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  1. I'm working on a roleplay and I need help with one thing. I suck at recognizing ages so could anyone please tell me how old the girl in this picture looks?
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  2. 4-8 would be my guess.
    That's ignoring anime logic such as "Oh, she's actually 20. She just LOOKS 5!".
  3. Lack of developed bodily structure, intentional placement of child's stuffed animal for size comparison, narrow thighs, lack of feminine curvature save around the sash where it's tightening her "free flowing" dress...

    Yeah she's like, 6-7 years old.

    Judging by the injuries, it's supposed to evoke a sense of paternal love or empathy for whatever plight recently unleashed itself on her full force. Examining the location of injuries (thigh, wrist, neck, face) both presents unfortunate implications and shows anti-symmetric draw...

    Yeah, I should stop with the examination now.
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  4. @unanun - people are philosophizing in here!
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  5. Why Hello Sherlock
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  6. She looks about 8 and most. o__o She doesn't have a chest AT ALL and she has the stuffed animal too which betrays the age.

    Y'all trolls get out of here! D:<
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  7. Well see if you look at the shirt closely you will see two very deliberate lines that imply rather well developed breasts. Though looking at previous comments about the image and seeing the edit time-stamp we may be talking about different images. The one below certainly has breasts but the features are otherwise rather child-like. Something I always find so unsettling about Anime style drawings.

    This new picture looks about 13-14!
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  9. I changed it because the other pictures weren't really usable for the roleplay I'm trying to do. When you asked about deleting the thread, I thought you meant the one with the bunny in it.
  10. Looks to be about twelve. There's more pronounced feminine features and the development of breasts. She's wearing a typical casual school dress uniform. (In Japan: There is a dress code for boys and girls in schools. It's not just a fetish coincidence it appears on young women often.)


    Also, I'm probably being trolled, so here, have a laughing ferret for pulling the wool over me.
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  11. I'm so easily confused. ;_;
  12. Yea, with the new pic I have to agree with 12.
  13. At the most.
    At the least.

    Pick something in between that.
  14. Better yet: don't use anime/manga style drawings for your characters. It doesn't lend much credence or realism to your application and posting. Just a personal opinion.
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  15. Some people like the style. Some of the best role players I know still use anime pictures.

    As for "real authors don't use pictures", illustrations exist. The first pages of my copy of Lord of the Rings have maps of the world in them as an example.

    Also, the objective may not be realism, it may be straight fantastical escapism, akin to Eureka 7 which has utterly no basis in coherent reality but which is a charming show nonetheless.
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  16. 7 year old wearing her mom's shirt, which happens to have a chest that isn't quite-so-filled.

    Like seriously it's like she has a chest but doesn't 0_0
  17. You're all wrong.

    She's well over a thousand.

    Fuckin' demons.
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  18. Thirty-six if she were a day.
  19. Some roleplays and roleplayers don't happen to care much about realism. Some roleplays are actually meant to be anime/manga style.

    Sometimes using actual photos or more realistic styles of illustrations would be out of character while anime/manga style makes the most sense.

    Generalizations based on your own preferences tend to be iffy at best. :P
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  20. If you tried to hit on her, you would go to jail.
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