action; Area 1 square within 10 squares; 1d6+5 force damage)
    Thunderwave (At Will; Standard Action; Close Blast 3)
    Change Shape (At Will; Minor Action; Personal; Racial)

    Encounter Powers

    Icy Terrain (At will; Standard Action; Area Burst 1 square within 10 squares)

    Daily powers

    Sleep (Standard Action; Area burst 2 squares within 20 squares)

    Equipment 83gp (1lb.)
    Cloth Armor (-/+0/-/-/1gp /4lb.)
    Dagger (prof. +3 /1d4/[5/1]/1gp/1lb/light blade/offhand, light thrown)

    Standard adventurer’s kit (15gp/33 lb).
    - Backpack (empty) (2gp/2 lb.)
    - Bedroll (1sp/5 lb.)
    - Flint and steel (1gp)
    - Pouch, belt (empty) (1gp/1/2 lb.)
    - Rations, trail (10 days, 5 gp 10 lb.)
    - Rope, hempen (50 ft; 1 gp 10 lb.)
    - Sunrods (2; 4gp 2 lb.)
    - Waterskin (1 gp 4 lb.)

    +1 Casting orb (lvl 1 magical item, +1d6 damage)

    Spellbook (albs. 123 blank pages)
    - Comprehend Language (ritual)
    - Magic Mouth (ritual)
    - Tenser’s Floating Disk (ritual)
    - Sleep
    - Freezing cloud (bonus spell)

    Total Weight: 42lbs.

    Normal load = 120 lbs.
    Maximum load = 240 lbs.
    Maximum drag = 600 lbs.
  6. As a side note, it will be very nice to know what everyone's basic attacks are for some of my powers.
  7. Well, that should be easy enough to get. Vilero's is +7 to-hit, 2d6+5 to damage as a basic attack with his Maul.
  8. Name: Catherine
    Race: Tiefling
    Likes: Plans going off without a hitch, a worthy challenge,
    Dislikes: killing, allies being hurt, injustice, fake/unfair difficulty.
    Appearance: Catherine has short brown hair, which kept wild and untamed, more out of laziness than anything else.
    Her ears are pointed, like an elf's, and she has a small demonic tail. Her canines are slightly longer than normal, and her skin is fairly pale-not straight up porcelain white, but it's the same color as someone who avoids the sun.

    Class: Warlord
    Level: 1

    Show Spoiler
    Str: 18 | +4
    Dex: 9 | +0
    Con: 14| +2
    Int: 18 | +4
    Wis: 10 | +0
    Cha: 18 | +4

    HP: 26/26
    Bloodied: 13
    Surges: 9
    Surge Value: 6

    AC: 18 (10+4+3+1)
    Fort: +16
    Ref: +16
    Will: +16

    Racial Traits:
    +2 CHA, +2 INT
    Speed 6
    Low-light vision
    Common/Deep Speech
    +2 Bluff, +2 Stealth
    +1 to attack against bloodied foes
    Resist Fire 5
    Infernal Wrath

    +2 bonus to History due to Geography: Urban background

    Trained in Diplomacy, Heal, Athletics, and History.

    Class Features:
    Combat Leader: You and each ally within 10 squares get a +2 power bonus to initiative.
    Tactical Presence: Whenever an ally spends an action point to make an attack, they gain a bonus to the attack roll equal to 1/2 your intelligence modifer.

    At Will:
    Brash Assault (Martial Power)
    Intuitive Strike (Martial Power 2)

    Infernal Wrath (PHB)
    Inspiring Word (PHB)
    Warlord's Favor (PHB)
    Lead The Attack (PHB)

    Harlequin Style: Modifies Brash Assault so I get a bonus to all defences against the target equal to my CHA modifier (+4)

    Adventurer's Kit
    Amulet of Protection +1
    Light Shield
    Hide Armor


    Probably gonna add some apperance stuff later.
  9. Name: Varren Vamori
    Race: Shade
    Class: Assassin Executioner
    Lv: 1
    Alignment: Evil Neutral
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Languages: Common, Abyssal
    Likes: Food, Shadows, Darkness, Sleeping
    Dislikes: The sun, nagging, lack of food

    Show Spoiler


    HP: 26
    Bloodied: 13
    Surge Value: 6
    Surge Per Day: 8

    Move: 6 square
    Size: M
    Vision: Darkvision

    STR: 12+0=12|+1
    CON: 14+0=14|+2
    DEX: 16+2=18|+4
    INT: 12+0=12|+1
    WIS: 14+0=14|+2
    CHA: 16+2=18|+4

    AC: 18=10+4+1+2+1
    FORT: 13=10+1+2
    REFX: 15=10+4+1
    WILL: 15=10+1+4

    Init: +4
    Base Dex Attack: +4

    Show Spoiler

    Acrobatic: +9=4+5
    Arcana: +3=1+2
    Athletics: +1=1
    Bluff: +9=4+5
    Diplomacy: +4=4
    Dungeon: +2=2
    Endurance: +2=2
    Heal: +2=2
    History: +1=1
    Insight: +7=2+5
    Intimidate: +4=4
    Nature: +2=2
    Perception: +7=2+5
    Religion: +1=1
    Stealth: +11=4+2+5
    Streetwise: +4=4
    Theivery: +4=4

    Born of Shadow

    Deadly Strike
    Garrote Strangle
    Poisoned Dagger
    Quick Lunge
    Hidden Stab

    Assassin's Strike

    Ungol Dust
    Greenblood Oil

    Class Features
    Versatile Defence: Two-Weapon
    Attack Finesse
    Guild Attacks: Red Scales
    Assassin's Strike
    Quick Swap
    Poison Use

    Flint and Steel
    Belt Pouch
    Rations (10)
    Hemp Rope (50')
    Sunrods (2)
    Thieves' Tools
    Poison Kit
    +1 Leather Armor
  10. So now, I heard we get a magic item. What are the limits on this?
  11. It's a LvL ONE magic item.
  12. KK.

    Edit: Ok, for my magic item, I'm going with +1 Leather Armor